OPINION: Medicaid expansion will do the most good for the most Alaskans, and the Salvation Army knows this first-hand.

Maj. George Baker
OPINION: The US Congress is making Americans look foolish on the international stage and has damaged American claims to global leadership.John Havelock
OPINION: It's up to the Alaska Senate to abide by the will of the people and pass legislation to ensure that Alaska's marijuana laws work. Dr. Tim Hinterberger,Bruce Schulte
OPINION: Alaskans didn't just vote for legal marijuana, they also voted for Alaska's government to get to work implementing a sound regulatory system.Tim Kacillas
OPINION: If lawmakers kill Alaska's film industry tax credit program, they'll kill a homegrown industry-in-progress of high-quality work.Mary Katzke
OPINION: Alaska must make sure that spirit of Arctic cooperation applies to domestic as well as international relations.Nils Andreassen
OPINION: Robert Ruffner makes his case as a fish board nominee, with pride in his years of "fish-first" service.Robert Ruffner
OPINION: Alaska's teachers are worth their salt, and our students are going nowhere without them. Let's not limit their opportunities.Denny Wallace
OPINION: The draft Arctic-specific oil exploration regulations announced in February by the Interior Department are an excellent first step to ensure that crews are Arctic-ready when they work in the Chukchi or Beaufort seas.Marilyn Heiman
OPINION: Politically and ideologically motivated attacks on Planned Parenthood through SB 89 and HB 192 endanger our youth and their access to education, resources, and healthy choices.Melissa Engel