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The Anchor ageYouth Symphony will be the guest of honor at the Australia Youth Music Festival, accompanying a choir drawn from the best voices Down Under. It's the first time the orchestra has traveled to Australia in more than 20 years.Mike Dunham
I've become even more of a pest to friends recently by wagging a copy of John Straley's poetry collection "The Rising and the Rain" (University of Alaska Press, 2008) in front of them and reciting selections that have caught my fancy. One poem, "the erotic life of books," luxuriates in the sensations of perusing real books in a library.Mike Dunham
Marvin Dale Mangus, one of Alaska's leading artists for more than a half a century and a history-making geologist, died on Friday at Providence Alaska Medical Center. He was 84.Mike Dunham
Keyed-up on Red Bull, Kira Buckland rose from her chair to welcome a crowd of young men to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl competition, a round-robin tournament for video gamers on Saturday at UAA.Julia O'Malley
For a small population living about as far away from Ireland as one can get and still be on the planet, Anchorage produces a lot of talent in that rarefied art form, Irish Dance.Mike Dunham
Anchorage Opera's chorus master Andrew Sweeney had a premature debut as an opera conductor on Friday the 13th.Mike Dunham
Esther Hong pays homage to her grandmother and the memory of a tragic day for her family in South Korea through her exhibition, "Lachrymatory," showing at the University of Alaska Anchorage's Kimura Gallery.Don Decker
One can easily dismiss "The Women of ..." as anti-war propaganda. A series of loosely associated, monochromatic scenes, sketches, pantomimes, big monologues and choral recitations, it addresses women's lot in wars from Vietnam to Iraq and into the future.Mike Dunham
"The Ballad of Soapy Smith," which opened Friday at Cyrano's, is a big play -- big story, big cast, big script (with two intermissions, it clocks in at just about three hours). The larger-than-life effect is suitable considering its subject matter; Smith, a gold rush era hustler who took Skagway by storm, is one of the most infamous figures in Alaska's territorial history.Maia Nolan-Partnow