VPA's "South Pacific" sells out and ASO prepares to wrap up its season with "Ode to Joy."Mike Dunham

Dancer Josh Murry of Portland-based dance company BodyVox led a workshop for West High School dance students Tuesday.

Marc Lester

For Virgil and Dawn Campbell, making and selling knives is a way of life. The I.R.B.I. ("I'd Rather Be Independent") knife shop on the Seward highway has been in the family for three generations and serves as workshop and a landmark for passers-by from near and far.

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In this episode of Indie Alaska, winter weather won't stop Ellie Mitchell from hitting the road (or the trail) on her fat bike. She picked up cycling from her dad, and now she regularly competes against him and other cyclists in the Anchorage winter racing circuit.  

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Nearly two years after suddenly closing, Out North "officially" reopened on Thursday with a witty but thoughtful new play about gay couples during the 1950s "lavender scare," produced by a new theater company.Mike Dunham
Two new books reveal the fascinating pasts of Alaska towns that history has forgotten. Mike Dunham
Tlingit carver Wayne Price has begun restoring the historic "Big Dipper" totem in Juneau; UAF theater founder Lee Salisbury has died in Washington.Mike Dunham
Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins meet in this enjoyable rock 'n' roll musical at the Atwood Concert Hall in Anchorage. Vikram Patel

Lorena Paniptchuk has slowed down a bit in recent years, but she still manages to practice her sewing and beading, to both make a living and carry on traditions.

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