Saturday night's Anchorage Symphony Orchestra program bordered on a pops concert, but came off as well-prepared. Even the opening piece -- too often a tossed-out filler -- sounded as if it had received adequate rehearsal.Mike Dunham
"Shakespeare's Will," on stage this month at Cyrano's, appears simple at first glance. The set, though beautifully decorated, isn't stunning, and there is only one cast member. Felix Rivera
On Thursday -- Earth Day -- devotees of recycling will celebrate the various ways that the world's waste can be reduced by "re-purposing," that is, doing something to trash destined for the landfill that makes it desirable and less likely to get thrown away.Mike Dunham
Alaska will get two impressive pieces of art next weekend. On Saturday an Eagle totem pole will be raised at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau. Mike Dunham
In staging "Kismet," the UAA Opera Theatre Ensemble has opted for a musical in which plot and acting take a back seat to the music. Mike Dunham
Baseball has supplied the backdrop for several plays. The hit musical "Damn Yankees," August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning "Fences," controversial "Take Me Out" with its onstage nudity.Mike Dunham
A follow-up on last Sunday's stories about Alaska-born author David Vann and his book "Legend of a Suicide." It is variously referred to as both a collection of short stories and as a novel. That's because the American and British editions have slight differences.Mike Dunham
"New Dances 2010" took to the streets in its Thursday night opener. The UAA Dance Ensemble, together with choreographers old and new, added urban dance styles and ideas -- from tap to jazz to tribal fusion dance -- to spice up a creative stew of movements that were edgy, curious, expansive and, in a word, eclectic.Anne Herman
In 1992, the Atlantic magazine published "Ichthyology," a short story by Alaska-born David Vann, then a graduate student at Cornell University. An tale based on Vann's father, a depressed dentist turned halibut fisherman, it revealed an exceptional talent. But Vann was a long way from being famous.Mike Dunham
The audience seemed powerfully entertained by "The Power of Love," a selection of show-stoppers from various operas presented in concert Friday. Applause, cheers and sometimes laughter followed each selection and, by the end, the crowd appeared to be ready for more.Mike Dunham