Hidden in a residential area of Fairview is a gem -- a community health center (CHC) that has provided high quality medical and dental care for thousands of Anchorage families since 1971. It is a place where seniors with Medicare are accepted, where patients without insurance, or who cannot afford the coverage they have, are welcome.Joan Fisher
Alaska politics and political hijinks
MMS split is a good idea and overdue.
As a lifelong Alaskan and UAA justice major, I was disappointed to read President Mark Hamilton's Compass article regarding carrying guns on campus (May 7). I expected him to directly address the legal and constitutional issues involved rather than relying on evasion and poorly reasoned arguments.Matthew Carberry
The Gulf oil spill has produced a gusher of lessons about oil production, consumption, and oversight.Christian Science Monitor
Armed Forces Day reminds us to say thanks to our men and women in the military.
Is there a doctor in the house? For Alaska seniors, the answer may be no.J. James Rohack
Restoration is good news for the Kenai River.
Chuck Hamel asks a congressional committee to question BP leaders about alleged problems in Alaska's oil patch.Chuck Hamel
Shell's Arctic plans on hold; let's take that second look.