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OPINION: Parnell and company's hard-right turns kept the Spirit of Alaska grounded; Walker and Mallott promise to get us aloft.

Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Even though two years is an eternity in politics, political junkies are already looking ahead to the race for Senate in 2016.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The Anchorage School District's newly discovered $22 million surplus is the result of skewed priorities.Suzanne Little
OPINION: Despite environmentalists' attacks, history and common sense show that in the Tongass, we can have our forest and timber too.Shelly Wright
OPINION: Sudden surplus in Anchorage school budget is no cause for celebration; it's a travesty.Jim Babb
OPINION: While the days of being tarred and feathered for believing in climate change are largely over, taking a strong stance on policies that contribute to climate change are far less popular. But Alaska's senior senator could lead the way.Carey Restino
OPINION: Michael Carey takes a look back at the path of that kid who grew up eating moose meat in the shadow of his father's trapline.Michael Carey
OPINION: After an international conference in Iceland, Alaska's senior senator lays out concerns as the United States prepares to take leadership of the Arctic Council.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
OPINION: Alaska's gubernatorial election result is the beginning of a new partnership. Alaska Natives will have a voice in the management and future of the state, and Indian Country will be watching closely.Mark Trahant
OPINION: Alaska needs an enlightened grievance avenue for disabled psychiatric patients -- not just an answering machine.Faith Myers,Dorrance Collins