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This week in the arts, there are new works in the Alaska Contemporary Art Bank, a new acoustic shell for the Atwood Concert Hall and a dance director at Alaska Dance Theatre.

Mike Dunham

On Wednesday afternoon, 56 young girls and their nervous parents waited in a church foyer while each family went, one at a time, into a room to audition for the Anchorage Concert Association’s production of Les Misérables.

Loren Holmes

Dancer and choreographer Jody Sperling joined a science party and Coast Guard crew on a voyage to the Chukchi Sea. While the scientists were off studying plankton bloom, Sperling studied the sea ice and expressed its dynamism and fragility through dance. Sperling’s performance project is just one piece of "Arctic Spring," an effort by scientists, artists and performers to explore life under the sea.

Alaska Dispatch News
Some productions approach the conflict between art and entertainment with a deliberate sense of nuance. For the current show at Anchorage Community Theatre, however, director Colby Bleicher opts for unvarnished farce, playing up the sitcom stereotypes of the characters.Mike Dunham
Starting at 4 p.m. on Friday, the "Kick it to the Curb" party will turn D Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues into a “living gallery” with performances, workshop tables, sidewalk artists and -- in case you missed it in January -- Object Runway fashions.Mike Dunham
With cooperation from the U.S. State Department, the Annenberg Foundation purchased a number of American Indian and Alaska Native artifacts at a Paris auction last year -- and are now returning them to their rightful owners.Sean Doogan

Among the many exhibits at the Alaska State Fair, the whimsical "creative arts and crafts" department, housed in Irwin Hall, captures the unusual and interesting offerings that don't easily fit into other categories.

Tara Young
Sergei Khrushchev, the late premier’s son, will be in Anchorage next week to deliver the keynote address at the Cold War Conference and Nike Veterans Reunion, Sept. 4-6. Mike Dunham
The suicide of Robin Williams earlier this month sent staffers scrambling to find out whether or not the actor/comic had ever performed in Anchorage, like maybe back in the pipeline days. There weren't newspaper records of him stopping over in town, but a 2010 interview with Decca Aitkenhead in The Guardian suggested that movie-making in Alaska had something to do with his resumption of drinking after 20 years on the wagon.Mike Dunham
High tech art, aviators of yesteryear and a champagne book launch in Anchorage. Mike Dunham



Legalizing marijuana won't ruin Alaska

OPINION: I don't approve of marijuana use for myself or my family, but I don't believe the dire warnings of those advocating to keep pot illegal in contradiction of the principles of liberty our country and state were founded on.Arthur Keyes