An 80-page piece by Adams called “They Were My People” is about his friendships and collaborations with two iconic Alaskan figures, conductor Gordon Wright and poet John Haines.

Nancy Lord
'Boundless" by Kathleen Winter suffers from a malady that infects much of modern travel literature: a tendency by authors to travel to exotic locales only to spend endless pages meticulously exploring themselves instead of their surroundings.David A. James
A yawning gulf separates the attitudes of the two adventurers. McCandless abandoned his family and friends to go it alone. Guy Grieve knew the extent of his ignorance and relied on the advice of rural residents who knew how to survive in the Bush. Rick Sinnott
Book by the author of 'Ordinary Wolves' may be best read in short sittings and somewhat casually — a story here, a story there — instead of continuously. The collection’s organization is by theme, not chronology, which can be jarring.Nancy Lord
“Byron Birdsall’s Alaska” is a history book as well as an art book. The drawings here range in time from shortly after the United States purchased Alaska to the pipeline era, although most depict life in that long stretch between the end of the Gold Rush and statehood. David A. James
Even the author of "This Book is Gay" says it's no children's book. But at the Wasilla Public Library, it sits on the juvenile nonfiction shelf, and has sparked controversy.Zaz Hollander
Alaska's biggest book fair will coincide with Crafts Weekend at the Anchorage Museum, Nov. 27-29.Mike Dunham
Just because it's winter in Alaska doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up indoors. Here are four fun, family-friendly projects to help you embrace the cold.Jill Burke
Despite having proven to be a great gift to Yakutat and Alaska, Shoki Kayamori’s photography would be his undoing.David A. James
'White Sharks of the North' and 'Life's Lessons'Alaska Dispatch News