After a wildfire season in which more than half of burned U.S. acreage was in Alaska, U.S. Forest Service chief Tom Tidwell says firefighting costs will exceed half the agency’s budget this fiscal year.

Alaska Dispatch News
As part of its case against the EPA, lawyers for the Pebble mine partnership have sent out a flood of subpoenas to activists and organizations seeking years of emails and other communications.Alex DeMarban
A mine operator on trial over pollution at a Southwest Alaska platinum mine told a federal jury Friday in Anchorage that he knew about the muddy wastewater that turned the Salmon River dirty brown. Lisa Demer
The northwest Arctic oil spill contingency plan wasn't due for another update until 2017, but the Coast Guard is fast-tracking the projec, making it a priority for 2016. Laura Kraegel | KNOM
The former Byford Salvage junkyard for decades accepted cars, drums, batteries and tires before going out of business in the 1990s and contains very high levels of lead and other hazardous chemicals.Pat Forgey
Boosted by a new mobile app, a growing network of observers and a shoutout from President Obama, Alaska's Local Environmental Observer Network is making scientific discoveries and setting an example for the rest of the changing circumpolar north.Yereth Rosen
A first-in-Alaska federal environmental crimes trial over a mining operation is set to begin this month in Anchorage with a single defendant. Lisa Demer
Most rural Alaska households would benefit financially from a proposed national program designed to increase energy efficiency and move away from fossil fuels by charging a carbon fee, a UAA study has found.Asaf Shalev
Gov. Bill Walker has lobbied members of President Barack Obama's administration on opening up a small section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.Associated Press
A team of researchers, including scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, have developed a new model for studying the interaction between permafrost and climate change -- one that focuses on the growing body of available permafrost data to simplify efforts to calculate the effects of warming temperatures.Asaf Shalev