OPINION: When Alaska Native land claims needed a visionary, Charlie Edwardsen was there.Tim Bradner
OPINION: Convenient, professional, local emergency care is a very good thing to have in your community, but a current proposal by Hospital Corporation of America will result in limited storefronts lacking the kind of lifesaving resources that only hospital emergency departments can offer.Tim Silbaugh M.D.
OPINION: Mayor Sullivan could have had his conservative cred and genuine social service progress as his legacy, but instead he went for the narrow view and campaign labels.  Mike Dingman
OPINION: Read about these Anchorage graduates and feel better about the future.Ed Graff
OPINION: Until Alaskans -- including our law enforcement officers -- start taking bike lanes seriously, all the road paint in the world won't make cycling safer here.Jim Magowan
OPINION: Six new rock quarries proposed for the Seward Highway as part of the Windy Corner project will provide no lasting benefit to Chugach State Park.Tom Meacham
OPINION: While the rest of us grew old and to some degree lost the fire in our belly that we’d once had as rebellious youths, the fire never went out in Etok’s heart or soul. He never stopped believing.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: The collected legends of Charlie "Etok" Edwardsen could fill a book the size of "The Arabian Nights."Michael Carey
OPINION: Beware the sale of Anchorage's public trash service to a private contractor, because it's a safe bet we'll end up paying more.Jillanne Inglis
OPINION: Right now, the message the justice system is telling Alaskans is that we live in a society where it isn’t that big a deal to kill a bicyclist and flee the scene. It's time we speak up.Brian Litmans