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OPINION: Six steps to rebuild Alaska National Guard include requiring both the governor and lawmakers to wake up.

Laurie Hummel
OPINION: Contrary to what John Harmon claimed in a recent commentary, the Alaska Judicial Council’s opponents are the ones who engage in partisanship. Those special interests are now targeting the council itself rather than individual judges.Barbara Hood
OPINION: Our democracy is an illusion perpetuated by plutocrats. If we want real democracy back, we'll have to fight for it.Alan Boraas
OPINION: If Sullivan were to be elected, Alaskans will lose clout, seniority, and effectiveness, and working people -- union members or not -- would suffer.Vince Beltrami
OPINION: Alaska National Guard is moving decisively to clean up its act.Brig. Gen. Mike Bridges
​OPINION: Alaska Natives must compel their governments to do the right thing by them. Their very survival, their existence, depends on it.Harold Napoleon
OPINION: When it comes to legalizing marijuana in Alaska, what exactly is the advantage of abandoning the status quo?Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Seeing through the fog of ads, it's Begich who respects Alaska women.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: By waging a war on marijuana and its many users, we have infected our society with distrust of the authorities. We need to flip that to improve crime prevention. The first step: decriminalize and regulate.John Havelock
OPINION: Until Alaska has more information about marijuana in our state, the rush to enact Ballot Measure 2 is a potentially dangerous social experiment, based on supposition and one-line slogans rather than reality.Dean Guaneli