Two semi-truck drivers -- one from Anchorage and the other from Fairbanks -- were hospitalized after their vehicles collided on the Parks Highway near Nenana late Monday, troopers said.

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Two years ago, an engineer in the Interior Alaska city known for its unforgiving climate built a house that is kept toasty without fossil fuels and uses a mere fraction of the energy typically needed, even at 30 below.

Laurel Andrews,Loren Holmes
Santa Claus has been chosen to represent the people of North Pole, winning a write-in campaign for an open city council seat in the 2,200-person town.Associated Press
Alaska State Troopers say next of kin for 36-year-old Christopher J. Bringhurst have been notified, following the single-vehicle wreck in which he died Sunday evening.Alaska Dispatch News
A driver died at the scene of a Fairbanks crash Sunday night after being ejected from a vehicle and then pinned beneath it, according to troopers.Chris Klint
A Fairbanks man wielding a mallet who stole a phone from a woman Monday didn’t get far before he was sniffed out by a K-9 unit, according to troopers.Alaska Dispatch News
The oldest ski team in the 50th annual Turkey Day Relay cross-country race in Fairbanks featured the youngest knees. Dermot Cole
Coffee and doughnuts were out for customers at The Higher Calling Club, which opened this week in a remodeled former wine bar downtown.The Associated Press
Anthony Wayne Charleston said he pulled out a gun and shot the man after the man started punching him.The Associated Press
Daniel Selovich, 37, of Manley Hot Springs was arraigned in Fairbanks Superior Court, where his public defender requested a jury trial for Selovich on charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and assault over a period of five weeks.The Associated Press