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Every year the Kenai Visitors & Cultural Center hosts a themed art show. Previous themes have included sea life, Native art and light at high latitudes. This year being the 50th anniversary of Alaska's admission into the union, the theme is, logically enough: "Reflections on Alaska Statehood: the 49th at 50." Mike Dunham
Alaska lost a musical treasure when band man Curtiss Blake died with his wife and daughter in July 2004, in a small plane crash that also killed the pilot. Blake came to Alaska in 1971, taught music in Anchorage schools for years and became the go-to guy for making arrangements and orchestrations.Mike Dunham
Timothy Daly's play "The Man in the Attic" sprang from the true story of a Jewish man hidden by a German couple during World War II; his saviors became captors later by not telling him when the war ended.Dawnell Smith
Outside visitors inspired performers with the Alaska Dance Theatre to do some of their best work in recent years on Saturday night.Mike Dunham
Alaska photographer Carl Johnson has been chosen for an artist-in-residency by the National Park Service.Rob Stapleton
Among the jettisoned clutter cramming the shelves at an Anchorage Salvation Army store, Cindy Curtis spotted a castoff cameo. Old-fashioned, unwanted, dull, dated and discarded. No doubt the person who dropped it off at Sally's considered it junk. But Curtis saw possibilities. Mike Dunham
The Sitka Summer Music Festival has announced that cellist Zuill Bailey will take over from Paul Rosenthal as artistic director of the festival when violinist Rosenthal steps down in 2012.Mike Dunham
Anchorage Community Theatre's current production of "Dial 'M' for Murder" offers a enjoyable evening of classic, edge of your chair, drama at an affordable price -- $12.Mike Dunham
For those of us who find it hard to look at the down- and-out, Don Blackwell's portraits make it a little easier with his "Faces of Homelessness" series.Mike Dunham
There is much to look at in the four shows currently at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, including photography, glasswork, sculpture and painting. The five contiguous gallery spaces hold an array of divergent methods and materials.Don Decker