An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.0 and an epicenter near North Pole struck Alaska's Interior shortly after midnight Wednesday morning. There were no immediate reports of damage.Alaska Dispatch News
As drillers make their way toward Arctic waters, some researchers say plenty remains unknown about how to deal with an oil spill in icy waters up north.Erica Martinson
Ten environmental groups are calling on Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to stop Shell from drilling in Arctic waters because one of the company's icebreakers is scheduled for repair.Dan Joling | Associated Press
A 48-acre piece of land that was formerly the site of gold mining efforts in Southeast Alaska is growing wild again as the result of conservation efforts included in a land swap between Sitka and the U.S. Forest Service.Associated Press
Caribou from a herd first brought to Adak Island in the 1950s have begun to invade nearby Kagalaska Island. A recent Fish and Wildlife hunt bagged nine of the intruders, but future hunts remain in question.Lauren Rosenthal | KUCB
As Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier retreats, it is becoming ever more popular as a Southeast Alaska visitor destination, and that has officials reviewing the area's visitor accommodation plans.Pat Forgey
Northern fur seals in the Pribilof Islands continue to carry persistent organic pollutants in their bodies, but concentrations of some long-banned compounds appear to be stabilizing or even declining, a study shows. Yereth Rosen
The Alternate Safety Compliance Program is aimed at vessels that will be at least 25 years old by 2020, greater than 50 feet in length and operating more than 3 nautical miles offshore. Laine Welch
A weed infestation so bad it's disturbing navigation for planes on Anchorage's Lake Hood this week prompted the state to request an emergency herbicide application before someone gets hurt.Zaz Hollander
Additional reports of dead whales floating in Alaska waters have continued to trickle in since the first was spotted in May. The death toll now stands at 10 fin whales and four humpbacks, and they appear to have died at about the same time. Yereth Rosen