OPINION: Alaska should raise the fee for its nonresident hunting tags dramatically. Doing so would bring more revenue for a resource in high demand, and increase access to federal matching funds.P.J. Simon
OPINION: We don’t need to be religious to understand global warming as a moral imperative and a necessity for our own longer-term survival. The time for denial is over. We need action.Phil Somervell,Curt Karns
On some level, we all know that there are better ways to prepare for wildfires, but until we start focusing on the problem in months that aren’t June and July, forget about any real progress. Dermot Cole
OPINION: Endorsing a trade of priceless and irreplaceable coastline for a snow dump lease is outrageous in itself. But contempt for public process and citizen involvement is the ordinance’s greatest affront.Jim Reeves,Dirk Sisson
OPINION: As political rhetoric about tax credits heats up in these challenging budget times, I encourage Alaskans to remember how effective they have been in Cook Inlet.Mayor Dan Sullivan
OPINION: Losing the local Bristol Bay setnet fishery would be a travesty to a lifestyle and a black eye for our state.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: People still suggest that racism’s legacy is a thing of the past. But we can’t escape our past, and we can’t change things for the better, if we aren’t willing to be honest with ourselves.Barbara Hood
OPINION: Alaska shouldn't focus on just Medicaid expansion or Medicaid reform. Unless we want to keep being a national punch line, nothing less than an omnibus health plan should be our goal.John C. Laux
OPINION: The Chuitna River, across Cook Inlet from the Kenai Peninsula, should not be mined for coal, and the project should be on every Alaskan’s radar because of the precedent it could set.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: It is hard not to chuckle now about political satirist P.J. O’Rourke’s observation about the nation’s health care system: “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.”Paul Jenkins