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The office was created in a 2004 law aimed at helping advance an Alaska gas pipeline project that would serve North American markets. That project, however, was scrapped amid changes in the market.Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
 Moody's Investors Service said Tuesday it lowered the credit outlook for Alaska because the plunge in oil prices "threatens to rapidly and significantly reduce the state's budgetary reserves."Dermot Cole
In 2010, President Obama temporarily withdrew offshore waters in the northern Aleutians and Bristol Bay from consideration for oil drilling, but that protection had been set to expire in 2017. Now it’s extended with no end date.Lisa Demer
Drilling mud, brine and diesel fuel spilled Monday onto a gravel pad and into a pit no longer used at the Kuparuk oil field, according to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.Lisa Demer
A Big State Logistics truck went off the Dalton Highway north of Wiseman Sunday night and spilled about 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said.Alaska Dispatch News
Observers say that, despite a devastating slump in oil prices and tanking state revenues, Alaska appears better off than it was during the mid-1980s economic crash. State savings accounts remain massive, and the $51 billion Permanent Fund is a critical safety net that is much larger today.Alex DeMarban
The international oil market featured more bad news for Alaska on Wednesday as prices fell to near $60 per barrel, while the state released its major annual report on revenue expectations showing a one-year decline in oil revenue of more than $2.7 billion.Dermot Cole
The national average gasoline price has dropped to $2.66 per gallon for regular, and gas prices are dropping in Alaska as well, though not as quickly. One station in Chugiak, though, reported a price below $3 per gallon.Dermot Cole
NANA Oilfield Services has agreed to pay a fine after violating rules designed to prevent a spill at a fuel storage facility in Deadhorse on Alaska's North Slope.Alex DeMarban
The trans-Alaska pipeline owners want to cut the roofs off four massive, empty oil storage tanks in Valdez -- in part to eliminate the need to shovel snow from the tank tops. Dermot Cole