As the Legislature inched toward its scheduled end Sunday, it was looking increasingly unlikely that Gov. Bill Walker's plan to expand Medicaid would pass.Nathaniel Herz
Cleanup is done on six legacy wells that are relics of early oil exploration on Alaska's North Slope, the Bureau of Land Management said Friday.Yereth Rosen
Permafrost in the circumpolar north will likely continue to thaw and release carbon dioxide and methane, but at a gradual rate instead of as a "carbon bomb," said a study published recently in the journal Nature. Yereth Rosen
Gov. Bill Walker told legislators Friday that he vetoed a bill that would limit the powers to develop a gas line by the state gas line corporation.Nathaniel Herz
The Obama administration on Friday took the first formal steps to boost the royalties that energy companies must pay for oil and gas they pull from public lands, angering an industry already reeling from plummeting crude prices.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
Protesters in kayaks greeted a rig that could be used for oil drilling in the Arctic as it arrived in Washington state following a journey across the Pacific.Associated Press
Gov. Bill Walker faces a Saturday deadline to act on his pledge to veto a gas line bill hurriedly approved by the Alaska Legislature to allow for an override vote before the session ends, a divide that stems from a deep disagreement about how best to deal with the three largest oil companies in Alaska.Dermot Cole
A Republican lawmaker with a bill to create a personal income tax has now turned his attention to oil companies. Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer said he hopes the measures will help the state close its multibillion-dollar shortfall.Alex DeMarban
A new booklet from the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council wants to change that. Synthesizing much past academy work on the Arctic region, the booklet -- being released just before the United States assumes the chairmanship of the eight-nation Arctic Council later this month -- blazons this message: “What Happens in the Arctic Doesn’t Stay in the Arctic.”Chris Mooney
The House advanced a plan Wednesday to get natural gas to Fairbanks, though it remains to be seen how the measure will be handled in the Senate and whether a $45 million past appropriation will be retained by the project.Dermot Cole