The winning entry in a Norwegian film contest by two former rural Alaska journalists touches on the complexities and challenges of life in the only Arctic U.S. state -- framed around the climate, the people and the economy -- all in under three minutes.Lisa Demer
The Russian ship that bombarded the Tlingit defenders in the battle of Sitka disappeared without a trace after it was cursed by a shaman. Now archaeologists think they’ve found the camp of those who survived the wreck.Mike Dunham
Sculptors will start carving 1,000-pound blocks of ice for the Crystal Gallery of Ice event in downtown Anchorage starting Friday, Jan. 15, John Luther Adams' music is heard in "The Revenant" soundtrack, and without a better museum, Greenland must house its historic artifacts in far-off Denmark.Mike Dunham

"Unseen-Seen," a group art show at Beans Cafe in downtown Anchorage, hopes to show the city's homeless in a new light.

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The Rasmuson Foundation announced the largest grant in its history on Monday: $12 million to help pay for a major expansion at the Anchorage Museum.Mike Dunham
From a Charlie Chaplin flick to a night under the stars (inside!), there are plenty of opportunities for a cheap date in Anchorage this week. Mike Dunham
Award-winning photographer sees life as a zoo where the gawkers are as interesting as what they're gawking at.Mike Dunham
A Yup'ik mask and 1,300-year-old St. Lawrence Island figure have been bequeathed to the Vancouver Art Gallery by the late owner of the San Jose Sharks hockey team. And an exhibit of beer paintings that parody art classics opens at Midnight Sun Brewing Co.Mike Dunham
Juneau officials are considering a new, slimmer design plan for the city's proposed art complex after the Perseverance Theatre withdrew from the project in November.Associated Press
In conjunction with the “100 Snapshots” exhibit, the Anchorage Museum will screen “Finding Vivian Maier,” a documentary about a nanny who secretly took more than 100,000 photographs of everyday life. Mike Dunham