OPINION: It's good that Frank Ameduri's letter to his legislative employers became public, because Alaskans and politicians of all parties need to heed his message.

Mike Dingman
The nation's largest public employee retirement system has just cut its predictions of how much it expects to earn on its investments to 6.5 percent, which raises a yellow caution flag for Alaska, which still has expectations of 8 percent returns. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Educational support materials from industry groups like the Alaska Oil and Gas Association must be kept clearly separate from any political activity or advocacy. Alaska students deserve nothing less.Bob Williams
OPINION: We should no longer cower in fear at the “power” of the NRA, or anyone else who would misinterpret the Constitution in a way that gives military weapons to unstable people.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Planning for a sustainable fiscal future during tough times requires hard choices, but we have opportunities now to take steps to mitigate the consequences. Maintaining a healthy and vibrant CDQ program will improve Alaska's options.Richard Jung
OPINION: Vague conclusions, uncertain accountability are poor responses to deadly attack on Doctors Without Borders hospital.John Havelock
OPINION: Alaskans mark World AIDS Day with the knowledge and hope of progress in treatment -- and the continuing need to protect ourselves from high-risk sex and substance abuse.Dr. Jay Butler
Opinion: Joseph Murphy helped many people before he died while in protective custody in a Juneau jail cell, where help was denied when he needed it most. Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Challenge in building a sustainable budget for Alaska demands a spirit of cooperation and a fundamental agreement that doing nothing is not an option.Randy Hoffbeck,Scott Goldsmith
OPINION: Bill Walker has brought fresh air to the governor's office but his environmental record is hard to distinguish from Parnell's.Rick Steiner