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For those who claim that classical music is a dead genre, piano duo Anderson and Roe are ready to show them otherwise.

Jeri Kopet
The Anchorage Museum's popular Alaska Gallery will close for a year as it undergoes a $15 million major remodel and "reimagining" starting in late summer 2016.Mike Dunham
Since it’s really cold, still pretty dark outside and a reader asked for it, I want give you some non-Alaska TV suggestions to get you through the remainder of winter.Emily Fehrenbacher
Something to keep in mind before dining at BurgerFi is that high-end ingredients cost more.Donna Freedman
Synesthesia Artist Collective will present “Flowers For Algernon,” a stage version of the science-fiction classic (which seems a little less like fiction now).Mike Dunham
Monogamy is a popular choice for relationships, but it's not the only option.  Wayne & Wanda
Artist Rockwell Kent's son Rocky would consider his months on Alaska's Fox Island perhaps the best time in his life. The experience was also life-changing for Kent, as the art and book he produced there finally gave him the fame and recognition he had craved.Doug Capra
Meet Kalia, a 2-1/2 year old female pit bull that came to us as a stray. This active, friendly and affectionate girl loves being with people and will lounge on her back while getting belly rubs.
For years, the bars on the ferries that ply Alaska's waters were a place to hear some real Alaska stories or escape the groups of kids on school trips roaming the vessels' decks. Now, they've fallen victim to tight economic times for the Alaska Marine Highway System.Pat Forgey
For a group of Aussies, battling waves, rocks and sizeable tuna, sharks and cobia in New South Wales makes fishing a little more extreme. Tara Young