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Saying the proposal didn't received support from "a breadth of community interests," the federal government rejected a petition to create a new marine sanctuary in the Aleutian Islands.

Molly Dischner
As Alaska jousted with the federal government in federal court Tuesday over whether new oil and gas exploration could be conducted in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was defending her position on opening the potentially oil-rich refuge.Alex DeMarban
A Dec. 22 nomination by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility to establish an Aleutian Islands National Marine Sanctuary has received opposition from some local communities in the region. John Messick
A subsidiary of Aleut Corp. will pay a $500,000 civil fine and another $200,000 for compliance measures for violating its oil discharge and prevention plan five years ago, as part of a settlement announced Tuesday by the Alaska Department of Law.Dan Joling
Ending with cold settling in around Anchorage Saturday, temperatures in the city were an average of 8.3 degrees above normal for 36-day span.Brian Brettschneider
Fairbanks scientist Zebulon Maharrey has spent the last four years looking at the volcano. Augustine last erupted in 2006, sending an ash cloud two miles high and oozing enough lava to create a new summit.Ned Rozell
The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission is expected to submit its final report to the Legislature on Friday. Companion bills introduced in both houses identify four areas of focus: economic and resource development, infrastructure, health communities and a state-based agenda for science and research.Associated Press
Despite low oil prices, and spending cuts elsewhere within the company, Royal Dutch Shell says it intends to drill in its Chukchi Sea leases in 2015.Alex DeMarban,Yereth Rosen
A plan to allow oil major Royal Dutch Shell to use Seattle's waterfront as a homeport for its Arctic drilling fleet is drawing opposition from environmental groups that say it's not consistent with the region's environmental goals.Phuong Le
ANALYSIS: As Alaska politicians bluster over the Obama administration's actions on the development potential for ANWR and the Arctic Ocean, one question should be on everyone's mind: which location actually has the most potential? The answer, of course, is complicated.Alex DeMarban,Yereth Rosen