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The well-produced Alaska version of Peter Buffett's "Spirit," mixing traditional Native and modern dance, is a crowd pleaser. Mike Dunham
The ever-popular Rondy Melodrama marks 25 years under the aegis of the award-winning Alaska Sound Celebration chorus. Mike Dunham
The Anchorage Symphony Orchestra will host members of the Joffrey Ballet company. They'll play symphonic music meant to be danced to and dancing as it’s meant to be accompanied -- by live music.Mike Dunham
The first part of Anchorage Opera's double bill is frivolous fun, the second a peculiar yet profound tragedy.Mike Dunham
The anti-Pebble mine Renewable Resources Coalition says it will no longer present the popular three-day Salmonstock music festival but a Homer-based group is ready to take over.Mike Dunham
A film company co-founded by Anchorage-born Inupiaq actress Irene Bedard has acquired the rights to Velma Wallis' novel "Two Old Women" and hopes to shoot it in Alaska next year.Mike Dunham
A free screening of "Murder Gone Cold" will take place Sunday, Feb. 22, at UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium.
A timely play revisits Martin Luther King Jr.'s serious legacy with a sense of humor and excellent acting.Mike Dunham
A poem for the Chinese New Year, Pulse takes the stage in "Cinderella."Mike Dunham,Victoria Barber
Each of the individual pieces of video/performance art in "It Could Go Either Way," is impressive, but seen as a group the show is stunning. Credit for that is in part due to former Anchorage resident Amy Mackie, who curated the show.Mike Dunham