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Arctic Entries, now in its sixth season, has gathered about 250 stories from Alaskans.

Marc Lester
Alaska Vegan & Gluten Free will celebrate their first year in business with a free sample for customers at Wednesday's Center Market. Mike Dunham
Raine Hall, a one-time Iditarod Trail Committee staffer, has been on a personally costly and time-consuming, four-year quest to collect the memories of mushers who were around when the Iditarod was truly an adventure that left many wondering if they would reach the end. Craig Medred

Joe and T.J. Young are at the heart of a resurgence in totem pole art throughout Southeast Alaska.

Steve Quinn
Hydaburg’s T.J. and Joe Young are helping lead a revitalization of totem art, one pole at a time, in Southeast Alaska. Steve Quinn

Friends of Marvell Johnson hosted the final episode of Flight Soul To Soul and remembered the man who hosted the radio program for 35 years.

Marc Lester
Alaska Airlines Board Room members can now access the company's members-only lounges by scanning their fingerprints instead of showing ID, a feature the company introduced with its eye on possibly expanding the program to other areas of the airport. Laurel Andrews
In her book “Justice for Bonnie,” Karen Foster offers readers a grieving mother’s perspective into the emotional turmoil of the years immediately following Bonnie Craig’s brutal death and how she hounded investigators for years. Jerzy Shedlock
I knew our life was back to normal. Maybe not 100 percent, but good enough. We were lucky to have lived through not one, but two of the worst times of our long-ago vows, and we are better together for it.Heather Lende
Visiting churches here, I hear all types of sermons. Some have good points, even great points, but many miss because they are theologically weak, not practical, or follow pastoral biases. This column is intended to give five examples of types of sermons that may be keeping seekers away from Christianity. Chris Thompson



Uber can fill gaps in Anchorage-area transit system

OPINION: The status quo serves taxis and taxi companies quite well. But it doesn’t serve riders in Chugiak-Eagle River, and it doesn’t serve Anchorage small businesses, who are denied potential customers who can’t find a reliable ride downtown.Susan Gorski