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The Cook Inlet Region Inc. subsidiary hoped to begin adding 11 turbines to the wind farm on Fire Island just west of Anchorage this year, but plans have been postponed because there are no buyers for the power.

Suzanna Caldwell
ConocoPhillips said Thursday it will delay a decision on spending $900 million on a project in the Greater Moose's Tooth Unit 1, a project that would lead to the first oil produced from the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.Alex DeMarban
Despite low oil prices, and spending cuts elsewhere within the company, Royal Dutch Shell says it intends to drill in its Chukchi Sea leases in 2015.Alex DeMarban,Yereth Rosen
ANALYSIS: As Alaska politicians bluster over the Obama administration's actions on the development potential for ANWR and the Arctic Ocean, one question should be on everyone's mind: which location actually has the most potential? The answer, of course, is complicated.Alex DeMarban,Yereth Rosen
The Obama administration will move to block oil and gas leasing permanently on about 9.8 million acres in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas off Alaska's northern coast, citing biodiversity and Alaska Native subsistence whaling.Krestia DeGeorge,Nathaniel Herz
In a sign the honeymoon may be nearing an end for Gov. Bill Walker, an Alaska tribal government is blasting him for promoting a ConocoPhillips project that would result in the first oil production from federal lands in the nation’s largest undeveloped reserve.Alex DeMarban
The Walker administration on Tuesday approved plans to offer the oil company Caelus a reduction in royalty payments on its state leases if it would quickly develop an oil project on Alaska's North Slope that could produce 15,000 to 17,000 barrels a day.Dermot Cole
Shell Oil's Arctic drilling rigs and barges may use the Port of Seattle as a winter port, according to a report from KUOW. The port commission approved an agreement Tuesday, despite objections from environmentalists who oppose drilling in the Arctic.Associated Press
The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority unanimously agreed Wednesday to enter a contract with a Cook Inlet natural gas player in hopes of alleviating Southcentral's ongoing energy squeeze -- and maybe make money in the process.Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission is expected to submit its final report to the Legislature on Friday. Companion bills introduced in both houses identify four areas of focus: economic and resource development, infrastructure, health communities and a state-based agenda for science and research.Associated Press