The Seward City Council approved a resolution Monday to move forward on a project that would bring renewable energy -- and major cost savings -- to four city buildings.

Suzanna Caldwell
Facing continuing low oil prices, ConocoPhillips said Tuesday it will cut 10 percent of its worldwide workforce, with many of the cuts coming from the company's North American operations.   Sean Doogan
The municipalities argued it was worth about $14 billion, while the oil companies said it was worth about $1 billion. This decision means the state and municipalities will get more in property taxes.Alex DeMarban
The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday proposed expanding regulatory controls for methane and other air pollution from some new oil wells, but there are some exemptions for Alaska. Erica Martinson
A report by a pro-business think tank explains why Alaska LNG is the project the state needs to exclusively support. Alex DeMarban
When the financial crisis brought the global economy to its knees, Norway was largely unscathed. But oil under $50? That's another story.Saleha Mohsin
The Securities and Exchange Commission claims Miller Energy Resources violated anti-fraud provisions of U.S. securities laws and a related SEC anti-fraud rule. Alex DeMarban
The state attorney general has rejected an effort by a Hilcorp subsidiary to acquire the LNG facility at Point MacKenzie. Alex DeMarban
The announcement this week from ConocoPhillips that it may cut 120 jobs in Alaska is bad news for the economy, but a state labor department official said Wednesday the damage could have been worse.Sean Doogan
The president of Shell Oil Co. says exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast is going well despite stormy weather last week that caused the company to halt operations for a few days.Dan Joling