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OPINION: It's irrational to continue wasting money and time prosecuting adults for using a substance less harmful to them than either alcohol or tobacco.

Dr. Tim Hinterberger
OPINION: In my 40 years in Anchorage, there has never been a municipal ballot proposition as worthy of a no vote as this year's Prop. 1.Joseph W. Albrecht
OPINION: Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan argues that voters should keep AO 37 because it corrects a big mistake made by the previous administration and Assembly.Dan A. Sullivan
OPINION: Approving the initiative to legalize marijuana risks an environment I don't want my kids to encounter.Rosey Fletcher-Grunwaldt
OPINION: Sen. Berta Gardner invites Drue Pearce to put aside partisan attacks and join the vast number of successful women who work for Alaska's future even if it doesn't score them political points.Berta Gardner
OPINION: Kevin Clarkson, and other defenders of Gov. Parnell, are missing the big picture. Parnell's actions do not pass a "reasonable governor" test.Keith Muschinske
OPINION: It is unfortunate that Gov. Parnell continues to decline Bill Walker’s invitation for a one-hour statewide live TV debate on natural gas projects. Rather, it seems he prefers to rely on state employees to do his campaigning on this critical project.Craig Richards
OPINION: Confronting conflict with frankness and honesty isn’t a mundane chore for my dad -- it's in his very nature.Rachel Parnell
LETTERS: Readers hold forth on hot topics, including local judges, Don Young and the neverending saga of Uber, as the election approaches.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: It's time to put education ahead of questionable multi-hundred-million and multi-billion-dollar pet projects.Les Gara