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Troopers said two Big Lake residents drove off in a patrol vehicle Wednesday afternoon after one of them was handcuffed and placed in the cruiser's backseat. 

Laurel Andrews
The car was stolen Wednesday afternoon and later found in the Big Lake area, but both people remained missing, troopers said.Tegan Hanlon
Police released few details immediately, but said a 35-year-old man charged second-degree murder and first-degree burglaryMegan Edge
A man suspected of using drugs inside a vehicle in downtown Anchorage and nearly hitting police officers while fleeing before stealing a pickup at gunpoint is being sought by Anchorage police.Megan Edge
A early morning high-speed incident on the Kenai Peninsula ended with the suspect's car crashed and burning and the driver and a passenger in the hospital, troopers said Monday.Megan Edge
Police arrested Michael Dorell Kelvin Reynold, also known as “Boogie,” Saturday, in connection to the Jan. 27 deaths of Krystal Hawk and Christian Haynes. Michelle Theriault Boots
Nearly two years after the death of 53-year-old Timothy Backus, state prosecutors have entered into plea deals with two people charged with his death.Jerzy Shedlock
Police arrested a 33-year-old Palmer man Friday afternoon after responding to a fire at his home, which allegedly contained a meth lab.Tegan Hanlon
A man at a residence north of Willow was shot Wednesday morning by another man who fired in from outside, troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said.Zaz Hollander
The Alaska Supreme Court has rejected a bid by a Lazy Mountain hay farmer to stop paying local road taxes for roads he doesn’t use.Zaz Hollander