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Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. -- the project's sole owner -- has raised about $13 million from the sale of shares to help fund operations and an ongoing legal fight in support of the proposed Pebble Mine.Associated Press
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has proposed designating 350,000 square miles of ocean off Alaska's north and west coasts critical habitat for the seals, the main prey of polar bears. Five hearings will be held around the state from Late January to late February.Associated Press
If the architect and designers have their way, a new multifamily housing unit for low-income Anchorage residents will produce more energy than it consumes and use on-site water and sewer reclamation systems.Sean Doogan
Alaska’s tundra landscapes carpet a good portion of the state, from the North Slope to the elbow of the Alaska Peninsula. Researchers say it's slowly sinking in places -- as much as a fifth of an inch each year.Ned Rozell
In just the past 15 to 45 years, polar bears populations have been relocating from ice-sparse parts of the Arctic to the Canadian Archipelago, an area with more dependable summer and fall sea ice.Yereth Rosen
The ship will be locked in the ice and will travel with the floes to give scientists a better understanding of the rapidly warming environment.Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
The federal government has taken over cleanup of 4,400 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled into a creek bed near Valdez because the responsible company lacked enough insurance coverage to finish the job. Rachel D'Oro | Associated Press
After 20 years of posts about fishing and hunting in the Last Frontier, the Alaska Outdoor Journal ​website stunned longtime followers with its sudden closure in early January. The site's creator, Gary Barnes, said only that he wanted to "figure out what's next."Sean Doogan
An official with the Native Village of Cantwell said the community is looking for an alternative energy project to generate revenue by providing electricity to the Golden Valley Electric Association grid, but the Carlo Creek proposal is very preliminary.Associated Press
The weather of 2014 is already the subject of considerable discussion among climate scientists. Over the weekend, the National Weather Service in Alaska noted that a number of cities across the state with long-term record keeping saw their warmest year on record.Brian Brettschneider