OPINION: Sarah Palin can throw all the hypocritical shade she wants at Hillary Clinton for keeping private email accounts to conduct public business. But Americans had better not forget that public access to information is not a partisan issue.Scott Woodham
OPINION: Tanaina Child Development does much to help UAA students succeed, so why is the university kicking it out?Trina Musliu
OPINION: Labs are one of the most common working breeds. Alaska labradors have only a short waterfowl season. However, they can get out for grouse all winter. A low snow year like this one is good for working breeds. They are not limited by a heavy snow pack and can still work in the woods.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: With a little imagination and the right attitude, Alaskans can pretend it's spring even in early March. The Bird-to-Gird trail is virtually ice- and snow-free, and a Homer beach walk can be inviting this time of year.Alli Harvey
OPINION: In Alaska's villages, as in any community, the healing has to begin at home.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: To cut education funding now is a fool's savings. Alaskans should know better.Dr. James Johnsen
OPINION: Over the years I have observed fewer and fewer kids playing outdoors in Anchorage and outlying areas. And that bodes poorly for the future.Frank E. Baker
OPINION: Regardless of what policy a national administration prefers in our state, Alaskans shouldn't accept its encroachment on our right to self-government just because those in Washington, D.C., prefer policies we support.Dr. Forrest A. Nabors
OPINION: Alaska was making progress on a gas line. Now? Don't make book on it.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The story of June Stein's firing raises a host of troubling issues, but conspicuously missing from the discussion is the name of Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards.Donald Craig Mitchell