To grow an impressive display of antlers, Alaska's moose or caribou must consume massive amounts of calcium. Since they eat mostly green plants, calcium consumption can be limited. Calcium for antlers is drawn in large part from the animals’ bodies.John Schandelmeier
I’ve heard Nevada described as “Poor Man’s Alaska," which on one hand draws a good connection between the two places but on the other hand sells Nevada short. That’s OK by me. I don’t want people to find out about how awesome Nevada is.Alli Harvey
OPINION: Coffey can put his mistakes in a binder, but he can't make them go away.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: The letter to Iran sent by 47 U.S. Senators was not intended to scuttle a nuclear arms deal with Iran, as some have claimed. Rather, it was written to ensure that the American people, through Congress, can have meaningful influence on this critical national security issue.Sen. Dan Sullivan
OPINION: Budget rebel Rep. Reinbold made like Mustang Sally, but now she has to walk. And in the process she's ruined her own ability to make real conservative change.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Two crimes occurred as a result of a 2012 teen party in Homer, and so far, the Resetarits brothers are the only ones paying for any of it. That, in itself, is another crime.Carey Restino
OPINION: The time for an income tax and using the Permanent Fund to pay for Alaska-style big government are at hand. Will anyone be left to pay the bill in the next generation?Frank McQueary
OPINION: While Uber has paused operations in Anchorage, our work is not done. The people of Anchorage deserve to know which mayoral candidates share Uber's vision for ridesharing in Alaska.Bryce Bennett
OPINION: Alaskans shouldn't judge any group by the actions of a few -- and shouldn't fear talking openly about cultural differences.Chris Cavanaugh
OPINION: Twenty-eight states have accepted additional federal Medicaid money. They are seeing results, and Alaska should too.Gov. Bill Walker