A male supervisor throws his weight around -- literally -- to intimidate two female subordinates. Is it "blowing things out of proportion" to report such behavior?

Lynne Curry
ConocoPhillips announced on Thursday that it has started the first oil development to occur within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska since its establishment in 1923.Jeannette Lee Falsey
GCI bought Anchorage-based Network Business Systems on Aug. 6.Sean Doogan
I don’t let Bill rattle me, regardless of his antics, nor do I let Bill or his employees insult those who work for me. I’m the buffer. Bill’s now trying a new tack. He pretends I don’t exist.Lynne Curry
Anchorage's two largest hospitals are continuing their struggle over the limited share of emergency room beds that can be built in the next several years, with both Alaska Regional Hospital and Providence Alaska Medical Center filing appeals over the state's recent allocation decision.Jeannette Lee Falsey
An enormous algal bloom containing a potentially fatal neurotoxin has spread to Alaska waters. But dozens of shellfish samples taken since the bloom appeared contain only trace amounts of the substance, state scientists said last week.  Jeannette Lee Falsey
Have you noticed the recent rash of advertisements for reverse mortgages? The idea of being able to use your home equity for current living expenses (wants and needs), while not making any mortgage payments, sounds just too good to be true. And for most people, it probably is.Barbara Ramsey,Clair Ramsey
After gaining access to a small company's proprietary information, an employee edits audio of his manager to make it seem like he was promised a raise, then threatens to launch a competing business if he doesn't get it. Is the company in trouble?Lynne Curry
Flint Hills Resources wants a more lenient standard for treating sulfolane pollution at its North Pole refinery, while the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation wants to delay any decisions until the results of a long-term study come back.Laurel Andrews
Some Anchorage residents will have to deal with road and office closures when President Obama arrives next week. But Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and other officials said Thursday they expect it to be mostly business as usual downtown.Sean Doogan,Devin Kelly