OPINION: That once-potent brew of Alaska exceptionalism is now a tepid tablespoon of Texas swamp. It's time for Alaskans to speak up.

Mike Kenny
Analysis: For the Republican-led majority in the Alaska House, the price of avoiding a negotiated settlement with Democrats over a 2 to 3 percent budget difference is the largest internal money transfer in the history of the Alaska Permanent Fund, about $9,000 for every resident of the state.Dermot Cole
OPINION: The regulations proposed to apply to Arctic offshore exploration drilling are redundant, overly prescriptive and excessive, and may in fact increase safety and environmental risks. Sen. Cathy Giessel
OPINION: By approving a Polar Code, the international community took its first step toward wholesale recognition that Arctic waters and wildlife are unique and deserve special protections.Alex Levinson,Kevin Harun
OPINION: One bag of food can make a huge difference to a struggling family, especially when summer break means that meals at school are not an option. Every donation makes a difference.Michael D. Miller
OPINION: Alaska needs an exceptional landscape architect with proven experience to design changes and facilities on the scale of the Windy Corner project.Joan Daniels
OPINION: Halibut bycatch in Bering Sea groundfish fisheries is not a conservation issue, and drastic proposed cuts to the Bering Sea halibut cap appear to have little regard for jobs in Alaska communities.John Gauvin
OPINION: Leaving the choice of who’s elected to a small portion of the electorate pretty much ensures the same people will be repeatedly elected, which can affect the number of people who make voting a habit.Steve Haycox
OPINION: The Alaska Senate needs to willingly participate in negotiations with the House Majority and the Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition to fully fund Alaska’s budget. The latest budget manipulation could Rep. Sam Kito III
OPINION: As long as the public requires that somebody else pays for all the services they are demanding, there will not be a solution to our budget dilemma.Jerry George