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Summer means down time for Alaska sled dogs, but mushing is never far off. The tourism season is ending and the training season will begin before long. 

Suzanna Caldwell
A new hour-long documentary about fish farming created by a lifelong Alaskan aims to inform Americans about the fish they're consuming.Jill Homer
Alaskans have said goodbye to The Monkey Wharf, the Elbow Room, Blues Central and other spots. But the revivals of Alice's Champagne Palace in Homer and Louie's in Douglas are bright spots for afficianados of classic Alaska bars. Mike Coppock
Apps have revolutionized the ways we access information, play games, or use various utilities to change and improve our lives. Churches have adopted this rich technology. Alaska churches were not the earliest adopters of apps but have jumped in nevertheless.Chris Thompson
Sure, it is almost over, but the outdoor season still has a few chores to go. Depending on how you look at these things, you can either rejoice that there is more to do or scream because we are not at the end.Jeff Lowenfels

Drivers making their way through downtown Anchorage on Friday were greeted with a strange sight. Instead of parked cars, some metered spaces were filled with artificial turf, lawn chairs and people making s’mores.


Tara Young
Photographer Jeff Schultz has spent more than three decades as official photographer for the Iditarod, meaning he's accumulated tens of thousands of photographs and just as many stories on the race. He shares some of each in his new book.Colleen Mondor
Anchorage music lovers will have a rare chance to experience Baroque music as it was meant to be presented, with dancers, at a concert on Sunday. Mike Dunham
The new gleaming spires reaching skyward near the banks of the Chena River in downtown Fairbanks remind some of ice crystals, while others say the shapes are reminiscent of quartz crystals or the imagined architecture of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.Dermot Cole
Texas troubadour and accomplished actor Lyle Lovett will perform in Anchorage Saturday, Sept. 20.Chris Bieri