OPINION: For Alaskans who love snow, there's no time to lose in responding to climate change.

Kikkan Randall
OPINION: There are risks to oil and gas exploration in the Arctic Ocean, but the benefits to Alaska are worth the chance.Paul Fuhs
OPINION: Alaska's legislative GOP leaders should drop long-shot lawsuit and get back to the business of the state's budget.John Havelock
OPINION: In Craig, climate change is a topic of conversation on the docks.Patrick Marshall
OPINION: Alaska can prosper and pay its own way only if Alaskans can responsibly develop the state's resources.Anne Seneca,Rebecca Logan
OPINION: Calm yourselves, Buckeyes, for Denali is the right name for Alaska's mightiest mountain.Mike Dingman
OPINION: I predict the state loses its appeal in the decision to allow Alaska Native land to be placed into federal trust, but two things can be done in that case.Donald Craig Mitchell
OPINION: Tribal voices were conspicuously absent at Arctic Shipping conference; they need to be heard from the start. Pictured: Walrus haul out on sea ice near King Island in the Bering Sea, where shipping has increased and likely will continue to do so.Natalie Landreth
OPINION: Kotzebue is a far cry from road-system Alaska, Mr. President, as you'll learn in the midst of a heartfelt welcome.John Creed and Susan B. Andrews
OPINION: American unions have lost much of their power -- and America's workers have paid the price.Elise Patkotak