The secret to getting the cookies so big and soft is the sour cream in the dough. They almost melt in your mouth. 

Maya Wilson
 Events around Anchorage range are fun, funny or romantic (or all three), for whichever way you're feeling Feb. 14. Alaska Dispatch
Suddenly I have all this hurt and anger and don't know what to do with it. I can't confront my ex because it's ancient history and we don't even talk anymore. Wayne and Wanda
“Big Fix Alaska” is about a two-pack-a-day smoking mechanic who travels around the state fixing boats, tractors and other broken equipment.Emily Fehrenbacher
Some Alaska Natives took offense to a phrase in Alaska Airlines' new marketing campaign, and it sparked a new round of discussion about whether it's time to retire the word “Eskimo.”Charles Enoch | KYUK Public Media
The Sealaska Heritage Institute began pursuing the project after artists who participated in the institute's first Native Artist Gathering in 2015 ranked canoe construction as a high priority.Alaska Dispatch News

“In these clubs the kids talk about what they want their neighborhoods to look like,” said organizer Christina Demetro. “And that’s really meaningful for us to see because small shifts become big shifts if they take even one little action towards a positive change.”

Scott Jensen
Riding with a sled dog team during the traditional season of mushing is an opportunity for a slice of Alaska life unmatched during the shorter and snowless summer. Erin Kirkland
New work by Don Decker and Sarah Melissa Whalen are on display at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, and an ensemble of Anchorage Symphony brass players will perform. Mike Dunham

It’s not every day that the executive chef of South Restaurant + Coffeehouse finds himself under the instruction of another chef in his own kitchen.

Tara Young,Suzanna Caldwell