OPINION: More wolves would be nice, but the real purpose of Denali buffer zone is to maintain packs that people can actually see and hear.

Vic Van Ballenberghe
OPINION: Anchorage trails without bridges are trails broken. Let's vote for some TLC with a yes on Prop. 4 in the city election.Eleanor Andrews,David Wight
OPINION: A single energy answer is nearly impossible for all Alaska communities. Natural gas, on the other hand, is a huge resource, which over time could change the way Alaskans think about power consumption.Nils Andreassen
OPINION: The reason for the low numbers of Denali Park wolves probably is not clear but one thing is for sure: It is not logical or fair to blame hunting and trapping in or near the “hard park” portions of Denali.Pete Buist
OPINION: Our representatives in Juneau must be forced into a conversation about how to use the Permanent Fund in a better way than just for individual payouts.Roger Burleigh
OPINION: Added marine protections will allow many Alaskans who depend on the sea to breathe a sigh of relief, but there's more to do on behalf of securing the future.Carey Restino
OPINION: Deep in grief, we don't need advice or strategies. We need family and friends. Chantelle Pence
OPINION: Just like Senate candidate Joe Miller in 2010, Dan Coffey's denials and dodges create more questions than they settle, and that means his mayoral candidacy is kaput.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Vladimir Putin and some of his Russian colleagues still nurse an old grudge over the loss of Alaska. Alan Boraas
OPINION: Gov. Walker may have a better gas line plan but so far he hasn't made the case. Rep. Mike Chenault,Rep. Mike Hawker