An excerpt from "Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-town Obituary Writer," the new book by Heather Lende of Haines, chock full of plainspoken good sense.

Heather Lende
Sisters bring the wildlife of Alaska's Copper River Delta to center stage with dance.Jane Spencer / The Cordova Times
Gold's book creates a sense that Wales is truly a place set upon the very edge of the world, where modernity is at best a thin layer beneath which lies a culture that has survived assimilation, financial stress, government policies ranging from imposed westernization to negligence, and the devastation of the 1918-19 flu epidemic.David A. James
When Sunday dawned at 36 degrees with torrential rain, does anybody really think beachcombing with the kids in Juneau is a swell idea?Libby Bakalar
Among my many local church visits, certain practices stand out, making some visits more memorable than others. As a result, I often make mental notes to revisit that church more often than others; positive practices are likely to remain in place, as are negative practicesChris Thompson
Now that the leaves of the birch trees in Southcentral Alaska are at least approaching -- if not already -- the size of squirrels’ ears, you can assume we won’t have any more freezing weather at night until the fall. This being so, there are two very important rules to remember this week.Jeff Lowenfels
JetBlue and Alaska announce new flights, and Delta boosts frequent-flier benefits.Scott McMurren
These noodles are particularly addictive, thanks to a delicious hoisin-based sauce that highlights the flavors of ginger, garlic and peanut. Maya Evoy
Jujiro Wada was a mushing idol in Alaska's gold rush, but his memory has faded in the land he loved. A new musical from Japan celebrating his life debuts in Anchorage.Mike Dunham