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OPINION: Congress should investigate abuses happening in the structured settlement industry.Reggie Kelley
OPINION: Free tax preparation is an important boost for individuals and families working to improve their financial stability.Larry Rundquist,Maureen Haggblom
OPINION: Alaska's men need to step up and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with women to break the tight grip that rape and sexual assault have on our communities.Brionne Elkins
OPINION: The new administration of Gov.-elect Bill Walker will have to act transparently and decisively to follow through on its campaign message to "put Alaska First," and it will have to start doing so soon.Alice Rogoff
OPINION: Parnell and company's hard-right turns kept the Spirit of Alaska grounded; Walker and Mallott promise to get us aloft.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Even though two years is an eternity in politics, political junkies are already looking ahead to the race for Senate in 2016.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The Anchorage School District's newly discovered $22 million surplus is the result of skewed priorities.Suzanne Little
OPINION: Despite environmentalists' attacks, history and common sense show that in the Tongass, we can have our forest and timber too.Shelly Wright
OPINION: Commentators have labeled Bruce Springsteen’s Veterans Day performance at the Concert for Valor held on the National Mall anti-military and anti-American. They are totally wrong.Alan Boraas
OPINION: Sudden surplus in Anchorage school budget is no cause for celebration; it's a travesty.Jim Babb