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Three major Presbyterian organizations across the U.S., and Alaska, include the Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA), Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. Each are represented here in Anchorage and, to a greater degree, across Alaska.

Chris Thompson
The nonprofit Cook Inlet Tribal Council hopes that the new video game "Never Alone," the first major Native-produced video game, will be a cultural and economic success.Mike Dunham
What I’m craving in anticipation of the heavier winter holiday meals to come is something healthful, delicious and nourishing, like grain- and leafy-green-rich salads topped with golden squash.Kim Sunée
From Ketchikan to Fairbanks, you'll never go hungry!Scott McMurren
A new and sparkling remastering of "Drums of Winter," one of the most honored Alaska documentaries of all time, will debut at Bear Tooth on Monday, Nov. 3.Mike Dunham
In a warmer climate, I would be writing about fall chrysanthemums or “hardy mums” in the garden because this is the season for these beauties. When the dahlias and the Shasta and Long Island daisies fade, these lovelies start to bloom. For the next six to eight weeks, they rule. Jeff Lowenfels
Did you know that roasted Brussels sprouts are simply dreamy? They glisten and shine and have captivating layers of crispy caramelization. I enjoy making Brussels sprouts several ways, but this roasted version may just be my favorite.Maya Evoy
Is Burger King your morning poll station? Or are you a registered member of the Locavore Party? Shannon Kuhn

A"Never Alone" preview party that was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Anchorage on Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, for the new video game based on Alaska Native legends that was developed by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council and E-Line Media of New York.

Mike Dunham

Upper One Games, Cook Inlet Tribal Council's video game development arm, demonstrated the Alaska Native-inspired video game "Never Alone" at the 2014 Elders and Youth Conference Arts & Opps Showcase at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage. The game draws on traditional Inupiat tales to tell the story of Nuna, who travels through the game attempting to save her people from an endless blizzard. It is expected to retail for about $15. The scheduled release date is Nov. 18. 

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