Advertisers dusted off their well-worn playbooks for Super Bowl 50, deploying a combination of humor, celebrities and plenty of animals in their annual appeal for the attention of the game’s more than 100 million viewers.

Sydney Ember
Needy Alaskans are enjoying a rare taste of sablefish, one of the world’s priciest fish, thanks to a science project that’s kept research fish from going over the rails.Laine Welch
REI's business acumen has taken it to heights rarely seen by a retail cooperative. But as a record-low turnout in the latest annual election shows, REI's original democratic fervor seems to have stayed at base camp. Ángel González | The Seattle Times
The restaurant-entertainment chain has plans to open a huge new location at the Dimond Center in Anchorage, which would require the mall to raise its roof by 8 feet.Annie Zak
Is someone you work with sucking the oxygen out of the room? Here's what you can do to make sure they don't sap your energy and interfere with your work.Lynne Curry
AK Alchemist, a downtown food and coffee cart, is moving forward in its attempt to get a license to serve beer and wine, a year after starting the process.Suzanna Caldwell
The North Star is one of two Tote Maritime Alaska cargo ships that regularly transport groceries and other goods between Tacoma and Anchorage. Annie Zak
Sex harassment is so common a term that everyone thinks they know what the words mean and what happens when accusations fly. Do you?Lynne Curry
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will not likely take action to pre-emptively block the massive Pebble Mine proposed in the Bristol Bay watershed, because of delays caused by a series of lawsuits, a top agency official said Monday.Yereth Rosen
Moda Health will resume selling and renewing policies in the individual and group markets under the Affordable Care Act, officials in Alaska and Oregon say.Tegan Hanlon