OPINION: A community can't know itself unless it knows its history, and the Cook Inlet Historical Society has provided that service for Anchorage.Steve Haycox
The goal of the Denali Summit Survey is to find out just how high Mount McKinley is, down to the last centimeter. It's a tall order with a long history.Dermot Cole
Some of the busiest pilots in the state are commuting to hot spots several times a day, dropping tens of thousands of gallons of fire retardant across a wide, smoky cross-section of baked Alaska.  Dermot Cole
OPINION: Academy chief wants Alaska law enforcers to remember who they work for, who and what they protect.Val Van Brocklin
OPINION: Alaska is a state full of veterans, and too many suffer the waiting list of a nation which always finds the means to wage war, but not always to heal its warriors.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: We have to see all the colors and hear all the stories to create a colorblind society.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Alaska should raise the fee for its nonresident hunting tags dramatically. Doing so would bring more revenue for a resource in high demand, and increase access to federal matching funds.P.J. Simon
OPINION: We don’t need to be religious to understand global warming as a moral imperative and a necessity for our own longer-term survival. The time for denial is over. We need action.Phil Somervell,Curt Karns
On some level, we all know that there are better ways to prepare for wildfires, but until we start focusing on the problem in months that aren’t June and July, forget about any real progress. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Endorsing a trade of priceless and irreplaceable coastline for a snow dump lease is outrageous in itself. But contempt for public process and citizen involvement is the ordinance’s greatest affront.Jim Reeves,Dirk Sisson