OPINION: The Alaska GOP majority is dealin', ladies and gentlemen, so keep your hands on your wallets.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Getting rid of one local district attorney for enforcing a statewide policy is wrong. The Alaska Department of Law's bad policy shift in the wake of the shocking case of Jerry Active must be corrected.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: We need to take our country and economy to the next level in terms of energy security. The only way to do this is to safely and responsibly explore our own offshore energy resources, particularly off Alaska.Randall Luthi
OPINION: When Sen. Dan Sullivan signed onto the letter Sen. Tom Cotton wrote to Iran's leaders, he not only contributed to a huge policy blunder, he hindered the U.S. government's ability to conduct foreign policy regardless of who is in office.Brett Scruton
OPINION: Wishbone Hill mining lawsuit shows that Alaska's laws don't mean much if Alaska's agencies refuse to follow them.Pete Praetorius
OPINION: Details in Dan Coffey's letter to the judge in the Josef Boehm case raise serious questions about the mayoral candidate's judgment and character.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Why are Republicans in the House wasting everyone's time by trying again to defund the health care reform act? Their attempt will fail again, and all they'll be left with are campaign talking points.Elise Patkotak
To grow an impressive display of antlers, Alaska's moose or caribou must consume massive amounts of calcium. Since they eat mostly green plants, calcium consumption can be limited. Calcium for antlers is drawn in large part from the animals’ bodies.John Schandelmeier
I’ve heard Nevada described as “Poor Man’s Alaska," which on one hand draws a good connection between the two places but on the other hand sells Nevada short. That’s OK by me. I don’t want people to find out about how awesome Nevada is.Alli Harvey
OPINION: If we do not wake up and focus on climate changes coming at Alaska, soon it will be too late to change our future. Alaskans are not just residents of this state, we are citizens of the international Arctic.Halbe Brown