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A rapid rise in health insurance rates on the individual market presents Alaska with a problem that can be solved if finger-pointing gives way to cooperation, a former state commissioner under Gov. Sean Parnell told a legislative committee Tuesday. Dermot Cole
Budget deficits are eating into Alaska's readily available savings, and there may not be much other than the Alaska Permanent Fund available when it comes time to make multibillion-dollar investments.Pat Forgey
The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce congressional candidates' debate offered Alaskans a chance to hear firsthand from current and hopeful members of the delegation about issues that affect the state's largest workforce.Laine Welch
A reader who leads the board of a nonprofit organization seeks advice about how to proceed after another board member reveals the group's executive director has been accused of domestic violence by more than one woman.Lynne Curry
At a forum Saturday in Anchorage, fiscal sages and scholars discussed ways that Alaska could avoid looming budgetary shortfalls, including cutting spending and potentially tapping into the sacrosanct Permanent Fund.Alex DeMarban
A ferry deal with Vigor Alaska is part of a broader Alaska effort to grow industries through subsidies -- including rockets in Kodiak and a film industry in Anchorage and elsewhere. But many of those efforts began before the state fell into deficit spending, and Alaska is now dipping into savings to continue those subsidies.Pat Forgey
As the technology industry continues to grow, the available skilled labor pool is having a hard time keeping up with demand. The shortage of trained tech workers is especially notable among women.Sean Doogan
The Kahiltna No. 2 exploratory well is planned on licensed state acreage in the Susitna basin, with drilling to proceed sometime in the next two winters.Wesley Loy
The oil companies and the state say they hope to avoid using the power of eminent domain to acquire hundreds of acres for a natural gas liquefaction plant. But the state has already signaled its support for the use of eminent domain if the project requires it.Dermot Cole
On the first Tuesday in October, analysts from the oil industry, state government and academia undertake the impossible task of accurately predicting Alaska oil prices. Dermot Cole