OPINION: Alaska and Greenland can learn from each other as partners in the north.

Nils Andreassen
OPINION: The rightful name of the tallest mountain in North America is Dghelay Ka’a. It's OK, there's a pronunciation guide.Alan Boraas
OPINION: It's tough to let that lunker go, but the wee halibut taste better and big momma needs a chance to replenish the stock.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: State of our world a moral response from people of all faiths and beliefs, and Alaskans have a leading role to play.Curt Karns
OPINION: A road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is the wrong solution for King Cove' medical access problem.Gary Ferguson
OPINION: Confederate flags and the gun control debate have nothing to do with what happened in Charleston, or why it happened. Paul Jenkins
The state's investments in Cook Inlet essentially consist of handing out money and hoping for the best. It's fine to celebrate the increase in gas supplies and declare a Cook Inlet "renaissance," but smart investors always ask questions and gather information. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Close look at Cook Inlet shows Alaska's vaunted resource management is more reputation than reality.Bob Shavelson
OPINION: A community can't know itself unless it knows its history, and the Cook Inlet Historical Society has provided that service for Anchorage.Steve Haycox
The goal of the Denali Summit Survey is to find out just how high Mount McKinley is, down to the last centimeter. It's a tall order with a long history.Dermot Cole