Crime & Justice

Three days after an Anchorage police officer shot and killed a man described as approaching him aggressively with a stick in Mountain View, few new details have emerged. On Tuesday, police identified the officer as Boaz Gionson.Kyle Hopkins,Michelle Theriault Boots
A Unalakleet woman died in a wreck early Tuesday while fleeing from an Alaska State Trooper, who had cited her for driving with a revoked license on the Seward Highway, troopers said. Casey Grove
The final witnesses closed out testimony in the Fairbanks militia trial on Tuesday by describing how Schaeffer Cox alienated people with increasingly outlandish views. The jury was sent home early in advance of closing arguments. Richard Mauer
A judge has ruled the man accused of fatally shooting two Hoonah police officers in August 2010 is competent to stand trial. The ruling clears the way for a jury trial to proceed, and a two-week long trial was scheduled to begin Oct. 22. Emily Russo Miller
A dog collar commemorating President Warren G. Harding's July 1923 visit to Fairbanks is among items stolen overnight from the Harding Home in Marion, Ohio, police there say.
In his second day on the witness stand, defendant Coleman Barney said repeatedly that he disagreed with some of the "wacko" ideas that floated among the leadership cadre of his Fairbanks militia, but he admitted just as often that he never challenged them either.Richard Mauer
Gina Virgilio, her hands shackled, could barely reach the microphone in the Anchorage jail courtroom Monday to tell the judge yes, she needed a lawyer to defend her against charges of murder and arson. Lisa Demer
The city's general fund grew by $52,000 when the Fairbanks Police Department auctioned off items, including guns and gold nuggets, that were confiscated or unclaimed from the evidence locker. Tim Mowry
A 25-year-old Anchorage woman dowsed her boyfriend with gasoline as he slept on the couch and set him ablaze, killing him, according to police.Lisa Demer
An Anchorage police officer shot and killed a 26-year-old man who was acting aggressively toward police outside a Mountain View apartment Saturday night, a department spokesman said.Lisa Demer