This fall’s Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage will feature a famed Southeast artist and her artist grandson as the keynote speakers, AFN announced this week.Lisa Demer

Charlie's Bakery is no typical (or stereotypical) Asian restaurant. If not for the menu on the wall and a few Chinese-language banners here and there, you’d take it for a regular bakery with a bunch of tables and chairs.

Tara Young
The monster-hunting show craze within the Discovery Channel empire has bled into strange cross-promotion shows like “Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hillstranded.”Emily Fehrenbacher
The newly minted Salmonfest runs Friday through Sunday at the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds in Ninilchik. Tickets run $65-$75 for single-day passes and $135 for all three festival days.Chris Bieri
An Alaska pizza parlor and brewpub has made the cut in the travel site's list of top 10 places to grab a slice in the U.S. -- and it's in elite company.Ben Anderson
Can cookies made from peanut butter and chicken gizzards made for dogs also appeal to people? We consider the possibilities as we review the goodies coming into local farmers markets this week.Mike Dunham

Advantages to canning your catch in glass jars is that your fish is already cooked, sterilized and ready to eat once it’s processed. The jars of fish are good for camping and shipping to friends and family, and they make for quick easy meals.

Tara Young
There's more than one way to catch a fish in Alaska -- and even more ways to fill your freezer with salmon or other species pulled from the state's waters. Check out the pros and cons of each.Suzanna Caldwell
What do the Washington, D.C., offices of Rep. Don Young, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan say about the occupants? Take a tour and see. Erica Martinson