Alaska politics and political hijinks
Public trust trumps the right of Alaska lawmakers to invest as they please.
Winners and losers in last week's news
Governor's explanation for resignation doesn't make sense.
I awoke in the middle of a dreary February night covered in hives and barely able to breathe. Frantically, I stumbled across the hallway in search of help from my roommate who, upon assessing my condition (I have severe allergies), accompanied me to the nearby hospital emergency room.Natalie Hale
The U.S. government wants to decrease costs and increase effectiveness of health care. Better diets and more exercise will get us part of the way there.
I was dismayed and frankly, disgusted at the recent Supreme Court decision that would allow the Kensington gold mine to dump industrial waste into a freshwater lake. Those of us who depend upon the salmon fishery are frustrated that the Clean Water Act could be subverted in such a way.Izetta Chambers
Nice job on this $12 million makeover.
It is true that burqas have become symbolic of the repression and subjugation of women under Islamic law, but I think it's questionable whether governments should ever become involved in banning any type of clothing.Ivan Moore
In the gas line debate, some arguments are totally off-base.