In 2014, the number of nonresident workers grew by 2 percent, while the number of resident workers grew just 0.4 percent. The percentage of nonresidents who work in Alaska has increased for five years in a row.

Annie Zak
Gunnar Knapp, director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska Anchorage, talked to Anchorage business people on Monday about the urgency with which lawmakers need to fix the state's budget.Annie Zak
The number of people receiving jobless benefits in Alaska continued to fall in December, except for in the oil and gas sector, where claims doubled from the year before.Alex DeMarban
A new report shows that oil and gas construction spending is expected to fall 25 percent from last year, and all other sectors are expected to see a drop of 11 percent.Annie Zak
The Alaska International Airport System, the city of Anchorage and the Anchorage Economic Development Corp. announced Thursday that they've joined forces to create the Alaska AeroNexus Alliance.Annie Zak
Statistics released Friday by the state's labor department indicate that the Alaska economy in 2015 was "relatively flat."Annie Zak
Many sectors of Alaska’s economy are bracing for a downturn as oil prices drop and lawmakers try to solve a $3.5 billion budget deficit. But Anchorage’s tourism industry may have less to worry about.Annie Zak
It has been a truism of the U.S. economy for decades: When oil prices rise, the economy suffers; when they fall, growth improves.Binyamin Appelbaum
Needy Alaskans are enjoying a rare taste of sablefish, one of the world’s priciest fish, thanks to a science project that’s kept research fish from going over the rails.Laine Welch
REI's business acumen has taken it to heights rarely seen by a retail cooperative. But as a record-low turnout in the latest annual election shows, REI's original democratic fervor seems to have stayed at base camp. Ángel González | The Seattle Times