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OPINION: SB 21 serves the Big Three oil companies because it cuts competition and does nothing to produce more oil. SB 21 does not serve Alaskans.

Rep. Paul Seaton
OPINION: Alyeska Pipeline chief Tom Barrett says a no vote on SB 21 repeal recognizes the reality and contribution of oil in Alaska.Tom Barrett
OPINION: The massive trawl by-catch of species on which so many Alaskans depend is not an unavoidable consequence of trawling. It's bad management by design. It's time for Alaskans to put and end to it.Joe Macinko
OPINION: As ocean acidification emerges, it will affect Alaskans already at risk and coastal economies the most. The time to plan is now.Jeremy T. Mathis,Steve Colt
OPINION: I admire Bill Walker’s passion, but I think he’s made the wrong policy call about Alaska’s oil tax structure. Voting no on Ballot Measure 1 is a vote for Alaska’s future.Rick Rogers
OPINION: Alaskans should no longer accept third-rate prices for its most valuable resource overall.Steven Merrill
OPINION: It is important that facts about oil tax reform be given proper context in the run-up to Alaska's primary election.Andrew Halcro
OPINION: Voters weighing Alaska's minimum wage initiative can listen and ask questions of two experts who will share different perspectives.Kevin Waring
OPINION: Columnist Shannyn Moore says Gov. Parnell makes a parody of himself with appointments from the far side.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Paul Jenkins argues that the EPA's move to curtail the Pebble mine is bad news for Alaska -- and beyond.Paul Jenkins