The 50th anniversary of statehood is about over. If there's a lesson in the anniversary, it may be this: Nobody in 1959 could have predicted how dramatically Alaska would change in the next half century.
Alaska politics and political hijinks
This forest restoration initiative could be good for both the economy and the environment.
I voted in favor of the Senate health insurance reform bill because I believe the status quo is unacceptable.Sen. Mark Begich
Usually by this time of year, members of Congress stop hearing from their constituents because they've got other things on their minds -- Christmas cards and presents and family gatherings to celebrate the holidays. But not this year.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Politicians are raised in a political culture within their home states before being called up to the big leagues.John Aronno
Effective financial industry regulation won't strangle commerce -- it will restore confidence.
In a Dec. 12 Compass piece, Attorney General Dan Sullivan questioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's decision to list the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and stated that the act will impact development here in Alaska. I would like to answer those questions and address those concerns.Geoffrey L. Haskett
On Christmas Eve 1969 we were struggling for words to express the joys and spirit of Christmas in an editorial. We finally went into the boss's office for help. Larry Fanning thought for a moment and said, "The best Christmas message I ever read was in St. Luke. If it's still there, let's reprint it."
Don't make passengers swelter out on the tarmac.