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OPINION: Recent Democratic fundraising attacks against my husband, independent candidate for governor Bill Walker, are unfounded and denigrate a good, hard-working Alaskan.

Donna Walker
OPINION: For too long, high energy costs have put strains on Alaska families and continue to push businesses from profitability toward bankruptcy. The rising price of fuel, remote locations, and lack of statewide infrastructure requires creative, reliable solutions.Greg Porter

OPINION ROUND-UP: A lengthy selection of some of the best opinions and perspectives out of the dozens of comments we've published on the topic of Ballot Measure 1.

Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Alaskans have done a great job of advocating for what they think is right when it comes to the risks of the mining industry on Alaska waters. But increased activity in the Arctic region means we must broaden our perspective.Carey Restino | Arctic Sounder
OPINION: Ernest Gruening took pride in Alaska's Anti-Discrimination Act, but racism didn't vanish with the stroke of a pen.Michael Carey
OPINION: When I cast my key Senate vote in favor of SB 21, I had to take a leap of faith. But the burden of proof is on the industry. If I don't see promised results in the next three years, I'll take action.Click Bishop
OPINION: I’m voting yes on Tuesday to repeal SB 21. I'm optimistic that Alaskans can come together and craft a better deal, far better than the bad deal imposed by the politicians.Vic Fischer
OPINION: I know Mead Treadwell to be the most informed candidate in Alaska's Republican Senate primary, and he has the best chance of defeating Mark Begich.Jack Coghill
OPINION: When ACES was created in 2007, it was with a focus on investment. But time has shown that the incentives didn't work as intended. Senate Bill 21 is the solution, and the way forward for Alaska's future.Joe Balash
OPINION: Columnist Shannyn Moore remembers how many times Alaskans have had faith in hollow promises of the oil industry, and urges Alaskans to vote yes on Ballot Measure 1.Shannyn Moore