There’s a certain amount of sport in the quest to nail down a great price to a popular destination. Welcome to the "game-ification" of travel, as rates go up, down, all around.Scott McMurren
Rabbi Yosef Greenberg of the Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska, acting as guest chaplain, opened the U.S. Senate session on Wednesday morning with a prayer for healing and peace in the world.Erica Martinson
I worried about my safety, sanity, and most of all about feeling sad in the moment without an adventure partner. But what scared me most was the idea of not doing the things in life I wanted to.Alli Harvey
The Hilarious Anonymous comedy show proved so popular in its first two incarnations that it's moved to a new and much bigger location.Mike Dunham
A new concerto commissioned for the Anchorage Symphony lacks any flashy music for the featured soloists.Mike Dunham

The Racial Equity Summit is two-day gathering, centered on the theme “Partners for the Next 10,000 Years.”

Erik Hill
Citing high remodeling costs, Sourdough Mining Company is closing for good after 32 years in business.Suzanna Caldwell
No matter which Hawaiian Island you visit, there are plenty ways to make sure nature factors in to your trip — whether you prefer snorkeling, biking, hiking, kayaking, visiting nature preserves.  Or more.  Erin Kirkland
Growing up, Mom insisted we look our best when we left the family's Kenai Peninsula homestead. No more.Clark Fair
Despite being subjected to the environmental and health risks of upstream mining projects in Canada, Alaskans have no say in their approval. Which is why thousands of Alaskans have been clamoring about them. Brendan Jones