OPINION: The "Rainy Day" is upon us, so let's use Permanent Fund earnings as they were intended to be used -- for dividends and government services.

Brad Keithley
OPINION: Medicaid expansion is a bad idea and a distraction from the real issue -- Medicaid reform. Rep. Wes Keller
OPINION: The shutdowns taking place at oil patches Outside prove beyond question that the message in BP, ConocoPhillips, and Exxon's $16 million ad campaign to influence Alaskan voters was not true.Ray Metcalfe
OPINION: Republican majority in Legislature tries to ignore Democrats' budget that both cuts more and does more for Alaskans.Rep. Chris Tuck
OPINION: Not only have legislative leaders cut school funding, they've gutted the public education fund to cover their own failure to pay for the budget they sent to the governor. Becca Bernard,Pat Galvin
OPINION: Allowing the Alaska Railroad to set policies without requiring public input is not in the best public interest, and is detrimental to the rights of all Alaskans and private property owners.Jack Brown
OPINION: Erin's Law should stand on its own merits and pass the Legislature without the burden of Sen. Mike Dunleavy's pet riders.Jessica Cler
OPINION: Diversifying and increasing access to emergency care in South Anchorage and Eagle River can only help the community.Jennifer Dow
OPINION: Mayor Dan does battle over his legacy, but his words further diminish a record that could have been so much better.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Alaska's GOP follows the national party script, and that has helped clinch election victories for independent Bill Walker and Democrat Ethan Berkowitz.John Havelock