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OPINION: Widespread ignorance of science is allowing extremists to hijack political discussions that get more necessary with each increase in atmospheric greenhouse gasses.

Bryan Box
OPINION: Abandon words of war, for ANWR is a cradle of life for the Gwich'in people.Princess Daazhraii Johnson
OPINION: Alaska has fulfilled its promise to develop our resources and provide for our own needs. The federal government should uphold its promise not to further hamper our economic viability.Gov. Bill Walker
OPINION: Corporate marijuana industry is a bad business. Let co-ops and clubs provide taxed and tested pot at a reasonable price.Dean Guaneli
OPINION: You want a long-shot bet? What are the chances Kodiak family members who didn't even know they were family would find out over a Super Bowl pool in a Cordova bar last year?  Anjuli Grantham
OPINION: Public needs to see whole picture of halibut's decline and what's being done about it.Chris Woodley
OPINION: Greenland's dreams of big money from oil have, so far, been dashed by economic realities, but there is potential for growth in sales of another precious liquid -- water -- as long as sources remain pure and unpolluted.Mia Bennett
OPINION: Alaska sets a poor precedent by allowing a blatant abuse of halibut stocks and the people who depend on them.David Bayes
OPINION: All of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place to protect, not a place to drill for oil.Darby Stanchfield
OPINION: Bill to change Judicial Council aims to restore balance and public control, not impose religious views.Sen. Pete Kelly