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OPINION: Gov. Sean Parnell says the state has “stopped the drop” in oil production. But he should stop saying that. Oil production in the first 9 months of 2014 is down 4 percent over the same period in 2013.Dermot Cole
OPINION: The Alaska Peace Officers Association stands against the legalization of marijuana and urges voters to be informed.Brad Johnson
OPINION: Alaska must innovate in future energy projects, not turn to the relic ideas of a bygone century. If Susitna-Watana Hydro Project is completed, the landscape and watershed won't be the only things permanently changed. Alaskan attitudes themselves will be altered.Chandra Brown
OPINION: It appears there's nothing Dan Sullivan or his family won't do to get him elected to the U.S. Senate.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: The drive to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in Alaska appears to have gone profanely, arrogantly nuts -- right in front of God and everybody.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Informed voters can test their savvy against the general election version of Michael Carey's HEPCAT test.Michael Carey
OPINION: Fisherman who was subject of Craig Medred's column says he expected more of Dispatch News leaders, if not of Medred.Wally Page
OPINION: No attack ad can change the record of the Begich family's support of the military.Deborah Bonito
OPINION: The Alaska Railroad, the Parks Highway and the Seward Highway are critical to the state, and the same guiding vision behind those projects needs to be used today for the Lynn Canal Highway.Sandy Williams
OPINION: BLM's decision to open the Paxson Closed Area to hunting should be reversed for a host of reasons.Audubon L. Bakewell IV