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OPINION: Fish and Game is wrong to abandon stewardship of Round Island walrus haven.

Bill Sherwonit
OPINION: Critics of the hundreds of thousands of bonus dollars being offered to the president of University of Alaska obviously don't understand how business works in these modern times.Rick Goodfellow
OPINION: If a deal is "great" for Fairbanks, why shouldn't Anchorage take a similar deal on the beleaguered port project, which has similar statewide importance?Jomo Stewart
OPINION: Divisions have distracted Alaskans from the common ground we share.Eric Treider
OPINION: Pat Gamble is well worth the $320,000 retention bonus that university regents voted to pay.Pat Jacobson
OPINION: Mr. McGee has it wrong; the Alaska Bar Association does a thorough job of investigating ethics complaints against lawyers. Ray R. Brown
OPINION: Any state that chooses to define the ethically bankrupt acts of lawmakers as money laundering or felony bribery would soon bring a rapid end to the practice.Ray Metcalfe
OPINION: The Alaska Railroad tries to dictate terms well beyond its needs or authority on the land of its right of way.John Pletcher
OPINION: Think of all the better ways the University of Alaska could spend $320,000 than feathering the president's nest.John Havelock
OPINION: When children show up at the U.S. border, they're counting on us to "welcome the stranger."Archbishop Roger Schwietz