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OPINION: Waiting until the Alaska Federation of Natives conference in October to sign a bill declaring 20 indigenous languages official in Alaska has broad support and is not a political ploy by an incumbent governor and legislative majority during an election year.

Rep. Charisse Millett
OPINION: Let's pledge not to let Alaska's casual epidemic of violence, rape and abuse happen this year. Because the reason it goes on is us.Carey Restino
OPINION: The acts of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson underscore the shame of violence against women and children that remains too common in this country. Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Legendary actor, martial artist and all-around tough man Chuck Norris presents his top 10 reasons eligible Americans should register to vote.Chuck Norris
OPINION: The Alaska GOP doesn't like the odds, so it's trying to kill the Walker-Mallott unity ticket in court.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Former Alaska Republican Party chair Debbie Brown expects the Alaska court system to act swiftly and dismiss the disruptive lawsuit against the candidacy of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott.Debbie Brown
OPINION: The National Park Service should not insert personal hunting ethics into federal land regulations in Alaska.Doug Vincent-Lang
OPINION: Given his own history, Sean Parnell's personal attack of Bill Walker for supposed inconsistency is particularly brazen.Ethan Berkowitz
OPINION: The University of Alaska Board of Regents may have withdrawn their outrageous bonus offer to Pres. Pat Gamble, but problems remain.John Havelock
OPINION: There's a world of difference in the team names Aniak Halfbreeds and Washington Redskins.Alan Boraas