The Native Village of Point Hope, a tribal government that has for years been a staunch opponent of Arctic offshore oil development, is withdrawing from a 2008 lawsuit that sought to block or overturn the U.S. Mineral Management Service’s Chukchi Sea lease sale held that year.

Yereth Rosen and Dermot Cole
ConocoPhillips Alaska on Monday announced it will move ahead with a development expected to add up to 8,000 barrels of crude to the trans-Alaska pipeline each day, crediting Alaska tax reform, despite low oil prices that have delayed projects around the world. Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources granted Shell permits for three offshore anchorages near Unalaska for oil rigs, despite concerns from community members.Jim Paulin
The state gas line corporation comes under fire in the House Resources Committee as it describes early efforts that could lead to a beefed-up Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline. Alex DeMarban
The new board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. on Thursday unanimously asked staff to begin working on two scenarios for beefing up the smaller proposed natural gas pipeline.Alex DeMarban
The federal pipeline coordinator’s office will shut down Saturday but may be resurrected with new objectives if Congress accepts funding provided in the president's budget. Alex DeMarban
An apparently surprise discovery of natural gas on the Kenai Peninsula has sparked a dispute: What to do with tens of millions of dollars in potential profit? Alex DeMarban
The United States should move swiftly to harness the tremendous oil and gas reserves locked under its Arctic waters while the industry improves the equipment used to drill wells and sop up spills, according to a government advisory committee report released Friday. Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Oleg Kozhemyako as the acting governor of the petroleum-rich Sakhalin island region in Russia’s Far East after dismissing Alexander Khoroshavin, who was arrested earlier this month and accused of taking $5.6 million suspicion of bribery.Alaska Dispatch News
Shell’s Arctic oil spill response system -- damaged during a deployment test in 2012 -- is undergoing drills in waters near Bellingham, Washington, with federal officials observing the exercises.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers