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Officials say the state might have to repay tens of millions of dollars to the federal government if it wants to kick the Juneau Access Road and the Knik Arm Crossing to the curb.  


Alex DeMarban
In a rare bit of good financial news for Gov. Bill Walker and state budget writers, the soaring health care costs of recent years appear to have leveled off. Next year, they're even projected to go down slightly.Pat Forgey
The company seeking state help for a 200-mile one-lane road to mining prospects in Northwest Alaska says “substantial doubt exists as to our ability to continue as a going concern,” a statement it has repeated to investors as recently as Oct. 14.Dermot Cole
A second credit ratings agency raised a warning flag Thursday about Alaska’s state budget. Standard & Poor’s said that “to avert credit quality deterioration, we believe the state must make material progress in reducing the deficit in its fiscal 2016 budget.”Dermot Cole
 Moody's Investors Service said Tuesday it lowered the credit outlook for Alaska because the plunge in oil prices "threatens to rapidly and significantly reduce the state's budgetary reserves."Dermot Cole
Gov. Bill Walker on Monday announced a slimmed-down capital budget of just $106 million -- $114 million less than the budget proposed by his predecessor, Sean Parnell. Gone are $20 million for the proposed Susitna-Watana dam and $8 million for the Ambler road project.Alex DeMarban
Observers say that, despite a devastating slump in oil prices and tanking state revenues, Alaska appears better off than it was during the mid-1980s economic crash. State savings accounts remain massive, and the $51 billion Permanent Fund is a critical safety net that is much larger today.Alex DeMarban
Unalaska has previously hosted cruise ships with an average of 200 to 400 passengers. This summer will see two much larger ships with 1,500 to 2,500 passengers.Jim Paulin
The outgoing administration of Gov. Sean Parnell had one approach to address a looming budget deficit within the state's underfunded retirement system, but that proposal will likely get a new look under Gov. Bill Walker.Pat Forgey
At next year's Symphony of Seafood competition in Seattle, entrepreneurs won't just compete for who has the tastiest dish, but also for who's using the less-edible parts of fish in new and innovative ways.Laine Welch