The Anchorage Museum has announced a multimillion-dollar expansion that will allow it to display more art from its permanent collection.Mike Dunham
Christina Fenner combines bird heads and human bodies in her exhibit “Aves Borealis” (“Birds of the North”) at Alaska Pacific University’s Leah Peterson Gallery in the Carr Gottstein Building. Mike Dunham
A Silver Star soldier turned tattoo artist is the subject of a one-day photo exhibit exploring the emotional and spiritual connection between him and his clients.Mike Dunham
The Anchorage Museum’s Captain Cook exhibit contains a wealth of Alaska artifacts that will leave the state -- probably forever -- in one month. But you need to know what you’re looking for to find them. Mike Dunham
Today the Sitka Fine Arts Camp hosts close to 800 students from three countries, 20 states and 45 Alaska towns. About a quarter of them came from Anchorage. Since taking over the Sheldon Jackson College Campus in 2011, the Sitka Fine Arts Camp has raised close to $4 million.Brendan Jones
A dozen people assembled at the Anchorage Museum at 10 p.m. on Thursday with painted rocks that anyone is invited to take home for free. The rocks are intended as a gift to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary.Mike Dunham
Author, reporter and now playwright Lael Morgan recalls the wild town she drove into in 1959.Mike Dunham
Steve Gordon paints realistic landscapes, James Temte does abstracts. But they have been exploring Alaska together and will show their diverse impressions in an upcoming two-man show.Mike Dunham
The song-and-dance spectacle for performers ages 6 to 18 has survived so many seasons -- this will be its 34th -- that many of today’s performers are the sons and daughters of participants from previous years.Mike Dunham