OPINION: The Anchorage-based GLACIER meetings offer a useful forum to build both Arctic-wide cooperation internationally, and to consider a domestic Arctic program that does not require Alaska to become the nations’ environmental conscience.

David N. Biette,Anita L. Parlow
A new initiative would replace our “opt-in” system for voting registration with an “opt-out” approach, potentially adding tens of thousands of names to the voting population in Alaska.Dermot Cole
OPINION: The late Stan Abbott was a restrained but powerful force behind some of the best journalism done in Alaska, and his contributions have outlasted his time here.Howard Weaver
OPINION: The call to pull funding from Planned Parenthood is drive by ignorance and misogyny -- and will result in more abortions, not fewer. Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Walker's renegade attempt to expand Medicaid in Alaska is wrong for several reasons -- not least because it violates Alaska law.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: If James Salter flew as well as he wrote, he must have been one fine fighter pilot.Michael Carey
OPINION: A little of the ice curtain across the Bering Straits has melted again, and that's an opportunity to improve U.S.-Russian relations.David Ramseur
OPINION: Bad things happen when decisions are made that ignore observed reality -- true in the past, just as true now.Alan Boraas
OPINION: The Senate Finance Committee contracted for a written report on Medicaid that was to be completed by the end of April. That it didn’t get written is in keeping with the legislative pattern of posturing and delay on Medicaid expansion.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Alaska should ignore the huffy-puffy political talk and create a citizens' oversight panel to monitor, verify and report on the progress of Medicaid expansion and reform.Tara Jollie