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OPINION: Let's remember that the terrorists of Paris represent Islam no more than the Klan represents Christianity. And then let's hold our religious institutions to account.Dr. Douglas Johnston
OPINION: Greenpeace's Arctic campaign is heavy on sloganeering but light on solutions, and does not address the root cause of climate change in the North, which is excessive carbon emission in the south.Heather Exner-Pirot
OPINION: Based on the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case, why shouldn't corporations and other groups have the same constitutional rights as human citizens?Jessie Peterson
OPINION: Craig Medred's contention that Alaska's fishing fleet is skating on contributions to state revenue is all wrong.Chip Treinen
OPINION: The Tongass Advisory Committee should recognize the Tongass National Forest for what it is: a precious national treasure, a stronghold of increasingly rare old-growth temperate rainforest and a diversified economic engine.Zachary Brown
OPINION: Stopping timber harvest on the Big Thorne project area is not the most direct or certain way to protect a wolf population, even if it were a distinct subspecies as some argue.Frank Murkowski
OPINION: As we mark Dr. King’s 86th birthday, it is my hope that Americans will remember another less-celebrated element of his dream -- a belief in the importance of unions, labor rights and robust worker voice.Thomas E. Perez
OPINION: Alaskans should take note of a proposal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding chemicals used to disperse oil spilled on water.Carey Restino
OPINION: The last thing Alaska needs is a senator whose Canada-first policies discourage North Slope investment and continue to flood the global market with cheap oil.Mike Wenstrup
OPINION: Longtime Anchorage Daily News cartoonist Peter Dunlap Shohl and Alaska Dispatch News columnist Michael Carey, who worked together on the opinion pages of the Daily News for 16 years, write about Charlie Hebdo and the terror attacks in Paris.Peter Dunlap-Shohl,Michael Carey