Alaska Native ivory sculpting experts Clifford Apatiki, Jerome Saclamana and Levi Tetpon are at the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center at the Anchorage Museum for a week-long ivory carving residency. The carvers are mentoring UAA students Mary John and Zach Lane. Museum visitors will be able to observe the carvers on April 2-3 from 1 to 3 p.m. 

Bob Hallinen
The Alaska Design Forum is bringing up Robert Wong, co-founder and chief executive officer of Google Creative Lab. Mike Dunham
Crying babies and rude adults disrupted the audience, and maybe the musicians, at the Anchorage Symphony's performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, but a big chorus overrode the commotion and brought the work to a glorious close.Mike Dunham
Blog written by Juneau's Libby Bakalar is taking off, beyond the city and beyond Alaska.  Clint J. Farr
At the time of his death in 1978, Fred Meyer had five successful “one-stop shopping centers” in Alaska, part of a retail empire that included 59 other stores in three other western states. Scott McMurren
Iditarod tales from veteran sports journalist Lew Freedman. Kathleen Macknicki
Lawmakers are looking to cut funding for a popular $180,000 program that supports schools, farmers and healthier eating in Alaska. But there's hope the federal government will help it survive at least another year.Alex DeMarban
 A House committee took no action Tuesday on a bill that would eliminate the requirement to spend 1 percent of the total cost of a building on public art to go inside and outside that facility.Molly Dischner | Associated Press
Two Alaska Airlines flights in Juneau were delayed when a pilot found a single bullet in a jetway at the airport.Jerzy Shedlock


Climate change poses an opportunity to improve Alaska's political process

OPINION: Climate change threatens all Alaskans. To confront it, we need to change our political climate in a way that allows us to recognize what we have in common. We’re not going to address climate change by adhering to the status quo and blaming the other side.Barae Hirsch