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Winners and losers in last week's news
As Alaskans mark the 50th anniversary of statehood this year, the commercial fishermen of Bristol Bay set sail for their 125th season today. They do so in much more comfort and with better gear than the pioneering fishermen of the bay.Tim Troll
What may have been leading edge in 1975 is now mainstream in 2009. The time has come for Anchorage to make our equal rights laws more complete and more just by protecting people regardless of their sexual orientation.Tony Knowles
Soon, mentors will be available to help foster care kids launch into adulthood. Want to get involved? Call Saville at 276-6472.
"At the end of his life, William Seward was asked: Which of your public acts do you think will live longest in the memory of the American People?Paulette Simpson
I'd like to clarify my position concerning government-paid children's health care.Rep. Wes Keller
If the courts allow these loopholes in the state public records law, the Legislature should close them.
My reaction to the proposed sexual orientation ordinance is mixed. On the one hand, I am glad to see that the proponents of the ordinance are pursuing their objective through the democratic process. Regardless of what you believe the outcome of this debate should be, you should be glad that the debate is at least occurring in a forum in which the people can have a say in the outcome.Kevin Clarkson
Mountain View is a neighborhood on the way up.
In this beautiful village located along a river on the Seward Peninsula, residents contend daily with raw sewage and insufficient access to water.Laura Eichelberger