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Anchorage voters seemed uncertain about the economy and unhappy about property taxes.
Newcomers to Alaska may be surprised to learn that television was not introduced in much of Bush Alaska until the late 1970s. This allowed researchers to do before-and-after surveys to see how TV impacted villages.Daniel Cornwall
Critics may not like Wayne Anthony Ross' stand on controversial issues, but the question is whether he is qualified to be attorney general.
A Justice Department prosecutor at the center of the tossed-out corruption conviction of former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens led the failed prosecution of a San Antonio criminal defense attorney that wound up costing taxpayers at least $1.34 million.Andrew Halcro
We have a job to do today in this representative democracy. Let's show up for work.
The need to cross Denali National Park is not going to kill chances for a gas pipeline that follows the Parks Highway to Southcentral.
It's been a challenging winter for rural Alaska villages. High fuel prices, reduced income from fishing, and a particularly cold winter have left many residents struggling to heat their homes and feed their families.John Moller
It's unfortunate Dan Strickland's commentary in the Daily News chose to use the Exxon Valdez marine transport environmental tragedy to make his case against oil and gas leasing in the North Aleutian Basin.Pete Slaiby
Two candidates have the solid qualifications and deep experience in local government that are needed to lead our growing city. Though Dan Sullivan and Sheila Selkregg come from different points on the political spectrum, both are closer to the center than voters may realize.
These four top field