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OPINION: Despite what some commentators have said in the aftermath of Ray Rice's ejection from the NFL, women have plenty of cause to be angry about violence toward them -- especially in Alaska.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Gov. Parnell should not have acceded state's authority on National Guard members' complaints of sexual assault.Larry Wood
OPINION: The governor has 20 days to deal with bills approved by the Legislature. But a measure to expand the list of official languages has yet to be acted upon, which violates the spirit of the Alaska Constitution and the spirit of the Uniform Rules of the Alaska Legislature.Dermot Cole
OPINION: St. George can catch the wind, get more out of diesel to cut energy costs and create opportunity.Patrick Pletnikoff
OPINION: If Sen. Mark Begich represents Alaskans as much as he wants voters to think, maybe he should show up to important Senate votes more often.Steve Perrins
OPINION: There is a whole lot of needless embarrassed silence in the aftermath of a brawl in the quiet Anchorage neighborhood of Oceanview. But that's par for the course when it comes to some celebrities, even reluctant ones.Craig Medred
OPINION: Alaska is not just a man's land. Republican women are proud to contribute to the leadership of this state, and we'll keep going for years to come.Lesil McGuire
OPINION: Pebble lawyers buy their way out of case for legalese apology and "substantial sum."Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Reducing domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska is imperative. Gov. Parnell has spent significant time, energy, and state resources to promote his “Choose Respect” campaign, but he failed to lead when notified of problems in the Alaska National Guard.Hollis French,Berta Gardner
OPINION: When the bloom fades from the unity ticket, we're left to question what Bill Walker is all about.Paul Jenkins