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Employees of the Southcentral Alaska natural gas utility have voted to end their strike after two weeks and return to work without a contract.Sean Doogan
Moods went up and down among supporters and critics alike Tuesday night, but as the night ended, "no" votes led by a narrow margin in the vote on Ballot Measure 1, the oil-tax referendum that sought to repeal the tax structure known as SB 21.Richard Mauer
The former U.S. Coast Guard commandant, tapped by Secretary of State John Kerry last month to serve as U.S. special representative to the Arctic, seeks to the raise the region's profile in the Lower 48. Yereth Rosen
Some involved in the campaign against repeal of Alaska's oil tax cut have made much of assertions that the decline in production has slowed or almost stopped, but ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil executives recently offered contradictory forecasts in testimony to the state.Dermot Cole
Although federal regulators are closer than ever to imposing the first minimum standards for oil and gas activity in Alaska's Arctic waters, those  mandates are not likely to be in place before next summer, when Shell might resume drilling in the region after a three-year hiatus.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Houston Chronicle
A Friday email blast from a group opposed to Ballot Measure 1 offers a window into efforts to rally support before next week’s vote on Alaska’s oil tax, with the group suggesting that employers arrange rides to polls and “impress on” workers how their vote could affect their jobs and families.Alex DeMarban
A trio of old-school Alaska Democratic leaders with ties to the port and pipeline city of Valdez have thrown their support behind independent candidate for governor Bill Walker.Kyle Hopkins
The newly appointed U.S. special Arctic representative, former Coast Guard Commandant Robert Papp, has issued a call for ideas about policies that should be promoted at the Arctic Council once the United States assumes chairmanship of that eight-nation body next year. He got plenty of suggestions at a meeting in Anchorage this week.Yereth Rosen
A chorus of independent oil companies says credits under Alaska’s new oil-tax law make development of their projects more likely, although a top critic of Senate Bill 21 said those companies moved toward the production phase thanks to generous credits provided by the ACES tax structure.Alex DeMarban
A strike that began Monday has become more contentious through the week as the Southcentral Alaska gas utility responds to union claims that Enstar has shirked responsibilities and engaged in unfair labor practices.Sean Doogan