A Wasilla lawmaker has introduced legislation that would write into law a parent’s right to withdraw a child from state standardized exams, but education officials say too many withdrawals could lower school ratings, and legalizing refusals could harm federal funding.


Tegan Hanlon
The Fairbanks North Star Borough School board cut 60.5 jobs and sliced $11 million Wednesday from its spending plan for the next fiscal year, though it opted to include a letter asking the borough Assembly to restore $7 million of the cuts with local property taxes.Dermot Cole
The Anchorage Assembly passed the Anchorage School District’s $784 million 2015-16 budget Tuesday night after a flurry of debate over whether it reflected the cuts discussed in Juneau. Tegan Hanlon
Ryan Harrod, a bioarchaeologist in UAA’s anthropology department, happens to teach a class on violence. It gets him a lot of attention, especially in this pre-apocalyptic global moment of great climate change.Kathleen McCoy
The Alaska Measures of Progress, or AMP, assessment has triggered a wave of laptop purchases, a gathering of headphones and a sprint to upgrade bandwidth or set up new servers at Alaska schools. Tegan Hanlon
Anchorage parents who want their children to attend a neighborhood school outside their zone, a charter school or an alternative program next school year have until 5 p.m. Thursday to enter the Anchorage School District’s online lottery.Tegan Hanlon
An operating budget passed last week by the Alaska House of Representatives proposes eliminating a program that helps aspiring medical students in exchange for a post-graduation commitment to return to Alaska to practice medicine.Tegan Hanlon
State reimbursement for much of the cost of Anchorage's new school bonds was thrown into doubt Tuesday when the Senate's Education Committee made retroactive a bill that would eliminate state reimbursement for new bond issues, such as the one voters will decide in April.Pat Forgey

The Postcards of Hope exhibition opened this week at Pacific Northern Academy. The display features postcards created for the academy by Syrian and Iraqi children living in a refugee camp in Lebanon. 

Erik Hill
The Senate on Wednesday approved a measure that would retroactively halt the state's practice of partially reimbursing municipalities for school bonds issued after Jan. 1, 2015.Molly Dischner | Associated Press