Mark Johnston has been serving as acting manager of the city-owned electric utility since July.Sean Doogan
Gov. Bill Walker said Monday that he plans to recommend to legislators that the state buy out TransCanada Corp.'s position in the major liquefied natural gas project that Alaska is pursuing.Becky Bohrer
With sea ice dwindling, vessel traffic increasing and investment pouring in, the time for talking about Arctic infrastructure is over and the time for action is now, speakers at a conference in Anchorage said Sunday.Yereth Rosen
President Obama will allow drilling in Arctic waters, but the next president could undo that decision. And the Democratic candidates say they will.Henry Gass

President Barack Obama will visit Anchorage Aug. 31 to join a State Department-sponsored conference on the Arctic, the White House said last month. 


Alaska Dispatch News
A brief statement from the Democratic presidential frontrunner sets off a series of reactions from drilling supporters and opponents. Yereth Rosen
A 30,000-gallon diesel spill near Sitka's port on Saturday sent an estimated 2,500 gallons through Sitka's storm drain system to Sitka Sound when a valve on a secondary containment area failed at a borough power plant. Sean Doogan
The Obama administration has given Royal Dutch Shell the final permit it needs to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska's northwest coast for the first time in more than two decades.Yereth Rosen
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker is pushing for the state to have a larger share of the Alaska LNG megaproject, legislative leaders said in interviews.Tim Bradner | Alaska Journal of Commerce
This summer, researchers with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, a research institute at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, have come to Nenana with Oceana Energy, a small private energy firm, to test a "hydrokinetic" turbine that draws energy from the flow of the river.Chris Mooney | The Washington Post