Northern fur seals in the Pribilof Islands continue to carry persistent organic pollutants in their bodies, but concentrations of some long-banned compounds appear to be stabilizing or even declining, a study shows. Yereth Rosen
The Alternate Safety Compliance Program is aimed at vessels that will be at least 25 years old by 2020, greater than 50 feet in length and operating more than 3 nautical miles offshore. Laine Welch
A weed infestation so bad it's disturbing navigation for planes on Anchorage's Lake Hood this week prompted the state to request an emergency herbicide application before someone gets hurt.Zaz Hollander
Additional reports of dead whales floating in Alaska waters have continued to trickle in since the first was spotted in May. The death toll now stands at 10 fin whales and four humpbacks, and they appear to have died at about the same time. Yereth Rosen
Coverage in June was the second-lowest for the month in 48 years of records, creating dry conditions that are likely fueling wildfires across the far north, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reports.Kamala Kelkar
The U.S. Coast Guard said hydrographic surveyors discovered a previously uncharted shoal in the area where a key ice-handling ship for Shell’s Arctic drilling program was gouged last Friday. Alex DeMarban

The Arctic coastline of Alaska's North Slope is eroding at some of the fastest rates in the nation. A USGS time-lapse video lets viewers see that erosion in action over a three-month period from June to September of 2014.

Kamala Kelkar
Wet, cooler weather this week means burn restrictions have been relaxed in parts of Alaska, including the Municipality of Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.Tegan Hanlon
Alaska wildfires flared briefly this week, but fire managers say some rain and cooler temperatures have since calmed conditions, although parts of the state's Interior remain smoky.Associated Press
While environmentalists are quick to complain about cruise ships dumping waste in the ocean, officials say Alaska ferries -- which use water treatment programs from the 1970s -- are a much more unregulated culprit.Associated Press