Crime & Justice

An Anchorage man with a lengthy rap sheet in Louisiana was sentenced Friday to 31 years in prison for trying to stab his ex-girlfriend to death.

Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska State Troopers say they evacuated seven people from an apartment building during a standoff with Billy Yovino Jr. Yovino later tried to bribe a trooper before being taken to the Kodiak City Jail, troopers say.Laurel Andrews
Anchorage police have identified the man charged after a two-hour SWAT standoff as 24-year-old Brandon Kendrick. He has been charged with criminal mischief and “tampering with official proceedings.”Jerzy Shedlock
Alexie Kapotak Jr., 21, pleaded guilty Friday in Anchorage to four criminal charges, including one felony, for his attack on two women and a toddler. The boy's mother said her child has fully recovered from the attack. Jerzy Shedlock

Three men suspected of stabbing and killing a yearling moose in an East Anchorage park appeared in court Wednesday to face charges of cruelty to animals, wanton waste of big game and tampering with evidence.

Laurel Andrews
Anchorage police said they arrested a man after a SWAT team responded to reports of shots fired, said Renee Oistad, police spokeswoman. Tegan Hanlon
The Alaska Department of Law announced that Deputy District Attorney Clint Campion will take the Anchorage District Attorney's Office top spot when the current DA retires Friday.Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska State Troopers said 57-year-old Billy Kidd, whom they suspect in the shooting death of another man in Talkeetna earlier this month, died Wednesday night in an Anchorage hospital from injuries he sustained in the incident.Megan Edge
A Bethel City Council member trying to draw attention to the destructiveness of heroin in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta says he received a death threat related to his advocacy and police are investigating.Lisa Demer
A blight is emerging from heroin use in the Valley -- discarded hypodermic needles littering roadsides, parks and waterways from Butte to Houston.Zaz Hollander