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Even as the state Board of Game appeased the Anchorage rabble that raised such a fuss about wolverine trapping in Chugach State Park, it stubbornly refused to consider the larger question of whether wolverine are being overharvested in the larger region. Bill Sherwonit
In the 1980s, a Southeast schoolteacher ordered a few clusters of frog eggs. The frogs grew and they enjoyed them until school ended, when they released them into pond. From that act of seeming compassion came an invasion of Chichagof Island by redlegged frogs. Ned Rozell
In the past, I have supported the work of Jim Minnery, president of the Alaska Family Council. But he crossed the line with his recent attacks on Judge Morgan Christen, our new Supreme Court justice. Wev Shea
The Legislature approved a new science building at UAA; legislators should make sure UAA has the money to run it.
I recently watched "Class Dismissed in Swat Valley," a short, sobering video on The New York Times Web site. It's about the Taliban's decision to ban girls' education in the beautiful and formerly peaceful Swat Valley of northern Pakistan, the country where I was born and raised.Shehla Anjum
I came to a realization the other night: Alaska changes you. I was supposed to fly out to Fairbanks for my final class this weekend, but Barrow and Fairbanks got absolutely dumped on... Lindsay Spindler
Since Alaska has been keeping records on sexual violence, we have led this nation, and still we haven't taken any major initiative to counter the problem.Walt Monegan
A new approach will help clear away a small obstacle to a bigger project .
Gov. Bobby Jindal was right to question funding in the stimulus package for volcano research. Had there been $140 million earmarked for hurricane research, Jindal would have protested too, asserting that the wind was blowing our money all around. Richard Koller
All but six states provide for some kind of post-conviction DNA testing where it might establish innocence. Alaska should too.