The price of gasoline in Alaska is set by whatever the market will bear, not by the government. For the moment, the Fairbanks market is bearing about 60 cents per gallon more than Anchorage.

Dermot Cole
OPINION: Alaska's Inupiat live on front line of both Arctic oil and gas development and climate change impacts; their voices must be heard and reckoned with.Layla Hughes
OPINION: NRA's bullies remain strangers to reason, and the Vatican speaks softly but sticks to its guns.Elise Patkotak
About 40 people attended the opening of what is expected to be a month-long hearing in which four men convicted of a 1997 murder will argue that they should be declared innocent and set free.Dermot Cole
OPINION: We can save lives and money if we help the victims of childhood sexual abuse heal and recover - otherwise we'll perpetuate a cycle of misery.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: Forget-Me-Not 's work for homeless shows us that one person can become an agent for change -- and can inspire a community to do more than pass by and ignore those who may need help.E.J.R. David,Ali Marvin
OPINION: Anchorage's anti-discrimination ordinance will not do anything for the LGBT community that has not already been done for women, African-Americans and other races or groups that faced discrimination, including Christians, the elderly and the disabled.William Culper
OPINION: Determination to build a road from King Cove to Cold Bay smacks of more than medical reasons.Bill Cox
OPINION: Gov. Walker seems determined to undo the progress made so far on moving Alaska's gas to market.Rep. Mike Chenault
OPINION: If we allow the destruction of an Alaska salmon stream so an outside outfit can ship coal to China, we've lost it. Shannyn Moore