Sean Beals, 39, was working from the gold-mining dredge Argo when a crew member monitoring his dive saw him floating face down in the water.Tegan Hanlon
A strike that began Monday has become more contentious through the week as the Southcentral Alaska gas utility responds to union claims that Enstar has shirked responsibilities and engaged in unfair labor practices.Sean Doogan
Two big unions on Wednesday announced their support for repeal of the oil tax cut in next week's referendum, signaling a split in the Alaska labor movement on the issue after four other major unions joined the coalition opposing repeal in June.Richard Mauer
In an effort to address customer concerns about price fluctuations, the Southcentral Alaska natural gas utility has requested regulatory approval to adjust gas costs annually rather than every three months.Sean Doogan
A 51-year-old logger from Washington state died Tuesday near Ketchikan when he was pinned by an uprooted tree, said Alaska State Troopers.Alaska Dispatch News
 Despite a looming deadline, the only decision the Mat-Su Borough Assembly made Tuesday on a federal demand to return more than $12 million for a never-used ferry was to make a decision later.Zaz Hollander
Former Gov. Sarah Palin has sprung back into Alaska politics after a long hiatus, weighing in on her landmark oil-tax legislation that voters will soon consider reinstating while jabbing at her replacement, Gov. Sean Parnell, and the lawmakers she says let “Big Oil” regain control of the political process.   Alex DeMarban
Complaints against a new military contractor tasked with shipping U.S. service members' vehicles to Alaska and overseas have continued to surface, prompting Alaska congressional involvement on Tuesday.Laurel Andrews
It might be a stretch to say the debate Tuesday night at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub made oil taxes sexy, but at least the popular Anchorage venue attracted a sell-out crowd and prompted a back-and-forth that was, well, more fluid than some of the past debates on the topic.Alex DeMarban
The fight over the proposed Pebble mine came to the Egan Center on Tuesday at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s public hearing before a crowd of hundreds, some holding salmon cutouts or wearing anti-Pebble stickers and others with red stop signs saying “Hands off Alaska.”Lisa Demer