Don't let those chilly mornings dampen your travel spirits: layer up and save on late-season deals

Scott McMurren
Anchorage author Lee Goodman has followed his auspicious debut with another book starring the same federal prosecutor, Nick Davis, in what we can only hope will be a continuing series.Nancy Lord
Surrounded by beauty, with many mouths to feed, Sistuq Ozenna loves her life on Little Diomede Island in the middle of the Bering Sea. Laureli Ivanoff
It would have been a shame to allow my fears to cause me to pass up a visit to one of the crown jewels of Alaska wilderness, the largest state park in the country. It’s difficult and expensive enough to escape the city, and sometimes such opportunities never return.Clark Fair
If you’ve never attended the Alaska Greek Festival, this might be a great weekend to do so. This well-known festival is hosted by and held at Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church. An annual Anchorage tradition, this year’s festival will be the 21st. Holy Transfiguration is located immediately on O’Malley Road, near its intersection with Lake Otis Parkway.Chris Thompson
Get some Greek culture, some fresh veggies, some new moves or get rid of old plastic pots. Alaska Dispatch News
We took those daylilies back to our “farm,” along with some other plants, though I can only remember the lilies. We replanted them, not in an obvious spot, but off to the side of a field. They weren’t meant for landscaping. These were plants that belonged to Grandpa Al and as Dad would say, when he saw them thriving, “That’s immortality.”Jeff Lowenfels
Here's a selection of deals to places that start with "K" -- a kaleidoscope of Alaska travel bargains available only in the fall.Scott McMurren