Anchorage Symphony gets going; the art of pulp fiction at UAA; zombies eat ShakespeareMaia Nolan-Partnow
You can't call the three women who performed at Sydney Laurence Theatre on Saturday night a novice act. They have about a century of major league professional work among them.Mike Dunham
Twenty-one years ago, Alaska created a new state holiday to celebrate civil rights, Elizabeth Peratrovich Day.Mike Dunham
It's not common for Inupiaq men to sew, or at least to let anyone know about it. But those who do frequently create some of the finest skin work in Alaska.Mike Dunham
The prize for longest-lived Alaska actor in a continuing role has to be Jim Richards of Skagway, who has played the main character of Soapy Smith in Skagway's "Days of '98" show more than 10,000 times over the past 33 years.Mike Dunham
Controversial APU art show closing; Virtual Subsistence in Anchorage; theater for grown-ups in Fairbanks and Douglas Maia Nolan-Partnow
Before the action begins in "The Courtship of Zack and Ada," a pair of interlocutors played by Lindsay Lamar and Dakota Younger come out and argue about whether what we're about to see is an historical play or a romance.Mike Dunham
Alaska State Troopers will make their prime-time debut this week in a new series on the National Geographic Channel.James Halpin
The lore of Alaska teems with tough guys, gritty miners, mighty hunters, brash bush pilots, bullies, bandits, roughnecks, whalers, warriors, card sharps and shamans. But few of these bravos had as much long-term impact on Anchorage as the quiet, cautious, bespectacled druggist and his chic lady love Mike Dunham
Mariano Gonzales' star-spangled installation at Alaska Pacific University will come down 10 days earlier than planned. Mike Dunham