Researchers using an aerial laser surveying system were surprised to detect permafrost thawing in the area burned by a large North Slope tundra fire years after the fire scorched the area.Yereth Rosen
After 16 months, the source of a fuel sheen spotted on the Chukchi Sea in 2014 -- and again in 2015 -- has been located at a faulty joint between two pipes at a tank farm near Shishmaref.Chris Klint
The state is appealing the dismissal of a case challenging the U.S. Interior Department's refusal to allow for a road through a wildlife refuge to ease medical evacuations. The state's appealing with the city of King Cove, Alaska Native interests and others.The Associated Press
A slow leak in an underground section of the trans-Alaska pipeline has been sealed, according to the Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.Alex DeMarban
When taller shrubs expanded northward to Alaska's Arctic decades ago, a new study says, the big-footed snowshoe hares followed -- and so did the hares' main predator, lynx.Yereth Rosen
The Environmental Protection Agency has settled a claim with firms owned by Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corp. for $140,000 after allegations the subsidiaries improperly handled hazardous waste five years ago.Chris Klint
Pebble’s counterattack against the EPA moved to the U.S. Capitol this week, where congressional Republicans targeted what they called the agency’s “predetermined” and “preemptive” effort to halt the controversial mine.Alex DeMarban
Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden says the company will reflect on its decision to consider drilling off the coast of Alaska but voiced his regret that the prospect couldn't be made to work out.The Associated Press
The large mammals that roamed Alaska's North Slope 12,000 years ago enjoyed a 1,000-year golden age before a changing climate altered and fragmented their habitat, ultimately driving many to extinction, a study concludes.Yereth Rosen
Shell is walking away from oil exploration in Arctic waters north of Alaska but it isn't ready to close the door completely. The company so far isn't relinquishing its drilling rights in U.S. Arctic waters, including 275 leases in the Chukchi Sea.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Houston Chronicle