OPINION: Recent events in Flint, Michigan, bring to mind the importance of access to safe and reliable drinking water for everyone, whenever and wherever it is needed.

J. Brett Jokela
OPINION: Alaska could free up billions to fix its fiscal house by consolidating its four independent state lending agencies.Jim Crawford
OPINION: In ways subtle and obvious, Super Bowl Sunday celebrates the corporate model of American life, for which football is the most representative sport.Alan Boraas
OPINION: The Alaska Measurable Progress tests and reporting could use some tweaking and improvement, but not a complete overhaul, let alone a total replacement.Natasha Von Imhof
OPINION: Anchorage needs a more diverse police force -- and that does not mean diminished standards. Mike Dingman
If we put excessive faith in the hope that things will be better tomorrow, we will be less prepared to handle reality if that is not the case. I think it is better to take reasonable steps now and drop the fantasy that no one has to give up anything.Dermot Cole
During Alaska’s latest phase of big oil money, dubious capital projects cropped up like mushrooms after a rain. Even in a fiscal crisis, the spending continues. Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Alaska's history includes a fierce battle over income taxes that territorial Gov. Ernest Gruening eventually won -- after voters cleaned house.Patrick Race
OPINION: Beacon Hill program is at work helping to keep Alaska's children safe while keeping families together -- and we can all help.Donna Walker,Charity Carmody
OPINION: The group Alaska's Future wants to use earnings of the Permanent Fund to shield against taxes for the well-off. They should be calling for tough cuts and a progressive income tax.John Havelock