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OPINION: The proposed Pebble mine is a comedic farce, but serious groundwork is being laid to squeeze cash out of the proposal one way or another.

Bruce Switzer
OPINION: Anchorage residents can help keep Anchorage safe by repealing AO 37 and keeping our city's well-trained safety forces intact.Walt Monegan,Craig Goodrich
OPINION: What federal prosecutors did to Sen. Ted Stevens they could do to any of us until we change the law.Rob Cary
OPINION: Polls about war don’t really reflect or measure public opinion. They encourage and cement opinion in favor of one thing: war.Erin Niemela
OPINION: Recent annual state budget deficits and debates over oil taxes have drawn attention to an important challenge facing Alaska: How to balance falling oil revenues with growing demands and obligations for state spending.Gunnar Knapp,Cliff Groh
OPINION: In looking at the marijuana initiative, don't fall for fear-mongering -- and don't forget those addicted to harder drugs.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Ask your Alaska lawmakers and candidates to pledge their support for individual liberties for individuals, not corporations. Gershon Cohen
OPINION: Syrians caught between a brutal dictator and brutal zealots need American help.Radwan Ziadeh
OPINION: Alaskans deserve better than the Affordable Care Act.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
OPINION: For four years, Gov. Sean Parnell failed to recognize the magnitude of the problems in the National Guard. The governor passed up many opportunities to take charge and provide remedies, and I won't be voting for him.Dan Kendall