Some parts of state government will benefit from the attention of a hands-on governor.
Public safety stimulus money will help keep Anchorage police ranks full.
Winners and losers in last week's news
The Daily News and others have repeatedly and understandably questioned why the price for gasoline is higher in Alaska than in the Lower 48.Jeff Cook
Sgt. Schmachtenberger reminds us of how much pressure our troops face.
Eight of our residents have died in the parks and on the streets of our largest community. Do we need any more evidence that out-of-control substance-abuse addictions are literally killing our state? This is a quiet crisis no longer.Sen. Johnny Ellis
Mike Doogan: We're set to meet in about 10 days -- on Aug. 10, to be exact -- in Anchorage for what has been billed as a one-day special session. Let's hope that's all it is.Mike Doogan
In the ethics realm, Frank Bailey was a blot on Gov. Palin's record.
Let's make sure Alaskans called to military duty don't come home without care.
I'm angry, frustrated and disillusioned. Health care reform can't be that hard. Years of hoping, months of promises and now weeks of stalling and political rhetoric have driven me to write my first letter. In a news-scape littered with hyperbole, if anything rises to a real crisis in our country right now, the state of health care is it. This is literally about life and death.Debby Retherford