Since the dawn of the jet age, Alaska has been a prime spot for presidential stopovers.

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Many opportunities exist in our community where churches and their individual members could have a more significant impact in improving our community. In this week’s column, I’ll detail five ways that can happen. A few churches have a track record in some of these areas, but many do not.Chris Thompson
You would think that we would all be showing a bit of global warming-induced gardening fatigue, but such does not appear to be the case. We are using every bit of the time we can, apparently.Jeff Lowenfels
Count on it, fellow Alaskans. A presidential visit like this may never happen again in your lifetime. Thank goodness.Libby Bakalar
I’ve never felt this way about anyone I’ve dated.Wayne and Wanda

The 2015 Alaska State Fair began on Thursday, Aug. 27, and runs through Sept. 7. 

Shelby Lum

Marya and Garnett Morrow Sr. of Moose Gardens Bed and Breakfast have been competing in the Alaska State Fair since the early 1980s, but have been consistently winning grand champion ribbons every year since 1985. 

Tara Young
The proposed expansion of the Anchorage Museum will allow the display of around 40 percent of its permanent collection of fine art, five times as much as can currently be displayed.Mike Dunham
Simply trying to navigate the yellow, red and blue trails of the food booths is often challenging, not to mention the amount of time one or the other parent spends standing in line at public restrooms.Erin Kirkland
Don't let those chilly mornings dampen your travel spirits. Layer up and save on late-season dealsScott McMurren