This fall will mark 10 years since the passing of former Alaska Gov. Jay Hammond at age 83, and the only part of living at Lake Clark that nags at his wife Bella is that “Jay isn’t here to enjoy it.” And she’s certain that if Jay were around today, he’d be as involved as ever in Alaska’s political landscape.

Steve Kahn
Be prepared for a wild ride, with many diversions and side-stories. While “This Is How It Really Sounds” might at first glance seem to fall into a manly thriller or adventure genre, there’s nothing predictable here.Nancy Lord
 I just wanted to play. All the kids played. I knew the others saw me as a priss, but I figured even us prissy kids start somewhere.Laureli Ivanoff
My column two weeks ago was next to a New York Times story with the headline “Big drop in share of Americans identifying as Christian.” USA TODAY headlines blared, “Christians drop, ‘nones’ soar in new religion portrait.” CNN, not to be undone shouted “Millennials leaving the church in droves, study finds.” Dozens of other headlines tried to outdo each other with hyperbole. But what’s it all about?Chris Thompson
It is great to be outside and getting some soil underneath the fingernails, isn’t it? And our weather has been perfect for yardening. Things are finally in full swing outdoors and the questions are pouring in. Let’s get right to them.Jeff Lowenfels
There's plenty of competition among banks and frequent-flier plans. That's good for travelers.Scott McMurren
This homemade sherbet recipe is just bursting with fresh blueberry flavor, punctuated by tangy lime and buttermilk.Maya Evoy
Not quite a rice bowl, not quite a stir fry, bibimbap takes simple ingredients and makes them extraordinary.Shannon Kuhn
I won't forgive myself if another summer passed with me wasting weekends ending up at the bars last-minute or worse yet on my couch because I don't have anyone cool to partner up with.Wayne and Wanda

Former dog handler Mollie adopted Spur, a retired Iditarod dog from Salty Dog Kennel in Denali. 

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