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LETTERS: Readers hold forth on hot topics, including local judges, Don Young and the neverending saga of Uber, as the election approaches.

Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: It's time to put education ahead of questionable multi-hundred-million and multi-billion-dollar pet projects.Les Gara
OPINION: When students come to school each day, they deserve to be safe and treated with respect by everyone in the building, including visitors.Ed Graff
OPINION: Anchorage voters should approve AO 37 in order to give future mayors and assemblies the tools to make the unions work for Anchorage, not the other way around.Jennifer Johnston
OPINION: There are several very good reasons to vote against Gov. Sean Parnell, but one more is that another term for him would be catastrophic for wildlife and habitat.Bill Sherwonit
OPINION: Anchorage should use common sense instead of smoke-and-mirrors arguments from Uber’s high-priced lobbyists and recognize it is being asked to completely open up to unregulated competition for taxi-type trips.Dr. Ray Mundy
OPINION: Sean Parnell knows the truth is not on his side when it comes to debating natural gas projects with Bill Walker, and he'd rather attack with false claims through his campaigners and employees.Merrick Peirce
OPINION: Take heart, in a week this ugly election campaign will be over.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: There's one question Alaskans need to think of as they consider their vote in the governor's race. Why did addressing the obvious warning signs in the Alaska National Guard take Gov. Parnell so long?Mike Dingman
OPINION: For the sake of the children and adult personal responsibility, voters should force officials to address the contradictions apparent in Alaska's behavior toward and laws against marijuana.Scott Woodham