Important historical images taken during the Revenue Marine Cutter Bear's journey north to Alaska and Russia make up the key subject of a new book, "Steaming to the North."

David A. James
"Saloons, Prostitutes, and Temperance in Alaska Territory" details the struggle between merchants of vice and Skagway's emerging middle class in the community's early days.David A. James
The author arrived in Fairbanks before the pipeline so he experienced what was then a much smaller town. Outhouses were still common within city limits. People made do with what they had on hand since the superstores were a couple of decades away from arriving. Moose wandered the streets routinely instead of occasionally. David A. James
One thousand years of human progress -- or maybe regression -- will be covered in 100 minutes in “Western Civilization: The Complete Musical (abridged)."Mike Dunham
Preston Jones, professor of history and Fulbright scholar with an Alaska connection, will speak on how Anchorage became the leading town in the territory.  Mike Dunham
Susan Burnstine, the juror for the 2015 "Rarefied Light" photo show, will present her juror’s lecture and conduct a workshop next month in Anchorage. And the 2010 "Beerdrinker of the Year" has a book about Alaska brewing.Mike Dunham
A round-up of Alaskan and Alaska-themed books, from a memoir about life in the Bush to a collection of poetry about Alaska and the Yukon.Kathleen Macknicki
In 1778, British sailors became the first Europeans to meet Native Alaskans from Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet. Their encounter is recorded in a new book about Captain James Cook's northern explorations.Aron L. Crowell
A century-old ledger of Anchorage's first land sales was rescued from the trash by a local railroad man, and it sheds new light on the city's early residents. Mike Dunham