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Anchorage officials said Friday the city is moving ahead with a troubled technology project after two recent reviews concluded the project was salvageable.Devin Kelly
Gov. Bill Walker filed a motion to dismiss his citizen's lawsuit challenging his predecessor’s settlement with ExxonMobil over development of a North Slope gas field, and he submitted legislation designed to ensure future settlements related to oil and gas are properly tailored.Alex DeMarban
The Obama administration has agreed to support a ConocoPhillips plan that would open the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska to oil and gas activity, allowing an eight-mile gravel road to be carved through a creek setback meant to protect a traditional Native hunting area.Alex DeMarban

Chanda and Randy Mines and their staff were busy filling Valentine's Day orders at Bagoy's Florist and Home in South Anchorage on Friday.

Erik Hill
Sanctions, low oil prices and the absence of new large projects are combining to take a bite out of Russian oil production, the OPEC report says. Trude Pettersen, Barents Observer
The Obama administration on Thursday took a major step toward validating the government's 2008 sale of Arctic drilling rights to Shell and other companies.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
The president and CEO of Alaska Aerospace Corp., which operates the Kodiak Launch Complex, said the state-owned corporation would like to become a private company.Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
Alaska activities support about 113,000 jobs and over $6.1 billion in earnings in the Puget Sound region, according to a new report by the McDowell Group. Yereth Rosen
Officials in the Canadian province of Alberta say they hope to talk to Alaska leaders about shipping tar-sands crude oil through the state as the Keystone XL pipeline route through the Lower 48 remains bogged down in politics. Alex DeMarban
A business owner who's long suffered at the hands of bullies has now had critical materials taken by a former employee who used them to start a competing business. Is fighting a lawsuit worth it if it dredges up all the old fears?Lynne Curry