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One of four men accused of beating 18-year-old James Clinton, whom Anchorage police found in the basement of a downtown house set for demolition in September 2013, pleaded guilty last week to a single first-degree assault charge.

Jerzy Shedlock
The business sign above Rainbow Spa off Tudor Road has been removed following the arrest of a woman allegedly practicing prostitution out of the small space, where, according to Anchorage police, sexually exploited women were living.Jerzy Shedlock
A Gambell man who police say was drunk allegedly fired a loaded rifle, threatened VPOs and managed to escape custody last week in the St. Lawrence Island community. Megan Edge
The Mat-Su child abuse investigation unit of the Alaska State Troopers in January 2013 received a report that the man had sexually abused a 5-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy over a 10-year period. Both are now over 18. Zaz Hollander
Yupadee Craig sent two of her children to Thailand and then accepted their PFD checks for two years, according to court documents. Now she faces multiple charges related to the alleged fraud, and is just one of more than a dozen people charged with PFD-related fraud in 2014.Megan Edge
A man confronted by police after drivers reported him wandering through traffic along Debarr Road in Anchorage Sunday allegedly shoved an officer into a truck before he was subdued by a Taser.Michelle Theriault Boots
Teddy Kyle Smith will go on trial in November on multiple felony counts -- including two attempted murder charges -- stemming from the shooting of two brothers at a remote cabin upriver of Kiana.Jillian Rogers
An Unalaska jury acquitted two seafood processors of second-degree murder Monday but was unable to agree on charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide or first-degree assault.Jim Paulin
Anchorage police are getting a fleet of new patrol sedans and SUVs with safer, modern features including all-wheel-drive. That’s a first for the city’s police department despite Alaska’s long, snowy winter.Jerzy Shedlock
Three weeks have passed since a 911 caller reported 21-year-old Michelle Lane dead in South Anchorage. Since then, people from across Alaska have joined in a demand for justice in her death, refuting claims that Lane killed herself.  Tegan Hanlon