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Where was the snow last week? I actually found myself wandering around the yard last weekend, visiting the summer greenhouse, checking on my tool friends in the shed just in case I need a dandelion tool next weekend, and starting the mower, just for kicks.Jeff Lowenfels
"Crimes of the Heart" won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1981 and remains a witty piece of entertainment, but ACT's current production reveals that the chick flick for stage is showing its age.Mike Dunham
To deepen the flavor of this chili, lightly toast dried chilies before soaking and pureeing them with garlic and spices to make the base of the sauce. Kim Sunée
Jill Bess's new play "Simple Melody" will receive a staged reading. Dane Johansen, who is from Fairbanks and now on faculty at Julliard, will talk about his 500-mile pilgrimage along the route known as El Camino de Santiago. Johansen carried a cello and gave concerts along the way. Mike Dunham
The Sitka Summer Music Festival finally took possession of century-old Stevenson Hall on the campus of the former Sheldon Jackson College this week. The festival plans to use the historic building for offices and housing for guest artists.Mike Dunham
A thriving eatery that has long stood alone in the culinary desert that is South Anchorage, Southside Bistro has quietly and steadily become a dining landmark during its 20 years in business.Mara Severin
My friend's husband showed up on Tinder. Should I out him? Wayne and Wanda
Meet Alfred, who came to us as a stray. Knowing Alfred, he might have gone on a walk-about to spread love and good cheer to the neighborhood. Believe us, you will get kissed by this dog. 
The radio-plays, the ears-only theater of yesteryear, is making a comeback. Two companies will present radio plays tweaked for modern audiences in Anchorage this week.Mike Dunham
As the U.S. approaches its chairmanship of th Arctic Council and far-north climate warming continues at twice the global rate, President Obama issued an executive order Wednesday addressing federal Arctic policy. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski expressed doubts about the order's effectiveness.Yereth Rosen