OPINION: The fire of Mormons' faith shouldn't harden prejudice, but burn away old biases.

Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Four-wheelers and snowmachines can be deadly weapons. They need to be treated with respect. And adults must teach that to their children before turning them loose.Carey Restino
OPINION: Remembering Stan Abbott, a newsman with a sharp eye for design and a sharp wit.Allan Dodds Frank
OPINION: The Anchorage-based GLACIER meetings offer a useful forum to build both Arctic-wide cooperation internationally, and to consider a domestic Arctic program that does not require Alaska to become the nations’ environmental conscience.David N. Biette,Anita L. Parlow
A new initiative would replace our “opt-in” system for voting registration with an “opt-out” approach, potentially adding tens of thousands of names to the voting population in Alaska.Dermot Cole
OPINION: The late Stan Abbott was a restrained but powerful force behind some of the best journalism done in Alaska, and his contributions have outlasted his time here.Howard Weaver
OPINION: The call to pull funding from Planned Parenthood is drive by ignorance and misogyny -- and will result in more abortions, not fewer. Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Walker's renegade attempt to expand Medicaid in Alaska is wrong for several reasons -- not least because it violates Alaska law.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: If James Salter flew as well as he wrote, he must have been one fine fighter pilot.Michael Carey
OPINION: A little of the ice curtain across the Bering Straits has melted again, and that's an opportunity to improve U.S.-Russian relations.David Ramseur