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Despite early season salmon restrictions, Yup’ik fish camps bustle with activity as families harvest food for the winter.Lisa Demer
Wayne & Wanda: Advice for moving in with a slobby sweetheartWayne & Wanda
Italian dishes and seafood at Fletcher's in the Hotel Captain Cook add up to pub-style dining with a side of old-Anchorage glamour. But diners here better like bacon. Victoria Barber
 In a Throwback Thursday trip down Memory Lane, here's a look back at some of those forgotten Alaska reality TV shows.Emily Fehrenbacher
In peak travel season, many of the most popular creature comforts cost extra. Get used to it.Scott McMurren
Preparation work for a Huna Tlingit tribal house at Glacier Bay National Park will begin in August, according to the National Park Service.Alaska Dispatch News
Leffingwell died Wednesday afternoon at home, less than three months after her final performance with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. She was 90. Mike Dunham
Please meet Fiona, an 11 year old, female Rottweiler mix. This distinguished gal may be 11 years old, but she is young at heart!  Mike Lewis
Hollyhocks that bloomed last year but not this year? Dianthus with the same problem? Lewisia that didn't survive winter? Short delphiniums? Jeff has answers.Jeff Lowenfels
Not sure what to do with arugula? How about some kohlrabi? Or maybe you’re looking for a new spin on sockeye salmon?Steve Edwards