In the coming decades, the Western Flyer would participate in a series of fisheries that first boomed and then abruptly collapsed in no small part due to being exploited by humans who couldn’t grasp what John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts told them. 

David A. James
Along with unsticking cars from snow and belching on command, barbecuing and grilling are two of the few stereotypically male talents I brought with me to the 49th state.Geoff Kirsch
Today the Sitka Fine Arts Camp hosts close to 800 students from three countries, 20 states and 45 Alaska towns. About a quarter of them came from Anchorage. Since taking over the Sheldon Jackson College Campus in 2011, the Sitka Fine Arts Camp has raised close to $4 million.Brendan Jones
A 61-foot dam that helped kill off the Eklutna River salmon run will finally be removed. Will the fish return one day?Rick Sinnott
Looking to make the most of your days off? Here are our picks for weekend events in Anchorage.Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska’s remoteness, compared to the Lower 48 where opportunities for religious education abound, contributes to the problem of biblical and religious literacy, especially for those past high school age. But two major religious communities in Alaska have aggressively been addressing these deficiencies with in-state training opportunities.Chris Thompson
A dozen people assembled at the Anchorage Museum at 10 p.m. on Thursday with painted rocks that anyone is invited to take home for free. The rocks are intended as a gift to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary.Mike Dunham

Crowds packed the Ninilchik fairgrounds on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula over the weekend for the 5th annual Salmonfest, a celebration of music and, well, salmon. Watch and listen. 

Tara Young
Should salmonberries that carpet the tundra be packed into gallon Ziplocs for sale? What about salmon harvested under subsistence rules, not commercial ones? A debate is raging over the sale of traditional Alaska Native foods.Lisa Demer
Feisty pistachios and tart, red cherries are a perfect pairing in my mind. Maya Evoy


Pressing need to define US interests in Arctic as Anchorage hosts high-level meet

OPINION: The Anchorage-based GLACIER meetings offer a useful forum to build both Arctic-wide cooperation internationally, and to consider a domestic Arctic program that does not require Alaska to become the nations’ environmental conscience.David N. Biette,Anita L. Parlow