OPINION: Alaskans have seen this before: Under the guise of civic engagement and responsible leadership, the usual suspects are taking care of their own.Michael Carey
Nearing the 60th anniversary of the Alaska Constitution, our Legislature faces issues as important as those faced by the statehood generation. Charles Wohlforth
OPINION: First step to close Alaska's budget gap is to put state government on a shorter leash.Curtis Thayer
OPINION: Recycling's benefits are a constant, but low energy prices and rejection of contaminated materials require care with what we throw into bins.Travis Smith,Mary Fisher
If by some chance oil stays near $30 or $35 a barrel for the next couple of years, we could reach an unprecedented moment in modern Alaska history — net revenues from oil could drop to zero or close to it.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Illusions won't help us resolve Alaska's budget crisis; let's stick to the facts and deal with them.Diane Kaplan
OPINION: Once again, fear and anger test U.S. faith in its democratic institutions. Steve Haycox
OPINION: Senate Bill 114 would take almost three-fourths of oil and gas royalties and pay them to Alaskans as dividends.  Sen. Lesil McGuire
OPINION: If Gov. Walker's plan is chosen, hopefully the state can find a way to repay the people of Alaska for loaning their dividends.Alexander Hoke
OPINION: If people do indeed get the leadership they deserve, Americans must have done something awful.Mike Dingman