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OPINION: Mr. McGee has it wrong; the Alaska Bar Association does a thorough job of investigating ethics complaints against lawyers. 

Ray R. Brown
OPINION: Any state that chooses to define the ethically bankrupt acts of lawmakers as money laundering or felony bribery would soon bring a rapid end to the practice.Ray Metcalfe
OPINION: The Alaska Railroad tries to dictate terms well beyond its needs or authority on the land of its right of way.John Pletcher
OPINION: Think of all the better ways the University of Alaska could spend $320,000 than feathering the president's nest.John Havelock
OPINION: When children show up at the U.S. border, they're counting on us to "welcome the stranger."Archbishop Roger Schwietz
OPINION: The burden of proof that SB21 is the right plan for Alaska is on the oil industry now, and the defeat of the referendum puts Alaska in a win-win situation.T.J. Presely,Nick Moe
OPINION: Alaska's suicide epidemic will continue to claim the lives of our young people and leave us wondering why. Research continues to find ways to address the problem of suicide, but in order for it to succeed, everyone needs get involved and actively work against the problem, starting with the state.Benjamin Manley
OPINION: Alaska NOW president says that some female lawmakers' claims as women and mothers ring false against their voting records.  Barbara McDaniel
OPINION: Frank Baker details the fruits of a curiosity that has spurred him and his wife to tour around town in search of the truly large, well-appointed dwellings in Anchorage and beyond.Frank Baker
OPINION: The U.S. government could help make a difference in people's lives and move forward on goals to foster clean energy by encouraging new technology across the Circumpolar North.David J. Hayes