Chinook Elementary School honored principal Anita Stevens during a surprise assembly on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015.

Marc Lester
Starting next year, Alaskans can become pharmacists without having to leave the state thanks to a new partnership between the University of Alaska Anchorage and Idaho State University.Tegan Hanlon
“If only animals could talk,” said Veronica Padula, a UAA graduate student researching seabird decline in the Aleutian Islands, “then they could tell us what’s wrong with them.” Kathleen McCoy
A proposed change in state regulations would expand the range of professionals who can diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Alaska students, making it easier for them to receive accommodations in school.Tegan Hanlon

A different kind of animal swarmed the Alaska Zoo on Friday -- Anchorage eighth-graders.

Bob Hallinen
More than 100 eighth-graders from Mears Middle School got up close and personal with zoo animals to better understand how Alaska creatures survive in the wild. Megan Edge
The U.S. Department of Education recognized three Alaska schools on Tuesday as being among the best in the nation for overall academic excellence. Tegan Hanlon
Though the technology is decades old, a new graphing calculator can easily cost more than $100 -- making it unattainable for some low-income students. Now, one Anchorage mom is trying to change that.Tegan Hanlon
Next spring, Alaska and Norwegian college students will participate in an educational pilot program that explores shared management of Arctic resources. This “proof-of-concept” eventually will shape an entire course on cooperation and conflict in the Arctic.Kathleen McCoy
The grant comes under the new Native Youth Community Projects program and is one of a dozen awarded by the federal government -- for a total of more than $5 million -- aimed at preparing Native children for college and careers. Erica Martinson