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Justin Herrmann’s impressive debut collection, "Highway One, Antarctica: Stories," takes us pole to pole  --  from Antarctica to the coast of Northwest Alaska.

Nancy Lord
Hundreds of people dressed up as characters from anime and video games descended on the Egan Center this weekend for Senshi-Con, Alaska's largest anime convention. Devin Kelly
A handful of today's Alaskans were around in 1914, a time of kings and czars, bloodshed and progress -- the year that saw the beginnings of Anchorage.Mike Dunham
As the earth shook Thursday, Anchorage sculptor Rebecca Lyon nervously watched the swaying pole critical to the outcome of the biggest art piece of her career, “Transformation,” a vision that required years of planning, collaboration and paperwork before it could be raised at Westchester Lagoon. Mike Dunham
As far as I am concerned, there are a few laws of science that apply during this late part of the outdoor growing season. I know lots of folks are not scientifically minded, but I think you will find all of this very easy to follow.Jeff Lowenfels
Roasted parsnips -- carrots' paler cousins -- can add some "oomph" to fall dinners.Maya Evoy
An enterprising Anchorage hiker is producing her own line of dehydrated backcountry food "so good, you’ll want to eat it in the front-country as well.”Shannon Kuhn
Artists from Obihiro, Japan, recently traveled to Seward to give their Alaska sister city a new mural. Mike Dunham
Atwood Concert Hall's new $1.7 million custom-made acoustic shell will make its first public appearance with the Anchorage Symphony concert on Sept. 27.Mike Dunham
As Alaska Natives increasingly move from eating traditional, natural foods to processed foods, rates of diabetes and obesity have soared.Yereth Rosen