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Fairbanks is home to a thriving community of dumpster divers. The borough's 14 transfer sites attract artists and opportunists, coupon clippers and hoarders, who say that that the sites provide an invaluable resource to the Interior community. 



Laurel Andrews
Nearly four years after the death of Fairbanks banker Bill Stroecker, his estate, estimated at more than $23 million, has yet to be settled. The trustees of his foundation can’t agree on the need for an independent review of attorneys’ fees and all other settlement costs — estimated to total $750,000. Dermot Cole
A contractor needed 100 tons of gravel, sand and rock to fill a 75-foot hole in the ground that mysteriously opened up in the front yard of a hillside house after a deluge hit Fairbanks last week.Dermot Cole
For Fairbanks, flood protection consists of an unusual dam in which the flood gates are lowered at times of high water. It is only when a flood threatens the community that a temporary reservoir is created, all with the goal of keeping water off the streets of Fairbanks.Dermot Cole
Refiners Tesoro and Petro Star find themselves disagreeing about how the "Quality Bank" formula -- in which refineries pay a penalty for taking out the high-value portions of oil from TAPS -- affects their economic fortunes in Alaska. Dermot Cole
Jean Aspen and her husband, Tom Irons, who divide their time between Homer and the Brooks Range, created a documentary about a solitary life in the wilds of Alaska that differs from a lot of Alaska reality TV in one key way: It's actually real. Dermot Cole
With a 103-foot wingspan, the single-engine ER-2 performs like a jet-powered glider, cruising at 60,000 feet to collect data about Arctic sea ice and requiring a pair of pilots -- one in the aircraft, one on the ground -- to execute a landing.Dermot Cole
While the state has agreed to pay up to $585,000 for preliminary engineering and design to expand a water utility near a shuttered North Pole refinery, it remains locked in a three-way court fight with the past and present refinery owners over spilled sulfolane. Dermot Cole

Craft brewery HooDoo has made a big name for itself in the Interior Alaska city of Fairbanks in recent years, drawing thirsty customers to its brewery and tasting room.

Marc Lester

In Fairbanks, several waste transfer sites are popular places for residents hunt for items to reclaim and recycle.

Marc Lester