An Anchorage art professor rediscovers her love of van Gogh at Anchorage Museum's multimedia show.Tracey Pilch
Self-taught food carver Bang-on Roulet has won a smorgasbord of national and international awards as a food carver; next year she'll be Alaska's sole competitor at the Culinary Olympics in Germany.Mike Dunham

International food carving champion Bang-On Roulet lives in Anchorage, where she is preparing for the International Exhibition of Culinary Art in Germany, often called the Culinary Olympics.

Mike Dunham,Tara Young
When Tlingit elders in Juneau took steps to keep sacred objects held by a museum from being sold this year, they found an unexpected ally in a local clergyman.Mike Dunham
A revival of "Assimilation," a play about boarding school abuse, drew a strong reaction from the audience after opening a six-day run in Anchorage on Tuesday as part of the Elders and Youth Conference.Mike Dunham
In 1869, William Seward and Tlingit Chief Koh’klux met to resolve a dispute between Klukwan and Sitka. The scars on each man's face told of a life of battles and toughness that went beyond words.   Mike Dunham
An exhibit of Vincent van Gogh on Jumbotron raises issues of artist versus art consumer.Mike Dunham
Alaskans remember William Seward as the secretary of state who bought Alaska for $7.2 million, but acquiring Russian claims to America's Northwest was only one of his many important achievements.Mike Dunham