The Alaska Native Playwrights Project will offer aspiring Native artists the chance to join a yearlong playwriting mentorship program. Maia Nolan-Partnow
The University of Alaska Anchorage presents "Pilot Bread Connection: An Alaska Native college student gathering" this Saturday, Sept. 12, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Lee Gorsuch Commons on campus.
The Alaska State Fair has hosted lots of well-known performers -- some long after their glory days (Jefferson Starship) and a smaller number before they became stars (LeAnn Rimes). But to have someone at the top of the business right now play in Alaska, that's rare.Mike Dunham
Tony Freeman remembers when the first casting call went out for Disney's "The Lion King." Starving actors who typically aren't too proud to try out for any paying part, no matter how degrading, were leery.Mike Dunham
Twenty-one of the intensely decorated "Wild Salmon on Parade" pieces, displayed around town this summer and now on display at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, will swim off to new homes Sept. 11 at the Salmon on Parade dinner/auction.Mike Dunham
Bert V. Royal's play, "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead," now being presented at Out North, revisits the uncertainties of the "Peanuts" characters as post-pubescent angst.Mike Dunham
Jocelyn Clark, the creator, director and producer of the Juneau-based CrossSound Music Festival, has had to deal with people thinking her idea of a moving feast of freshly created new music to be more daft than deft. Philip Munger
The Beach Boys put on a free outdoor concert in a Mountain View parking lot Monday night, drawing at least 700 people to an event that most attendees heard about only by word of mouth.James Halpin
At first glance the necklace seems innocuous enough, a meticulously assembled assortment of beads and ornaments. But then you see that the bullet-shaped cylinders arrayed around it are, well, bullets.Mike Dunham
There will be another First Friday opening of a major statewide exhibit Sept. 4, in addition to "Earth, Fire and Fibre" and "Alaska Positive" at the Anchorage Museum. "Rarefied Light," the annual juried photography show of the Alaska Photographic Center will open at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, 427 D St.Mike Dunham