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The police were called in to check out Mariano Gonzales' solo art show, his first at the Anchorage Museum in 25 years, before it was allowed to open. The longtime Alaska artist is no stranger to controversy and innovation.

Mike Dunham

Mariano Gonzales' gave a sneak preview of his already-controversial show, “A Man in the Shadows,” at his home earlier this month. 

Bob Hallinen
"Plane" and simple: Airline competition drives prices down to the West Coast.Scott McMurren
While the mock mashed potato trick didn’t fool anybody at our house, we enjoyed these regardless -- fluffy and flavorful, and nutritious too.Maya Evoy
The well-produced Alaska version of Peter Buffett's "Spirit," mixing traditional Native and modern dance, is a crowd pleaser. Mike Dunham
For my family, this is our team sport. We are an all-star dumpling team, making hundreds of pot stickers when we get together.Shannon Kuhn
I'm currently seeing a gentleman who is quite spectacular. Problem is, he has some issues initiating our alone time together, naked.Mike Dunham
UAA presents a solid production of Tom Stoppard's fascinating, comic and profound "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead."Mike Dunham
The ever-popular Rondy Melodrama marks 25 years under the aegis of the award-winning Alaska Sound Celebration chorus. Mike Dunham
Originally slated to open this Sunday, Krispy Kreme said it has not yet broken ground on an Alaska franchise.Sean Doogan