Valerie Mertz, chief financial officer of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., has been named as the temporary executive director following the resignation of long-time executive director Mike Burns.

Pat Forgey
For the second year in a row, Alaska’s gross domestic product declined more than any other state's, the result of reduced North Slope oil production and much lower prices for crude. But a state economist warns that the GDP decline wouldn't necessarily translate into broader economic decline.Pat Forgey
The definition of a recession is shaky enough to begin with, and pinpointing the start of one is no simple task. Jeannette Lee Falsey
Alaskans who want to solve the fiscal challenge facing the state now have the power to balance the budget with clicks on a keyboard. Dermot Cole
There's strong demand in Anchorage for higher-density rental housing that's affordable for most people, but developers aren't in a rush to build because they say rents wouldn't cover construction costs.Jeannette Lee Falsey
The Fish and Wildlife Service acknowledges that Arctic climate change is the top threat to polar bears, but it says its ability to take action is limited to tasks that fall short of greenhouse gas restrictions. Yereth Rosen
"Members-only" marijuana clubs claim their patrons are not in a public space and thus are not breaking the law against consuming marijuana in public. But the state warns that continued activity could subject the clubs to criminal and civil penalties.Laurel Andrews
Alaska’s largest sockeye salmon fishery was predicted to have a near-record return this summer, but so far the reds have only trickled into Bristol Bay’s rivers.Dave Bendinger | KDLG News
Alaska’s oil tax credits are threatening to overwhelm the state budget and are expected to grow to as much as $1.7 billion a year, costing the state more than it spends for schools and becoming its single largest expense, Gov. Bill Walker warned Wednesday.Pat Forgey
A new, comprehensive report tracks loss of northern Alaska coastline since the late 1940s. The erosion, packed into a few months a year, is some of the most dramatic in the nation, researchers say.Yereth Rosen