Missionaries were advocates for Alaska Natives in a time when many white people viewed them as subhuman. Yet these same missionaries ultimately sought to make Natives white in all but skin tone. 

David A. James
“The Luck of the Karluk” makes the case that this story deserves inclusion among the epics of Arctic calamities. A longer telling than that offered by this new book might have been appreciated, but the brevity and style make it suitable for young adult readers. David A. James
Anchorage author Lee Goodman has followed his auspicious debut with another book starring the same federal prosecutor, Nick Davis, in what we can only hope will be a continuing series.Nancy Lord
Rosemary McGuire and a few other authors are creating a long-absent, distinctively northern literary fiction tradition for Alaska. They’re fashioning stories where the land and sea are paramount factors, their scale leaving human endeavors all the more hopeless. David A. James
In the coming decades, the Western Flyer would participate in a series of fisheries that first boomed and then abruptly collapsed in no small part due to being exploited by humans who couldn’t grasp what John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts told them. David A. James
An exhibit of Vincent van Gogh on Jumbotron raises issues of artist versus art consumer.Mike Dunham
Alaskans remember William Seward as the secretary of state who bought Alaska for $7.2 million, but acquiring Russian claims to America's Northwest was only one of his many important achievements.Mike Dunham
West High student Anna Lange is one of five student poets selected from a nationwide pool of 20,000 applicants to be honored at the White House.Mike Dunham
Are Alaskans so unique that our six-word memoirs are singular?Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska authors will be present at a number of events during Alaska Book Week, Oct. 3-10.Mike Dunham