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OPINION: Chuitna coal project is an idea about as un-Alaskan as it gets. Herbert Hunt needs to hear "no."

Judy Heilman
OPINION: What's good for Prince William Sound is good for Cook Inlet - powerful tugs needed to keep tanker traffic safe.Frank Mullen
OPINION: Ferguson is far from Alaska, but racism lives here. We should face that fact.E.J.R. David
OPINION: Walker's transition conference is a sign that Alaska's best and brightest from across the state will contribute to meet the tough challenges ahead.Mike Dingman
OPINION: People of Bristol Bay have abundant reason to give thanks, and don't intend to let Pebble to lessen that abundance.Jason Metrokin,Ralph Andersen
OPINION: Cosby scandal is a tale of power and abuse all too familiar in Alaska; when you gather at the feast on Thursday, remember the victims. Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Anchorage School District's $22 million in projected savings should go to prevent layoffs. Ed Graff
OPINION: Railbelt has potential solutions, but no guarantees for long-term energy supply.  Jan Konigsberg
OPINION: School board president says the reason for district's $22 million savings is no reason to cheer, for we're losing experienced teachers.Eric Croft
OPINION: Alaskans in our unorganized borough pay a high price for the absence of effective local government.John Havelock