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OPINION: Put away the party hats, Alaska, for weed remains wicked in the eyes of Uncle Sam.

Kevin Coe
OPINION: Assistant public defender made his points, but missed those of a former prosecutor hobbled by letters length.Val Van Brocklin
OPINION: Medicaid expansion will deliver care to more Alaskans, save state money and create jobs. Let's not hesitate.Rep. Les Gara
OPINION: Debt is the common financial state for most Alaskans, but the way to prosperity starts with savings.Larry Snider,Maureen Haggblom
OPINION: Alaska can work with allies in other Western states to win more control over lands held in trust for us by Uncle Sam.Mead Treadwell
OPINION: Sen. Pete Kelly, activist Jim Minnery fail to disclose their real reasons for backing change in Alaska's judicial system.Barbara McDaniel
OPINION: Much to celebrate about Anchorage, but we need to stem the tide of violence.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Counsel on both sides of criminal trial cases do what they can for their clients; as for the truth, that's up to the judge and jury. Darrel J. Gardner
OPINION: Many Alaskans don't see the violence here, and that's part of the problem.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Closed-door AFN meetings in Kotzebue muted dissenting voices over ANWR wilderness.Julian Roberts