Near the shores of the largest lake on Alaska's North Slope, the last remaining shelter erected by the Barrow-based Naval Arctic Research Laboratory has been given a new lease on life by an Anchorage-based USGS researcher who restored it to help let scientists work in the area year-round.Ned Rozell
9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ralph Beistline issued an order Thursday directing the U.S. Department of Interior to conduct a new analysis of oil and gas leasing in the Chukchi Sea before drilling will be permitted.Yereth Rosen
NOAA is planning to increase the number of data-collecting sensors on land, at sea and on satellites. Better real-time data will help NOAA better predict immediate dangers in the Arctic, such as rapid ice form-up and storm surges.Yereth Rosen
Ever noticed that gray fungus that appears when the snow has melted but the temperatures remain cool around the Last Frontier? Well, that's snow mold, and it's harmless to humans, but a scourge for golf courses.Alex DeMarban
Temperature trends show the Arctic warmed about 1 degree per decade, on average, between 1981 and 2012. Compare that to the global per-decade average of 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit over the same period, according to NASA.Yereth Rosen
A new report says commercial maritime activity in Alaska's Arctic waters will likely be limited in the next decade due to high operating costs, lack of infrastructure, and limited demand for tourism.Yereth Rosen
A species of bird now flying north to summer breeding grounds in the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada has fallen on hard times, and biologists are asking the public to help figure out why.Yereth Rosen
The Southeast Alaska dive team consists of 24 divers, a mix of commercial fisheries area management biologists, assistant area biologists, herring and shellfish research biologists, and a few biologists from other divisions.Scott Walker
Traces of some pesticides that were likely never used in Alaska have been showing up in fish tested in the state's national parks, according to a new study. And they appear to be arriving in some roundabout ways.Yereth Rosen
Crews from Alaska's coastal Arctic communities have begun the spring hunt. But more new ice than usual in the past few years serves as a reminder to the crews of the dangers involved.Jillian Rogers