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It appears that a stretch of warm, sunny weather in Northwest Alaska led to an increased algae bloom in the Kobuk, wrote Susan Georgette, outreach specialist for the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. “Algae blooms consume lots of oxygen in the water,” she wrote, “and combining that with a huge return of salmon could have led to enough oxygen depletion to kill salmon.”


Suzanna Caldwell
After being dormant for years, the Tongass timber wars that once wracked Southeast Alaska may be reigniting.Pat Forgey
In comments submitted by three state commissioners on the proposed Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell mine in British Columbia near Southeast Alaska, the state expressed concern but stopped short of calling for a Canadian EPA-style "panel review."Pat Forgey
After a large tailings pond breach at a British Columbia mine earlier this month, Alaskans are worried about the safety of other Canadian mines and seeking more regulatory oversight.Pat Forgey
In Southeast Alaska, several mines in watersheds that straddle the border with Canada worry fishermen. Heightening those concerns is the fact that the same engineering consultant who designed the tailings dam that breached in Canada is involved in other area projects. Pat Forgey
Anchorage recorded its second-rainiest 60-day period since 1952 from June 1 through July 30, falling only a handful of raindrops short of the 1958 record, the National Weather Service says. Tegan Hanlon
Communities along Alaska's southeast and southwest coasts have economies most vulnerable to ocean acidification, which especially threatens shellfish and the finfish -- such as salmon -- that eat them.Yereth Rosen
The Salcha River threatens to wash away the home that longtime Fairbanksan John Sauer has spent 16 years building in a remote area 34 miles upriver from the Richardson Highway. He is open to suggestions on how to save the structure.Dermot Cole
While the state has agreed to pay up to $585,000 for preliminary engineering and design to expand a water utility near a shuttered North Pole refinery, it remains locked in a three-way court fight with the past and present refinery owners over spilled sulfolane. Dermot Cole
The Assembly compromised on language dealing with Mosquito Lake, a 14-acre Class A wetland that lies near the path of the long-talked-about link between Elmore Road and Bragaw Street in East Anchorage. Tegan Hanlon