Oil companies are slashing jobs and delaying investments as crude prices plummet. Brent crude, an oil pricing benchmark, hit a 12-year low of $27.10 a barrel in January and traded at $34.13 on Monday.Danica Kirka | Associated Press
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is pushing her Senate colleagues to stick to the middle as she attempts to ferry through Congress the first major energy policy bill in more than eight years.Erica Martinson
The number of people receiving jobless benefits in Alaska continued to fall in December, except for in the oil and gas sector, where claims doubled from the year before.Alex DeMarban
Alaska leaders have been making use of a new Washington connection lately: the man in charge of President Barack Obama’s year-old initiative to coordinate federal activity in the Arctic. Erica Martinson
A legislative committee on Friday approved a new contract with their two oil and gas consultants, agreeing to pay their company $20,000 a month.Nathaniel Herz
Gov. Bill Walker has issued an ultimatum to the state’s three oil company partners on the proposed $55 billion North Slope gas pipeline, warning he could abandon the project if key agreements aren’t reached by the end of the legislative session.Nathaniel Herz
Enstar Natural Gas is conducting a review of the gas leaks that led to an explosion and destroyed four homes on the Kenai Peninsula following Sunday's early morning earthquake. Alex DeMarban
Power was restored Wednesday to the Western Alaska village of Newtok, four days after its main generator malfunctioned.Lisa Demer
Norway's Arctic ambitions just got a $7 billion boost from Statoil. Norway's largest oil company was able to halve its expected development costs to keep alive its delayed Johan Castberg development in the Barents Sea.Mikael Holter | Bloomberg
Residents of the Western Alaska village of Newtok have been sleeping at the school and using wood and cardboard to heat their homes as they headed into a third day without power on Tuesday.Lisa Demer