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Oil companies that had locked up more than 1.3 million acres of the Beaufort Sea for drilling in 2007 have since relinquished nearly half that territory, signaling the industry’s appetite for tapping those Arctic waters may be waning even as the Obama administration makes plans to auction off more of the area. Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
A month before Buccaneer Energy filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy laws May 31, its biggest lender entered a “sham transaction” to circumvent Australian law, according to a court filing in Texas.Dermot Cole
Residential customers stand to receive refunds of about $3.60 due to a rate increase that the Regulatory Commission of Alaska said was too high, while commercial customers could see refunds of about $194.Sean Doogan
ConocoPhillips and Doyon Drilling announced a five-year deal Monday morning for a new drill rig, construction of which is estimated at more than $100 million. The rig will operate in the Kuparuk oil field starting in 2016.Dermot Cole
Dozens of BP employees face uncertainty tied to the oil giant’s pending sale of a portion of its North Slope assets to Hilcorp, though the large majority of workers affected by the deal have been offered jobs by the small independent producer that has made aggressive moves in Alaska.Alex DeMarban
Alaska's bearded seals, animals with distinctive whiskers and a penchant for floating alone on pieces of drifting Arctic sea ice, were improperly granted threatened-species status in 2012 by the federal government, a judge ruled Friday Yereth Rosen
A well blowout, pipeline breach or vessel accident in the Canadian Beaufort Sea could spew spilled oil westward for months, polluting waters off Alaska and soiling habitat used by whales, seals and migrating seabirds, according to a study released Friday by the World Wildlife Fund.Yereth Rosen
A long-standing rule that aims to quash oil spills in Canada's Arctic -- and which is being eyed by U.S. officials as a potential model to follow -- is being challenged by oil companies exploring the area.Yereth Rosen
This debate was different from previous tax-cut debates, with panelists asking the questions instead of a moderator, leading to more back-and-forth and sometimes pointed exchanges. Meantime, the audience – generally older and cheering loudest for repeal arguments -- submitted more than 50 questions, only a few of which could be addressed before time ran out.   Alex DeMarban
Both opponents and proponents of the ballot measure to overturn Senate Bill 21, Alaska's new oil-tax regime, will have an opportunity to question one another in a debate Wednesday night.Alex DeMarban