OPINION: Disagree with the president about his deal with Iran over its nuclear program, but don't forget that the costs of war aren't equally distributed.

Bryan Box
OPINION: Heroin is killing Alaskans at alarming rates, and unless we do something, the problem will only get worse. One proven tool is wider access to the lifesaving drug Narcan.Sen. Johnny Ellis
OPINION: In a time when all Alaskans must suck it up and face a reinstatement of an income tax, it is also a time to do a thorough review of the appropriate tax structure for oil and gas.John Havelock
OPINION: Oil spill cleanup technology is little better now that it was when the Exxon Valdez hit Blight Reef - and that's reason enough to stay out of the Arctic.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: UAF chancellor's decision to remove Mississippi flag flies in the face of what a university should stand for.Paul Jenkins
Some experts said to go before or after low tide. Others said go before or after high tide. The best advice came from a guy who must have studied at the feet of Yogi Berra. He said it’s best to go whenever the fish are running.Dermot Cole
OPINION: There are many reasons not to expand Medicaid in Alaska, but let’s just talk about the most obvious ones.Sen. Pete Kelly
OPINION: Ending the state’s Akiachak appeal would turn the tide on Alaska's alarming public safety issues and display the governor’s genuine respect for the government-to-government relationship with Alaska’s tribes.Liz Medicine Crow,Troy A. Eid
OPINION: We can sprawl across a Knik Arm bridge, or we can keep our climate and our economy on the rails.Cynthia Wentworth
OPINION: Conrad Adenauer's comments on knowing your history to chart your future are worth reflection in Anchorage as we celebrate 100 years.Steve Haycox