An anonymous letter lands on a reader's desk with accusations of an affair involving the sales manager. Can it be ignored? Plus, a man who was coaxed into staying at a stressful job by promises that never materialized has a heart attack. Now his company is nudging him out the door.

Lynne Curry
Tidal Vision launched its aquatic leather line on Kickstarter, a web-based crowd-funding community that has helped bring nearly 90,000 creative ideas to life since 2009. The company reached its $17,500 funding goal in less than 24 hours and now has 764 backers who have pledged $55,664 to the project.Laine Welch
Much has changed since July 1915, when Leon Urbach opened his one-room shop on Fourth Avenue. Of all the businesses that cropped up in Seward's early days, Urbach's is the only one still open and wholly in the hands of the same family that started it a century ago.Jeannette Lee Falsey
We legalized pot in this state in February, so can you tell me how I got fired for THC on my drug test last week? I smoke in my house and on my own time and it’s none of my employer’s business. My buddies tell me I should sue my employer for violating my rights. Can I?Lynne Curry
An Anchorage Craigslist ad that appeared to be seeking drivers on behalf of the ride-sharing company Uber was not posted by the company, a spokeswoman said.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Hilcorp Energy continues to grow its Alaska presence, recently inking a deal to buy the Cook Inlet assets of XTO Energy, a subsidiary of oil giant Exxon Mobil.Alex DeMarban
A robot that looks like it's straight out of a Pixar movie is helping engineers on the trans-Alaska pipeline detect wear and tear in the line before it becomes a real problem -- and saving big bucks in the process.Alex DeMarban
Ketchikan has gone back to work after a plane crash June 25 killed eight tourists, and its skies are once again buzzing with floatplanes. The crash was an off-limits topic at the many other flying services in town.Nathaniel Herz,Tegan Hanlon
Gov. Bill Walker vetoed the $175,000 state grant given to the group that's been lobbying in vain to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, but that doesn't mean he's opposed to oil development there — only that it's time to find a new way, he said.Pat Forgey

If she isn't fishing or traveling, 88-year-old Dorothy Urbach arrives every morning at her family's historic clothing store in downtown Seward and, after unlocking the front door, steps onto the same wooden floor where customers first stood 100 summers ago.

Jeannette Lee Falsey