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One Wasilla-area resident hopes the urn holding his infant son's ashes is among the contents of a stolen pickup that was driven by a man who died Thursday after a brief pursuit by Alaska State Troopers. 

Zaz Hollander
Kenai resident Michael Keith Ellis stands accused of raping or sexually abusing at multiple children from infancy until they were about 8 and 9 years old. Some of the victims were allegedly abused into their teen years.Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska State Troopers say a brief pursuit just outside Wasilla ended Thursday afternoon when the driver of a stolen car was killed in a single-vehicle rollover. Zaz Hollander
Wasilla police have identified the officer involved in the fatal shooting of Michael Bonty early Monday as a two-year veteran of the department. Zaz Hollander
An Anchorage man found guilty of fraudulently billing Medicaid more than $20,000 has been sentenced to two months in prison in addition to restitution and loss of the privilege to bill the federal program.Jerzy Shedlock
What was supposed to be a fun night out turned chaotic early Sunday when a shooting erupted not far from an after-hours hot spot in downtown Anchorage, leaving six members of a family with injuries, including one still in critical condition.Michelle Theriault Boots
Witnesses told responding officers that three men forced their way into the home in the 1600 block of Early View Drive in the Muldoon area, beat the woman and stole her new TV set. Jerzy Shedlock
Two former Anchorage residents now living Outside face a total of 43 criminal charges for allegedly receiving Permanent Fund dividends illegally over the past several years.Jerzy Shedlock
Upon calling 911, the motorcycle's owner and his friends spotted Jonathan Ortiz Escalante, 44, exiting a residence and leaving on the Honda. The group followed the alleged thief, according to the charges, and confronted him in East Anchorage. Jerzy Shedlock
Juneau police say they believe the thief hid inside the city's Costco store until after it closed, then broke open a jewelry case and made off with about $40,000 worth of merchandise.Jerzy Shedlock