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The Fairbanks area will miss a federal deadline by four years and will need until 2019 to clean up its polluted air, according to a proposed state air quality plan released Monday, a day on which wood smoke in the North Pole area created "unhealthy" air quality conditions.


Dermot Cole
A Fairbanks judge has ordered Alaska Communications to provide updated phone listing information to the Fairbanks North Star Borough to improve 911 service in the Fairbanks area. Dermot Cole
Bundle up and try these stops for outdoor family fun in Interior Alaska's Golden Heart City. Erin Kirkland
Alaska State Troopers have identified the victims as Shane Yoder of Fairbanks and William D. Thurlby of North Pole.Tegan Hanlon,Jerzy Shedlock
The oldest downhill ski area near Fairbanks may be turned into a gold mine.Associated Press
An initiative to extend a ban on local efforts to curb air pollution from wood smoke failed, opening the door for the Fairbanks North Star Borough to consider local control measures as it works with the state to reduce pollution levels.Dermot Cole
The attorney general’s office says the downtown Fairbanks steam heat utility has demonstrated it deserves a 70 percent rate increase, largely because rates haven’t changed in decades. Dermot Cole
An initiative extending a ban on local efforts to curb air pollution from wood smoke drew a divided vote in Fairbanks on Tuesday, the latest step in a long-running fight over how to respond to pollution levels that exceed health standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.Dermot Cole
It takes a big discovery to turn a 118-year-old map recently acquired by the University of Alaska Fairbanks into a current event. But an announcement by the Canadian prime minister Wednesday did just that. Dermot Cole
Fairbanks Natural Gas wants to sell its liquefied natural gas plant in Point MacKenzie to Hilcorp and sign a 10-year deal under which it would buy natural gas from Hilcorp for $15 per thousand cubic feet.Dermot Cole