I'd rather chew my own arm off than look for work. It kicks up all those strange little insecurities I have. Perhaps it's a little too much like dating. Are my teeth white enough? Are my brows plucked right? Never mind that. Now it's "Is my nose plucked, and that hair on my chin?"Lillian K. Staats
We need to get rid of loopholes that let owners of aggressive dogs escape consequences.
The explanations are perplexing, but Alaska will be better off with a governor who wants to do the job.
Two years' freedom is plenty reward for cooperation.
When I "Googled" Sarah Palin on Friday morning, July 3, over six million results popped up. Within a week of her surprise resignation, the number had hit 24 million.Paulette Simpson
Oil has brought prosperity to Alaska, and state ownership of the oil lands is a key reason.
Anchorage must keep the pressure on to put gang members away, show those on the bubble a better way.
Anchorage's air quality reports kept reading "good" over the weekend and into Monday, even as the Chugach Range faded to a milky gray, masked by smoke.
Don't take even odds on Mayor Sullivan pulling off this feat.
If gasoline prices remain substantially higher here, Alaskans may cut to the chase and demand relief, not hearings.