Microscopic bugs and mildew can destroy a marijuana operation faster than any police raid. And because the crop has been illegal for so long, neither growers nor scientists have any reliable research to help fight the infestations.Kristen Wyatt | Associated Press
In 2001, a remote-operated camera on the bottom of the Bering Sea captured ghostly images of the sunken Arctic Rose fishing vessel, including footage of a narrow, dark splotch along the hull. Could this be a clue to what led to the worst loss of life in the U.S. fishing industry in the past half-century?Hal Bernton | The Seattle Times
The Bering Straits Native Corp. is diving deeper into the question of enrolling descendants who weren't part of the original distribution of shares, while other corporations continue to hold off because of concerns over share dilution. Alex DeMarban
Painting is the most noticeable home improvement because it covers so much surface area. Paint can create a mood, denote a style, and give your home personality. However, the numerous decisions involved in painting can make this improvement feel intimidating.Clair Ramsey,Barbara Ramsey
ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. wants to expand the Kuparuk River unit and two participating areas within the unit to better incorporate several recent discoveries and developments.Eric Lidji | Petroleum News
Shell Oil’s two mobile drilling rigs will be secured over the proposed drilling grounds in the U.S. Arctic Ocean, using several massive anchors that are already in place. Alex DeMarban
Bristol Bay red salmon landings broke records on five days last week, bringing the total sockeye catch to nearly 28 million fish in an unusually late run.  The reds were still coming.Laine Welch
The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday supported a lower court’s decision to nullify the Save Our Salmon initiative that sought to stop the controversial Pebble mining prospect by limiting large-mine permitting in the Lake and Peninsula Borough.Alex DeMarban
Alaska's unemployment rate since 2013 has remained fairly stable and close to its 10-year average, the Alaska Department of Labor says.Associated Press

First customers are greeted by employees as they enter H&M for the clothing retailer's grand opening at noon on Thursday, July 16, 2015, at the Dimond Center in Anchorage. 

Erik Hill