OPINION: Let's use the efficient tools our digital world provides to increase civic involvement -- let Alaskans register to vote when they apply for their Permanent Fund dividends.Penny Gage,Erin Harrington,Katherine Jernstrom
OPINION: Better to give up that death grip on our dividends than suffer chronic fiscal woes and pay taxes to boot.Tim Hale
OPINION: It's not that September snowfall is unheard of in Fairbanks, it's just that it usually arrives in small doses and fades fast. Not this year.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Mat-Su move to November election schedule could have some unintended consequences.Jim Sykes
OPINION: Tumbling off a snowmachine is one of those experiences that stays with you as you take stock of 43 years in Alaska.Elise Patkotak
Readers weigh in on the issues of the day, from Seward Highway overhauls to the words of Pope Francis.Alaska Dispatch News
It is easy enough to interpret the decision by Shell to pull the plug on its offshore drilling project as the end product of federal overreach. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Log off, clone, and drop that phone: Class is in session at Baker University's College of Human Interaction.Frank Baker
OPINION: Passage of LGBT rights ordinance will help Anchorage build a better community.Mike Prozeralik
OPINION: The Anchorage Assembly's proposal to extend rights protection to LGBT community is an unnecessary act of coercion and a threat to religious liberty.Jim Minnery