A library of ancient knowledge drawn directly from the memories and stories of Yup’ik elders who lived the old ways -- before children went to Western schools, before year-round villages, before village stores, before shopping on Amazon -- is quietly being produced before the opportunities are lost.Lisa Demer

Former Alaska First Lady Bella Hammond, 82, continues to live in the log cabin on the north shore of Lake Clark that she and the late Gov. Jay Hammond built together before his term from 1974-82.  “Isolation doesn’t bother me a bit," she says.

Steve Kahn
It always takes a few weeks after the soil in containers is warm enough to plant for the yard soil to warm up so you can plant in it. It’s finally happened. Go forth and plant those vegetable gardens. Flower away! We are officially in Alaska’s outdoor growing season.Jeff Lowenfels
Dining at Arctic Sushi had some hits and misses. The hits, encouragingly, were in the sushi itself.Mara Severin
Steve Edwards
David Ives’ Tony-nominated comedy “Venus in Fur” is described as “a study of sex and power” and promises to be a show you’ll be talking about long after you’ve left the theater. Mike Dunham

This month, Anchorage hairstylist Joseph Williams is giving away free haircuts to people in need. For some, the offer seems too good to be true: “It is free. And I don’t think people can handle that,” Williams said. 

Laurel Andrews
The decade-old Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival might be the closest thing you'll find to Burning Man in Alaska. If you're thinking of attending this year's, here's what you need to know.Victoria Barber
What makes this 18-year-old from Kenai the fastest distance running girl to ever come out of an Alaska high school? Doyle Woody
During World War II, Dad saved two lives when the destroyer he was serving on hit a mine and sank in the English Channel. He earned a Bronze Star for bravery in action, but his bad luck with ships never really waned. Pete Garay