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OPINION: Alaska's tough times are the result of low oil prices and low production -- not the new tax regime, which is working.

Jim Jansen
OPINION: Until the Alaska Legislature takes responsibility to cut its own spending on travel, offices and staffers, it's hard to take their talk of budget cutting seriously.Mike Bronson
OPINION: Those high school years may be great, and by all means savor them -- but remember to keep looking ahead, young people. E.J.R. David
OPINION: To deal with climate change, we need deniers like Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan to see the light and act accordingly.Alan Boraas
OPINION: The hard reality that Alaska Democrats have to face and fight is that when Democrats are in power in Congress or the White House, oil drilling in ANWR will be blocked.Peter Goldberg
The risk of death in the Alaska wild, even from snowmobile crashes and avalanches, is pretty small. If you really want to die in Alaska, start smoking or pull your chair up in front of the television and watch Alaska reality TV for hours on end. Craig Medred
OPINION: For the sake of American workers and families, Congress should embrace President Obama's plan to revolutionize community college system.Steve Haycox
OPINION: A combined community effort, like the one that has successfully fought oil and gas leasing in Bristol Bay, is the way forward for conservation-minded people and groups looking to protect the Bering Sea.Norm Van Vactor
OPINION: Carl Finger wasn't so much a threat to society as a nuisance. No doubt this was why an unnamed judge sent him to a psychologist, to obtain a clearer understanding of his disruptive behavior and what might be done to curb it.Michael Carey
OPINION: Approving the Keystone XL pipeline will not eat into the markets for Alaska’s oil. In fact, it will likely help us to preserve them.Sen. Lisa Murkowski