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Student-veteran population at Alaska’s two largest university campuses is increasing at rates that outpace the growth of total enrollment.


Tegan Hanlon
Most Alaskans wouldn’t link the word opera with Unalakleet, a community of 700 located just at the mouth of its namesake river on Norton Sound. Maybe not, until now.Kathleen Mccoy
The regents took up the bonus after weeks of controversy that included defenders as well as critics of Gamble's performance debating the merits of what the regents had dubbed a "retention incentive."Alaska Dispatch News
Keeping up with University of Alaska Anchorage biochemist Megan Howard is no easy task, especially if it’s early in the morning and she’s had coffee. She walks fast, talks fast, and is intensely excited about her work.Kathleen Mccoy
New school-by-school ratings released Friday by the state Education Department show how each of the more than 500 learning centers in Alaska fared under the 2-year-old Alaska School Performance Index.Kyle Hopkins
Should Anchorage sixth-graders attend elementary or middle school? The Anchorage School District is holding a series of community discussions next week as it tries to answer the question.Michelle Theriault Boots
The biggest back-to-school controversy at the University of Alaska this year has been the $320,000 bonus the UA Regents offered to UA President Pat Gamble, an idea that will be reconsidered at Gamble's request. This is the wrong time to get a bonus, he said.Alaska Dispatch News
Under the expansion of a federal program that aims to improve nutrition for students, the Anchorage School District has greatly expanded its nutrition program, offering free breakfast and lunch for every student at 30 schools.Michelle Theriault Boots
Burkhead’s students don’t work with a textbook; he has them reading freshly published science journal articles and working with primary source material.Kathleen Mccoy
On Monday, UAA welcomes the class of 2018 onto a campus that is rapidly transforming. This column offers a construction update (the dust won’t settle soon) and shares a quick snapshot of the 1,338 freshman Seawolves.Kathleen Mccoy