Shot in Anchorage in 1923, the big-budget silent film "The Cheechakos" will be shown with live orchestra accompaniment in honor of the city's 100th anniversary.Mike Dunham
A musical about Chris McCandless will be showcased in Juneau this weekend.Mike Dunham
Anchorage teacher and artist Sarah Davies is undertaking a project to place 100 statues on the Cook Inlet mudflats to address suicide and mental illness, uncomfortable subjects she knows from personal experience.Mike Dunham

This summer Sarah Davies, 40, is creating an enormous project that aims to capture personal stories of struggles of people like her in sculptural form. She described the art as a “unique approach to suicide alertness.” 

If all goes as planned, on Dec. 5 of this year 100 human statues will be arranged in the mudflats off the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, positioned as if they are walking into Cook Inlet. Each one is a cast of an Alaskan who has experienced what Davies called “emotionally difficult conditions, trauma, persistent grief, chronic illness, mental illness.”

Their frozen procession into the water is meant to symbolize “the marathon that is wellness management,” she said. 

The installation is titled “100Stone.” That’s not plural, “stones,” Davies stressed, but “stone” a traditional British unit of weight equal to about 14 pounds. One hundred stone is roughly the weight of a full grown bull.

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Bob Hallinen
One thousand years of human progress -- or maybe regression -- will be covered in 100 minutes in “Western Civilization: The Complete Musical (abridged)."Mike Dunham
The family of the Wasilla child actor and health care advocate has started a fundraising campaign to cover costs following a four-wheeler accident.Mike Dunham
A totem pole honoring the 60th anniversary of the Rasmuson Foundation was raised in Yakutat on Monday, June 29.Mike Dunham
The Treasury Department is looking for a woman to take Alexander Hamilton's place on the $10 bill. Elizabeth Peratrovich, who succeeded in winning civil rights for Alaska's minorities 20 years before national laws were passed, would make a good pick.Mike Dunham
Preserving history, preserving food and more. Mike Dunham
A hundred Alaska bagpipers will take part in the Highland Games this weekend, with contests in Anchorage and at the Alaska State Fairgrounds -- a taste of what we can expect in 2016 when Alaska hosts the World Highland Games Championships.Mike Dunham