Losing the battle against your list of New Year's resolutions to live a healthier life? A great way to start is by eating better, and there's not much better way than this simple, light and clean bean-and-kale soup.Kim Sunée
An unlikely group helped Christmas Islander Robei Rutio gain her life back: Alaska fly fishermen.Suzanna Caldwell
In a Nordic sport dominated by athletes from Nordic nations, Anchorage's Kikkan Randall has made history even before the start of the Sochi Olympics. She's snagging more marketing opportunities than any other American cross-country skier ever has.  Yereth Rosen
In "The Syringa Tree," a child's-eye view of apartheid in 1963 Johannesburg, South African actress Nava Scarracino portrays some 20 different African, Afrikaaner and white English characters. While the actress deserves props for her ability to flash seamlessly among personae, her work is ultimately undone by sluggish pacing and a too-sentimental script that relies heavily on the magical Negro archetype.Donna Freedman
Which state is purported to be Alaska's most bitter rival? The answer may (or may not) surprise you.Suzanna Caldwell
Object Runway is an unorthodox fashion show and always one of the biggest and most surprising spectacles of the year. More than 75 of the Northwest's best breweries will have over 400 samples at The Great Beer and Barley Wine Festival.
Technically speaking, the Builders and the Butchers have never been an Anchorage band. But given all the bands that have left Alaska to better their chances of success, the definition of "local band" sometimes gets a little fuzzy here.Matt Sullivan
Cordova's Lauren Padawer doesn't own a TV nor watch one. Still, she'll be making a pitch on TV this week to self-made tycoons, seeking help in building her Alaska Glacial Mud Co. into a more-successful Alaska business. Jennifer Gibbins
Two polar bears -- one rescued from Alaska's North Slope in 2011, and another born in captivity in Toronto in November 2013 -- have been marking milestones and wowing visitors at their exhibits Outside.Jill Burke