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President Bush created an awful mess when he "took the gloves off" with terrorism suspects.
Gen. Shinseki faces a big challenge at the head of the VA. It's not his first.
For more than 40 years, Conoco Phillips and its predecessor companies have proudly provided jobs, state revenue and a wide variety of charitable contributions that have made a positive difference in the lives of Alaskans.Wendy King
A recent Compass asked how Shell's offshore oil development can move forward while addressing the challenges the offshore presents -- including recovery of any spilled oil in ice. We appreciate and welcome the question. And any others.Pete Slaiby
The city's just-announced budget shortfall makes those new union contracts look awfully generous.
Federal managers are getting ahead of any problems by saying "no" to industrial fishing in the Arctic right now.
I was in Fairbanks last week. Temperatures in the Tanana Valley hovered at minus 40. I spent hours in my hotel room holed up with books, hardly my intention when I flew north. Harsh weather did not slow me as a teenager. I routinely walked home from Lathrop High -- more than a mile -- after school. My greasy hair froze but I suffered no damage because I stopped at the pool hall to warm up.
The news that the Anchorage police intend to focus their crime-fighting efforts in Spenard was welcome indeed. This emphasis, however, is long overdue and cannot be a short-term response if we are truly committed to solving crime in the area.Dan Sullivan
On global warming, the recent election made a big difference -- and that's a good thing.
As a health teacher for the Anchorage School District I'm really happy I live in a city that encourages its people to get outside -- even in the cold. In our Anchorage classrooms, as is true in our entire country, we are experiencing an obesity epidemic.Sara Peebles