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OPINION: Alaska sets a poor precedent by allowing a blatant abuse of halibut stocks and the people who depend on them.

David Bayes
OPINION: All of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place to protect, not a place to drill for oil.Darby Stanchfield
OPINION: Bill to change Judicial Council aims to restore balance and public control, not impose religious views.Sen. Pete Kelly
OPINION: Don’t let politicians make decisions about cannabis legalization and control based on uninformed opinions and outdated fears. Don’t let our gains be lost.Cole Hollister
OPINION: While Alaska could use more budget restraint, Gov. Walker is moving in the right direction. But people with vested interests in maintaining higher state spending oppose the effort.Brad Keithley
OPINION: Alaska saw a huge expansion in oil exploration opportunity on federal land over the last six years because we had a Democratic senator who used his clout to obtain concessions from the Obama administration. Now we've got three Republicans chasing headlines.Rocky Plotnick
OPINION: Alaska's at a fiscal crossroads. We have a chance to implement a plan that will stabilize state finances, but deficit spending means it's slipping away.Ray Metcalfe
OPINION: By not shopping at AC stores on Jan. 31, Alaskans will send a message against unacceptably high food prices in the Arctic, and will stand in solidarity with families across the region who may not be able to afford food.Timothy Aqukkasuk Argetsinger
OPINION: Mayoral candidate Dan Coffey's record on recent labor law battle raises questions about his leadership.Mike Dingman
Now that snow has arrived, outdoors enthusiasts can enjoy snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and dog mushing.