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Another $100,000 is a wise investment to help individuals and families out of heroin's misery.
In 1994, William Osborne was convicted in Alaska of a kidnapping and brutal rape, yet he has always insisted he is innoncent. But Alaska has no statute entitling anyone to post-conviction DNA testing, and the prosecution has simply refused to give Osborne access to the evidence.Robert Morgenthau
A legislative session is scary enough without the calendar turning against us.Mike Doogan
My defining moment came last summer while on a boat trip down the Koyukuk. One of my fellow travelers, who is an Alaska Native, asked me if I had ever cut fish. And I said, "No. When I lived in Bethel, people always shared their fish with me..." She laughed and said, "Imagine that. A rural adviser who doesn't know how to subsist."Rhonda McBride
In October 2002 President Bush made the case that the regime of Saddam Hussein posed a gathering threat to the nation's security. Congress passed the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, which gave him the power to go to war against Iraq. He activated National Guard troops to support the invasion.Rich Moniak
Some travel by Gov. Palin's children was too personal to justify state reimbursement.
Sen. Murkowski doesn't have a consistent stand on the supposed evils of big federal spending.
(UPDATED: Rep. Don Young responds) Alaska senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski responded to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's comment last night that the money in the stimulus package for volcano monitoring is wasteful. Begich even wrote a letter to Jindal. Here's what they had to say.Amanda Coyne