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OPINION: Because of the effect that Democratic presidential administrations tend to have on the economy, we should all hope Barack Obama isn't the last one we'll have this decade.

Steve Haycox
OPINION: The Anchorage School District should offer its great range of alternative educational choices within neighborhood schools to keep from creating a system of education haves and have-nots.Alyse Galvin
OPINION: Long ago, an Alaska Railroad brakeman working in Fairbanks wrote this letter home at Christmas.Tim Snapp
OPINION: Whatever St. Nick can spare from his bag of gifts, from wise weed regulations to coal in our stockings, we can use.Scott Woodham
OPINION: Alaska can lead the way in strong, good relations with Russia -- we've been doing so for some time.David Ramseur
OPINION: One year after Interior's Sally Jewell said no, a road remains King Cove's best bet for medical help in an emergency.Etta Kuzakin
OPINION: In times of fiscal difficulty for our state, the University of Alaska should be regarded as the unique entity that it is. Applying across-the-board budget cuts there will not serve us well.Dr. Alex Hills
OPINION: Don't buy the sales pitch of those who would end setnet fisheries on Cook Inlet. They're serving themselves, not the Kenai king runs.Andy Hall
OPINION: Gov. Walker is right to stand by his promise of Medicaid expansion.Robert Lieberson
OPINION: At the risk of being sappy, I must admit that my own heart grew three sizes after getting to know "The Defendant." And it's made my life much better.Marcelle McDannel