OPINION: For all the talk of cliffs and doom, Alaskans forget we're still wealthy -- and we have the means to keep it that way.Alice Rogoff
OPINION: Gov. Bill Walker's way won't get Alaska's gas to market.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Demboski's campaign is a little strange given her Valley base and disdain for Anchorage.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: A U.S. war against Iran over nuclear weapons would be a terrible mistake, and the biggest proponents are people who don't know war and have forgotten the humanity of their would-be enemies.Bryan Box
OPINION: Fishing for chum salmon around Kotzebue Alaska goes much better when you have the right gear, the right crew, and more importantly, enough salmon, like we did in 2014.Gus Nelson
OPINION: Through foresight and willingness, Alaska's fisheries managers have developed and implemented a system that is considered the envy of the world, the “Alaska Model,” this system has worked extremely well in Alaska, and should be a goal of all management councils.Rep. Don Young
OPINION: The federal compact with Alaska public school students has been ignored and the terms changed. As Alaskans we are obliged to try and reinstate an incredible federal promise for current and future Alaska public school students.Allen McCarty
OPINION: With supporters and friends on our side, it may not be all easy running downhill, but our challenges do get lighter.Ember Eck
OPINION: Rush to judgment on Indiana for religious freedom law shows an intolerance for diversity.Jim Minnery
OPINION: Alaska will be over the fiscal cliff and way downstream if we try to sustain this unsustainable budget.Scott Goldsmith