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Visitors to Joe's Museum in Barrow spend hours examining stuffed animals, pieces of baleen with Native art scrimshawed or painted on their sides, masks, tools, paintings and posters signed by famous Alaskans.

Jerzy Shedlock
To improve as a writer, write and write some more, Pedersen vowed.Ann Dixon
The beloved annual tradition, which about 30 Alaska groups typically participate in, often yields surprises for patient birders.Nancy Lord

After 11 years in federal prison, Aaron Dollison found a new lease on life -- and a new sense of belonging -- through his work as a chef at Anchorage’s Bean’s Café.

Tara Young
Around the New Year for the past five years, I’ve presented my top 10 list of non-theological issues I feel lessen the effectiveness of our faith community. Chris Thompson
From prosecco to Champagne and even sparkling shiraz, there's a world of bubblies to choose from. Mike McVittie
It's been my habit to vent a bit in the last column of the year. I suspect this year's comments might be a bit more controversial than others. I hope not.Jeff Lowenfels
To start 2015 off right, here's a gorgeous salad with five of the most nutritious super-foods out there.Maya Evoy

Over nearly four decades, Joe “The Waterman” Shults has crammed art, artifacts and animals of the Arctic into a second-story apartment. 

Jerzy Shedlock
Mike Mosesian's claim to Alaska fame might be growing tomatoes, but in recent years he's gone back to grapes, a nod to his family roots.Suzanna Caldwell