Roughly 200 high school students walked out of classes Thursday afternoon for the march through downtown Anchorage. “We’re hoping to make a splash that can be heard all the way down in Juneau,” said Charlie Lowell, a 16-year-old student at West High who organized the rally.

Tegan Hanlon
The Anchorage Assembly will consider a resolution Tuesday that asks the School Board to submit both a five-year fiscal plan that takes into account possible funding cuts as well as an alternate, smaller budget for next school year.Tegan Hanlon
In the world of collegiate debate, Harvard, Yale and the University of Alaska Anchorage are peers. And this weekend, for the first time, the nation's premier collegiate debate competition came to the Last Frontier.Michelle Theriault Boots
How have Alaska public schools served their indigenous students? Data show the report card isn’t good. Alaska Native students drop out at rates triple the national average. In 2013-14, they made up 23.3 percent of students in grades 7 to 12 but accounted for 37.8 percent of dropouts in those grades. Their dropout rate was 6.4 percent compared with 4 percent for other Alaska students.Kathleen McCoy
The Tanaina Child Development Center will move to St. Mary's Episcopal Church on May 12 after the University of Alaska Anchorage sent a letter earlier this year asking the center to leave its on-campus location. Tegan Hanlon
A Senate education bill that would allow parents to opt their children out of standardized tests moved out of committee Thursday with additional language that would prohibit school districts from allowing an “abortion services provider” to provide course materials or instruction to students.Tegan Hanlon
The University of Alaska Board of Regents is meeting in Bethel for the first time in a decade as the university system braces for deep cuts. The impacts are expected to reach remote campuses that connect to communities in ways that extend beyond college classes.Lisa Demer
With all but one precinct reporting early Wednesday morning, the two incumbent Anchorage School Board candidates appeared to be on the way to victory.Tegan Hanlon
The Anchorage School District could eliminate more than 100 teacher positions, outsource sports and end some pre-K classes, among other cuts, to close a potential $29.4 million budget gap next school year, administrators told the School Board on Monday. Tegan Hanlon
The Alaska teachers union is criticizing Gov. Bill Walker for not appointing people with classroom experience in public schools to the state education board. Walker said his two nominees are strong candidates.Nathaniel Herz