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The Anchorage location of the Tilted Kilt chain offers up scantily-clad servers, Celtic food, and more televisions than you can count -- a business model that boomed during the nation's economic downturn.

For over 20 years the Alaska Federation of Natives has celebrated the many distinct Native cultures from across the state during Quyana, a night of traditional dance. 

The Ovluaq Dance Group from Barrow performed at the 2014 First Alaskans Elders and Youth Conference Wednesday, Oct. 22, marking the end of three days full of music and dance, educational workshops, and words of inspiration.

As Alaska gardeners slowly comprehend that winter is fast approaching, I suppose we can all take comfort in the news from the New York Times that Anchorage will be the place to live when the last global warming skeptic finally admits New York City is underwater for some reason related to climate.

Inevitable fragility is, in a way, what “Groundwork,” a solo exhibit by Anchorage artist Keren Lowell, is all about.

Artist Keren Lowell's first big solo show, now on display at the Anchorage Museum, uses discarded material to create large-scale abstract fabric work. 
This buttery maple concoction comes with salted pecans. It’s like fall glory in popcorn form and it’s super tasty and addictive.
There's a growing interest in “cultural tourism” around the world -- and that includes learning more about the history and lifestyle of Alaska’s native people. 
The Ebola outbreak is centered thousands of miles away, but that hasn't prevented some Alaska residents from showing psychological symptoms.
Whether you prefer your Halloween festivities on the macabre or merry side — kid-friendly or risque — there’s a party for you happening soon.