The magic enrollment number for maintaining a school in rural Alaska is 10 students. Cold Bay’s enrollment rested on just four middle school boys this spring semester. 

JoAnne Knight
The Anchorage School District on Thursday announced a nearly $16.7 million cut to the budget for next school year, including elimination of 70 teacher positions, four pre-K classrooms and team planning time for middle school elective teachers. Tegan Hanlon
The Walker administration says assertions by legislators and others that the April 7 school bond measure in Anchorage would be excluded from the new school bond reimbursement moratorium were incorrect. Dermot Cole
The budget approved by the Alaska Legislature Monday would drain a $1.3 billion account set aside to provide school districts some measure of financial stability.Dermot Cole
Right about now, Alaskans are digging through the spidery corners of their backyard sheds and garages, pulling out waders and tackle boxes, sweeping leaves off gunnels and hooking up boat trailers. It’s time to get ready for summer and salmon fishing.Kathleen McCoy
The furloughs for 167 employees in leadership positions throughout the university system are a response to the state budget crisis, said university President Pat Gamble.Jeannette Lee Falsey
The University of Alaska Fairbanks plans to eliminate its philosophy degree program and reduce offerings in music and a variety of other subjects, while suspending a dental hygiene program and merging journalism and theater, the university said Wednesday.Dermot Cole
Shannon Donovan, a UAA professor of environmental studies, noticed a long waiting list for community gardens in a city with 11,000 acres of public land. And given the state’s current economic downturn there are few resources to apply toward developing more community gardens. What to do?Kathleen McCoy
Roughly 200 high school students walked out of classes Thursday afternoon for the march through downtown Anchorage. “We’re hoping to make a splash that can be heard all the way down in Juneau,” said Charlie Lowell, a 16-year-old student at West High who organized the rally.Tegan Hanlon
The University of Alaska Fairbanks says its drinking water is safe, but recent tests showed it exceeds federal limits for chemicals formed when chlorine interacts with organic material in the water, known as "trihalomethanes," by 19 percent.Dermot Cole