National Endowment for the Arts chairman Jane Chu is on a tour of Palmer, Anchorage, Juneau and Sitka "to see firsthand what's happening in arts in Alaska."  Mike Dunham
A federal judge considering a court challenge by Pebble mine developers has granted Pebble’s request to force testimony by a former government scientist now believed to be living in Australia.Lisa Demer
Some Anchorage residents will have to deal with road and office closures when President Obama arrives next week. But Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and other officials said Thursday they expect it to be mostly business as usual downtown.Sean Doogan,Devin Kelly
To fight high housing costs in Juneau, city officials are considering property tax exemptions for some developments.Associated Press
Under the Marijuana Control Board's current proposed regulations, all business owners and investors must be Alaska residents. Some are calling foul, saying that decision could break the industry, and they question whether the requirement is legal. Laurel Andrews
Citing concerns from the business community, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough mayor has vetoed a tax on electronic cigarettes known as e-cigarettes, or "vapes."Zaz Hollander
A male supervisor throws his weight around -- literally -- to intimidate two female subordinates. Is it "blowing things out of proportion" to report such behavior?Lynne Curry
Gov. Bill Walker said Monday that he plans to recommend to legislators that the state buy out TransCanada Corp.'s position in the major liquefied natural gas project that Alaska is pursuing.Becky Bohrer
With sea ice dwindling, vessel traffic increasing and investment pouring in, the time for talking about Arctic infrastructure is over and the time for action is now, speakers at a conference in Anchorage said Sunday.Yereth Rosen
A five-year, $30 million Chinook Salmon Research Initiative launched in 2013 included more than 100 researchers focused on three dozen projects across 12 major river systems from Southeast to the Yukon. Now the ambitious effort has been cut to about a dozen projects.Laine Welch