Alaska's offshore oil and natural gas resources are vital to the nation's strategic, economic and energy security. Lisa Murkowski
A National Review editor is visiting Anchorage on Tuesday to tell us that the media is dead tired.
This lawsuit met its just fate in federal court.
Open-minded skepticism about health care reform can produce a stronger final result.
I've been thinking a lot about the health care reform debate since I watched the news coverage of Sen. Ted Kennedy's funeral. As a 3 1/2-year lung cancer survivor I've lived with and dealt with many of the things the reform would change.Roland Shanks
I was dismayed to read the shortsighted Daily News editorial urging the Municipality of Anchorage to consider tapping into funding set aside to market Anchorage as a destination ("City budget woes," Aug. 30). Doing so would hurt our economy far into the city's future.Julie Saupe
Exploring a lifelong relationship with Barbie on the doll's 50th anniversary. Elise Sereni Patkotak
Chugach State Park is great. Help plan how it can be even better.
Rep. Don Young will never have seniority again, even if the Republicans take back control of the House in the near future. Andrew Halcro
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