OPINION: Alaskans are delighted to provide the Capitol Christmas Tree, and would be even more delighted if we had access to our lands and resources to provide for ourselves and the nation's economy.

Sen. Cathy Giessel
OPINION: Fossil fuels have long made sense and contributed to a higher standard of living, but now it's time to adapt and live on cleaner energy.Bob Shavelson
OPINION: Slamming the door on refugees is an act unworthy of a great and good nation. Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Climate change campaigners often vilify fossil fuels, but they are the energy that powers most of what we do.Alex Epstein
OPINION: ISIS' threat demands that we put security of Americans before needs of Syrian refugees. Pictured: Abdelhamid Abaaoud, ringleader of the Paris terrorist attacks. Abaaoud was killed last week in a Paris suburb during a raid by French special forces. Sen. Mike Dunleavy
OPINION: Far right claims to battle Islamic extremism but marches to the same drummer that sets the pace for ISIS. John Havelock
OPINION: As we move into the holiday season surrounded by family, friends and food, perhaps we could take a minute to consider those who do not have access to the same food options, especially children.Annie Laweryson
OPINION: There are ways to make mortgage financing available in Alaska villages, and that can improve the quality of housing and the quality of life.Jim Nordlund
OPINION: Don't let bigotry, hysteria and fear turn America into a gated community. Let's remember the lady with the lamp.Libby Bakalar
OPINION:  America, founded on the religious liberty that we love and hold so dear, is under attack. Not from those who may immigrate but by some of our own. Republican fear-mongering over Syrian refugees is so cynical and compassionless that it should shame every American.Shannyn Moore