Senate President Kevin Meyer says the consistent message from Alaskans is to make government the right size. But what does that mean? “That number, we don’t know," he said.

Dermot Cole
OPINION: Alaska Dispatch News dropped the ball when it profiled a UAA basketball player and focused on her hair, not her accomplishments as a student athlete.Katina Ozrelic
OPINION: Profound differences over our American political system date back to the Constitutional Convention and before. Today's divisions wouldn't have surprised the founders.Steve Haycox
OPINION: We've got a week to let the U.S. Forest Service know we want protection for wilderness in Prince William Sound.Debbie S. Miller
OPINION: Alaska, home to 25 percent of North America's wild sheep, needs to protect that population from domestic respiratory disease.Kevin Kehoe
OPINION: Let's make sure we're using the right terminology when bashing "megaprojects." Some Alaska projects don't come close to deserving that label, and smart infrastructure investments would pay dividends.Tim Bradner
The Anchorage School Board apparently violated the Alaska Open Meetings Act in October when it decided in secret not to renew the contract of Superintendent Ed Graff, according to the state's foremost authority on the law.Charles Wohlforth
COMMENT: If Alaska hopes to have a stable, educated and healthy future workforce, it needs to take care of it now, while it’s still in diapers, or spend exponentially more down the road.Jill Burke
OPINION: Moving the Anchorage legislative office to the Atwood Building may be popular but it's the wrong move for Alaska.Mark Pfeffer
OPINION: If we fail to invest in Alaska's university, we guarantee Alaska's decline. We must be wiser than that.Kate Quick