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I have always prided myself on being open-minded and sexually adventurous. But this guy I have recently met really has me questioning my own boundaries.

Wayne and Wanda
Alex Davis is a pig farmer. So when he starts thinking of a traditional Thanksgiving meal -- and the holiday is less than a month away -- he thinks a little untraditional. Davis is thankful for pork. And he thinks you should be too.Steve Edwards
Perseverance Theatre's "An Iliad" may not be a regular play but it's great theater.Mike Dunham
The 14 short stories are remarkable in their quality, variety and inventiveness. These are stories that matter.Nancy Lord
Death is nature. Nature is far from over. In the end — I must believe it — just like a salmon, I will know how to die, and though I die, though I lose my life, nature wins. Nature endures.Eva Saulitis
The Simchat Torah ceremony celebrates the final readings, the commencement of the new, and a rerolling of the scroll.Chris Thompson
As Alaska gardeners slowly comprehend that winter is fast approaching, I suppose we can all take comfort in the news from the New York Times that Anchorage will be the place to live when the last global warming skeptic finally admits New York City is underwater for some reason related to climate.Jeff Lowenfels
Artist Keren Lowell's first big solo show, now on display at the Anchorage Museum, uses discarded material to create large-scale abstract fabric work. Mike Dunham
This is the last week of Adopt-A-Dog Month and boy do we have a pair for you to meet! Brothers, Ed and Bob, are young adult husky mixes looking for a loving and active home. They are happy and friendly, though shy at first meeting. Mike Lewis

Rapper Samuel Johns, who goes by the stage name Rebel, premiered his latest music video at the 2014 Alaska Federation of Natives convention last week in Anchorage, with a theme condemning domestic abuse.

Tara Young