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Flow-testing results from the Alaska Center for Energy and Power indicate that Pilgrim Hot Springs near Nome is a viable source of geothermal power — at least on site.Francesca Fenzi | KNOM
In two separate but similar projects, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. has sanctioned a new drill site and is permitting an appraisal well at opposite ends of the Kuparuk River unit.Eric Lidji | Petroleum News
When an employee steals from a nonprofit, what responsibility does the board of directors bear? Lynne Curry answers this, plus a reader question about how to ask for a raise when your boss doesn't really understand your job.Lynne Curry
Alaska claimed the nation’s top three fishing ports for seafood catches last year, and wild salmon landings -- 95 percent from Alaska -- topped 1 billion pounds, an all-time record and a 70 percent increase from 2012.Laine Welch
In the Southeast Alaska town of Haines, a pair of powder-loving entrepreneurs hope to capitalize on location and community support to help their fledgling company grow into a sustainable local business.Sean Doogan
Furie’s efforts to bring a Kitchen Lights gas field into production, coupled with some tantalizing announcements of discovered gas resources, have caused speculation over how much gas the company may be able to bring on line.Alan Bailey
Residents of the North Slope village told the federal District Court in Alaska that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has failed to provide an adequate explanation of why it did not prepare a supplemental environmental impact statement when permitting a ConocoPhillips oil field development in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.Alan Bailey
After holding an auction on Monday, Australian independent Buccaneer Energy is asking a federal bankruptcy court in Texas to approve a sale to Houston-based AIX Energy LLC.Eric Lidji
The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management on Friday released a draft environmental study of oil development in the Chukchi Sea, completing one of the many legal steps required before drilling resumes in the remote Arctic area where Shell conducted a mishap-laden drilling program two years ago.Yereth Rosen
In October, the Pebble Limited Partnership filed its third lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this time seeking documents Pebble alleges were not turned over through prior Freedom of Information Act requests.