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OPINION: Racism comes naturally to human beings. What's harder to see is the fundamental truth of what we have in common.

Warren Metzger
OPINION: Attitudes have changed around people with special needs, and that's all to the good, but some stereotypes linger.Angelina Fraize
OPINION: Alaskans have no good reason to subsidize the dead-end partisanship of political parties; let's go for preferential voting.Pam Brodie
OPINION: Reading the sad story of the sinking of the Oryong 501, I am reminded again of how little the working conditions have changed aboard the Oryong 501s of the world.Capt. Pete Garay
OPINION: Police do work few of us could, and we must be able to count on them to do that work for all of us.Mike Dingman
OPINION: If the man accused in the brutal murder in Barrow had been shunned years ago for his violent behavior, maybe he would have had some incentive to clean up his act.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Assembly members who vote yes on the proposed Anchorage ban of marijuana establishments are effectively endorsing criminal enterprise.Tim Hale
OPINION: The proposal to ban marijuana facilities in Anchorage before the state's rulemaking process has begun defies reason.Bruce Schulte
OPINION: Alaska must send oil contractors a message about the standards we expect. And quickly, before Alaskans forget the negligent behavior of Shell contractor Noble Drilling.Carey Restino
Respect the animal you want to eat. Hunting can mean a great day in the backcountry, moving through the Alaska winter wonderland on snowshoes or a snowmobile, excited about fresh caribou tracks. Doubtless, this is enjoyable. But remember what is fun for you, is life and death for the caribou. John Schandelmeier