Alaska’s remoteness, compared to the Lower 48 where opportunities for religious education abound, contributes to the problem of biblical and religious literacy, especially for those past high school age. But two major religious communities in Alaska have aggressively been addressing these deficiencies with in-state training opportunities.

Chris Thompson
A dozen people assembled at the Anchorage Museum at 10 p.m. on Thursday with painted rocks that anyone is invited to take home for free. The rocks are intended as a gift to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary.Mike Dunham
Feisty pistachios and tart, red cherries are a perfect pairing in my mind. Maya Evoy
I find that reds and silvers hold up well to sauces with some bite.Kim Sunée
I feel like we’re in this super awkward place because he’s gone and dropped the L word and I could be weeks or months from reciprocating.Mike Dunham
Author, reporter and now playwright Lael Morgan recalls the wild town she drove into in 1959.Mike Dunham
Steve Gordon paints realistic landscapes, James Temte does abstracts. But they have been exploring Alaska together and will show their diverse impressions in an upcoming two-man show.Mike Dunham
The New York-based airline offers consistently lower fares for its seasonal service from Anchorage to Seattle, Portland and Long BeachScott McMurren

The Music Machine prepares for upcoming performances August 5-8 at the Discovery Theatre to cap the summer workshop's 34th season. 

Mike Dunham
This fall’s Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage will feature a famed Southeast artist and her artist grandson as the keynote speakers, AFN announced this week.Lisa Demer