OPINION: Alaska is at a critical place in its history, and reasonable lawmakers must speak up. If it takes defying caucus rules to do what's right for Alaska, then so be it.

Kevin McGee
OPINION: How legislators can manage to sit inside without fulfilling their one constitutional duty while such brilliant summer days go on outside their building's glass walls is beyond me.Mike Dingman
OPINION: The sense of community we create in summer, when the days are long and the weather cooperates, is hard to maintain when the snow falls.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: People say we citizens can exert power our state and national representatives by using a little something called "the vote." True. But for some reason, we don’t use the only resource we have.Dave Atcheson
OPINION: Opening the Alaska Railroad's right-of-way to unrestricted use by adjoining landowners and the public would pose an unacceptable safety risk for our neighbors, our train crews and thousands of passengers.Bill O’Leary
OPINION: Medicaid expansion is a real investment in private system health care that will boost Alaska's economy in a time of budget crisis while improving individual and public health for all.George W. Brown, M.D.
OPINION: We badly need a refocus towards crime prevention and related mental illness issues. Imprisonment, in its present form, is just a sad bit at the end of a story long in the making.John Havelock
OPINION: It’s time for Alaskans to pool our collective energy and ingenuity and take control of our fiscal destiny. I welcome everyone to the discussion we're about to have. Gov. Bill Walker
OPINION: Someone needs to tell Alaska's U.S. senators that the conclusions of science -- and the problems they seek to understand -- can't be voted on.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Rather than an annual free-for-all over access to the CBR, perhaps now would be a good time to do what should have been done years ago: Set up a predictable, manageable way to fund state government.Paul Jenkins