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Dauenhauer, who came to Alaska  in the late 1960s, made particularly important contributions to the preservation of Tlingit lore and language. He also was a well-respected poet and was a former Alaska poet laureate.

Mike Dunham
Here is Alfred, an adult, male, pit bull mix.  Alert, focused and attentive, Alfred is active and curious, intelligent, and likes to explore, but is gentle and eager to please
Dozens of classic Volvos -- most of them museum pieces -- pulled into Fairbanks Sunday after spending more than five weeks on the road starting in Panama.Dermot Cole
Thomas Pynchon, one of the towering figures of American literature, debuted with a long novel, but followed it up with a short one wherein he sharpened the skills needed for later masterpieces. Philip Chavanne should consider something similar with his next outing.David A. James
One of the best things that happens out at the Alaska Botanical Garden is the annual Plastic Pot Recycling Day. This year it is going to be on Aug. 23.Jeff Lowenfels
Deep in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park, one lodge treads lightly to give travelers an unrivaled view of the majestic glaciers, mountains and wildlife.Scott McMurren
Michael and Paula Williams want to share the story of Mat-Su peonies with the world, and that calling has earned the couple the title of 2014 Alaska State Fair Farm Family.Zaz Hollander
Burgerfi, a Florida-based franchise that brands itself on hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats, craft beer and wine selections and decor that includes recycled furniture, is preparing to set up shop in the Midtown Anchorage mall, next to the SteamDot coffee shop. Devin Kelly
Congregations in Anchorage represent Greek, Russian and Antiochian Orthodox traditions, with the broader tradition of Orthodox Christianity.Chris Thompson
The gray front of the metal two-story warehouse-type building on Ship Creek looks plain enough, surrounded by gravel parking areas with a cluster of utility boxes lining the wall next to the main entrance. But you never know what you’ll find behind the door.Mike Dunham