Sarah Bean of Arctic Organics is keeping a positive attitude as she approaches the final Anchorage Farmers Market of the season.

Steve Edwards

Dozens of baristas and coffee fans filled the Anchorage Community Works warehouse Saturday evening to see who would be crowned winner of the latte art competition.

Loren Holmes
Brown bats loose in the house can be a nuisance, but they're part of our landscape, too.Steve Kahn
I saw the faces of people who have come here for a better life or a new chance, but now are struggling. I saw Native elders and their children, and young people. I saw people searching desperately for work, hoping for a way to sustain themselves. Craig Headley
I am home and I do not return as a high school English teacher. I do not return married, but divorced. I do not return well traveled, ready to teach others about life and the world. I have relaxed and realize I am simply part of this community, ready to learn from my 92-year-old grandpa.Laureli Ivanoff
Are Alaskans so unique that our six-word memoirs are singular?Alaska Dispatch News
Missionaries were advocates for Alaska Natives in a time when many white people viewed them as subhuman. Yet these same missionaries ultimately sought to make Natives white in all but skin tone. David A. James
In August, I attended the annual Eagle River Institute at St. John Orthodox Cathedral in Eagle and was fascinated to hear a series of lectures on “Christianity in the Arab World” by Fr. George H. Shaloub. Before returning to his home in Michigan, Fr. Shaloub fielded some questions on religious diversity, eschatology, monasticism, and marriage.Chris Thompson
First, can you still plant things? Heck, yeah! As long as the ground is not frozen, you are good to go. However, this could be the last weekend, folks.Jeff Lowenfels