This Sunday, Advent Sunday, signals two significant events in many denominations. First, the church year for many mainline denominations begins. Second, Advent begins, an annual period of about four weeks before Christmas, which for 1,500 years has been marked by fasting, repentance, hoping and prayerfully pondering the first and second Advents.

Chris Thompson
“What are the best herbs to grow indoors?” Ever since I started writing this column, this is a question that has been asked every winter. I understood the frequency of the query back in the day when fresh herbs were not so readily available here. Yet I still get it today despite our plentiful and ample supplies. This just indicates we want really fresh, right from the living plant.Jeff Lowenfels
Simple suggestions from frequent travelers to help you be prepared.Scott McMurren
Do we put Alaska Native artists in an aesthetic ghetto when they're labeled as "traditional"?Mike Dunham
When you have had your fill of decadent Thanksgiving leftovers and are craving a huge steaming pot of something wholesome and chock full of vegetables, turn to this hearty Winter Minestrone Soup.Maya Evoy
“Living Alaska” is a remarkable assembly of the best Alaska art dating from this millennium.Mike Dunham
In Alaska, the number of fluent Haida speakers has dwindled down into the single digits. It’s been called an endangered language. But in Juneau, one group is trying to change that. Haida Language Learners is using YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram to reach a wider audience.Elizabeth Jenkins | KTOO

The holiday season kicked off Friday night in Anchorage with hundreds of kids and grownups gathering in Town Square Park for the lighting of the Christmas tree. 


Scott Jensen
Lead project artist Sarah Davies said Friday that participants at Point Woronzof have recovered 82 of 85 of the sculptures made of straw, cement, plaster and burlap. She said the official opening is still scheduled for Dec. 5.Rachel D'Oro | Associated Press
Local audiences will have no less than four versions of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" to choose from this season, but that's only part of the upcoming holiday performances.Mike Dunham