The Anchorage district has a good plan to boost graduation rates with federal stimulus funds.
The state shouldn't be rushed into talking about new fiscal terms for a North Slope gas line.
These are the words I hear every morning while I am getting the day started at Kwigillingok School. This is the sound of Mary Ann Wilkinson's third-grade students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the language of their homes: Yup'ik. As the state debates the desirability of further federal involvement in Alaska education, there are a number of questions which need to be asked.Walter Betz
My friend Jim has avascular necrosis of his hip. He broke his hip in a 1989 climbing accident and now there is no blood supply to the femoral head. It has completely dissolved. There's no longer a ball in his ball-and-socket joint. His leg is an inch and a half shorter than his healthy one, and he walks with an obvious limp. It makes me hurt just to watch him amble towards me.Kathy McCue
Mayor-elect Sullivan has picked an experienced financial team. They've got a hard job ahead.
AMATS should stop wasting money on the Knik bridge project, not just put it off until 2018.
The Assembly should wrap up the public hearing on sexual orientation and take a vote.
City code doesn't have to require so much parking.
I enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1968 at 17 years old. By enlisting I could at least choose a military specialty that would give me some kind of training other than the infantry. My intentions were to do my three years and get out. I was sent to Vietnam on my last year of service and got out of the military when I came home.Frank E. Miller
The nation's defense won't suffer if the expansion of the unproven missile system at Alaska's Fort Greely is delayed.