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Record high prices for home heating fuel and utilities are putting a squeeze on family budgets. No other state's residents feel the pain more than Alaskans do. Our high oil prices along with extreme weather, isolated and remote communities, and a lack of infrastructure present a tough challenge.Dan Fauske
A helpful Medicare bill has passed the House. Hang on for imminent action in the Senate.
With the TransCanada contract, Alaska buys important support in pipeline regulation disputes.
Craig Medred's column "Allocation of halibut calls for revolution" (June 7) contained misleading information.Linda Behnken
Experienced pipeline builder TransCanada says the North Slope basin looks like a great prospect for a gas line.
We have lived in Eagle River since 1973 and have watched the building of each new home in our neighborhood. One particular project built last summer leaves us saddened and concerned. Because this development was allowed contrary to municipal regulations, our faith in the local government has been shaken. We hope that relating our experience will encourage the municipality to correct its practices.Jane,David Hewko
Improving public transit offers lasting help with high energy prices.
Since the Legislature approved the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act last year, some people have questioned whether the state's potential $500 million capital match is necessary. Even some of those who voted for it have asked, "is AGIA worth $500 million?"Gov. Sarah Palin
Midtown Park is going to be a lot more fun. It's yours, check it out.
Don't write TransCanada off just because you never heard of it before last year.