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Operating primarily in rural Alaska,​ Hageland Aviation, a division of Ravn Alaska, is the largest scheduled Part 135 passenger carrier in the United States. After a series of accidents and incidents, it faces the fallout from several investigations.

Colleen Mondor
A 13-pound, battery-powered drone catapulted from a Prudhoe Bay gravel pit on Sunday has become the first authorized commercial operation by an unmanned aircraft over land in the United States.Zaz Hollander
Nickolay Dodov’s parents say Alaska Heliskiing “sought profit above safety.” The case has already caused roiling grief and hard feelings in Haines, with local officials tasked with piecing together what, if anything, could have prevented the deaths and if tighter regulation is warranted.Kyle Hopkins
With a 103-foot wingspan, the single-engine ER-2 performs like a jet-powered glider, cruising at 60,000 feet to collect data about Arctic sea ice and requiring a pair of pilots -- one in the aircraft, one on the ground -- to execute a landing.Dermot Cole
After a brief interruption in passenger air service, officials and residents on the Bering Strait island of Little Diomede were awaiting news that joint state and federal funding had gone through and flights to the community could resume.Tegan Hanlon
Pilot Charles Hancock, 61, died when his plane crashed during takeoff at Anchorage’s Merrill Field on Wednesday morning. He was the sole occupant of a Piper PA-12 aircraft, Devin Kelly
A 70-year-old pilot and Denali Highway lodge owner escaped unhurt after his Super Cub crashed during takeoff near the Susitna River on Wednesday.Zaz Hollander
OPINION: Maybe the National Park Service ought to be promoting quadcopter flights in order to boost visitation, rather than banning them: "Come fly your drone in the wilds of Alaska, where there's no one for it to bother!"Craig Medred
Lifelong Alaskan Roberta Bille Reeve Sheldon contributed to the state in countless ways before her death last week. She spent the majority of her life in the community of Talkeetna, helping shape the culture in that sleepy little mountain-climbing, flightseeing town.Colleen Mondor
The Pacific Wings flight was carrying cruise ship passengers to view LeConte Glacier and flying at a low altitude when it stalled, spun and crashed, killing one passenger and seriously injuring two others.Colleen Mondor