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The state is supposed to create hope an opportunity for 2,000 foster youth. Instead, 40 percent of these kids end up homeless at some point as adults. It's time for reform in Alaska's foster care system. Les Gara,Amanda Metivier
Still plenty of things Alaskans should know about the tax situations of their most powerful officials.
Many years ago, when my son was about 8, we were driving through Soldotna and stopped to gas up. He had 50 cents, and went in to buy a 49 cent candy bar. The cashier rang it up and said, "51 cents." He was dumbfounded. She explained the local sales tax. Kirk Wickersham
Imagine a coastal village well north of the Arctic Circle. For years, townspeople have scraped out a living by fishing for cod and herding reindeer. Then one day, an oil company discovers tremendous wealth just offshore. Ned Rozell
When considering the plight of communities like Emmonak or debating the cost to support rural infrastructure, we must keep in mind a broader and richer picture of Alaska Native people, not just a really interesting museum exhibit about life prior to 1741. Bob Poe
Cook Inlet Housing is doing a great job building better houses in one of Anchorage's struggling neighborhoods.
If the president can admit to making a mistake, the least I can do is to come clean. I am the reason the American economy is faltering. It's my fault. Walter Betz
I recently read Shell Oil's desire to engage North Slope residents in dialogue about safe offshore drilling. North Slope residents welcome that dialogue. It is ongoing at our dinner tables, community meetings and boardrooms, and it is appropriate to continue it in a public forum.Richard Glenn
Perfect for giants.   -by Evan Steinhauser
Everybody wants to know when the big recession will end. The answer (keep it to yourself) is Oct. 2. Tom Brennan