A senior manager made a pass at a new employee, then apparently realized his mistake and is giving her the cold shoulder instead. Should she be worried about retaliation?

Lynne Curry
Faced with falling rates of shareholder participation, Alaska Native corporations are moving to avoid the possibility of annual meetings where they cannot conduct business.Jeannette Lee Falsey
The Alaska congressional delegation wants more no-bid federal contracts in excess of $20 million for Alaska Native corporations, saying federal contracting officials have been too reticent to make deals “out of fear of political scrutiny, even when a contract award may be justified."Dermot Cole
The new Williwaw complex, in the former site of a homeless youth shelter at Sixth Avenue and F Street, will have eateries including a rooftop bar and grill, a re-imagined Blues Central nightclub and a SteamDot coffee shop.  Sean Doogan
There's a school of fishy bills currently swimming their way through the Alaska Legislature, though whether the legislation will take priority as the session approaches its busy end is anyone's guess.Laine Welch
Easygoing managers who hire “lay down the law” seconds-in-command often brew a recipe for disaster.Lynne Curry
With more than $40,000 in sales in three years, Grayson Davey's Alaska Paracord Designs is growing, and the 13-year-old CEO is looking to hire employees.Sean Doogan

The Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery on Resurrection Bay in Seward, AK provides seed stock for the aquatic farm industry, develops seed for new species for aquatic farming, provides seed for shellfish enhancement projects and conducts research. The hatchery is working on geoduck farming in Southcentral Alaska and raising blue king crabs for stocking programs. The hatchery which was built with funds from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill is operated by the Chugach Regional Resource Commission and is owned by the City of Seward.

Bob Hallinen
When you live in Alaska, where does your food come from? Where does your kid's school lunch come from? Ninety-five percent of the time, the answer is a barge. And some are hoping to change that.Melissa Griffiths
If the recent past is any guide, the most common surnames among Permanent Fund dividend applicants will be Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown and Jones. About 20,000 applicants gave one of those five last names a year ago.Dermot Cole