Alaska Natives were taught never to take sick animals or meat home. This can be seen only as common sense to those who just want to survive as their ancestors did not very long ago.Aqquilluk Hank Sr.
This year's open season won't guarantee Alaska a gas line, but it's a promising step.
In 2005 the Alaska Legislative Council commissioned a pollster to ask state residents their opinion about whether teenage girls should be required to receive a parent's consent before obtaining an abortion. The result: Almost 80 percent of Alaskans endorsed this concept.Sen. Donny Olson,Ralph Samuels
The divine appendage
Alaska's economy is in trouble. What can we do?Bob Poe
First priority is to protect the Permanent Fund itself. Then we can argue about the right share for dividends.
Winners and losers in last week's news
Despite such healthy company profits, it looks like the 2010 legislative session may bring a call by oil industry members and some legislators to reduce the share Alaskans receive for our oil from such companies as Exxon, British Petroleum and Conoco.Reps. Les Gara,Berta Gardner
To reach our full potential we must prepare future generations to meet every challenge equipped with creative minds and skilled hands.Chris Tuck
Youth survey suggests Alaska tobacco taxes are working.