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OPINION: Dolly Farnsworth somehow found the time to be a homesteader, raise four children and be a civic leader in Soldotna. John Havelock
OPINION: The proposal to ban marijuana facilities in Anchorage before the state's rulemaking process has begun defies reason.Bruce Schulte
OPINION: Alaska must send oil contractors a message about the standards we expect. And quickly, before Alaskans forget the negligent behavior of Shell contractor Noble Drilling.Carey Restino
OPINION: Ignoring racial and ethnic differences will simply ensure that society will continue suffering from the corrosive effects of racism.E.J.R. David
OPINION: EPA goes rogue in its opposition to Pebble project.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: God help me, I'm thinking of writing my own holiday newsletter even though I used to love mocking them.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: I was a skeptic, but after being part of the Walker/Mallott transition conference, I believe the whole nation should be watching and taking notes on good governance.Tara Jollie
OPINION: Alaska needs allies in development of energy resources.Carl Portman,David Holt
OPINION: This holiday season, the most important card any of us can receive is a health insurance card.Susan Johnson
OPINION: When it comes to halibut populations, what happens in the Bering Sea matters to everyone from Nome to California.Buck Laukitis