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COMMENT: Lacking depth and a roster spread unequally by class, the Seawolves program has a lot of work ahead.Doyle Woody
Denali is wide open during the non-summer months, welcoming adventurous visitors with a plethora of recreation options, as long as one is prepared for winter and possesses an independent spirit.Erin Kirkland
OPINION: Feb. 24 is the day Alaska became the third state in the U.S. to legalize recreational cannabis. But what does the day actually mean? Judging from the response to a call for comment, Alaskans are still reluctant to speak publicly on the topic.Scott Woodham
The warming that has covered Alaska this past week has brought thoughts of spring to all of us. Will it be an early spring this year? What the heck, we only had a couple weeks of winter anyway.John Schandelmeier
It was fabulous to get outside, meet new people, and experience something different than what I normally do for winter exercise. No doubt, I’m still a tourist of winter city biking, and have enormous respect for those who bike year round. The thing about this ride was I didn’t feel like a tourist.Alli Harvey
OPINION: Both Sen. Cathy Giessel and Gov. Bill Walker make points that Alaskans should ponder as they consider the direction and status of potential projects to bring our state's abundant natural gas resources to market.Harold Heinze
OPINION: What we really need to do is understand that the most liberal among us in our religious traditions and the most fundamentalist do indeed share the same historiesMichael Oblath,Youssef Barbour,Heather Barbour,Rev. Matt Schultz
OPINION: Alaska could save money and help secure the future of our Pioneer Homes by following our simple lease-back plan.Jim Crawford
OPINION: The military contributes to Alaska's prosperity, but Alaskans should remember that's not the military's mission.Tim Kacillas
OPINION: A solid track record and the ability to hear other views make Ethan Berkowitz the best of a fine field seeking to be mayor of Anchorage. Forrest Dunbar