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A new app launched this week in Anchorage connects homeowners with snowplow services -- and it appears to be receiving a warmer welcome than did the ride-sharing service with which it shares some similarities.

Sean Doogan
No action was taken on proposed ordinances regulating ride-sharing services, although public comment was heard on a proposal to exempt Uber and others from most public regulations for commercial transportation. Sean Doogan
Before you label an employee a hypochondriac, take a moment to consider what rights she has to ensure her concerns are addressed appropriately.Lynne Curry
To avoid probate, some Alaskans have used trusts and gifting to transfer property on death. Now state law allows property owners to transfer their home on death without going through probate. Barbara Ramsey,Clair Ramsey
To recruit young entrants to sustain the Bering Sea crab fisheries, crab quota shareholders have devised a "right of first offer" system to make ownership more affordable and more accessible.Laine Welch
Like it or fear it, the sharing economy has come to Anchorage. Fans hail the operations of companies like Uber as economic evolution, while local governments struggle with how to keep such businesses safe and regulated.Sean Doogan
The gold-mining company is studying a $1 billion, 14-inch pipeline to pump natural gas from tidewater on Cook Inlet over the Alaska Range to a proposed Interior mine up the Kuskokwim River from Bethel. State permits are being sought.Craig Medred
In the past month gasoline prices in Seattle have dropped by more than 30 cents a gallon -- but the same hasn't happened in Alaska, despite a global dip in oil prices.Dermot Cole
Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Corey ruled Monday afternoon that Uber can continue to offer its app-driven ride-sharing service in Anchorage as long as it doesn’t charge customers, which would likely put it in violation of city taxi laws.Sean Doogan
A ballot measure to protect salmon in Southwest Alaska hasn’t grabbed as many headlines as pot and campaign politics. Ballot Measure 4 asks voters to give the Alaska Legislature final say on any large oil, gas and mining projects in the 36,000 square miles of the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.Laine Welch