OPINION: In a commentary exclusive to Alaska Dispatch News, President Barack Obama argues that the experiences of Alaskans should underscore the urgency that Americans lead the world on climate change and clean energy technology.

President Barack Obama
OPINION: Alaska, both above and below the Arctic Circle, has much to offer if Alaskans are free to make the most of our resources.Mead Treadwell
OPINION: The battle over allowing Alaska Native-owned lands to be placed into federal trust will have long reach, but it got little media attention during President Obama's visit.Mark Trahant
OPINION: The neglect thesis has faded since most Alaskans have become aware that the federal contribution to the state is large and has been for some time. But now there’s a new nuance: the Arctic.Steve Haycox
The dominant political message in Alaska may be about economics, but Obama consistently focused primarily on the environment during his trip, frustrating some politicians but bringing crucial truths into the public eye.Dermot Cole
OPINION: For Alaskans who love snow, there's no time to lose in responding to climate change.Kikkan Randall
OPINION: There are risks to oil and gas exploration in the Arctic Ocean, but the benefits to Alaska are worth the chance.Paul Fuhs
OPINION: Alaska's legislative GOP leaders should drop long-shot lawsuit and get back to the business of the state's budget.John Havelock
OPINION: In Craig, climate change is a topic of conversation on the docks.Patrick Marshall
OPINION: Alaska can prosper and pay its own way only if Alaskans can responsibly develop the state's resources.Anne Seneca,Rebecca Logan