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OPINION: Not a single Alaska candidate this election is worth my vote.John Connor
OPINION: City workers are overpaid; Sullivan's labor law restores balance.Tom Fink
OPINION: An ill-conceived law fouls Anchorage labor relations. Vote no.Tony Knowles
OPINION: Without real protection, the matchless walrus sanctuary of Round Island is in peril.Betsy Palfreyman
OPINION: For breathtaking hypocrisy, it's hard to beat Mark Begich and Harry Reid.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Parnell refuses to come clean on Guard scandal, and most lawmakers have done no better by the Alaskans they are supposed to represent. Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Forget the "deciding vote on Obamacare" ploy. Give us solutions for the problems of Obamacare. Dermot Cole
OPINION: The impending legalization of same-sex marriage in Alaska is cause for celebration, but the the greater goal should be to get government out of this private decision.Egan Millard
OPINION: Unity ticket of Walker and Mallott gives hope that we can table the hot-button issues and make common cause for Alaska's good. John Staser
OPINION: This is Physician Assistants Week, and Alaskans have good reason to thank the PAs who deliver care here.John Hall