OPINION: Sunlight is the latest of our amenities that some Anchorage developers want the right to eliminate. Let's say no.

Cheryl Richardson
OPINION: Without formal and active engagement between the Arctic Council and the Northern Forum, efforts by either to address the economic, living, cultural and environmental conditions of northern peoples will fall flat.Sen. Lesil McGuire,Nils Andreassen
OPINION: Those want to avoid taxes at all costs would reduce the value of Alaska's Permanent Fund and do long-term damage to the state. Let's keep the Fund and pay our way.Clem Tillion
OPINION: Gas line differences don't look insoluable for getting an Alaska project on track, but tough negotiations are the order of the day.Tim Bradner
OPINION: Reasoning for requiring police body cameras is sound, but the unintended consequences are many and problematical.Val Van Brocklin
OPINION: Dr. Cox sees all manner of nefarious motives for the road to King Cove, but local residents see only a lifeline.Etta Kuzakin
OPINION: If this Legislature and governor want Alaskans to believe that they are serious about controlling spending and finding revenues to pull the state out of the fiscal hole we are in, they should at least show they can do some belt-tightening of their own.Mike Dingman
The price of gasoline in Alaska is set by whatever the market will bear, not by the government. For the moment, the Fairbanks market is bearing about 60 cents per gallon more than Anchorage.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Alaska's Inupiat live on front line of both Arctic oil and gas development and climate change impacts; their voices must be heard and reckoned with.Layla Hughes
OPINION: NRA's bullies remain strangers to reason, and the Vatican speaks softly but sticks to its guns.Elise Patkotak