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OPINION: Deciding whether Alaska should follow other states and legalize and control marijuana sales is a difficult question, but we won't be able to answer it for ourselves if we don't engage the issue together.

Alaska Robotics
OPINION: Anchorage should use common sense instead of smoke-and-mirrors arguments from Uber’s high-priced lobbyists and recognize it is being asked to completely open up to unregulated competition for taxi-type trips.Dr. Ray Mundy
OPINION: Sean Parnell knows the truth is not on his side when it comes to debating natural gas projects with Bill Walker, and he'd rather attack with false claims through his campaigners and employees.Merrick Peirce
OPINION: Take heart, in a week this ugly election campaign will be over.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: There's one question Alaskans need to think of as they consider their vote in the governor's race. Why did addressing the obvious warning signs in the Alaska National Guard take Gov. Parnell so long?Mike Dingman
OPINION: For the sake of the children and adult personal responsibility, voters should force officials to address the contradictions apparent in Alaska's behavior toward and laws against marijuana.Scott Woodham
OPINION: Marijuana isn't heroin, isn't cocaine, isn't legal. Let's keep it that way on Nov. 4. Frank Gerjevic
OPINION: The Alaska Judicial Council does a good judge a bad turn in calling for Estelle's ouster from the bench.Lynne Gallant
OPINION: After statehood, the meaning of battling “federal overreach” has changed. And it may now function in political sloganeering as a way to appeal to Alaska’s large body of immigrant voters from the American South.John Havelock

OPINION: Dark money is the microwave dinner of democracy, but Alaska campaigns still can't get enough of that sweet, sweet mystery meat.

Pat Race,Alaska Robotics