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It's still too early to call it a trend but the kind of bands that became popular in MGMT's wake are once again following the duo's lead and trekking to Alaska. Now we're  getting a visit from Foster The People, the third of the decade's buzziest synth-pop bands to visit the state in just the past few months.

Matt Sullivan
Almost 70 food vendors are waiting for you at the Alaska State Fair, and you only have one stomach. The odds are stacked -- like a Reuben sandwich -- against you. Which is why eating at the fair is all about strategy.Mara Severin
I have been dating “John” for several months now. When John and I met, I thought one of the coolest things about him was how close he is to his younger brother, “Pete.” But I’ve found it is nearly impossible to get John alone without his brother. Wayne and Wanda
Labor Day Weekend is nearly upon us, and that means plenty of changes at the markets. Some of this is good news, some not.Steve Edwards
April DeLira was homeless, off and on, from the age of 11. At 15, she gave birth to a son and dropped out of high school. But two decades later, she's a resident physician at a Memphis hospital and hopes to one day give back in the way others gave to her.Megan Edge
Six young Alaskans received $1,500 scholarships at part of the Summer of Heroes program during ceremonies at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer on Sunday.Mike Dunham
The dedicated corps of volunteers staffing the "Ask Me About the Fair!" program give directions to the hordes of Alaska State Fair goers looking to find everything from food on a stick to this year's popular prehistoric exhibit. Zaz Hollander
Tlingit guides thought Muir was a madman for going into the rugged country so late in the year to scramble up mountains and gaze on ice. They had to admire his toughness and passion, though. They called him “the great ice-chief.”  Nancy Lord

From livestock to live music, giant veggies to jousting, everyone finds something to enjoy at the Alaska State Fair -- as long as they're willing to brave the wet weather.

Tara Young
Please meet Gizmo, a 2 year old, spayed female, Rotti mix.  Active, energetic, but attentive and easy-going, this good-natured girl is alert and playful. Mike Lewis