A sagging global coal market is dragging down prospects for two proposed mines in Southcentral Alaska.Jeannette Lee Falsey
As Shell prepared to announce its impending departure from the U.S. Arctic, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was closing out a weekend tour of all things Arctic with a few colleagues.Erica Martinson
Glacier runoff due to climate change could contribute 6 inches to sea-level rise by 2100, says the first major analysis of likely global melting. Asaf Shalev
It is easy enough to interpret the decision by Shell to pull the plug on its offshore drilling project as the end product of federal overreach. Dermot Cole
Views on the impact of a Shell pullout from the already fragile Alaska economy ranged from dire to cautious Monday, from near-term job losses to long-term prospects for development in the Arctic.Alex DeMarban
The northwest Arctic oil spill contingency plan wasn't due for another update until 2017, but the Coast Guard is fast-tracking the projec, making it a priority for 2016. Laura Kraegel | KNOM
After a long, multibillion dollar effort, Royal Dutch Shell said that it will "cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future" following disappointing test drilling results this summer.Dan Joling | Associated Press

The Shell crew camp in Barrow is on the road to Point Barrow, away from town, past Ilisagvik College and the high school football field. 

Erik Hill,Kamala Kelkar
Gov. Bill Walker resurrected a decade-old idea in proposing a tax on undeveloped North Slope natural gas reserves, which he wants to use to push oil companies forward on construction of a pipeline megaproject.Nathaniel Herz

In a Friday morning press conference, Alaska Gov. Bill Walker explained why he called for an Oct. 24 special session of the Alaska Legislature to discuss new bills on taxing natural gas still in the ground and buying out TransCanada's interests in the proposed natural gas pipeline.

Scott Jensen