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After you have enjoyed a day of too much food, too much wine and (dare I say it?) too much family, give yourself a break. 

Mara Severin
One of my favorite ways to use the leftover Thanksgiving cranberry goodness is to make this orange-scented French toast stuffed with cranberry cream cheese. Maya Evoy
As much as I’m a buttermilk pancake kind of gal, I love this sour cream version I made once when I was low on buttermilk.Kim Sunée
As the tryptophan kicks in following a Thanksgiving feast, it dawns on you: It's the holiday travel season. Here are a few simple strategies to make for a more enjoyable journey this season.Scott McMurren
This week we were introduced to the second greatest character in “Slednecks,” Carl the Reindeer.Emily Fehrenbacher
My husband works on the Slope (two on, two off) and one of his coworkers on the night shift is a pretty blond woman. The thought of them spending every night working in close quarters up there is driving me crazy.Wayne and Wanda
This week on Reading the North: "As All My Fathers Were" by James Misko and "Edge of Nowhere" by John Smelcer.Kathleen Macknicki
Denali Whiting of Kotzebue is using traditional foods like seal, caribou and salmon to hone her body for competition.Jillian Rogers | The Arctic Sounder
Let's hope that no readers of “Hold the Dark” leave Giraldi’s parable of nature gone wild thinking that Alaskans are inbred, superstitious, booger-eating, merciless murderers. There’s little to like or relate to in the beings that populate this book.      Nancy Lord
Deacon and former big-game guide Curt Leuenberger, just 52, was laid low when his kidneys began to fail. Despite going into a coma, he eventually rallied to survive after two transplants.   Joel Davidson | Catholic Anchor