How ironic that the Legislature spent so much time over the past couple of years trying to figure out how to reduce the price Alaskans pay at the pump for gasoline while continuing to allow our local refineries to earn an acceptable return on their investment.Sen. Fred Dyson
As the new year starts, Alaskans begin filing the paperwork to get their beloved Permanent Fund dividend. I hear lots of people talking about how large the Permanent Fund check will be this year and what they will spend it on. Never have I heard or read about not taking the dividend.Maureen Suttman
While the conversation over where governmental involvement becomes intrusion is phenomenally important, hiding behind the right to privacy doesn't grant us the right to use our cars as weapons for the sole purpose of checking our voice mail.John Aronno
First goal isn't 90 days and out; first goal is good legislation.
One of Alaska's finest leaders says it's almost time to retire.
I marked my first year as a U.S. senator on Jan. 6. With an international recession, two wars and a growing national debt, the past year has been one of the busiest in congressional history.Sen. Mark Begich
The state of the state? There's room to improve, as always, but we're doing better than most.
It has been 37 years since the Supreme Court rendered its landmark decision guaranteeing a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion existed before the decision known as Roe v. Wade but the choices for women then were incredibly expensive or extremely dangerous.Clover Simon
Everyone realizes that legal abortion was enacted by the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973. At the time this nefarious law was decreed, those judges didn't have a clue about the developing child within the womb. They didn't know about the beating heart at three weeks after conception, or the appearance of the child's fingerprints and brain waves at six weeks into the pregnancy.Karen L. Lewis
Parnell's "performance scholarship" is an invite to educational rigor and excellence.Larry LeDoux