Crime & Justice

The victim was medevacked to Fairbanks with non-life threatening injuries after reportedly being run over by an ATV.Alaska Dispatch News
The man apparently confused a uniformed Alaska state trooper for someone else and grabbed him, yelling and spiting, troopers said. He was arrested.  Alaska Dispatch News
Troopers say no foul play is suspected in the death of inmate Grant Simmons, 55, at the Palmer Correctional Center on Saturday. Alaska Dispatch News
Anchorage police say between 50 and 75 vehicles’ tires were slashed across the city early Saturday morning.Alaska Dispatch News
Denison Soria and Leonardo Bongolto Jr. pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated, criminally negligent homicide in the beating death of bunkmate Jonathan Adams. They will serve 40 to 70 months in prison.Jim Paulin
Two former top officers of the nonprofit Alaska Inter-Tribal Council have pleaded guilty in federal court to felony charges stemming from the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars in organization funds.Jerzy Shedlock
The Anchorage Fire Department received multiple 911 calls around 1 p.m. reporting smoke in a mobile home park at 227 Newell Street. By the time firefighters arrived, flames had fully engulfed the mobile home.Tegan Hanlon
Federal prosecutors say a man who set off a series of small bombs inside a Ketchikan tunnel on Independence Day 2013 has been sentenced to five years probation. Jerzy Shedlock
Four University of Alaska Fairbanks students face theft, burglary and criminal mischief charges after they allegedly smashed windshields, vandalized buildings and stole equipment from a campus storage lot, according to the university.Tegan Hanlon