Palin's celebrity is but a symptom.Allison Palumbo
24/7 Palin coverage takes focus away from Alaska's problems Les Gara
Federal energy stimulus funds hold hidden costs and obligations.Richard T. Koller
Congrats to Mountain View and the School District -- the new Clark is a big step up.
It's a helpful step -- but it's not the whole answer to Anchorage's problem with chronic inebriates.
We join Alaskans in sending our condolences to Rep. Young, his children and grandchildren.
The Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonja Sotomayor concluded with no real bombshells. This job is for life, and decisions here can have a profound effect on society. The stakes are high, especially given the current court, which often decides issues on a 5 to 4 vote.Jeff Pantages
Alaska's national parks are different -- and the agency's new leader understands why.
It's time to put some state revenue-sharing money into maintaining services instead of tax relief.
To his credit President Obama has championed health care reform as an economic and moral imperative. Current increases in health care spending are unsustainable and the number of patients without access to basic health care is unacceptable.Dr. John Clark