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Let’s imagine for a moment -- weird as it is -- the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll embodied in a restaurant: raucous, creative, rebellious. Whatever that restaurant might look like, Hard Rock Café has got to be its opposite.

Victoria Barber
Season three of “Ultimate Survival Alaska” features familiar characters and some new blood, and it's shaping up to be a compelling competition.Emily Fehrenbacher
I can't get Jon out of my head but how can I hurt Chad yet again?Wayne and Wanda
A Fairbanks couple received an unprecedented double honor on Tuesday, when the state arts council announced that Margo Klass will receive the Governors Award for the Arts Individual Artist Award and her husband, author Frank Soos, will become the state's Writer Laureate.Mike Dunham
“Animal Stories” isn’t meant to be a guidebook to Alaska wildlife, but it might very well be used as one. Throughout, author Bill Sherwonit's observations are acute and philosophical.Nancy Lord
Meet Eddie, the Alaska Dispatch News Dog Blog Pet of the Week, a neutered, senior rat terrier.
Eager to please, I tried mother’s fruitcake every year and just about every year there would be a neglected slice on the fruitcake plate with one bite taken out. As the youngest, the baby, I will admit that the thing I wanted most was to put a smile on Mom’s face and continue to be her favorite.Laureli Ivanoff
Debbie Miller's book offers a 143-page glimpse into Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve through stunning images and thought-provoking essays covering a four-year span when Miller and a team of writers, photographers and scientists trekked and paddled through Arctic wilderness in the reserve.Jillian Rogers | The Arctic Sounder

Pay a virtual visit to Alaska's governor's mansion as the new administration observes the annual holiday tradition of welcoming Alaskans in for sweet treats and good cheer.

Alaska Dispatch News
It’s time we all take a time out and stop watching the Alaska sky for signs of snow. After all, a watched pot doesn’t boil, therefore a watched forecast doesn’t produce. Look down, instead, at the pages of a good read. Here's some suggestions. Alli Harvey