OPINION: Dropping this Akiachak lawsuit because it’s a waste of money most assuredly means the state will be in many more lawsuits. Indeed, dropping the Akiachak case could be the biggest waste of money. Mary Bishop
OPINION: Facts belie fearmongering by opponents of Alaska tribes' right to petition for trust lands.Jenny Bell-Jones
OPINION: We need to make Alaska schools a place children rejoice in returning to each fall. If we can, it will pay dividends that make the Permanent Fund dividend look paltry by comparison.Carey Restino
Sen. Dan Sullivan should reverse his stand on the Law of the Sea treaty. For guidance, he need look no further than the reasonable positions taken during the second Bush administration by a guy named Dan Sullivan.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Anchorage boomed when Alaska was awash in oil money; so how did we do with all that wealth?Steve Haycox
OPINION: Alaska is rich in renewable energy, and it's time to tap the till.Polly Carr
OPINION: GOP leaders' claims of constitutional defense against governor's Medicaid expansion ring loud and hollow.Frank Gerjevic
OPINION: Belly up to the bar, boys and girls, and hear this tale of just how Anchorage makes its living -- and let's hear it for that Knik Arm bridge!Rick Goodfellow
OPINION: Things tend to even out over time up north. In the end, everyone usually gets their piece of the pie, even if their piece is occasionally somewhat smaller than some others.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Alaska shouldn't let special interests sustain a high-priced natural gas market at in-state consumers' expense.Ray Latchem