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Nanwalek School, located on the southern tip of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, was the only school in the state to win the educational grant from technology company Apple. 

State Rep. Lora Reinbold is on a mission to root out "Common Core," the new educational standards that have become a target of the tea party movement, from Alaska schools.
Last Tuesday at UAA, the Black Student Union hosted a panel discussion on the continuing civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a local police officer on August 9.
Before House Bill 210 became effective Oct. 14, Alaska statutes were vague, allowing teachers and other staff members to use “reasonable and necessary” physical restraint in emergencies but offering no details on what was permitted and what was not. The law was silent on the practice of seclusion. 
The announcement comes in the wake of media reports on leaked investigative files that describe years of alleged sexual assaults, harassment and other misconduct in the Alaska Army National Guard, some cases involving  recruiters and high school students.
What do reality TV, Zora Neale Hurston and "The Help" have in common? On the surface, not much. But if you’re Jervette R. Ward, a recently arrived English professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, each is an avenue into a topic she cares deeply about -- the black female experience.
A Twitter hoax Tuesday had parents calling the Anchorage School District in fear the deadly virus had made its way to Anchorage. Police and school officials worked quickly to quash the rumor. 
This study, the first of its kind, is considered exploratory. But as the three researchers see it, high depression rates attached to a group discouraged over its ability to obtain good health care information is significant. It suggests many APIs simply aren’t getting help they need and deserve.
The University of Alaska is one of 64 institutions of higher education nationwide the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is investigating or auditing for compliance with Title IX, the law that guarantees gender equity in education.  
When interviewing for a job, buying a car, or even shopping for a dress at Nordstrom, most of the world sees the deal as a win-lose scenario, a seller’s market, a price tag set in stone. Not Jeffries, a professor of business administration at UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy.