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With oil leasing now planned for waters off the East Coast, Alaska has new allies in its long-running campaign to claim a share of revenues earned from future oil production in federal offshore territory, Gov. Bill Walker said Tuesday.

Yereth Rosen
The new standards address safety and environmental safeguards and grew in part out of the difficulties Royal Dutch Shell encountered during its efforts to drill in 2012. The proposed standards already apply to Shell, but if approved, would become the benchmark for all oil companies operating in U.S. Arctic waters.Yereth Rosen
With Alaska facing deficits of $3 billion a year or more, the state's investment banker is warning that Alaska may be out of money by the time construction is to begin and needs to come up with billions of dollars for its share of the project.Pat Forgey
Gov. Bill Walker filed a motion to dismiss his citizen's lawsuit challenging his predecessor’s settlement with ExxonMobil over development of a North Slope gas field, and he submitted legislation designed to ensure future settlements related to oil and gas are properly tailored.Alex DeMarban
The Obama administration has agreed to support a ConocoPhillips plan that would open the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska to oil and gas activity, allowing an eight-mile gravel road to be carved through a creek setback meant to protect a traditional Native hunting area.Alex DeMarban
Officials in the Canadian province of Alberta say they hope to talk to Alaska leaders about shipping tar-sands crude oil through the state as the Keystone XL pipeline route through the Lower 48 remains bogged down in politics. Alex DeMarban
Gov. Bill Walker said he intends to soon dismiss his personal lawsuit over his predecessor’s settlement with ExxonMobil for development of the long-dormant Point Thomson state lease on the North Slope. Alex DeMarban
Members of the Alaska Senate's Republican-led majority on Monday said they are targeting October for a special session on issues related to the liquefied natural gas project that the state is pursuing. No special session, however, has been called.Becky Bohrer
The Cook Inlet Region Inc. subsidiary hoped to begin adding 11 turbines to the wind farm on Fire Island just west of Anchorage this year, but plans have been postponed because there are no buyers for the power.Suzanna Caldwell
ConocoPhillips said Thursday it will delay a decision on spending $900 million on a project in the Greater Moose's Tooth Unit 1, a project that would lead to the first oil produced from the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.Alex DeMarban