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Carine McCandless’s motivations appear worthy. She and her parents withheld information from Krakauer -- or at least swore him to secrecy -- about the extent of violence and dysfunction in the wealthy and outwardly successful McCandless household

Nancy Lord
Vacations are perfect for genre fiction: murder mysteries, action thrillers, horror tinglers, sci-fi and such. They work best when the authors ask as little of readers' minds as possible.David A. James
In this week's reading the north: Exploring the extremes of Alaska's geology, and a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves -- with an Alaska twist.Kathleen Macknicki
A highly informative book examines how Alaska Natives fought for their rights, and the ways in which those efforts impacted the eventual statehood bill that admitted Alaska to the union, giving readers an appreciation for how the groundwork was laid for the landmark 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.David A. James
While viewing Rockwell Kent’s paintings at the exhibit, award-winning author Claudia McGehee heard a teacher ask a student, “What do you think the two Kents did on bad weather days?” The student's answer got Claudia thinking.Doug Capra
An absence of context is a large part of why this book comes up short. For those who have read other works about the era of Franz Boas, this book will add an interesting chapter. But for readers lacking such background the events described here will occur in a vacuum. David A. James
Reading the North takes a look at "The Yukon Quest Trail: 1,000 Miles Across Northern Alaska and the Yukon Territory" and "Golden Days: A Gold Rush Novel."Kathleen Macknicki
One of the most-successful portions of Dashiell Hammett's life took place in the wet, windy, all-but-written-off Aleutian Islands, a place that Hammett, in contrast to the many thousands of troops who served there in WWII, actually loved. For them, he and his staff produced a lively newspaper.  Peter Porco
Spotlighting James Abel's "White Plague" and Charles Caldwell Hawley's "A Kennecott Story: Three Mines, Four Men and One Hundred Years, 1897-1997."Kathleen Macknicki
This carefully researched and beautifully written novel features John Easley, a journalist who poses as a military officer on a bombing run over Attu Island and ends up being shot down. He and one airman, the only survivors, spend weeks trying to stay alive in the hostile climate while hiding from the Japanese invaders. Nancy Lord