Speaking at an Arctic conference in Anchorage Tuesday, a managing partner of a global investment firm said the Arctic presented "massive" investment opportunity and pitched an as-yet-unveiled protocol to attract would-be investors and guide investment in the region.

Jeannette Lee Falsey
Mark Johnston has been serving as acting manager of the city-owned electric utility since July.Sean Doogan
Individual Alaskans pay the lowest state taxes in the nation, and the budget has been heavily slashed. It's not enough for some Republican lawmakers. Alex DeMarban
This year's Permanent Fund dividend check, estimated by Alaska Dispatch News to be about $2,100, might be the largest in the fund's 34-year history. Sean Doogan
A decision this week by major credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's to revise its outlook on Alaska bonds from stable to negative could push up the cost of borrowing for communities and institutions all over the state.Jeannette Lee Falsey
With international customers shunning Alaska coal for cheaper sources, Usibelli, the state's sole working coal mine, faces more layoffs and a possible sixth straight year of declining production, mine officials said. Jeannette Lee Falsey
A small fish processor is trying to reboot a salad shrimp fishery in the Southeast Alaska town of Petersburg by exporting the small shellfish to Scandinavia. Sean Doogan
Employment rose about 1 percent each month from January through March, according to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, with the three-month average for employment at 326,087 jobs. Jeannette Lee Falsey
Flint Hills Resources wants a more lenient standard for treating sulfolane pollution at its North Pole refinery, while the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation wants to delay any decisions until the results of a long-term study come back.Laurel Andrews
The agenda for Monday's Arctic conference is heavy on Alaska speakers, and the topics go beyond climate change.Yereth Rosen