OPINION: Unfortunately, political labels seem to be more important in the Capitol building than results. This is a big part of the reason we have ended up in the fiscal mess we are in.Jeff Landfield
OPINION: Migraine is a bear, but the painful fog slows the mind down enough to reflect on what Anchorage has to offer -- and how much better we might do.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Economist Scott Goldsmith relies on speculative numbers in his solution to Alaska's fiscal problems, and the robust economy he says his plan would create is full of problems.John Havelock
OPINION:  Failing to convince the Legislature to approve a nominee to the board does not give anyone the right to claim that the 30 legislators who voted against the confirmation were somehow misled.Ricky Gease
This is the only time of year when one can snowmobile, ski or run dogs in shirtsleeves. The mid-day temperatures, this weekend, were in the low 40s, higher in the sun. In spite of those temperatures, there are two weeks of useable snow left on the east end of the Denali Highway.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: KABATA lives, but schools suffer cuts and Medicaid expansion goes nowhere. Just who does the GOP leadership in the Legislature represent? Guess.Elise Patkotak
The most important tool you need to keep your momentum during the drive to your favorite trail head is a robust collection of wonderful tunes.Alli Harvey
OPINION: Ethan Berkowitz has the knowledge and skill to lead Anchorage.Jane Angvik
OPINION: Study the facts, and it's clear Alaska stands to gain by Medicaid expansion. Bob Williams
OPINION: Uprooting poor, disproportionately Alaska Native citizens from their homes and sending them out of state for “aversion therapy” is a paternalistic approach that will almost certainly will not have the intended effect.Brian Yablon, MD