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For the state's (and nation's) largest fishery -- Alaska pollock -- the Eastern Bering Sea stock has more than doubled its 10-year average to top 9 million tons, or 20 billion pounds. And the stock is healthy and growing, according to annual surveys. 

Laine Welch
Lynne Curry handles questions straight out of the Regina George playbook: How to handle the coworker who insults your outfit, and why "you can't sit with us" doesn't work at work.Lynne Curry
Alaskans are embracing CrossFit workouts, with "boxes" popping up in strip malls and industrial parks around the state. The low-cost, low-tech gyms are affordable to open, and the intense workouts, popular with hard-core athletes, are increasingly attracting a broader range of fans of all ages.Sean Doogan
Top federal officials overseeing the Tongass National Forest are disputing environmental group claims that an announced shift to logging second-growth timber instead of controversial old growth has "stalled," but they acknowledge the transition will take time.Pat Forgey
The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night voted 8-3 to pass an ordinance that could eventually break the stalemate between ride-sharing giant Uber and city officials and taxicab permit owners.Sean Doogan
An Australian-led mining company owned by an offshore corporation and five of its top officials and employees conspired to dump waste from a platinum mine into a Southwest Alaska salmon river, a federal indictment handed up Tuesday alleges.Lisa Demer
The Anchorage Assembly looks poised to pass an ordinance Tuesday that would take a step toward governance of the ride-sharing service Uber after its months of uncertain operations in the city.Sean Doogan
With so many different ways to take title, it is important to make certain the way you take title works with your overall estate planning goals. As your life changes, you may need to re-evaluate your title choices as well. Barbara Ramsey,Clair Ramsey
A company's Facebook page requires more than a simple handoff, and results from a social media mistake can be disastrous. Lynne Curry

Black Friday, the traditional day of deals after Thanksgiving to draw shoppers out and kick off the holiday shopping season, couldn't come soon enough for some Anchorage residents.

Tara Young