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Alaska Airlines regular evening flight into Nome was diverted Thursday after the plane, en route from Kotzebue, diverted to avoid ash from the Russian Volcano Shiveluch. The plane flew on to Anchorage safely and regular flights are expected to resume today.

Matthew F. Smith
Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board say the two-seat Piper was flying low to the ground before the crash, and witnesses said the plane's engine accelerated and revved just before it crashed into a hillside last month, killing the Alaska pilot and injuring a passenger.Associated Press
Paperwork has started on a hotel that would connect to one of the commercial terminals at Stevens International Airport.Alaska Dispatch News
Ketchikan historian Dave Kiffer calls floatplane pilots the glue that holds Southeast Alaska together. "In this part of the state, you don't just drive to the next town," he said. "These folks face danger on every flight. If you take chances, they will eventually catch up with you."John M. Glionna
Through Christmas, Alaska saw 74 aircraft accidents that resulted in five fatalities, a marked change from 2013, when 35 people died in 94 crashes. But crediting the sharp drop to any one factor can be a tricky proposition.Colleen Mondor
With the addition of two new investigators to the Alaska office of the National Transportation Safety Board -- including the office's first-ever female investigator -- the agency is at its full complement in the state for the first time in more than two years.Colleen Mondor
An amazing story of survival played out after a Super Cub carrying Alaska pilot Chris McDonnell and Iditarod photographer Jeff Schultz crashed on the Seward Peninsula during the 1992 race. Jeff Schultz
For some students in rural Alaska, connecting the dots between schoolwork and a future career can be a challenge. But one aviation company is trying to spread the word that working hard in school can lead to a rewarding job flying Alaska's skies.Sean Doogan
In the early days of aviation, the Alaska fishing industry only slowly accepted the new mode of transport as a reliable method of getting seafood from point A to point B. But over time, the two industries became inextricably linked.Colleen Mondor
Despite worries its facility sponsor, FedEx, would pull out, the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering will go on as scheduled next year. FedEx announced this week it would allow the Alaska Airmen's Association to use its Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport hangar for the 2015 event, as it has for the past 17 years. Sean Doogan