Mention K-12 education these days and folks start wringing their hands with concern. But like so many knots in life, if you scratch around a bit, you find people working toward solutions -- one teacher, one classroom, one kid at a time. It’s heartening.

Kathleen McCoy
A parent who says her then-9-year-old daughter was made to sit in a hallway with packing tape covering her mouth in 2012 is suing a charter school principal and the Anchorage School District.Evan Erickson
The Anchorage School Board voted Monday to revise its expulsion and suspension policies, as well as add back nearly $4.8 million to next school year's budget to fund 36 teacher positions, among other items. Tegan Hanlon
 The Anchorage School District this summer will serve breakfast, lunch or a snack to 800 to 900 children daily -- with the tab paid by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Tegan Hanlon

For a time, the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines consisted of a concrete cornerstone and nothing else. The University of Alaska celebrated the centennial of its most important stone Monday.

Dermot Cole
University of Alaska Regent Mike Powers, UA Geophysical Institute director Bob McCoy and UA vice chancellor Mike Sfraga are the three finalists to serve as interim chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks for up to a year.Alaska Dispatch News
UAA finance professor John Nofsinger says people are tricked into thinking that -- because they’ve absorbed a lot of information -- they actually know something. Wisdom is a slower process that comes with reading, thinking, learning -- and being patient.Kathleen McCoy
A day after the Alaska Legislature passed a long-awaited budget deal that restored some education funding, the Anchorage School District on Friday proposed another changes to its budget for the next school year.Tegan Hanlon
West High graduate Maeva Ordaz says her migrant parents' hard work and emphasis on education inspired her to pursue scholarships and compete in the national Poetry Out Loud competition.Mike Dunham
The gripping moment for UAA senior Marin Lee came in a grocery store, watching locals shop for dinner. “They were so ordinary,” she said, “just like me, doing something so every day.”Kathleen McCoy