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Now that snow has arrived, outdoors enthusiasts can enjoy snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and dog mushing.
OPINION: Alaska's at a fiscal crossroads. We have a chance to implement a plan that will stabilize state finances, but deficit spending means it's slipping away.Ray Metcalfe
OPINION: By not shopping at AC stores on Jan. 31, Alaskans will send a message against unacceptably high food prices in the Arctic, and will stand in solidarity with families across the region who may not be able to afford food.Timothy Aqukkasuk Argetsinger
OPINION: Mayoral candidate Dan Coffey's record on recent labor law battle raises questions about his leadership.Mike Dingman
OPINION: If Anchorage is serious about attracting employers and employees who value a livable city, we need to roll up our sleeves and make the city streets more welcoming of bicycles and pedestrians.Brian Litmans
Are Americans now so clueless they have to be told to put on warm clothes before going out the in the cold? Watching the media bloviate about the latest winter storm on the East Coast, one would think so.Craig Medred
OPINION: Addled by alcohol, bruised by the street, even those lost to the endless loop call someplace home.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Gov. Walker makes his own choices for state boards and commissions, but he should have thought twice before choosing Roland Maw.Karl Johnstone
OPINION: Obama needs to listen to reason, not environmental extremists, for a wiser ANWR policy that works for Alaska and America.Jim Plaquet
OPINION: Alaska is better off with oil tax reform in place, but changing anything now would send the wrong signal to companies already pulling back in the Lower 48 because of low prices.Kara Moriarty