The unfortunate thing about the Baja car is its name. Baja has nothing to do with it. UAA’s student engineers won’t be racing their off-road buggy up and down the sand dunes and beaches of coastal Mexico.

Kathleen McCoy
With the most diverse neighborhood and the most diverse elementary, middle and high schools in the U.S., Anchorage is at the forefront of a national trend toward more ethnic variety. Matt Tunseth
The Anchorage School District said Tuesday that it will not lay off any classroom teachers next school year after the School Board trimmed the previously approved 2015-16 school year budget by nearly $15.7 million earlier this month, cutting about 60 teaching jobs.Tegan Hanlon
It’s true. The green and gold confetti already has fluttered down upon the 1,300-plus mortarboards and lei-laden UAA graduates of 2015. Summer session begins Monday. Still, the end of spring semester is so rich with presentations and projects come to fruition that it’s worth one last dip into student scholarship.Kathleen McCoy
The school district is replacing an eight-grade history textbook that some educators say is politically biased, after a speech pathologist for the district and mother of three children complained that the book is "highly prejudiced," blatantly political, includes religious perspectives and contains many inaccuracies.Associated Press
Anchorage writer Julia O'Malley has been selected as the Atwood chair of journalism at the University of Alaska Anchorage, the university announced on Wednesday.Alaska Dispatch News
Twenty years ago, North Slope leaders came together to create Ilisagvik College from earlier efforts to provide vocational and higher education programs in Barrow. Carey Restino
At this point in his career, Randy Moulic could do just about anything he wanted -- including nothing -- if he so chose. So why isn't the former IBM engineer sipping a cool beverage with an umbrella in it, on some tropical island somewhere?Kathleen McCoy
At Crossroads, an alternative high school in Anchorage for pregnant and parenting students, young women can have their babies in class and learn about child development, family law and maternity health, in addition to typical high school subjects.Tegan Hanlon

Alex Bajoon, 14, reacted in disbelief as a video from Jagex Games Studio in England delivered an invitation to visit the home of his favorite game, Runescape, as a Make-A-Wish trip on Thursday, May 21, 2015, at Central Middle School of Science.

Erik Hill