The basic science of climate change is surprisingly easy to understand. We can argue about a lot of related issues, but agreeing on core facts would help everyone.

Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: A vital key to prosperity and all the other elements of a rich life in Alaska can be found in our public school classrooms. Gov. Bill Walker,Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott
OPINION: This has got to be the worst time in Alaska history to be in the legislative majority, especially one that seems single-minded in its desire to cut education, give corporations a free ride and cap Alaskans' dividend.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Military conscription of American men is bad enough; conscription of women would take us beyond the pale.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Just about everyone involved in Alaska fishing took their lumps last year. So let's take a deep breath -- and take some of the contention out of sharing this bounty.Karl Johnstone
OPINION: The Donlin Gold project will provide good, long-term jobs for locals - and help the people of the Calista region maintain subsistence lifestyles.Andrew Guy
If you are a politician, misdirection is as familiar as the Pledge of Allegiance. Get people to waste their energy fighting over imaginary problems and they will be distracted from real budget questions about services and taxes.  Dermot Cole
OPINION: If Alaska's lawmakers won't act on the Permanent Fund dividend and reinstating an income tax, maybe they can let Alaska's people do the job.John Havelock
Senate President Kevin Meyer says the consistent message from Alaskans is to make government the right size. But what does that mean? “That number, we don’t know," he said.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Alaska Dispatch News dropped the ball when it profiled a UAA basketball player and focused on her hair, not her accomplishments as a student athlete.Katina Ozrelic