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OPINION: Federal rule to hold tuition down at private tech and vocational schools will diminish opportunities for students. 

Dick Harrell
OPINION: Raising the federal minimum wage would make a difference in the lives of 28 million people, including every single Alaska resident.Thomas E. Perez
OPINION: A new study indicates that overuse of antibiotics is degrading our overall health. The best solution may not be trying to replace what we have sanitized out of us but rather to try not to mess so much with our bodies and diets in the first place.Carey Restino
OPINION: Alaska's two major-party candidates for U.S. Senate have very different records when it comes to issues close to Alaska Native voters.Heather Kendall-Miller,Lloyd Miller
OPINION: Innocent Alaskans suffer by Parnell's veto of a bill to make some court records confidential.Sen. Fred Dyson
OPINION: Millennials must resist the temptation to drop out of the political system, because we must fight for the things we care about.Forrest Dunbar
OPINION: The “People’s Pledge” would permit incumbent Sen. Mark Begich and Republican candidate Dan Sullivan to push the super PACs and their hidden donors out of Alaska.Dale Eisman
OPINION: Dan Sullivan’s positions on women's health issues are dangerous and out of touch with Alaska women and families.Jessica Cler,Dawn Laguens
OPINION: Alaska State Troopers report they cannot say who they believe perished in the Tonsina Creek drainage near Seward because of Department of Public Safety policies. Consequently, the man's name may never be known.Craig Medred
OPINION: Fish and Game is wrong to abandon stewardship of Round Island walrus haven. Bill Sherwonit