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Texas troubadour and accomplished actor Lyle Lovett will perform in Anchorage Saturday, Sept. 20.

Chris Bieri
The yellowing leaves tell the story -- autumn is here, even if the equinox isn’t until next week. But the markets have a bounty of items.Steve Edwards
Attention all single people: You are not alone! Well, you are alone. But so are most people.Wayne and Wanda
While some may long for a more nuanced interpretation of the play, most will revel in the high energy and carefree attitude of this production from Perseverance Theatre, playing at the Center for the Performing Arts Sept. 14 and 17-21.Egan Millard
Fairbanks author Kirkpatrick Hill skillfully depicts the gold rush, making it entertaining and educational.David A. James
Martin Luther ignited a reformation in Europe that transformed religion. He was also a proponent of the consumption of beer and ale. Among my favorite Luther quotes is: "I’d rather my people were in the alehouse thinking of church than in church thinking of the alehouse."Chris Thompson
In August 1944, with a year of hard fighting left until the end of World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt visited Alaska as part of a three-week journey to the Pacific, the only trip he ever made here.Peter Porco
The geese can’t help it. They are influenced by tens of thousands of years of instinctual patterns of behavior. So when the daylight changes and the stars in the night sky shift, they begin to practice their formation flying, soon to be off to wherever they spend the long Alaska winter.Jeff Lowenfels
Please meet Fergie. Fergie is an adult, spayed female, terrier mix. This cheerful little girl can be  shy at first, but she warms up quickly. She is easy to walk and loves exploring outside. Another activity she enjoys is cuddling up in a nice warm lap. 
Eleven Alaska women were named as 2014 YWCA/BP Women of Achievement on Sept. 16.Mike Dunham