Hundreds of pounds of explosives detonated on the Tanana River near Delta Junction will kill fish, but the blasts may help save a house from being washed away.


Dermot Cole
OPINION: Taj MaHawker is no place for Alaska's public servants; they'll have to rough it in the Atwood Building.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Alaska’s fiscal realities would be easier to navigate if lawmakers would apply Occam's Razor, a time-honored principle of sound reasoning.Holly A. Bell
OPINION: Alaska Legislature should re-examine a state code that hinders small businesspeople from seeking office and serving Alaska.David Jensen
OPINION: Alaska can't afford oil tax credits, and industry can't pay more on barrels selling at negative net. Roger Marks
Mike Hanley lost Alaska’s top education job for the same reason that makes sustained school improvement difficult: political interference.Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Whether the Taj MaHawker lawsuit goes forward or not, Alaskans should demand the Legislature pass two laws to address the rampant corruption and government lawlessness. Jim Gottstein
OPINION: Forest Service plans for Prince William Sound endanger what makes the Sound a treasure.Kate McLaughlin,Dean Rand
OPINION: Don't try to cover Alaska's budget deficit in one legislative session. Use Permanent Fund earnings to narrow the gap, then do the job right. Paul Jenkins
OPINION: What is Alaska spending money on that could be better used elsewhere? Shannyn Moore