The Dalton Highway near the Deadhorse airport is overrun with water on Thursday, May 21, 2015. Crews from the Alaska Department of Transportation made a break in the highway the day before to release trapped water that was threatening the runway.

Loren Holmes
Unprecedented flooding continues to interfere with daily operations on the North Slope oil patch after surging waters wiped away swaths of the Dalton Highway and isolated a section of Deadhorse.Alex DeMarban
A Navy training exercise planned in the Gulf of Alaska has sparked heated opposition in a small commercial fishing town nearby whose residents say the drills are taking place in the critical habitat of breeding and migratory marine life.Rachel D'Oro
A ruptured line at the Pogo Mine spilled 90,000 gallons of a "paste backfill," a mix of mine tailings and cement, the Department of Environmental Conservation said Friday.Alaska Dispatch News
As Shell gears up for a season of exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska's northern coast -- and environmental groups gear up to oppose the company -- here's a primer on the issues at stake.Dan Joling
Royal Dutch Shell wants to park two massive Arctic oil drilling rigs in Seattle's waterfront — but the petroleum giant will have to get around protesters in kayaks and a mayor determined to take on climate change.Phuong Le | Associated Press
Backers of the proposed Pebble mine aren't done fighting the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental activists, fishing groups and others to keep the massive proposed gold and copper mine alive. Erica Martinson
Federal wildlife managers are still trying to determine the fate of feral cattle that have long gone without caretakers on an uninhabited island, descendants of cattle first brought there in the late 1880s to provide meat for whaling crews and fox traders.Rachel D'Oro

A film that chronicles the excavation of a 200-year-old village along the banks of the Kobuk River -- and what happened when archaeologists found human remains -- is scheduled to play Friday night at the Amchorage Museum.

Alaska Dispatch News
Eielson Air Force Base will be testing private wells in the Moose Creek area for groundwater contamination.Associated Press