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Löki Gale Tobin cans things to eat throughout the winter, but also to give as gifts to friends and family. It's a way Tobin remembers and honors her past. “When I can tomatoes," she says, "I think of Azerbaijan.”

Shannon Kuhn
Few Alaskans know about Moosehide. But the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in are keenly aware of their place, a few miles east of the line between the U.S. and Canada. They have friends and relatives on the other side of that line -- Alaskans who played a crucial role in helping them resurrect their traditions and culture.Mike Dunham
First settled by the Greeks in the seventh century B.C., Sicily has been conquered by the Carthaginians (Phoenicians), the Romans, the Arabs, the Spanish and the Normans. And parts of each culture shine through today. Scott McMurren
Have you noticed the mornings? They are cooler and the lawn is wet with dew -- harbingers of autumn. It may be getting closer, but it is not here yet. We are still very much in the swing of summer gardening chores.Jeff Lowenfels
There have never been so many ways to find someone to flirt and swap texts with, but then comes that all-the-pressure-is-on first date.
Before there was Americana music, there was Lucinda Williams. And while her rustic delivery of blues and country-tinged rock songs would now easily fit into the recently-coined designation, Williams -- who headlines Salmonstock this week -- has always been a slave to the song, not a particular genre.Chris Bieri
6,000 people are expected to attend Salmonstock in Ninilchik this weekend. The festival, now in its fourth year, will feature more than 60 bands on three stages over the course of three days. Chris Bieri
Walk around one of the local farmers’ markets and you will see some of the freshest food Alaska produces.Steve Edwards
Former customers of an Anchorage motor home rental company are backing the Better Business Bureau in a battle over vacations gone bad. Some question whether you get what you pay for.Craig Medred

Fireweed is in full bloom across Alaska. In Anchorage’s Fairview neighborhood, the streets are lined with these fiery magenta harbingers of fall. On a sunny afternoon last week, Löki Gale Tobin walked through her neighborhood gathering the delicate blossoms. Careful to only pick a long stem here and there, she harvested enough for a batch of fireweed Champagne jelly. 

Shannon Kuhn