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General, a husky puppy in Fairbanks, was born with deformed front legs, but that hasn't slowed him down one bit.

Craig Medred
The driver of the car, whom troopers suspect of drunken driving, faces one count of negligent homicide. Devin Kelly
A long-awaited transition in local energy supplies from heating oil to natural gas advanced Thursday with state approval of a $29 million financing package that clears the way for the installation of pipes in the North Pole area this summer. Dermot Cole
In a step that promises to reshape the Fairbanks energy picture, a state agency has signed a letter of intent to purchase the small natural gas utility system there for $52.5 million, potentially fueled by natural gas supplies that would be trucked in. Dermot Cole
It was about 0 below Monday afternoon when UAF crews attempted to locate a steam and water line breakage that left more than a dozen buildings without heat or water. By 8:30 p.m., services had been restored to all of the buildings. Laurel Andrews
Officials say the dog alerted family members, who smelled burning when they woke up and discovered a glow coming from their stove's chimney. The family called 911. Family members then ran outside, where it was 25 degrees below zero.Associated Press
The wheels may have fallen off the plan to truck natural gas to Fairbanks from the North Slope, but proponents are hoping to build momentum for another try -- expanding the list of possible energy sources this time to include Cook Inlet.Dermot Cole
Electric rates will soon be declining by an average of about $17 a month for customers of Golden Valley Electric Association, thanks to lower costs of generating power with oil.Alaska Dispatch News
The Iditarod restart, already moved north from Willow, will now be moved off the Chena River in Fairbanks due to thin ice and open water.Suzanna Caldwell
As they have for much of the 2,000-mile race from Big Lake to Nome and on to Fairbanks, the tandem of former champion Eric Quam and 31-year-old Scott Faeo leads. But an advantage that had been several hours earlier in the race had been cut 32 minutes.Mike Campbell