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Bethel's big Cama-i Dance Festival will take place March Friday to March 29 at the Bethel High School. The remote location notwithstanding, this is one of the most amazing arts and culture events anywhere in America -- all the more so since it's entirely home-grown, without big outside sponsorship.Mike Dunham
The Anchorage Concert Association made public its 2009-10 season Wednesday night at the opening of "Annie" in Atwood Concert Hall.Mike Dunham
A well-honed cast and tight direction make "Make Good the Fires" a good night of theater.Mike Dunham
Alumni, guest artists and current company members helped Dance Spectrum Alaska mark its 20th anniversary this weekend, showcasing contemporary dance, ballet and jazz.Anne Herman
The University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Music's 24th annual Jazz Week will kick off on Monday. This year's guests artists include pianist Hal Galper, drummer John Bishop and bassist Jeff Johnson.Mike Dunham
Mary Katze, talks about her Anchorage film company, AffinityFilms, and answers questions about her documentary, "About Face."Andromeda Romano-Lax
When Sharon Smith and her family leave the state this summer for parts as yet unknown, she'll be leaving a lot of herself behind. All over walls. All over ceilings, hallways and stairwells.Debra McKinney
On Feb. 24, 1989, Anchorage dance fans saw the official debut of a new local dance troupe dedicated to training young dancers in a panoply of different styles.Mike Dunham
The Wedgewood Resort in Fairbanks, off College Road near the Johansen Expressway, will be home to an "absolutely remarkable collection of vehicles spanning the 1889-1938 era," including a 1919 Pierce-Arrow touring car, according to a press release.Mike Dunham