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The Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. will keep investing in hedge funds, even following the news that California's massive public pension fund would stop investing in the low-risk, low-return funds.

Pat Forgey
Sen. Mark Begich has asked Gov. Sean Parnell to assist in resolving the work stoppage at Usibelli Coal’s Seward dock operations, which have been suspended since the 9th Circuit Court ruled the facility may be in violation of the Clean Water Act.Fern Greenbank
While some activist investors push to divest from non-renewable energy, the Alaska Permanent Fund has been ramping up its investments in the oil and gas industry, hoping to cash in on an unshrinking global demand for hydrocarbons.Pat Forgey
More Alaskans are on welfare, per capita, than residents of any other state in the nation, according to figures released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau. Kyle Hopkins
The credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service gave a seal of approval to Alaskans' rejection of Ballot Measure 1, which kept the oil-tax structure known as the More Alaska Production Act in place.Alex DeMarban
An Alaska Dispatch News analysis estimates the 2014 Permanent Fund dividend could be one of the highest ever paid out but will likely fall short of the record of $2,069 set in 2008.Alex DeMarban,Sean Doogan
Coronado Park Senior Village is being touted as an energy-efficient independent-living option for seniors near the heart of Eagle River. Devin Kelly
On Aug. 19, Alaska voters will decide a critical question: How to tax oil production? Here's a look at some of the basics of what we're voting on and what it means. Alex DeMarban
Dr. Kitty Cardwell, a national program leader with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Small Business Innovation Research program, has been on a trip through several parts of the state getting a feel for the business climate and touting the unique federal program.Dave Bendinger
If Alaska lawmakers want to know the inner details of the gas pipeline and what the state and oil companies are doing, they will be asked to take a pledge to keep it confidential.Dermot Cole