OPINION: Vandals' attack on refugees reveals a heart of darkness in Anchorage but also a stronger force that rallies to those who have come to Alaska for new life.

Rebecca Volino Robinson,E.J.R. David
OPINION: Climate change threatens all Alaskans. To confront it, we need to change our political climate in a way that allows us to recognize what we have in common. We’re not going to address climate change by adhering to the status quo and blaming the other side.Barae Hirsch
OPINION: Alaska has much to gain and nothing to lose with a Medicaid expansion program. Jeff Cook
OPINION: Gov. Walker errs in leaving the Anchorage area without a voice on state Board of Fisheries.Karl Johnstone
OPINION: It's foolish for the state of Alaska to to pursue a gas line project without a Plan B.   Gov. Bill Walker
OPINION: This legislation has been so poorly crafted that it's obviously less about food safety and far more about politics and control over my farm and your food choices.Arthur Keyes
OPINION: Bethel controversy shows that among alcohol's woes is the power to divide communities over how to handle alcohol.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: More wolves would be nice, but the real purpose of Denali buffer zone is to maintain packs that people can actually see and hear.Vic Van Ballenberghe
OPINION: Anchorage trails without bridges are trails broken. Let's vote for some TLC with a yes on Prop. 4 in the city election.Eleanor Andrews,David Wight
OPINION: A single energy answer is nearly impossible for all Alaska communities. Natural gas, on the other hand, is a huge resource, which over time could change the way Alaskans think about power consumption.Nils Andreassen