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Are you thinking about how you are going to spend your $1,200 energy resource rebate?Deborah Williams
Measure 2 puts predator control where it belongs, as a last resort. Vote yes.
In passing she reported: "Mark was down here for a fundraiser that I attended a few months ago . . . Barbara Boxer, Bonnie Raitt. Quite a deal." Bonnie Raitt? Don Mitchell
Send special interests to the sidelines by voting yes on Clean Elections, Measure 3.
There is some misunderstanding surrounding recent actions by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to protect the Southern Alaska Peninsula caribou herd.Denby S. Lloyd
On Aug. 20, 2008, Commonwealth North hosted a luncheon at the Anchorage Sheraton Hotel to enable the three or four hundred of us in attendance to watch Wally Hickel award John Katz, the longtime commissar of the Alaska Governor's Office in Washington, D.C., the Walter J. Hickel Award for Distinguished Public Policy Leadership.Donald Craig Mitchell,Don Mitchell
Vote "No" on Measure 2. If Measure 2 passes it will place a permanent ban on the state's science-based, aerial predator-management programs -- programs our management professionals have developed with scientific data and public input.Jennifer Yuhas
Parking deal was bad. Now it's better. Scandal? No.
With Tuesday's primary election just five days away, we'll be hearing more and more about Ballot Measure 2, the initiative banning private citizens from shooting predators with airplanes.Vic Van Ballenberghe
Ballot Measure 3 creates a system that would force taxpayers to fund the political campaigns of candidates who may be totally unacceptable to you, the taxpayer. The government has no business interfering in political campaigns in this manner.Ken Jacobus