Are you getting entry-level employees who don't measure up? One of the problems might be outdated or insufficient recruiting practices.

Lynne Curry
Portland-based Alpha Media announced in a statement Monday that it had entered into an agreement to buy numerous radio stations across the U.S., including several longtime Alaska radio fixtures.Tegan Hanlon
In a recent mayoral debate, the candidates were questioned about tax-exempt properties. They were asked if laws should be changed to do away with property tax exemptions for nonprofits and church property. With state government and local agencies struggling with budget deficits, the real question might have been: “Am I paying more than my fair share of taxes?”Clair Ramsey,Barbara Ramsey
For the second time since late April, the New York Stock Exchange has warned a major Cook Inlet oil and gas company that it is in danger of being removed from the exchange, this time because its market capitalization and stockholders' equity has fallen below the $50 million minimum threshold. Dermot Cole
An overworked field employee snaps at an administrative assistant who refuses to be helpful, then is told he has to attend anger management training -- on his own time. Can a company enforce this demand?Lynne Curry
When I got a call last December asking me if I’d accept a state appointment, I turned it down even though I wanted to say yes. I was worried about the scrutiny I’d suffer in the vetting process. For this same reason, I’ve never run for office even though I’ve wanted to.Lynne Curry
Alaska Travel Publications LLP, a subsidiary of PR Services of Whitehorse, Yukon, has purchased The Skagway News, the Juneau Empire reports. The paper has been for sale since 2010.Associated Press
Despite Nome's deep gold mining roots, a planned gold mine along Dry Creek near the heart of the Bering Sea city is attracting opposition.Francesca Fenzi
Grant Aviation, which once dominated the Western Alaska market, is gearing up for a comeback after a difficult spell.Lisa Demer

Known for having an adversarial relationship with the oil industry as a private attorney, Bill Walker made his first trip as governor to the state’s North Slope oil fields this week, taking a three-day tour of the widespread facilities and at times discussing prickly issues with oil officials.

Loren Holmes