Does Sarah Palin really appreciate the threats this prolific fishery faces from the proposed Pebble mine? If so, how could the former governor possibly allow this megalithic project to move toward government permitting?Nanci Morris Lyon
America's health care costs too much and isn't good enough. Congress should move ahead with major reform.
In downtown Havana during President George W. Bush's administration, U.S. officials constructed a giant electronic billboard on our diplomatic building there to broadcast American propaganda at the Cuban people.David Ramseur
Now it's Mayor Sullivan's turn to show courage and do the right thing.
My son, Seth Mandel, died July 24, 2009, in a car accident on the Seward Highway going around the Turnagain Arm.Michelle Mandel
Sen. Begich's views on the goals of health reform are solid. We need to hear more from him on how to achieve them.
If this mass caribou killing was "subsistence," then subsistence is getting a black eye.
Looks like politically favored defendants are getting special financial treatment.
The U.S. spends a higher portion of our gross domestic product on health care than any other country, but we rank 37 out of 191 countries, according to a report of the World Health Organization (WHO) on health system performance. This shocking fact is sadly left out of the current debate on health care reform.Steve Cleary
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