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Bush Pilot

Every year, with tragic regularity, Alaska's aviation community suffers through hunting season. A review of some common mistakes from the past can go a long way toward making 2014 a better season for everyone.

Colleen Mondor
Airspace users should be aware that GPS signals could be unreliable or unavailable, this time in the Anchorage area, as a result of tests being conducted next week.
Airspace users should be aware that GPS signals could be unreliable or unavailable in Interior Alaska as a result of tests being conducted over the next couple of weeks.Colleen Mondor
The "short takeoff and landing," or STOL, competition at the national AirVenture aviation gathering in Oshkosh, Wisc. was dominated by Palmer pilot Frank Knapp.Colleen Mondor
The first aerial survey of Alaska showed many industries the potential of aviation to enhance their future, particularly the lucrative Southeast Alaska fishing industry.Colleen Mondor
Head east following the Yukon River to Eagle and Dawson City for a tour of Alaska and the Yukon's gold rush history.Colleen Mondor
Members of the FAA's Surveillance and Broadcast Services program would like to know how 20 Automated Weather Observing Systems are serving the public.Colleen Mondor
Linked to companies originally established in the mid-century by Harmon Helmericks, Colville Aviation is the newest member of the family's North Slope business.Colleen Mondor
The elevator cables were misrigged in the PA-12, which may have resulted in the airplane climbing steeply before it 'pivoted' down toward the ground, as described by an eyewitness. The pilot was killed in the crash.Colleen Mondor
The change in the process for certifying angle of attack indicators reduces the price and paperwork substantially for general aviation users, with a goal of reducing the numerous loss-of-control aircraft accidents that occur in Alaska and nationwide.Colleen Mondor