The University of Alaska Board of Regents has a gun policy for our campuses that doesn't violate the Second Amendment and doesn't break state law.Mark Hamilton
The issue of teachers spying on school-issued student computers is a hot topic once again -- this time in the Alaska village of Kivalina.Dr. Ali Fant
Supervised housing for street inebriates will be better for them and for the rest of us.
Comprehensive immigration reform has catapaulted from the end of a long list of important Congressional legislation to competing for first place with financial reform.Robin Bronen
UAA debate team could impart a lesson or two to improve the state of our civil discourse.
When we fail to research the issues, or research who our candidate choices are, we thumb our nose at our founders and at the future we should be leaving to our children.Dave Cuddy
Back to damp in Bethel? Vote yes.
Since the SEC filed a civil fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs, the news has been coming from all directions and changes daily. The issues are complicated but are important for anyone saving for retirement to understand.Julee Duhrsen
Some places deserve special protection based on their remoteness and remarkable qualities; the Koktuli River in Southwest Alaska is among these places. Unfortunately and somewhat ironically, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation seems to disagree. Tim Bristol
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