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Top Canadian environmental officials have rejected calls from Southeast Alaska for a new, more thorough environmental review of a mine that may threaten jointly targeted salmon stocks.

Pat Forgey

The Shell contractor that broke environmental and maritime safety laws during the oil giant’s troubled 2012 drilling season in Alaska was sentenced on Friday, Dec. 19, to pay $12.2 million in fines and community payments, serve four years’ probation and undergo a company-wide environmental compliance program that will be subjected to the scrutiny of third-party experts.

Erik Hill
Month-to-month GCI subscribers will see an increase of between $6.25 and $6.76 per month, depending on where they live. Sean Doogan
When a co-worker threatens violence against a manager, don’t keep it to yourself.Lynne Curry
It went down to the wire but fishermen were relieved to learn they can continue to hose down their decks without fear of violating the Clean Water Act.Laine Welch
A few simple steps can keep you from facing a frantic, fruitless search for information when an appliance goes haywire.Barbara Ramsey,Clair Ramsey
Sponsors of an ordinance that would ban commercial marijuana facilities in Anchorage say the municipality should take a “wait and see” approach to commercial pot, while critics say the ordinance would cost Anchorage a potential leadership role in developing statewide marijuana policy.Suzanna Caldwell
The Alaska Aerospace Corp. said Friday it hopes to drum up new business for the state-owned rocket range in Kodiak and has started negotiations on a $21 million incentive plan with Lockheed Martin. Dermot Cole
A struggle over shrinking supplies of Bering Sea halibut is threatening the iconic centerpiece fish in favor of cheaper exports, fast-food fillets and fish sticks. Lee Van Der Voo
Multilevel or pyramid marketing programs frequently run afoul of state and federal criminal laws as unlawful Ponzi schemes. As a result, employers need to realize “it may be a spectacularly bad idea to terminate or pressure an employee for refusing to participate in one.” Lynne Curry