OPINION: Alaska's Inupiat live on front line of both Arctic oil and gas development and climate change impacts; their voices must be heard and reckoned with.

Layla Hughes
OPINION: NRA's bullies remain strangers to reason, and the Vatican speaks softly but sticks to its guns.Elise Patkotak
About 40 people attended the opening of what is expected to be a month-long hearing in which four men convicted of a 1997 murder will argue that they should be declared innocent and set free.Dermot Cole
OPINION: We can save lives and money if we help the victims of childhood sexual abuse heal and recover - otherwise we'll perpetuate a cycle of misery.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: Forget-Me-Not 's work for homeless shows us that one person can become an agent for change -- and can inspire a community to do more than pass by and ignore those who may need help.E.J.R. David,Ali Marvin
OPINION: Anchorage's anti-discrimination ordinance will not do anything for the LGBT community that has not already been done for women, African-Americans and other races or groups that faced discrimination, including Christians, the elderly and the disabled.William Culper
OPINION: Determination to build a road from King Cove to Cold Bay smacks of more than medical reasons.Bill Cox
OPINION: Gov. Walker seems determined to undo the progress made so far on moving Alaska's gas to market.Rep. Mike Chenault
OPINION: If we allow the destruction of an Alaska salmon stream so an outside outfit can ship coal to China, we've lost it. Shannyn Moore
OPINION: The Anchorage Assembly's passage of the LGBT rights ordinance was not a civil rights victory but an arrogant act against the will of the voters. Paul Jenkins