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OPINION: Assembly member Dick Traini is talking about new Anchorage taxes, and he may not need a supermajority to pass them.

Mike Dingman
OPINION: The Gulf of Alaska is too rich an ecosystem to be the site of live-fire Navy training. Practice sessions need to be moved farther out to sea.Rick Steiner
OPINION: Mark Begich's time in the Senate has been much more "Alaskan" than Dan Sullivan's would be. Begich represents Alaskans, not the Outside interests of people like the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.Kimberly Metcalfe
OPINION: There are good conservative reasons for supporting Proposition 2 — cost, consistency, federalism, and learning the lessons of history, which teach that complete prohibition is the wrong way to approach marijuana.Richard Brookhiser
OPINION: Incumbent Gov. Sean Parnell argues that statements by his opponent independent Bill Walker threaten Alaska's progress toward a long-awaited natural gas project.Sean Parnell
OPINION: Despite what some commentators have said in the aftermath of Ray Rice's ejection from the NFL, women have plenty of cause to be angry about violence toward them -- especially in Alaska.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Gov. Parnell should not have acceded state's authority on National Guard members' complaints of sexual assault.Larry Wood
OPINION: St. George can catch the wind, get more out of diesel to cut energy costs and create opportunity.Patrick Pletnikoff
OPINION: If Sen. Mark Begich represents Alaskans as much as he wants voters to think, maybe he should show up to important Senate votes more often.Steve Perrins
OPINION: In this instance, feds are not just exacerbating the issues between federally qualified hunters and non-qualified hunters in Alaska, but also between qualified federal hunters who are in the know and those that are not. This isn’t a good way to make friends in the community.John Schandelmeier