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A sharply critical legislative audit questions whether a backlog of 55 oil and gas tax and credit audits can be completed before the six-year statute of limitations runs out, risking hundreds of millions in back taxes.

Dermot Cole
Oil companies spent big money Wednesday for rights to explore the Colville River Delta and other state territory, making this year’s North Slope auction the richest Alaska state lease sale in 21 years.Yereth Rosen
Energy giant BP on Tuesday closed the sale of assets related to four oil fields it operates on Alaska’s North Slope, in a deal with Hilcorp Energy previously announced at up to $1.5 billion.Alex DeMarban
Great Bear Petroleum Operating plans to drill three wells this coming winter to explore for conventional oil resources and learn more about unconventional plays.Eric Lidji
Caelus Energy has been given preliminary approval for big reductions in the royalties it will pay the state when its new Nuna development on the North Slope comes into production.Pat Forgey
An appeals court on Wednesday struck down a lawsuit brought by oil company Shell in 2012 that aimed to neutralize potential litigation brought by environmental groups against the company's oil-spill plans in the Arctic.Yereth Rosen
Republicans emboldened by their Election Day victories are poised to use their new power on Capitol Hill to advance oil and gas industry priorities, beginning with approving the Keystone XL pipeline.Jennifer A. Dlouhy
Furie’s efforts to bring a Kitchen Lights gas field into production, coupled with some tantalizing announcements of discovered gas resources, have caused speculation over how much gas the company may be able to bring on line.Alan Bailey
Residents of the North Slope village told the federal District Court in Alaska that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has failed to provide an adequate explanation of why it did not prepare a supplemental environmental impact statement when permitting a ConocoPhillips oil field development in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.Alan Bailey
A dose of economic reality was the takeaway message as Gov.-elect Bill Walker and running mate Byron Mallott's three-day transition conference began Friday night in Anchorage, a gathering of Alaskans from across the state notable for its diversity. Alex DeMarban