Alaska’s growing shellfish farming industry could be in trouble if it can’t overcome increasing ocean acidification, according to a new report published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.


Erica Martinson
Fire warnings continue to hover over much of Alaska, and authorities in Anchorage, Wasilla and elsewhere say people need to find something besides pyrotechnics to celebrate Independence Day. Zaz Hollander
Elodea, an aggressive invasive plant, was discovered this month in the lake used by hundreds of floatplanes, raising fears that it will be spread to multiple sites within flying reach. Yereth Rosen
The Interior Department found more than $40 billion in historic and cultural resources on national park lands are at risk from sea-level rise, according to a report released Tuesday. No Alaska parks were part of the review, but four are part of a next-round investigation already underway.   Erica Martinson
Water rights advocates will be able to provide input in August on a proposal by Delaware-based PacRim Coal to empty a Chuitna River tributary that provides a habitat for salmon.Associated Press
A lightning-sparked wildfire that has burned more than 17,000 acres in Alaska's eastern Interior is still growing and could threaten four cabins.Tegan Hanlon
A new, comprehensive report tracks loss of northern Alaska coastline since the late 1940s. The erosion, packed into a few months a year, is some of the most dramatic in the nation, researchers say.Yereth Rosen
The new research provides evidence that is not only consistent with — but also strengthens — the growing body of research on the benefits of nature exposure. Granted, brain scan research can be controversial – and conditions like depression seldom have a single, simple cause. Chris Mooney
A regulation meant to protect Arctic walruses prohibits simultaneous operation of two drill rigs within 15 miles of each other. That means Shell's Chukchi well sites, which are clustered together, likely won't be drilled simultaneously, an Interior spokeswoman says. Yereth Rosen
Royal Dutch Shell's second Arctic drilling ship, the Noble Discoverer, is on the move from Washington to Alaska as the company prepares to explore for oil in the Arctic Ocean.Associated Press