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Relying in part on previous iterations of the decades-long quest to deliver Alaska's natural gas to Outside markets, the state's major oil companies filed an application Friday with the Department of Energy to export LNG.

Alex DeMarban
The heavy lift vessel for Furie’s Kitchen Lights platform will arrive before the end of July. Meanwhile, onshore work for the construction of a gas processing facility near East Forelands on the Kenai Peninsula has been in progress for a couple of months.Alan Bailey | Petroleum News
Work will proceed on Caelus Energy Alaska’s Nuna project in anticipation of project sanction, according to the company’s latest plan of development for the offshore Oooguruk field. Alan Bailey | Petroleum News
Alaska’s long-sought mega-gasline project from the North Slope recently moved forward. But don’t forget the small gasline that might one day be built instead of its larger cousin, primarily to serve in-state natural gas needs.Alex DeMarban
The state fiscal year ended Monday, with oil production for the year averaging about 529,000 barrels per day, just under the level for the preceding year, beating the projections offered by the state Department of Revenue late last year and in early 2014.Dermot Cole
Both opponents and proponents of the ballot measure to overturn Senate Bill 21, Alaska's new oil-tax regime, will have an opportunity to question one another in a debate Wednesday night.Alex DeMarban
Refiners Tesoro and Petro Star find themselves disagreeing about how the "Quality Bank" formula -- in which refineries pay a penalty for taking out the high-value portions of oil from TAPS -- affects their economic fortunes in Alaska. Dermot Cole
The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has scheduled a public meeting to discuss a 48 percent rate hike for customers of Enstar Natural Gas Co. Sean Doogan
With a month to go before the election, the campaign finance gap between the two sides of Alaska’s oil tax reform movement is so wide that “chasm” would be a glaring understatement.Richard Mauer
OPINION: Voting to repeal the SB 21 oil tax cut would not kill the gas pipeline. It would stand as a directive to the governor and the Legislature to create a better tax policy for Alaska.Dermot Cole