OPINION: Longtime Republican says lawmakers need to understand that investment in education is like investment in defense - essential in an increasingly competitive world.

Will Hastings
OPINION: GOP lawmakers take a vacation when they should be taking care of Alaska's business.Rep. Chris Tuck
OPINION: Anchorage orthodontist who hired Amy Demboski 20 years ago says the same qualities that made her an excellent employee will maker her an excellent mayor. John Sparaga
OPINION: The last week of mayoral runoff race turned ugly, but Berkowitz campaign stayed on the high road. Ethan Berkowitz
OPINION: Co-host of radio show says Ethan Berkowitz did argue that, as consenting adults, a father and son should be able to marry.Bernadette Wilson
OPINION: With Berkowitz, we'll have more government in the city of Anchorage. Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Public safety, adequate housing and good public schools are key to building a safe and prosperous Anchorage for all of us.Ethan Berkowitz
OPINION: Strong voice for taxpayers, sustainable budget key to ongoing success of Anchorage.Amy Demboski
OPINION: This Legislature and the candidacy of Amy Demboski are enough to drive a voter to despair, but keep alive the dream that the power resides with the people - and we can still throw the bums out.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Erin's Law passage will help protect Alaska's children from sexual abuse at little economic cost; there's no good reason for delay.Sen. Berta Gardner,Sen. Lesil Mcguire,Rep. Geran Tarr