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The biggest run of Bristol Bay salmon in 20 years is projected to slam nets and reach spawning grounds in 2015, presenting a bounty for commercial fishermen and a challenge for processors.

Lisa Demer
Workers looking for a raise at the start of next year will have to wait a couple of months into 2015 for Alaska’s voter-approved minimum wage increase to take effect.Devin Kelly
In any economy, some people can work for their neighbors -- fixing their roads, teaching their kids, selling them gas. But to bring anything in from outside, you need to have something that outsiders need.Erin McKittrick
A new estimate prepared by the Department of Revenue says that if oil prices average $85 for this fiscal year, state oil income from production taxes under the new law would drop to $475 million -- $1.2 billion less than predicted last spring, but still better than the state would have done under ACES.Dermot Cole
While the U.S. economy appears to be finally picking up some steam, Alaska employment is showing some signs of stalling or of faltering, according to new Department of Labor and Workforce Development data released Friday.Pat Forgey
The state-owned Alaska Aerospace Corporation has launched a new plan to use $21 million in a state capital appropriation as an incentive to attract new business to the Kodiak rocket range.Dermot Cole
At a forum Saturday in Anchorage, fiscal sages and scholars discussed ways that Alaska could avoid looming budgetary shortfalls, including cutting spending and potentially tapping into the sacrosanct Permanent Fund.Alex DeMarban
While the name of Saturday’s Forum on Alaska’s Fiscal Future might elicit a yawn, the issues on the agenda could one day hit you in the pocketbook.Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. will keep investing in hedge funds, even following the news that California's massive public pension fund would stop investing in the low-risk, low-return funds.Pat Forgey
A mining company hoping to turn a large graphite deposit on the Seward Peninsula into the country’s only large-scale graphite mine met with residents in Teller this week to discuss its findings and hear from the locals who would live closest to any potential mine.Matthew F. Smith / KNOM