OPINION: Don't try to cover Alaska's budget deficit in one legislative session. Use Permanent Fund earnings to narrow the gap, then do the job right. 

Paul Jenkins
OPINION: What is Alaska spending money on that could be better used elsewhere? Shannyn Moore
OPINION: We need to address the dangers of opioid abuse like we would any other disease -- through effective prevention and treatment. We need to educate ourselves, and we need to make sure every American seeking treatment can get it.Barack Obama
The Legislative Information Office fiasco is not just the doing of Rep. Mike Hawker. The Anchorage edifice could just as well have been dubbed the Chateau Chenault, the Taj McGuire or the Meyer Monument.Dermot Cole
When excess money is on the table, elites find ways to get their hands on it. The names on the doors in Juneau don’t matter much. We need to fix the system.Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: Recent events in Flint, Michigan, bring to mind the importance of access to safe and reliable drinking water for everyone, whenever and wherever it is needed.J. Brett Jokela
OPINION: Alaska could free up billions to fix its fiscal house by consolidating its four independent state lending agencies.Jim Crawford
OPINION: In ways subtle and obvious, Super Bowl Sunday celebrates the corporate model of American life, for which football is the most representative sport.Alan Boraas
OPINION: The Alaska Measurable Progress tests and reporting could use some tweaking and improvement, but not a complete overhaul, let alone a total replacement.Natasha Von Imhof
OPINION: Anchorage needs a more diverse police force -- and that does not mean diminished standards. Mike Dingman