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Sarah Bean of Arctic Organics used the “F word” when talking about what’s going on at some Valley farms. Yep -- it's frost. 

Steve Edwards
In a Q&A with Alaska Dispatch News, "Yukon Men" star Stan Zuray talks about what the experience is really like for those who throw their hats into the Alaska reality TV ring -- and about life in the village of Tanana, which has had more than its fair share of heartache this year.Kyle Hopkins
Books of interest to both Alaska anglers and teenagers.Alaska Dispatch News
Dogs were the beasts of burden who pulled men and sledges over frozen landscapes and swaths of sea ice during the long winters when ships were icebound.David A. James
One morning in August 2013, I awoke to find an empty parking space where my car should have been. My Subaru had been stolen overnight, one day before I was set to begin a long-anticipated journey abroad. Laurel Andrews
At nearly 118 pounds, it wasn’t enough to unseat the world record of 138.25 pounds set in 2012, but the washing-machine-size vegetable grown by Steve Hubacek of Wasilla topped this year’s closest competitor by 4 pounds.Mike Dunham
This week I’ve been thinking about blessings, both offered by clergy and the kind we bestow to others our lives may touch. In my contact with churches and clergy recently, I’ve been touched by the blessings I’ve seen given, and saddened by missed blessing opportunities. Chris Thompson
I am no longer excluded from the roasted tomato party, and neither are the rest of you.Maya Evoy

Among the many exhibits at the Alaska State Fair, the whimsical "creative arts and crafts" department, housed in Irwin Hall, captures the unusual and interesting offerings that don't easily fit into other categories.

Tara Young

The city of Whittier is in the early stages of figuring out how decrepit the crumbling Buckner Building might be, with the hopes of maybe -- and that's a big maybe -- bringing the once-great structure back from the dead.

Tara Young,Megan Edge



Bigger isn't alway better when it comes to energy in Alaska

The economic benefits of reduced-scale energy projects scattered around Alaska are obvious, and for most there is little environmental impact. Small, local energy projects also would enhance the rural lifestyle instead of degrading it.John Schandelmeier