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"The Last Days of Shishmaref" -- perhaps as close and detailed a look at the lives of the Inupiaq Eskimo of northwest Alaska as has been recorded in 35mm color film -- has a clear agenda: Move the town.Peter Porco
Try to get the good seats for the traveling production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" that opened in Atwood Concert Hall on Tuesday night. Transportation costs kept a lot of the set -- the cross, for instance -- from getting shipped up.Mike Dunham
There are many things that make this time of the year special: good food, friends, winter sports, snow, more good food and lots of presents. But the sounds of the season can touch the heart most closely. Music -- vocal or instrumental -- is often what ties people and the season together.Anne Herman
How did anything as good as "Chronic Town" come out of Fairbanks? The gloomy cab ride through the dirty side of Alaska -- screened at Sundance and other major movie festivals this year -- features a strong story, great acting, superb cinematography and competent directing to create a movie that sticks in your head long after the final credits roll.Mike Dunham
Jamin Burton knows it's a tall order, but he's hoping he can raise enough money to get the Colony High School marching band to play in the inaugural parade for President-elect Barack Obama.S.J. Komarnitsky
An art show billed as nude self-portraits on display at a bar advertised as "Alaska's gay entertainment complex" may suggest prurience. But Aakatchaq Schaeffer's "A Revealing Beyond Nudity," showing at Mad Myrna's through Nov. 28, will appeal more to the aesthetic intellectual than to the libertine.Mike Dunham
A celebration of artist Fran Reed's life will take place from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday in the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, 121 W. Seventh Ave. Dawnell Smith
Throwing out the TV seemed like a dumb idea with the Olympics under way, but it sounded as sensible as carrying a flashlight in the glove box when John Prine played the Atwood Concert Hall on Sunday night.Dawnell Smith
When not churning out comic books, art books and comic strips, Jim Mahfood takes his bodacious graffiti-inspired funk art to the streets on T-shirts, album covers, fliers and skateboard decks, not to mention late-night mural performances in which live art mixes it up with hip-hop and pickup lines.Dawnell Smith
The Anchorage Concert Association's national search for a new executive director has ended close to home. A news release late Thursday announced that Jason Hodges, a third-generation Alaskan, will take over the position in April.Mike Dunham