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OPINION: Critics of the hundreds of thousands of bonus dollars being offered to the president of University of Alaska obviously don't understand how business works in these modern times.

Rick Goodfellow
OPINION: If a deal is "great" for Fairbanks, why shouldn't Anchorage take a similar deal on the beleaguered port project, which has similar statewide importance?Jomo Stewart
OPINION: Divisions have distracted Alaskans from the common ground we share.Eric Treider
OPINION: Pat Gamble is well worth the $320,000 retention bonus that university regents voted to pay.Pat Jacobson
OPINION: Mr. McGee has it wrong; the Alaska Bar Association does a thorough job of investigating ethics complaints against lawyers. Ray R. Brown
OPINION: Any state that chooses to define the ethically bankrupt acts of lawmakers as money laundering or felony bribery would soon bring a rapid end to the practice.Ray Metcalfe
OPINION: The Alaska Railroad tries to dictate terms well beyond its needs or authority on the land of its right of way.John Pletcher
OPINION: Think of all the better ways the University of Alaska could spend $320,000 than feathering the president's nest.John Havelock
OPINION: When children show up at the U.S. border, they're counting on us to "welcome the stranger."Archbishop Roger Schwietz
OPINION: The burden of proof that SB21 is the right plan for Alaska is on the oil industry now, and the defeat of the referendum puts Alaska in a win-win situation.T.J. Presely,Nick Moe