Faced with a cut in state funding of up to $30 million that could lead to a loss of hundreds of jobs at campuses across the state, University of Alaska officials continue to review options pending final action by the Legislature and governor.


Dermot Cole
A reorganized Anchorage School Board unanimously passed a budget amendment Tuesday that cut nearly $15.7 million from the 2015-16 school year budget, removing funding for 60 teacher positions and other staff, supplies and programs.Tegan Hanlon
Ariel Hasse of Wasilla and Grant Ackerman of Fairbanks have been named U.S. Presidential Scholars, one of the nation's top academic awards for graduating high school seniors.Alaska Dispatch News
Mariana Morari, a UAA alumna, hopes to coordinate the first-ever graduation ceremony in her impoverished hometown in the Eastern European country of Moldova. First item on her list to make it happen? The iconic graduation gowns.Laurel Andrews
The campus community bids a fond farewell to a singular force in teaching, professor Clay Nunnally. He’s retiring after 45 years of luring English undergraduates toward the aesthetics and gentle sensibilities of 18th century Victorian and Romantic-era poetry and prose.Kathleen McCoy
The magic enrollment number for maintaining a school in rural Alaska is 10 students. Cold Bay’s enrollment rested on just four middle school boys this spring semester. JoAnne Knight
The Anchorage School District on Thursday announced a nearly $16.7 million cut to the budget for next school year, including elimination of 70 teacher positions, four pre-K classrooms and team planning time for middle school elective teachers. Tegan Hanlon
The Walker administration says assertions by legislators and others that the April 7 school bond measure in Anchorage would be excluded from the new school bond reimbursement moratorium were incorrect. Dermot Cole
The budget approved by the Alaska Legislature Monday would drain a $1.3 billion account set aside to provide school districts some measure of financial stability.Dermot Cole

Abigail "Abbey" Gamboa of Anchorage's East High School was the lucky winner of a 2014 Jeep Compass Tuesday, thanks to her perfect school attendance.

Erik Hill