Fisheries researchers say a mass of exceptionally warm water in the northeast Pacific Ocean could shake up recent predictions of higher salmon runs in Alaska this year.The Associated Press
That's slightly higher than the national rate, but less than Alaska's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 6.6 percent.Annie Zak
In November, Deral Wise made $3,000 a week. Now he’s collecting $376 in weekly unemployment benefits. And he's just one of many Alaskans struggling with oil-industry layoffs.Alex DeMarban
A long stretch of beach owned by the Alaska Mental Health Trust appears to hold world-class deposits of several heavy minerals -- including semiprecious gems -- that could prove a lucrative, long-term mining prospect.Elwood Brehmer
Yes, the state has added 500 jobs in recent months -- but Gov. Bill Walker's office said that's a seasonal change, and state government is still down 1,200 jobs over the past year.Annie Zak
Pot Luck Events, a club in Anchorage where people can share and smoke marijuana, hosted a strain release party on Saturday for Alaska cultivator ArcticBlue Farms. Entrepreneurs were in attendance as much as anyone else.Annie Zak
Rising temperatures in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska will reduce stocks and harvests of Alaskan pollock by mid-century, but there is a silver lining for the fishing industry.Yereth Rosen
The Alaska Air Group subsidiary will phase out 15 of its Q400 turboprop planes, but it's not clear yet what that means for routes in Alaska.Annie Zak
An audit released Thursday shows that cruise ship passenger taxes in Alaska are sometimes spent improperly, or without proper documentation.Annie Zak

Tax day marks the 30th anniversary for that little cart that decided to go big, now known in a big way as Anchorage’s Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

Suzanna Caldwell