A financial tracking website said Alaska's high crime rate, expensive housing and bad weather are all contributing factors in the city's third-worst U.S. ranking for places in which to retire.

Sean Doogan
With the state missing its steady revenue of recent years, Alaska legislators are searching for unspent pots of money in other programs as they seek to keep their favorite ones alive.Pat Forgey
The Bureau of Land Management is proposing to permanently protect 675,000 acres from possible mining within the Fortymile Mining District in Alaska's eastern Interior.Sean Doogan
Created by voters in 1976, the Alaska Permanent Fund, which has grown to more than $50 billion, will play a major role in the future finances of the state. But just what form it will take remains to be seen. One thing is clear: the collapse in oil prices stands to intensify the debate. Part 3 in a series. Dermot Cole
Alaska has had the good fortune to amass billions of dollars in savings, which are now a major source of state revenue. But with the collapse of oil prices, the state is spending its savings at a rate of more than $6,000 a minute, and that's quickly eroding the earning potential of its investments. Part 2 in a series. Dermot Cole
Oil has been the source of about 90 percent of Alaska’s revenue, but with prices flagging and production way down, it's not coming close to matching state spending. A bright spot: Billions in investment income from state savings. A three-part series examines how Alaska got here, and how it moves forward.  Dermot Cole
A federal visa program used by fish processing plants and diamond sellers in Alaska to hire seasonal workers from abroad is on temporary hold in response to a court ruling. Jeannette Lee Falsey
Shell’s Arctic oil spill response system -- damaged during a deployment test in 2012 -- is undergoing drills in waters near Bellingham, Washington, with federal officials observing the exercises.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
Earthjustice's Holly Harris said that this time an injunction is needed because logging could begin as soon as April 1.Pat Forgey
A senator from Wasilla removed from the budget all state funding for public broadcasting Thursday, and efforts by a Juneau senator to restore some money failed.Nathaniel Herz