Alaska's partnership with TransCanada on the $55 billion Alaska LNG project ended Tuesday after the state bought out the pipeline company's interest for $65 million. 

Alex DeMarban
Statewide there were about 333,000 jobs this October, up from 331,000 last year.       Jeannette Lee Falsey
Representatives from the real estate and residential construction industries were markedly absent from the panel. It took an audience question to bring panelists back to the ostensible reason behind the event. Jeannette Lee Falsey
State jobs and population numbers show Alaska may be on the cusp of an economic recession or already in one, a UAA economist said Friday.Jeannette Lee Falsey,Zaz Hollander
A new report predicts that the bulk of combined jobs and investment in Alaska's oil, gas and mining sectors over the next decade will come from a proposed liquefied natural gas project.Jeannette Lee Falsey
For the second month in a row, Alaska has lost jobs, but evidence of that isn't showing up in unemployment numbers. The state unemployment rate was 6.4 percent in September, compared to 6.8 percent last September.Pat Forgey
Alaska today has less oil, more savings and a larger, more stable economy than it did 30 years ago. But there's no consensus what those differences mean for the future. Jeannette Lee Falsey
New to Alaska's Symphony of Seafood lineup next year is the category Beyond the Egg. It will include products such as herring roe on kelp, salmon caviar, and uni (urchin) paste or crème brulee.    Laine Welch
Natural gas from Canada is being looked at as the solution to high energy costs in Southeast Alaska, with a Lower 48 utility proposing to build a new gas distribution system for Juneau.Pat Forgey
Above-freezing weather in Southcentral Alaska this week turned many winter sports enthusiasts -- some planning to ignore Black Friday sales and spend the day outside -- into homebodies.Jeannette Lee Falsey