OPINION: China and the U.S. have an obligation and opportunity to work together on a range of cooperative issues to maintain the Arctic’s future as a peaceful, safe and secure region, as that new frontier opens.David Slayton,Lawson W. Brigham
OPINION: President Obama needs to recognize Alaska's reality and potential, and not see the state as background for environmental extremism.Rep. Don Young
OPINION: If the president makes an honest effort to engage with Alaskans, he will leave as awed by our people as he will inevitably be by our mountains.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
OPINION: When President Obama visits, I hope he sees Alaska for what it is: A symbol of the very best in the American character and spirit, but also a real place, with real people.Sen. Dan Sullivan
OPINION: We have the means to slow global warming in Alaska and the Arctic and avoid its worst impacts.  Durwood Zaelke
OPINION: The only practical answer to Alaska's short-term budget deficit is to tap our Permanent Fund earnings and cap the dividend.Tim Bradner
OPINION: The lone dissenting voter in the Alaska Legislative Council's Medicaid lawsuit decision makes his case against the action.Rep. Sam Kito III
OPINION: Alaskans shouldn't let fear make us accept taxes and cuts and changes to the Permanent Fund that will ultimately make things worse.Rep. Wes Keller
OPINION: Every Alaskan, regardless of political leaning, should be offended that the president is coming to our state and disrupting our lives for a few days just to use us for his own political purposes. If he doesn’t care what the average Alaskan has to say, he should just stay away.Mike Dingman
OPINION: For Republican leaders in the Legislature, it's more important to bedevil Gov. Bill Walker than benefit Alaskans.Elise Patkotak