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OPINION: Political ideologies aren't battle lines, and we can respectfully disagree if we abandon our own frustration.

Pat Race,Alaska Robotics
OPINION: When it comes to legalizing marijuana in Alaska, what exactly is the advantage of abandoning the status quo?Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Seeing through the fog of ads, it's Begich who respects Alaska women.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: By waging a war on marijuana and its many users, we have infected our society with distrust of the authorities. We need to flip that to improve crime prevention. The first step: decriminalize and regulate.John Havelock
OPINION: Until Alaska has more information about marijuana in our state, the rush to enact Ballot Measure 2 is a potentially dangerous social experiment, based on supposition and one-line slogans rather than reality.Dean Guaneli
OPINION: Dan Sullivan is much more qualified than Mark Begich to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate.Bob Jacobsen
OPINION: Sen. Mark Begich has proven himself to be a leader and tireless advocate on behalf of service members and veterans.Bryan Box
The price of Alaska oil dipped to $82.80 on Tuesday, down about $30 a barrel since June, a decline that the experts say will either continue or not. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Everyone lucky enough to work with Alaska salmon benefits from a state government that understands the importance of the seafood industry and that is willing to partner with the industry to ensure that Alaska maintains its position in the seafood world.Mark Palmer
OPINION: Everyone benefits from advances in science, technology, engineering and math. Alaska should pay attention to growing workforce need and increase its education investment in these fields.Mike Fenster