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As the Legislature shifts into the "energy relief" part of the special session, I am reminded of the biblical adage -- "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." If we just send every Alaskan a check, without making some connection to energy efficiency and conservation, we only help for a day.Kate Troll
If there's one thing that fries my bacon, it's these infernal greenie no-growthers that are trying to strangle every strand of progress here in Alaska. The oil money is pouring in and we finally have the chance to build the state of our dreams. But every time ya turn around, those Californicated communists are saying, no, no, no.Joe Contraire
If Gov. Palin had a good reason to fire him, Alaskans haven't heard it.
Your article regarding the hundreds of military personnel who re-enlisted on the Fourth of July was insightful and I thank your paper for printing it.Bill Vogel
Remember when air travel was fun? We even dressed up, like it was a special occasion. We looked forward to the onboard meals. Passengers were cheerful and friendly. Flight attendants were like celebrities. There was no risk of contracting a rare virus that scientists couldn't wait to get under a microscope for a prize-winning discovery. After our arrival, we related the trip's highlights to friends.Frank Baker
It's disappointing that the city created a plan for dealing with obesity, then stuffed it on a shelf.
Geography, resources and ecosystems link Alaska inextricably to its neighbor, Russia. Russia requires a special relationship, with specialized institutions and specialists to manage them. With oil nearing $150 a barrel, Russia is enjoying boom times. The Putin/Medvedev social contract gives Russians stability, freedom to buy things they want and travel abroad, in exchange for Kremlin control over profits.Peter Christiansen
Northern pike have their place, but not in Cheney Lake.
I am concerned about escalating transient and inebriate traffic in the Campbell Creek Park area. My home on East 48th Avenue backs to the Campbell Creek trail system. When we purchased our home, we felt that the trail system was a positive feature, allowing us easy access to biking, walking and skiing.Karl Hulse
The recent 10-acre fire in the Midtown region of the Campbell Creek greenbelt should serve as a wake-up call to Anchorage and our entire state that we all must do more to address the growing homelessness in our community.Mike Abbott