It is, without question, time to be paying a lot more attention to indoor chores and a lot less to outdoor ones.

Jeff Lowenfels
In 1869, William Seward and Tlingit Chief Koh’klux met to resolve a dispute between Klukwan and Sitka. The scars on each man's face told of a life of battles and toughness that went beyond words.   Mike Dunham
A delectable signature pasta featuring smoked salmon, capers, tomatoes and green onions in a subtle cream sauce. Maya Evoy
An exhibit of Vincent van Gogh on Jumbotron raises issues of artist versus art consumer.Mike Dunham
Alaskans remember William Seward as the secretary of state who bought Alaska for $7.2 million, but acquiring Russian claims to America's Northwest was only one of his many important achievements.Mike Dunham
West High student Anna Lange is one of five student poets selected from a nationwide pool of 20,000 applicants to be honored at the White House.Mike Dunham
Climate change and a presidential visit turns attention to Arctic travel.Scott McMurren
West High student Anna Lance, 17, was among five National Student Poets honored Thursday at the White House by first lady Michelle Obama, who thanked them for sharing "something so personal and precious."Stacy A. Anderson
My girlfriend is a super restless sleeper. She tosses and turns all night and talks in her sleep. She’s even hit me and kicked me when she’s sleeping. So that’s one issue. Wayne and Wanda
Agave Mexican Grill has homey service, good value and an earnest and authentic kitchen.Mara Severin