Business leaders on the North Slope still fight for the outwardly conflicting positions of admitting the climate crisis while also supporting Arctic oil development. Just like President Obama. And, increasingly, like most Alaskans.

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National Endowment for the Arts chairman Jane Chu is on a tour of Palmer, Anchorage, Juneau and Sitka "to see firsthand what's happening in arts in Alaska."  Mike Dunham

Knights don helmets, pick up shields and put armor to the test. Fans are treated to run after run of horse and knight hurtled at one other. The object is to use the lance to land a perfect strike against the opponent’s shield.

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The Alaska State Fair is in full swing in Palmer. Wondering what to see? Here are some of our choices.Alaska Dispatch News

Arctic August, an outdoor celebration at the Anchorage Museum, took place on Sunday Aug. 30, 2015. 

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A few words about out special issue of We Alaskans issue on President Obama's trip to Alaska.David Hulen
The agenda for Monday's Arctic conference is heavy on Alaska speakers, and the topics go beyond climate change.Yereth Rosen

Ten-year-old Sophia Martin of Thorne Bay, who performs under the name The Girl From the North Country, has been writing and singing songs on Prince of Wales Island since she was seven. 

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Since the mid-20th century, Alaska and the Arctic have been warming about twice as fast as the global rate. Over the past five decades, average Alaska temperatures have increased by 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit, with the increases most pronounced in winter -- a change noticed by Native elders decades ago.  Yereth Rosen

Since the dawn of the jet age, Alaska has been a prime spot for presidential stopovers.

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