A new report offers reasons why Alaska would benefit by buying pipeline builder TransCanada out of the Alaska LNG project, including that it would make an extra $7.4 billion over two decades of operation.Alex DeMarban
Alaska Airlines offers a 20-minute guarantee for delivery of arriving passengers’ luggage – but it took a day to get airline CEO Brad Tilden his bag after a flight to Washington, D.C.Alaska Dispatch News
The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management have set the date for Nov. 18, the agencies said in separate statements earlier this week.Asaf Shalev
A sagging global coal market is dragging down prospects for two proposed mines in Southcentral Alaska.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Alaska Bulk Water Inc. is asking the city of Sitka to extend its contract as it looks to provide bulk water to prospective purchasers in California, Mexico and the Middle East.Associated Press
Cruise-ship passengers are becoming an increasingly common sight in Nome, and there's no indication that the area's tourism boom is going away soon.Emily Russell | KNOM
Views on the impact of a Shell pullout from the already fragile Alaska economy ranged from dire to cautious Monday, from near-term job losses to long-term prospects for development in the Arctic.Alex DeMarban
After a long, multibillion dollar effort, Royal Dutch Shell said that it will "cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future" following disappointing test drilling results this summer.Dan Joling | Associated Press

The Shell crew camp in Barrow is on the road to Point Barrow, away from town, past Ilisagvik College and the high school football field. 

Erik Hill,Kamala Kelkar
A government shutdown two years ago stalled the crab opener by two days, costing the fleet more than $5 million in food, fuel and other fees as the boats stood idly by for a week or more.Laine Welch