OPINION: Not even a law to protect Alaska children from sexual assault can penetrate the force field of wretched politics that insulates the Legislature's Republican majority leadership.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Most police are honest, dedicated public servants. But we should acknowledge that there have been enough instances of officers committing serious crimes in Alaska and then account for it in our policies.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: Alaskans didn't just vote for legal marijuana, they also voted for Alaska's government to get to work implementing a sound regulatory system.Tim Kacillas
OPINION: If lawmakers kill Alaska's film industry tax credit program, they'll kill a homegrown industry-in-progress of high-quality work.Mary Katzke
OPINION: Alaska must make sure that spirit of Arctic cooperation applies to domestic as well as international relations.Nils Andreassen
OPINION: Robert Ruffner makes his case as a fish board nominee, with pride in his years of "fish-first" service.Robert Ruffner
OPINION: Alaska's teachers are worth their salt, and our students are going nowhere without them. Let's not limit their opportunities.Denny Wallace
OPINION: The draft Arctic-specific oil exploration regulations announced in February by the Interior Department are an excellent first step to ensure that crews are Arctic-ready when they work in the Chukchi or Beaufort seas.Marilyn Heiman
OPINION: Politically and ideologically motivated attacks on Planned Parenthood through SB 89 and HB 192 endanger our youth and their access to education, resources, and healthy choices.Melissa Engel
OPINION: Unless Gov. Bill Walker's message is that the bigotry against LGBT Alaskans enshrined in our constitution should be defended at all costs, there is no reason for Attorney General Craig Richards to join an amicus brief against marriage equality before the US Supreme Court.Elise Patkotak