OPINION: The decades of effort to reintroduce wood bison to Lower Innoko/Yukon Rivers would not have been possible without a wide range of professionals and organizations, all of whom deserve thanks.

Sam Cotten
OPINION: Bike riders should appreciate every courtesy motorists extend, but don't trust any driver to do the right thing.  Ronald G. Clarke
OPINION: Sealaska logging and a diversified economy should allow a U.S. Forest Service advisory committee to spare the old growth on Tongass public lands.Bob Claus
OPINION: Prominent Russian, American citizens aim to keep talking despite icy relations between governments over Ukraine, sanctions.David Ramseur
OPINION: Before Alaska expands Medicaid, we should know the answers to some important questions.Brent A. Fisher
OPINION: The left can't stand Amy Demboski for the simple reason that she's of the right -- and that she just might have the chops to become mayor of Anchorage.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Perhaps Alaska should stop dreaming of what could be and deal with what is -- we are a state in need of a new, dependable revenue stream.Carey Restino
OPINION: Medicaid expansion will do the most good for the most Alaskans, and the Salvation Army knows this first-hand.Maj. George Baker
OPINION: The US Congress is making Americans look foolish on the international stage and has damaged American claims to global leadership.John Havelock
OPINION: It's up to the Alaska Senate to abide by the will of the people and pass legislation to ensure that Alaska's marijuana laws work. Dr. Tim Hinterberger,Bruce Schulte