Alaska could be the country's strongest voice in solving a climate crisis. Instead, we choose to spend money to squelch our own screams.Dr. Natalie Dawson
We are not forever cursed because we have Nuna in our blood. We should be proud that we don't not mix well with the Western man's chemical burdens.Rainey Nasugraq Higbee
On health care, Senators Murkowski and Begich have voted their convictions. That's the way they should vote.
Nothing like intelligent commentary to kick-start your morning.
Our gas prices are nation's highest and we still don't know why.
Gov. Sean Parnell says he is "indignant" about several recent pipeline spills on the North Slope and the Dec. 23 grounding of an oil industry tugboat, which released diesel in Prince William Sound. While expressing deep concern may be helpful, Gov. Parnell needs to take several stronger actions to protect the state's resources from future spills.Lois N. Epstein
We Alaskans still count on oil -- and better count on change.
The listing of the Cook Inlet beluga whale as an endangered species has raised awareness of water quality in Cook Inlet.Timothy M. Sullivan Sr.
Pathfinder investigation should show the way to avoid a repeat.
To defy the tyranny of the clock, the library is like a good day fishing.