OPINION: Maybe if enough of us Alaskans wish for hope and better days, something good will happen -- or maybe just something tragic won’t happen. Maybe there’s power in the collective desire to help Hooper Bay, even if we can’t be there.

Bill Hutton
OPINION: Raina Thiele reflects on President Obama's three-day trip to Alaska, discussing what it meant to her and maybe to others whose Alaska Native heritage is a source of pride and personal motivation.Raina Thiele
OPINION: Attempting to close nonexistent "loopholes" in federal laws regarding gun sales between private citizens would add costly bureaucracy and curtail individual rights.Don Neal
OPINION: The Legislative Council has already committed to spend $250,000 on the Medicaid lawsuit against the Walker administration. It should drop the case and focus on state's huge financial challenge.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Democrats can't back Clinton and at the same time claim they support oil and gas development in Alaska.Paulette Simpson
OPINION: Moral outrage is not necessarily the best guide for foreign policy, and the U.S. should consider the consequences if ISIS emerges victorious in Syria despite military aid from Russia.John Havelock
When Rep. Don Young commanded a fellow congressman and a crowd of reporters to move out of his way, it might have passed unnoticed, but like so many other incidents in recent years, it took place in front of a camera with the digital world as a witness.Dermot Cole
OPINION: In the wolf hours, a breast cancer survivor looks both back and ahead, and wonders how much her further survival depends on her, or fate. Mary Katzke
OPINION: We all want to feel safe from people who intend to do harm to others, but the trajectory of gun violence in our country has gotten too much to bear. Something must be done.Carey Restino
OPINION:  The state of Alaska cannot muscle private companies -- any companies -- into an uneconomic gasline project with threats, heated rhetoric, taxes, bullying, or state-funded competition.Paul Jenkins