The University of Alaska Anchorage debaters rank 12th in the world, tied with Harvard and St. Andrews of Scotland. Only Yale, ranked 3rd, is higher than UAA in the United States.
This funny world asks us to leave and become educated, but leaves out the price we'll pay.Rainey Nasugraq Higbee
Col. Norman Vaughan's nephew reports from a Massachusetts sled dog race that honors Vaughan's New England and Alaska heritage.Crocker Snow Jr.
Here's hoping for a constructive end to this access dispute.
Shooting was a shock; city's response just what we need.
Two-tug escorts? Yes, case closed.
As a former School Board member and now as a state representative, I've been showered for years with a number of ideas "for the children" because they are our "most precious resource."Rep. Chris Tuck
Martin Luther King Jr. made hundreds of speeches, but the one he made Aug. 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to a crowd of nearly 300,000 civil rights demonstrators is his best known. The "I Have a Dream'' address -- partially reprinted here in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- became a rallying cry for black Americans and a classic of world oratory.
With a number of critical issues on the agenda for Alaskans in 2010, Halcro tells us the politicians to watch. Andrew Halcro
Alaska politics and political hijinks