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OPINION: While the days of being tarred and feathered for believing in climate change are largely over, taking a strong stance on policies that contribute to climate change are far less popular. But Alaska's senior senator could lead the way.

Carey Restino
OPINION: Michael Carey takes a look back at the path of that kid who grew up eating moose meat in the shadow of his father's trapline.Michael Carey
OPINION: After an international conference in Iceland, Alaska's senior senator lays out concerns as the United States prepares to take leadership of the Arctic Council.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
OPINION: Alaska's gubernatorial election result is the beginning of a new partnership. Alaska Natives will have a voice in the management and future of the state, and Indian Country will be watching closely.Mark Trahant
OPINION: Alaska needs an enlightened grievance avenue for disabled psychiatric patients -- not just an answering machine.Faith Myers,Dorrance Collins
OPINION: Dan Sullivan and I disagreed on many issues, but now he is senator, and it is time to move forward to address Alaska’s needs.Mark Begich
Businesses shouldn't tempt people to their deaths with offers of helping make them famous in ways big or small. And yet businesses do. And from the reactions to Clif Bar's actions, they will continue.Craig Medred
OPINION: Somewhere around 20 percent of eligible voters chose a Republican majority for the Senate but because the majority is slim, it will not result in accomplishments.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Governor-elect Walker should remember his convictions and show a healthy regard for those who didn't vote for him.Kevin Clarkson
OPINION: Amid the dark-money tidal wave of lies and distortions that swept Alaska airwaves this election, one betrayal was especially painful.Sean McGuire