OPINION: Climate change campaigners often vilify fossil fuels, but they are the energy that powers most of what we do.

Alex Epstein
OPINION: ISIS' threat demands that we put security of Americans before needs of Syrian refugees. Pictured: Abdelhamid Abaaoud, ringleader of the Paris terrorist attacks. Abaaoud was killed last week in a Paris suburb during a raid by French special forces. Sen. Mike Dunleavy
OPINION: Far right claims to battle Islamic extremism but marches to the same drummer that sets the pace for ISIS. John Havelock
OPINION: As we move into the holiday season surrounded by family, friends and food, perhaps we could take a minute to consider those who do not have access to the same food options, especially children.Annie Laweryson
OPINION: There are ways to make mortgage financing available in Alaska villages, and that can improve the quality of housing and the quality of life.Jim Nordlund
OPINION: Don't let bigotry, hysteria and fear turn America into a gated community. Let's remember the lady with the lamp.Libby Bakalar
OPINION:  America, founded on the religious liberty that we love and hold so dear, is under attack. Not from those who may immigrate but by some of our own. Republican fear-mongering over Syrian refugees is so cynical and compassionless that it should shame every American.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Americans already have sacrificed freedoms to the war on terror, and this war is far from over.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Any chance that terrorists could enter this country by posing as refugees is unacceptable.Peter Goldberg
OPINION: Alaskans must keep regular, independent oversight of its police and correctional officers, and we must give our public safety professionals enough resources to do their jobs well.Carey Restino