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The dangers to the Alaska Permanent Fund and the annual dividends it pays to every Alaskan are deeper than the out-of-state travel schedule of the governor or the ineptitude of its so-called trustees as a billion dollars a month disappears into the ether.Steve Conn
Dave Atcheson's Dec. 19 Compass article, "Mining should be held to same rules as other industries," requires a reply. First of all. Pebble will not be North America's largest open pit.Chuck Hawley
There simply are not enough employers offering health benefits in Alaska.John Riley
The economic collapse our nation is experiencing today was experienced before by the oil producing states when the price of oil fell below $10 per barrel in 1986. Ray Metcalfe
Alaska's budget situation is better than in most states, despite low oil prices.
I have been a so-called "gay activist" for at least 20 years. Marriage used to be a little controversial as a gay cause. In the beginning, a minority of gay activists firmly adopted marriage as the ultimate 20th century gay cause. A louder majority called it a sellout, a throwback to paternalistic social forms, an unworthy goal.Allison Mendel
Recently I attended Gov. Schwarzenegger's Global Climate Summit. It was great to see so much national and international attention to global warming, but there were a few low points that scratched at my pride as an Alaskan.Kate Troll
Alaskans should push legislators to help more working families with children's health insurance.
Alaska politics and political hijinks
Some strange and disturbing things have happened in the Stevens case since the senator was convicted.