OPINION: Ethan Berkowitz has the knowledge and skill to lead Anchorage.

Jane Angvik
OPINION: Study the facts, and it's clear Alaska stands to gain by Medicaid expansion. Bob Williams
OPINION: Uprooting poor, disproportionately Alaska Native citizens from their homes and sending them out of state for “aversion therapy” is a paternalistic approach that will almost certainly will not have the intended effect.Brian Yablon, MD
OPINION: Let’s hope the Arctic Council chairmanship provides the venue for the United States to finally deal with Arctic issues that are bigger than politics.Carey Restino
OPINION: Keep the heat on our wayward Republican lawmakers, because reason just won't suffice with these folks.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: At current oil prices, there's little profit left for Alaska to tax.Roger Marks
OPINION: Although older Alaskans may deserve the government we voted for, it looks like the younger ones won’t get the education they deserve.Mike Bronson
OPINION: Scott Walker's foes in Wisconsin use old law to violate fundamental American rights in attempt to silence opposition.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Alaskans forgot a timeless lesson of that dismal science, economics: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.Clem Tillion
OPINION: Scholar of American democracy grew up with a faith in participation that may well have grown in his Southeast Alaska boyhood.Michael Carey