For the second day, four Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District schools in the Susitna Valley are closed because of road conditions, though basketball games will go ahead on a delayed schedule, the district said.

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How cool would it be if scientists could tinker with a lab recipe and make something grow, right before our eyes. Skip the sperm, the egg, the whole messy complexity of DNA. Wait -- they can already do that?Kathleen McCoy
A Ketchikan Superior Court Judge has ruled that it is unconstitutional for the state to require municipalities to help pay for public education, invalidating Alaska’s longheld school funding formula.Tegan Hanlon
A representative from First Student, the bus company used by the school district, had originally recommended third-grade as a minimum for students to be dropped off or picked up alone, but the board settled on kindergarten.Associated Press

Tuition will increase at the University of Alaska system by 5 percent this fall following a UA Board of Regents meeting Friday.

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The 2015-16 budget, which is 2.3 percent above the current school year's budget, adds 63 teacher positions, but it still must go before the Anchorage Assembly in March.Tegan Hanlon
Between mid-August and the end of January, the community at East High School boarded People Mover buses nearly 26,000 times. As part of a new pilot program, the Anchorage School District picked up the tab.Tegan Hanlon
Elective teachers in Anchorage middle schools have been asked to teach an extra period each day, at the expense of time once spent planning lessons and coordinating curriculum between teachers. Unlike some core teachers who've been asked to do the same, they haven't been offered additional pay.Tegan Hanlon

Goldenview Middle School music teacher Dan Whitfield had always taught five classes, but this year he and the rest of the middle school elective teachers in the Anchorage School District have been required to teach for six out of the day’s seven periods. It's not a sustainable workload, Whitfield says.

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Four Matanuska-Susitna Borough School Districts are closed Wednesday because of road conditions, the district announced on its website.Alaska Dispatch News