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OPINION: Pedestrian culture is integral to a vibrant city, and it's the responsibility of our city to design city streets in a way that supports pedestrians at least as much as automobiles.

Bree Kessler
OPINION: We must push past social discomforts surrounding darkness and loss in order to teach our children about that essential life skill, Hope, and to remind ourselves.Rev. Matt Schultz
OPINION: The Alaska Energy Authority strains credibility by suggesting that the Susitna-Watana mega-dam would improve habitat in Alaska's fourth-largest king salmon river.Jack Stanford, Ph.D.
OPINION: Setnet foes can destroy a way of life, but that won't save Kenai kingsShannyn Moore
OPINION: Much of Christmas celebrates a world system that uses Christianity as a cover to reject the ways of Christ. We emulate the Romans.Alan Boraas
OPINION: Because of the effect that Democratic presidential administrations tend to have on the economy, we should all hope Barack Obama isn't the last one we'll have this decade.Steve Haycox
OPINION: The Anchorage School District should offer its great range of alternative educational choices within neighborhood schools to keep from creating a system of education haves and have-nots.Alyse Galvin
OPINION: Long ago, an Alaska Railroad brakeman working in Fairbanks wrote this letter home at Christmas.Tim Snapp
LETTERS: Opinions about current events don't have to be large to be powerful.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Someone in King Cove is likely to pay with his or her life for Sally Jewell's decision in D.C.Paul Jenkins