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My wife's employer has a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation and retaliation. The policy was put into place when state regulators became concerned that an environment in which employees were afraid to report safety violations would create a danger for the health of the industry as well as the well-being of the public.Lynne Curry
The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a jolting reminder of how unexpected accidents and events can radically affect us. Alaskans should be acutely sensitive to this, given our own experiences with a tanker accident in 1989 and an earthquake in 1964.Tim Bradner
The story of wild Yukon River salmon claimed top honors last week from the James Beard Foundation at a celebrity-studded gala in New York City. Founded in 1986, the foundation celebrates and nurtures America's culinary heritage and diversity.Laine Welch
Several months ago, we hired an employee with seemingly tremendous talent. At the time we wondered if it would work, as he'd been a business owner in an allied field but his business had failed.Lynne Curry
Anchorage is a comparatively young city that has experienced a lot of new construction over the past 10 years. It has been interesting for me to see how this development has improved the city and demonstrated the concept of "Highest and Best Use."Chris Stephens
Our accounts payable clerk, "Sandy," has worked here for a year. She did a good job but not a great job during her first six months. Then her work started to slip. One of Sandy's co-workers confidentially told me Sandy was going through a really bad time with her kids and ex-husband, and I cut Sandy some slack.Lynne Curry
A ready workforce is standing by for jobs on Alaska fishing boats and processing plants. Since 1998 the Alaska Fishing Jobs Center has been connecting skippers and seafood companies with crews eager to go to work.Laine Welch
We hired "Angela" four months ago. We all liked her and still do, but she isn't performing as we'd hope. Unfortunately, we're now past the probationary period and we've just found that she's disabled. We're afraid of a problem if we fire her without a lot of documentation about her problems, which we don't have.Lynne Curry
In the real estate industry, new terms are coined as the need arises. On a recent trip to the Lower 48, we were in an area with a high foreclosure rate, and we heard an interesting new phrase -- "house arrest." This means that you owe more than your home is worth (so your house is considered "underwater"), but you can still afford to make your mortgage payment.Barbara,Clair Ramsey
My supervisor has treated me like dirt for the last month and I don't know why. Until then I thought she was the best supervisor I'd ever had in my life.Lynne Curry