After dealing with her mother's death, her husband's illness and a devastating fire, the beloved Alaska musher needs the Iditarod more than ever.

Debra McKinney
“Blonde Indian” is so Alaskan, so personal, yet it is also the most literary of books in that it reads like a prose poem.  I wasn’t the only one squirming in my seat and covering my eyes, when author Ernestine Hayes relentlessly read Young Tom’s drunken monologue, delivered as he drowned.      Heather Lende
The book’s eye-popping design and educational content will hold children’s interest over many readings.Kathleen Macknicki

This psychedelic music video for electronic duo Whiskey Class features a dream-like progression of scenes within scenes. 

Alaska Dispatch News
Denali Park's Laura Cole of 229 Parks and Juneau's Beau Schooler of The Rookery Cafe are heading to New York City in April to cook at the prestigious James Beard House.Suzanna Caldwell
Jargon infects most groups, but is particularly concerning in religious ones. This week I’m sharing some clear examples of how religious jargon can confuse and confound many who hear it.Chris Thompson
The return of daylight and the appearance of seed racks always trigger an instinctual reaction: buy and plant. Here's a reality check.Jeff Lowenfels
Dining out isn’t always the best option on Valentine's Day. It doesn’t mean, though, that we have to find ourselves bereft of a wonderful meal or making something fussy. Kim Sunée

Three powerful exhibits opened at the Anchorage Museum on Feb. 5, all located on the third floor in a grouping that lets the viewer conveniently stroll from one to the next and see everything without doubling back.

Mike Dunham
Michael Conti’s versatile scramble of a brain only needs a one-word platform -- hockey -- from which to explore the world. That’s obvious from a walk through his rich, two-room “Stick and Puck” exhibit at the Anchorage Museum, open through April 10. With it, Conti serves up a rink of beer, broken bodies, bloodlust and beauty.Kathleen McCoy