OPINION: President Obama, we hope your visit will help people who live outside Alaska to understand what a warming Arctic means, and to grasp the imperative of leading us ahead with a proactive Arctic development policy.

Alice Rogoff
OPINION: Judging by the questions, a recent Rasmuson poll was pushing Alaskans toward desired responses on the state budget.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: How is anyone surprised that President Obama isn't going out of his way to meet with Alaska's congressional delegation during his visit?Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Anchorage is ready to play its part in the wise opening of the Arctic region.Mayor Ethan Berkowitz
OPINION: President should take some time to understand that for many people in the Arctic, the big issues are secondary. Tim Aqukkasuk Argetsinger
OPINION: It is a surprise that Frank Gerjevic would expose his prejudice against Republicans so transparently. His commentary, printed Aug. 20, was especially offensive to me on several levels.Frank McQueary
OPINION: Climate change is real, complex and accelerating in the north, and that creates both challenges and opportunities.Larry Hinzman
OPINION: President Obama deserves a guide who will help him see the real Alaska, the one struggling with climate change, food security, poverty, suicide and violence. Plus, he'll need someone to show him how to use a honey bucket.Don Rearden
Climate change is here, and I can see it clearly from my Anchorage window. Going forward, we are responsible for what happens in nature. Steve Haycox
Business leaders on the North Slope still fight for the outwardly conflicting positions of admitting the climate crisis while also supporting Arctic oil development. Just like President Obama. And, increasingly, like most Alaskans.Charles Wohlforth