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Refiners Tesoro and Petro Star find themselves disagreeing about how the "Quality Bank" formula -- in which refineries pay a penalty for taking out the high-value portions of oil from TAPS -- affects their economic fortunes in Alaska.


Dermot Cole
As Alaska tops a national list of the states with the most volatile revenues, some legislators reintroduce the oft-discussed but never executed idea of a long-range fiscal plan for the state.Pat Forgey
Cook Inlet Region Inc., the regional Alaska Native corporation, asked a Texas bankruptcy court judge to let two cases -- one over a lease sale, the other involving allegations of illegal draining -- be resolved before Buccaneer Energy Ltd. completes bankruptcy proceedings begun earlier this year.Eric Lidji,Petroleum News
The state board charged with regulating the alcohol business in Alaska doesn’t belong under a state agency that promotes business, the head of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority told the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Tuesday.Dermot Cole
Under pressure from recreational fishing groups, the National Marine Fisheries Service has admitted that what it painted as a domestic picture of commercial fisheries was in fact a global one. The agency refused to release a new report but has altered its online report to make it possible to calculate the value for all the seafood sold commercially in this country.Craig Medred
Wireless and Internet services in Southeast Alaska were snarled Friday after an early-morning earthquake apparently cut a crucial seabed data cable.Pat Forgey
Lovers of large margins and the Courier font, take note: The Alaska Supreme Court ruled Friday that a state bidder could not claim foul because a competitor used big words and large margins in a 15-page response to a request for proposals.Dermot Cole
A long-standing rule that aims to quash oil spills in Canada's Arctic -- and which is being eyed by U.S. officials as a potential model to follow -- is being challenged by oil companies exploring the area.Yereth Rosen
Gov. Sean Parnell on Thursday named the public members of a board created to review the state’s oil and gas tax regime, and all have ties to industry, including two who used to work for Veco, the defunct oil-field contractor at the center of the 2006 corruption scandal tied to oil taxes. Richard Mauer
This debate was different from previous tax-cut debates, with panelists asking the questions instead of a moderator, leading to more back-and-forth and sometimes pointed exchanges. Meantime, the audience – generally older and cheering loudest for repeal arguments -- submitted more than 50 questions, only a few of which could be addressed before time ran out.   Alex DeMarban