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OPINION: Given his own history, Sean Parnell's personal attack of Bill Walker for supposed inconsistency is particularly brazen.

Ethan Berkowitz
OPINION: The University of Alaska Board of Regents may have withdrawn their outrageous bonus offer to Pres. Pat Gamble, but problems remain.John Havelock
OPINION: There's a world of difference in the team names Aniak Halfbreeds and Washington Redskins.Alan Boraas
OPINION: Alaska should have struck a much better deal for Alaskans than the Parnell administration did with the Point Thomson agreement.Bill Walker
OPINION: Dan Sullivan has not met his duties to the people of Anchorage as mayor. We can’t keep wasting money on cost overruns while cops get pink slips under his leadership.Elvi Gray-Jackson
OPINION: Poverty exists in Alaska because we allow it to. A vote to increase the state's minimum wage would do a great deal to alleviate the suffering of our neighbors who can't make ends meet despite hard work.Rev. Matt Schultz
OPINION: Ken Burns' documentary on the social improvements advocated by members of the Roosevelt family, did not give Frances Perkins her just due as a visionary who early on learned lessons that Americans are relearning today. Pictured: A Social Security card.Steve Haycox
OPINION: Assembly member Dick Traini is talking about new Anchorage taxes, and he may not need a supermajority to pass them.Mike Dingman
OPINION: The Gulf of Alaska is too rich an ecosystem to be the site of live-fire Navy training. Practice sessions need to be moved farther out to sea.Rick Steiner
OPINION: Mark Begich's time in the Senate has been much more "Alaskan" than Dan Sullivan's would be. Begich represents Alaskans, not the Outside interests of people like the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.Kimberly Metcalfe