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OPINION: You can't take polls to the bank, but politicians bank on them for the bandwagon effect when the numbers go their way. Mark Trahant
OPINION: Militarized or "Intelligence-Led Policing" has eroded trust and diminished the connection of communities to their police.David Sexton
OPINION: Alaska's economy has been bent over an oil barrel for far too long. New industry is one of the biggest reasons Alaska should vote yes on Ballot Measure 2.Mara Machulsky
OPINION: Once the health hazards of secondhand cigarette smoke were firmly established, sweeping ordinances throughout the country were passed to protect people. Protection from wood smoke is even more medically justified.Dr. Brian Moench
OPINION: University supporters shouldn't let the Gamble bonus fiasco diminish their contributions -- and all the good those contributions do. Omer Carey
OPINION: Why Sen. Mark Begich has decided to stake his re-election campaign on who's more "Alaskan" instead of discussing real issues or his own record is a mystery.Win Gruening
OPINION: Being a "true Alaskan" isn't about what you own or where you live. It's a state of mind, and old-timers who can continuously find newness in Alaska have discovered the ultimate secret of living here.Frank E. Baker
OPINION: Military gear for police isn't the issue -- it's how police use that gear. Law enforcement equipment shouldn't be a concern, but officers' mindset should be.Val Van Brocklin
OPINION: Fairbanks' merchants of sin warmed to the Cold War, for there was profit in GI payday.  Michael Carey
OPINION: A rude awakening awaits independent candidate for governor Bill Walker if he plans to be ambiguous about things like abortion and marriage equality until the November election.John Aronno