Climate change and a presidential visit turns attention to Arctic travel

Scott McMurren
West High student Anna Lance, 17, was among five National Student Poets honored Thursday at the White House by first lady Michelle Obama, who thanked them for sharing "something so personal and precious."Stacy A. Anderson
My girlfriend is a super restless sleeper. She tosses and turns all night and talks in her sleep. She’s even hit me and kicked me when she’s sleeping. So that’s one issue. Wayne and Wanda
Agave Mexican Grill has homey service, good value and an earnest and authentic kitchen.Mara Severin
Sarah Bean of Arctic Organics is keeping a positive attitude as she approaches the final Anchorage Farmers Market of the season.Steve Edwards

Dozens of baristas and coffee fans filled the Anchorage Community Works warehouse Saturday evening to see who would be crowned winner of the latte art competition.

Loren Holmes
Brown bats loose in the house can be a nuisance, but they're part of our landscape, too.Steve Kahn
Cook Inlet Housing Authority will receive a $3 million grant from ArtPlace America to “push arts and culture as a core segment of community planning and development.” Mike Dunham
Wasilla’s Grape Tap just resolved a licensing problem that threatened to shutter the only wine bar in a city known more for strip malls and Sarah Palin than oenophiles. Zaz Hollander