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My boss gave me a performance appraisal yesterday. He told me that while I produce great bottom-line results, I need to work in a more structured manner by documenting everything in Excel spreadsheets. He also said if I want clients to take me seriously I need to dress in suits rather than in my more casual sweaters and slacks.Lynne Curry
New safety regulations for fishing vessels are on the horizon, and fishermen need to 1) pay attention, and 2) participate in developing the rules.Laine Welch
We've gotten numerous inquires lately about whether aspects of the new tax laws Congress passed last year create a substantial tax penalty on the sale of primary residences. Do they create a disincentive to home ownership?Barbara,Clair Ramsey
Last Monday, one of our employees called and said he'd been arrested but couldn't tell us anything more because his lawyer said he shouldn't talk about the situation. We placed an ad for a replacement employee.Lynne Curry
I work for a nosy boss. She'll ask questions like "How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?" Those issues are none of her business, but I don't want to tell her that, so I just reply "I didn't make any."Lynne Curry
Americans have a chance to help shape the way in which aquaculture projects occur in their regions as federal agencies move toward growing the industry across the nation. Laine Welch
The announcement last week by Conoco Phillips and Marathon Oil that they will close the Kenai natural gas liquefaction plant is another rude reminder of how fragile our petroleum economy has become.Tim Bradner
When Webb Chevrolet general manager Jerry Roberts asked salesman John Stone to take off his Green Bay Packers tie, Stone initially thought Roberts was joking.Lynne Curry
The green property-assessment cards have just arrived in the mail, showing the Municipality of Anchorage assessed value of your property. You have until Feb. 14 to appeal if you think the assessment is wrong.Chris Stephens
Friction erupted in our company last week between a female employee we just hired, "Wendy," who is very forward and social, and a long-term male employee, "Jason," who's a good guy but kind of a loner.Lynne Curry