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OPINION: In looking at the marijuana initiative, don't fall for fear-mongering -- and don't forget those addicted to harder drugs.

Mike Dingman
OPINION: Ask your Alaska lawmakers and candidates to pledge their support for individual liberties for individuals, not corporations. Gershon Cohen
OPINION: Syrians caught between a brutal dictator and brutal zealots need American help.Radwan Ziadeh
OPINION: Alaskans deserve better than the Affordable Care Act.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
OPINION: For four years, Gov. Sean Parnell failed to recognize the magnitude of the problems in the National Guard. The governor passed up many opportunities to take charge and provide remedies, and I won't be voting for him.Dan Kendall
OPINION: Bill Walker should think twice before attacking dedicated public servants who worked selflessly to bring resolution to one of the state's biggest oil and gas disputes.Jonathan Katchen
OPINION: A recent opinion from Assembly member Elvi Gray-Jackson criticizing the fiscal leadership of Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan left out key points of context.Chris Birch
OPINION: Based on its recent actions in pursuit of political partisanship, I believe the Alaska Judicial Council is no longer a credible body.John Harmon
OPINION: The Alaska Peace Officers Association stands against the legalization of marijuana and urges voters to be informed.Brad Johnson
OPINION: Alaska must innovate in future energy projects, not turn to the relic ideas of a bygone century. If Susitna-Watana Hydro Project is completed, the landscape and watershed won't be the only things permanently changed. Alaskan attitudes themselves will be altered.Chandra Brown