The mystery of what happened to the Franklin expedition has haunted Arctic history since​ 1848.  

David A. James
The steadily lengthening ice-free season has left the Sarichef Island shorelines exposed to storms that themselves are aggravated by climate change, speeding the pace of erosion and consistently thwarting efforts at maintaining the ground beneath the town.David A. James
Alaska as a setting for thrillers and adventure stories seems irresistible to writers from every corner of the Earth, and the usual tropes will be found in Rosamund Lupton's "The Quality of Silence."Nancy Lord
John Luther Adams' sprawling, interactive, environmental, outdoor composition "Inuksuit" will receive its Alaska premiere during Juneau's Jazz and Classics festival in May.Mike Dunham
Alaska's champion poetry competitor presents what she's working on for the national championships at the Tap Root poetry slam.Mike Dunham
Together, the five volumes and 2,000 pages of 'Aunt Phil's Trunk' are neither an academic nor a comprehensive history of Alaska, but it is an entertaining and accessible account of the people who have called it home.David A. James
Art, culture and flyfishing are featured in this roundup of books by, about and for Alaskans.Kathleen Macknicki
An architect whose work helped transform post-civil war Beirut speaks in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau next week, and plays about electronic genius Nikola Tesla and the Irish Revolution come to local stages.Mike Dunham
In 1897, two men battled for control of the hellfire gold-rush town of Skaguay, Alaska: Soapy Smith, a pimp and con man, and Frank Reid, a onetime Indian fighter and the surveyor who laid out the town.Kathleen Macknicki
Anchorage's "Mikado" features a singer in the role she sang in "Foul Play" with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn.Mike Dunham


It's time to break the Legislature's habit of secrecy

Rather than hide the haggling, legislative leaders should recognize that the total collapse of oil revenue warrants a more open process. The tradition of secrecy is exactly the wrong approach.Dermot Cole