OPINION: Alaska should ignore the huffy-puffy political talk and create a citizens' oversight panel to monitor, verify and report on the progress of Medicaid expansion and reform.

Tara Jollie
OPINION: The governor is trying to violate statute in order to foist an expensive entitlement program on Alaska. This unilateral decision exposes legal and financial weaknesses at a time the state is ill-equipped to afford them.Sen. John Coghill
OPINION: Bristol Bay reds run by their own clock, but that inspires a sea of doubt in fishermen -- and they don't cotton to uncertainty.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: Medicare and Medicaid have been subject to relentless debate since President Johnson signed them into law 50 years ago. But they have worked as intended, to provide millions of Americans with health care.Susan Johnson,John T. Hammarlund
OPINION: The upcoming Anchorage international conference headlined by President Obama presents an unprecedented opportunity for Alaska. It wouldn’t hurt our congressional delegation to play the role of gracious hosts.Dermot Cole
OPINION: There's a case for Alaska to go to court for solid information about oil taxes, credits and revenues -- and whether the current regime in constitutional.Jan Konigsberg
OPINION: Alaska can only gain if we offer help to addicts trying to recover, rather than maintain a revolving door between the street and prison.Mike Dingman
OPINION: The contentious history between the State of Alaska and the federal government must be set aside to move forward. Pursuing creative solutions is necessary to protect one of the last intact functioning ecosystems in the country.Michael Johnson
COMMENTARY: Does this months signing of a moratorium on Arctic Ocean fishing by the five nations with Arctic coastlines mark the return of the Arctic Five? If so, that's a good thing.Heather Exner-Pirot
OPINION: Participation is necessary for a healthy democracy. Requiring a voter registration to apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend is a good first step, but we should go one step further.Elise Patkotak