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Alaska's nonprofit student loan agency should be able to continue business as usual, while the federal government cuts out costly subsidies to commercial banks.
Anchorage is ready to lighten the energy load on the environment and the taxpayer -- and we don't have to go dark and cold to do it.
Permanent Fund is not a development bank, nor should it be.
Alaska has a lot at stake in dealing with global warming.
The Alaska Legislature that just adjourned was the first in years that faced low oil prices and had to grapple with shrinking state revenue.
Reader opinions
Prop. 9 did one good thing, at least -- adding a provision that levels out the effects of inflation on the Anchorage tax cap.
I've followed Anchorage bear numbers since 1966 and have become increasingly amused the past few years by the city's response, more specifically the inaction of those given authority to "manage" fish and big, wild life.Larry Kaniut
Alaska politics and political hijinks
Bungled bailouts and burgeoning deficits helped boost the turnout for Tax Day Tea Party.