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OPINION: History shows that Alaska's leaders of old understood the value of a university.

Brian Rogers
OPINION: The drug war has failed, and many addicts are not criminals, so let's do something different. Mike Dingman
OPINION: How can UAA slash our school’s only child care service at the same time it's planning to build the world’s most kick-ass hockey locker room?Don Rearden,E.J.R. David
OPINION: Boris Nemtsov wanted to take Russia into a democratic modern age and was a fearless critic of Vladmir Putin; his loss is felt beyond Russia's borders.David Ramseur
OPINION: Israeli Premier Netanyahu has built an unprecedented alliance with Republican hawks trying to overthrow Obama administration policy, but it may well backfire in Israel’s election, and it won't change US policy.John Havelock
OPINION: Chenault and Hawker's gas line bill puts other interests before Alaska's.Merrick Peirce
OPINION: Tanaina Child Development does much to help UAA students succeed, so why is the university kicking it out?Trina Musliu
OPINION: To cut education funding now is a fool's savings. Alaskans should know better.Dr. James Johnsen
OPINION: Over the years I have observed fewer and fewer kids playing outdoors in Anchorage and outlying areas. And that bodes poorly for the future.Frank E. Baker
OPINION: Regardless of what policy a national administration prefers in our state, Alaskans shouldn't accept its encroachment on our right to self-government just because those in Washington, D.C., prefer policies we support.Dr. Forrest A. Nabors