OPINION: Law needs to take a stand against harassment of gay and lesbian students so they can learn, not suffer, at school.Arliss Sturgulewski
OPINION: Gov. Bill Walker tried to work with the Legislature on Medicaid expansion, but it's clear the GOP majority has no intention of cooperating. So the governor should use his authority to expand Medicaid without those lawmakers.Esther Kennedy
OPINION: These last few weeks in Alaska have been good for the heart, especially because of who stood up to the fire.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Ethan Berkowitz takes office as mayor today, and begins his term with a strong mandate for change. Exactly what that means remains to be seen. Mike Dingman
OPINION: Alaska should cooperate with all hands in Arctic development, but make sure to protect its interests.Rep. Bob Herron
OPINION: It's hard to do a cool legal analysis of the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision when that decision is a thunderbolt in your own life.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: Alaska and Greenland can learn from each other as partners in the north.Nils Andreassen
OPINION: The rightful name of the tallest mountain in North America is Dghelay Ka’a. It's OK, there's a pronunciation guide.Alan Boraas
OPINION: It's tough to let that lunker go, but the wee halibut taste better and big momma needs a chance to replenish the stock.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: State of our world a moral response from people of all faiths and beliefs, and Alaskans have a leading role to play.Curt Karns