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 Salmon sperm, or milt, has phosphate in its DNA, and previous studies showed that phosphate on the surface of some bacteria extracted rare earth elements (REEs).Laine Welch
Alexandra West created a “fish carcass disposal system” to filter fish waste back into the water and prevent bear-human conflict. She's the first student UAA to be the sole inventor listed on a patent. Tegan Hanlon
How do you deal with a colleague who's competing with you for a job you may not even be interested in, and whose insults seem to be be sticking? Here are three strategies.Lynne Curry
A canceled Alaska ferry dock project in the Canadian port of Prince Rupert has been a focus of a high-level dispute over U.S.-Canada trade policy, but Alaska officials say Canada's stance on the project will mostly hurt Canadian workers.Pat Forgey
Gov. Bill Walker has named his new transportation commissioner: Marc Luiken, who returns to that post several years after he quit.Nathaniel Herz
Gov. Bill Walker told Alaskans Thursday evening that he’s cutting state budgets to the point of pain, and that if oil prices don't rebound, new taxes may be necessary next yearNathaniel Herz,Pat Forgey
Gov. Bill Walker on Wednesday used his first State of the State address to put a positive, up-by-your-bootstraps spin on Alaska’s tough fiscal predicament, though he offered Alaskans few concrete details on the steps he’ll take to reach the goals outlined in his speech.Nathaniel Herz,Pat Forgey
As the U.S. approaches its chairmanship of th Arctic Council and far-north climate warming continues at twice the global rate, President Obama issued an executive order Wednesday addressing federal Arctic policy. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski expressed doubts about the order's effectiveness.Yereth Rosen
As Alaska jousted with the federal government in federal court Tuesday over whether new oil and gas exploration could be conducted in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was defending her position on opening the potentially oil-rich refuge.Alex DeMarban
The Walker administration released 17 transition reports Tuesday with myriad non-binding recommendations, including a $500 million state budget cut for the next fiscal year and expansion of Medicaid benefits funded by the federal government.Dermot Cole