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The world’s most acidic ocean waters are found in the winter in the Bering Sea, according to 40 years of measurements. But its acidification appears to be increasing less quickly than that in the rest of the world’s ocean waters.

Yereth Rosen
On Tuesday, a federal grand jury in Anchorage handed up a 28-page indictment accusing XS Platinum and five executives of conspiring to violate the federal Clean Water Act and of falsifying compliance reports to the government. The five men – two Americans, two Australians and a Canadian – are scheduled to make their first court appearance Jan. 21.Lisa Demer
Tugidak Island in the Gulf of Alaska has been a designated critical habitat area since the 1980s. But what state protection couldn't stop was the tens of thousands of pounds of marine debris that would wash up on the island’s shore, home to one of the largest harbor seal haulouts in the world. Megan Edge
The Tulsequah River flows from Canada into the Taku River, a major salmon-producing river in Southeast Alaska. Now, a recently announced proposal to potentially barge ore concentrates from a mining prospect upriver is worrying some in the area.Pat Forgey
A federal appeals court on Friday revived a lawsuit by the state of Alaska challenging the national roadless rule, which prohibits road construction and timber harvesting on millions of acres of forest lands, including vast swaths of national forest in Alaska.Associated Press
In remarks to the Alaska Miners Association Wednesday, a Canadian official said the Aug. 4 Mount Polley tailings dam breach could result in criminal penalties but appeared not to have had a big impact on fish. He also criticized a voter initiative, passed this week, that represents yet another setback for the Pebble prospect.Yereth Rosen
The Parnell administration and Flint Hills Resources reached agreement on a settlement for pollution cleanup at the former refinery site in North Pole, while negotiations and a court fight continue on what is to be done off the property.Dermot Cole
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected two high-profile Alaska cases dealing with federal authority in Alaska, largely because of a six-letter word Congress slipped into the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act 34 years ago.Dermot Cole
Ocean waters are getting more acidic, spelling trouble for shell-bearing fish, corals and the ecosystems that depend on them, but federal agencies have lagged in their efforts to understand the problem and respond to it, said an investigative report issued Tuesday by the GAO.Yereth Rosen
Successful hunting and fishing in the Bering Sea have always depended on weather and ice conditions. But climate change is now disrupting the seasonal patterns and threatening the food sources -- and cultural traditions -- that St. Lawrence Islanders and other Natives have relied on for millennia.Elizabeth Grossman | High Country News