While many Alaska visits by the chief executive have been brief refueling stops, some presidents have stayed overnight or gone fishing. And one president-to-be even voted here.Dermot Cole
OPINION: It is a surprise that Frank Gerjevic would expose his prejudice against Republicans so transparently. His commentary, printed Aug. 20, was especially offensive to me on several levels.Frank McQueary
OPINION: Climate change is real, complex and accelerating in the north, and that creates both challenges and opportunities.Larry Hinzman
OPINION: President Obama deserves a guide who will help him see the real Alaska, the one struggling with climate change, food security, poverty, suicide and violence. Plus, he'll need someone to show him how to use a honey bucket.Don Rearden
OPINION: The lawsuit to thwart Medicaid expansion is a nice gig for lawyers, but a waste of money for Alaskans.Rep. Andy Josephson
OPINION: Alaskans will pull together and make sacrifices, but it's hard take the hit when legislative majority leaders squander public money against Medicaid expansion.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: As the Arctic Ocean opens, new opportunities and challenges emerge, and the U.S. focus on the Arctic grows. And Alaskans have a chance to make their voices heard.Adm. Robert J. Papp, Jr.
OPINION: Federal and state leaders should understand that climate change is a critical threat to the food security of the people who live in the Arctic and depend on the bounty of subsistence foraging, hunting and fishing.James Stotts
OPINION: China and the U.S. have an obligation and opportunity to work together on a range of cooperative issues to maintain the Arctic’s future as a peaceful, safe and secure region, as that new frontier opens.David Slayton,Lawson W. Brigham
OPINION: President Obama needs to recognize Alaska's reality and potential, and not see the state as background for environmental extremism.Rep. Don Young