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OPINION: Our democracy faces two powerful enemies -- big money and ignorance -- but there are solutions available in Alaska.

John Havelock
OPINION: Those who stir up hatred of police after grand juries refused to indict white officers in the deaths of black suspects understand neither justice nor the nation they are blessed to call home.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: In crafting the upcoming state budget as oil prices continue to sag, it may be useful to factor in the role of state spending in the economy.Roger Marks
OPINION: Pebble Partnership, its lawyers and their supporters, including some elected leaders, play a high risk game with Bristol Bay's salmon and jobs, which are not theirs to gamble.Joe Faith
OPINION: A break on oil royalties -- with conditions -- for the North Slope's smaller developers is a smart concession that promises to pay off for Alaska.Rebecca Logan
OPINION: Racism comes naturally to human beings. What's harder to see is the fundamental truth of what we have in common.Warren Metzger
OPINION: Attitudes have changed around people with special needs, and that's all to the good, but some stereotypes linger.Angelina Fraize
OPINION: Alaskans have no good reason to subsidize the dead-end partisanship of political parties; let's go for preferential voting.Pam Brodie
OPINION: Reading the sad story of the sinking of the Oryong 501, I am reminded again of how little the working conditions have changed aboard the Oryong 501s of the world.Capt. Pete Garay
That first winter I could put my hand up to a poorly sealed door and feel the draft of cold air surging in. It seemed like some sort of osmotic pressure of the great limitless cold of an Arctic night bearing down on me and my little cabin. My tiny space of wonderful warmth constantly under threat. Patrick Green