A recent UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research study confirms what roughly every other Alaska senior will tell you. Most doctors will not take in new Medicare general practice patients. Alaska Rep. Les Gara
Arctic fishing ban is good stewardship, smart policy.
Society can't always prevent pathetic, prejudiced people from doing violence to others, but society can, and must, aggressively prosecute and punish hate crimes when they happen.
When I reached him Thursday in San Diego, former State Rep. David Finkelstein hadn't heard that Tim Kelly had died. I wanted to check with Finkelstein, a Democrat, because he had worked closely with Kelly, a Republican senator from Anchorage, to pass Alaska's landmark campaign financing reform in 1996.
Not every Christian agrees with Dr. Jerry Prevo. I, for one, can no longer remain silent while I watch Dr. Prevo represent himself as the ideological leader of Anchorage's Christian community.Geneva Walters
Can you say: "All of the traffic and less of the money"? Craig Medred
Alaska politics and political hijinks
Medicare coverage in Alaska has huge holes. Congress needs to fix the problem.
Lest anyone forget, in the furor of the health care debate and the controversy over the mayor's veto of an Anchorage equal-rights ordinance, young Americans are still going to war for their country.
Winners and losers in last week's news