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It won't be long before the thousands of birds who spent their summer in Alaska begin their long journeys back south. In the meantime, there are still some events coming up for birders who aren't ready to see the birds of summer go.

Bob Hallinen
'Cold Spell' lyrically blends two stories -- a mother trying to start over and a daughter whose longings threaten to undo them. Cinthia Ritchie
Only one person in 12,000 is struck by lightning during their lifetime. Not all survive. I was that one. Sean Doogan

When it’s sunny and temperatures are in the 70s, it’s not hard to imagine the Chukchi Sea is the Mediterranean.

Bob Hallinen
National surveys show that despite Americans’ love and great respect for the Bible, its reading and study frequency is down. Even though 88 percent of American households own the Bible -- to the tune of 4.7 copies per household -- only 39 percent of Americans read it once a week or more.Chris Thompson
Anchorage Community Works celebrates first year, young musicians perform chamber music and art ramblings for the week of Aug. 7 in AnchorageMike Dunham
Grilling is a tremendously quick and simple way to enjoy peaches, or really any ripe stone fruit you happen to have on hand this time of year. I like mine with a drizzle of warm honey butter, spiced with cinnamon or ginger and a dollop of freshly whipped cream, lightly sweetened.Maya Evoy
In Sitka, residents celebrate their regional fishery with the Sitka Seafood Festival, a three-day event that includes a parade, games, bobbing for fish heads and one wild seafood banquet.Shannon Kuhn
“I’m here for various reasons,” Becca Wolfe, 21, said. “I’m here -- for the official reason -- because I oppose Pebble mine, and we were also saying last night, I’m here because it’s the biggest party in Alaska.”Tegan Hanlon
The first hurricane in 22 years is set to make landfall on Hawaii. Is the Aloha State experiencing more severe weather than in the past?Max Schindler