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A proposal intended to make final the land claims of an Native regional corporation in Southeast Alaska has been added to a federal defense authorization bill.Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
The Assembly's conditional protest sets the stage for a formal proceeding Jan. 27, centering on whether a new restaurant and lounge in the building previously occupied by the Platinum Jaxx nightclub should serve alcohol.Devin Kelly
At a hearing Tuesday addressing a royalty relief proposal for an up-and-coming North Slope oil field, supporters argued that the field belonging to independent oil company Caelus would boost lagging oil production in Alaska, while critics said it would do little in the short term to help with Alaska's growing budget deficit.Alex DeMarban
The liquor license for the Wild Alaskan, a Kodiak strip club operating on a remodeled crab boat, was revoked Monday. Owner Darren Byler blamed "morality police" for the decision and said he would appeal it.Laurel Andrews
Fisheries meeting roundup; ocean users guide; and a look at some of the most interesting scientific discoveries from the sea, from blood-clotting crab carbohydrates to sponge-driven telecommunications to fart-fighting fish feed.Laine Welch
How do you talk your manager out of throwing a holiday party no one wants to attend? Give your boss the facts and offer an alternative. Lynne Curry
Alaskans are buying up marjiuana-related business names left and right. Three trade shows are already in the works. Cannabis associations are popping up. Entrepreneurs are gearing up for the green rush, as they anxiously wait for the state to begin crafting regulations.Laurel Andrews
Having purchased a large slice of BP’s interests in four BP northern Alaska oil fields, Hilcorp Alaska is going to file a new proposed plan of the development for the Liberty field, offshore in the Beaufort Sea.Alan Bailey
Beginning Jan.1, handymen and small construction contractors will be required to register with the state and secure a bond for all jobs. The change comes after the passage earlier this year of SB 193, which sets the new rules in place.Sean Doogan
It is hoped that the Village Safe Water Program will eventually help eliminate dirty sewage lagoons, centralized water transmission lines, and honey buckets -- the 5-gallon buckets still used as toilets by many in the state.Sean Doogan