Tattoo artist Maya Sialuk Jacobsen, from Greenland, will make several appearances and hold workshops in Anchorage this week. In one of the events open to the public, she’ll be joined by Alaska artist Holly Mititquq Nordlum in a talk about traditional tattooing, its revival in the Inuit world and its relevance to the current generation at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 10, at the Anchorage Museum. Mike Dunham
Volunteers in Homer will start building a basket from gathered materials to be ceremonially burned on the beach in what has become an annual ritual.Mike Dunham
The University of Alaska Museum of the North holds the largest collection of polar dinosaur fossils in the world -- some of which are now on display to the public for the first time. Mike Dunham

The University of Alaska Museum of the North opened an exhibit dedicated to dinosaurs in Alaska in May. It has teeth, skeletons and tracks of the extinct reptiles and their contemporaries that have never been seen by the public before. “Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs” is the first show of its kind at the museum and, as such, “fairly monumental,” said Earth sciences curator Patrick Druckenmiller.

Mike Dunham

An imaginative jumble graces display walls in the Irwin Exhibits building at the Alaska State Fair. This year the Creative Arts and Crafts exhibit organizers added one more division of competition. The Embellished Arts category allows people to create works incorporating prefabricated items. 


Scott Jensen

At an art installation in front of the Anchorage Museum that's part of the GLACIER conference has wood blocks with Arctic words carved in them in English, Alaska Native languages, Russian, Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. Conference participants and members of the public are encouraged to take a block revealing photographs by Brian Adams, Michael Conti and Jayson Smart.

Bob Hallinen

Visitors wandered up to giant chunks of ice sitting outside of the Anchorage Museum on Sunday Aug. 30, 2015, and were able to touch pieces of a glacier. On the lawn, there were samples of food and free music performances that were part of a celebration in collaboration with GLACIER, a conference that focuses on the issues in the Arctic and takes place in Anchorage this week. 

Shelby Lum

Marya and Garnett Morrow Sr. of Moose Gardens Bed and Breakfast have been competing in the Alaska State Fair since the early 1980s, but have been consistently winning grand champion ribbons every year since 1985. 

Tara Young
The proposed expansion of the Anchorage Museum will allow the display of around 40 percent of its permanent collection of fine art, five times as much as can currently be displayed.Mike Dunham