This weekend in and around Anchorage, there's a little something for everyone as the city celebrates its centennial and outdoor events are in full swing.Alaska Dispatch News
Since moving to Alaska 15 years ago, I’ve seen Anchorage’s faith community rapidly adopt digital media -- especially in the past five to seven years. This column today explores the growing importance of one type of such media -- church websites -- locally.Chris Thompson
From ANWR to Aniakchak Crater, river trips showcase the wildest parts of Alaska.Scott McMurren
This is a bunny rabbit column. You know, one where I hop all around? There are just too many questions to answer for me to dwell on a specific topic.Jeff Lowenfels
Some diners judge an eatery by the quality of the view. By that standard, the GoldStar Dining Room, aka the dining car on the Alaska Railroad, must be one of the finest restaurants on the planet, at least for those who are willing to forgo an extended menu for the sake of the scenery.Mike Dunham
Citywide events are underway celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Anchorage in 1915. Here’s a list of some. More information is available at  Mike Dunham
A hundred Alaska bagpipers will take part in the Highland Games this weekend, with contests in Anchorage and at the Alaska State Fairgrounds -- a taste of what we can expect in 2016 when Alaska hosts the World Highland Games Championships.Mike Dunham
First, women are supposed to worry about basically being less desirable because God forbid we're independent and successful. Now we also have to worry that our mate is more likely to cheat? Wayne and Wanda
New reality show sets out to find Bigfoot, saberwolf, otterman and other "Alaska Monsters."Emily Fehrenbacher