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OPINION: The Anchorage School District should offer its great range of alternative educational choices within neighborhood schools to keep from creating a system of education haves and have-nots.

Alyse Galvin
OPINION: Long ago, an Alaska Railroad brakeman working in Fairbanks wrote this letter home at Christmas.Tim Snapp
OPINION: Whatever St. Nick can spare from his bag of gifts, from wise weed regulations to coal in our stockings, we can use.Scott Woodham
OPINION: Alaska can lead the way in strong, good relations with Russia -- we've been doing so for some time.David Ramseur
OPINION: One year after Interior's Sally Jewell said no, a road remains King Cove's best bet for medical help in an emergency.Etta Kuzakin
OPINION: In times of fiscal difficulty for our state, the University of Alaska should be regarded as the unique entity that it is. Applying across-the-board budget cuts there will not serve us well.Dr. Alex Hills
OPINION: Don't buy the sales pitch of those who would end setnet fisheries on Cook Inlet. They're serving themselves, not the Kenai king runs.Andy Hall
OPINION: Gov. Walker is right to stand by his promise of Medicaid expansion.Robert Lieberson
OPINION: Automation and new technologies continue saving us time and money, but we're losing something human along the way.Frank E. Baker
OPINION: As much as I resist wanting to teach my children that happiness comes from a huge pile of cheap, plastic loot under the tree, I also don’t want to disappoint them.Carey Restino