OPINION: Any chance that terrorists could enter this country by posing as refugees is unacceptable.Peter Goldberg
OPINION: Alaskans must keep regular, independent oversight of its police and correctional officers, and we must give our public safety professionals enough resources to do their jobs well.Carey Restino
OPINION: Far too much of the discussion about the schools that make up the University of Alaska today takes place with a true lack of understanding about what actually exists here and now.Paul Dunscomb
OPINION: It may be hard for some Americans to understand the French reaction to the Paris terror attacks on Nov. 13, but living life boldly is how we, French civilians, can fight terror, not by changing our gun laws.Manon Grimault
Hysterical Republican politicians in Alaska are going on panic-stricken rants about the Syrian refugee crisis, pretending to know what's really going on. Pete Kelly wants you to believe they're trying to install sharia law from Skagway to Shishmaref. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Does history make people or do people make history?Steve Haycox
OPINION: It’s high time our economy kicked the fossil fuel habit. When we account for the real costs of carbon consumption, sustainable alternatives become competitive, and we make more rational choices. Rick Steiner
OPINION: Alaska should seek to create a treatment environment rather than a criminal environment for people addicted to drugs like heroin.Mike Dingman
OPINION: More Alaskans can breathe easier when the University of Alaska Anchorage campus goes tobacco-free and smoke-free on Nov. 19.Alison Kulas
Had Gilbert Joseph been better connected in life, he wouldn’t have been drinking hand sanitizer that night in Fairbanks. Had he been better connected in life, he would have received better treatment in “protective custody” and his death would never have been treated in such a casual manner. Dermot Cole