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National data indicate the average tenure of a pastor is between three and four years. Many pastors retire in their 60s and 70s. One local pastor clearly beats these norms. The Rev. Norman Elliott, who is still going strong, turns 96 on Monday.

Chris Thompson
The guts of a bearded seal can be transformed into rain parkas and mittens, bags and drum heads, translucent skylights and artworks through ancient techniques passed on at a recent Smithsonian-backed community workshop in Bethel.Lisa Demer

The Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center and the Anchorage Museum hosted a workshop on gut sewing  Jan. 24-25 at the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center in Bethel.

Alaska Dispatch News
If you’re in Juneau on state business or to visit with Alaska lawmakers, be sure to block out time to see the sights and enjoy some of the community’s gracious hospitality.Scott McMurren
Growing giant vegetables is a lot of work and it isn't for everyone. Then again, it's midwinter, so it doesn't hurt to daydream a bit about them.Jeff Lowenfels
Fairbanks-born cellist Dane Johansen, who performs with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra this weekend, spent last summer walking across Spain and performing Bach suites in ancient churches while a film crew followed him to create a documentary.Mike Dunham
After 28 years downtown, Anchorage's second-oldest art gallery celebrates its grand opening in a new Spenard location with a show that highlights some of the city's most popular restaurants. Mike Dunham
For those who claim that classical music is a dead genre, piano duo Anderson and Roe are ready to show them otherwise.Jeri Kopet
Depending on who tells this story, Alaska endurance athlete Kiersten Lippmann is either a sad victim of cyber-bullies or a reckless owner of a loose pack of biting dogs.Craig Medred
The Anchorage Museum's popular Alaska Gallery will close for a year as it undergoes a $15 million major remodel and "reimagining" starting in late summer 2016.Mike Dunham