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April DeLira was homeless, off and on, from the age of 11. At 15, she gave birth to a son and dropped out of high school. But two decades later, she's a resident physician at a Memphis hospital and hopes to one day give back in the way others gave to her.

Megan Edge
Six young Alaskans received $1,500 scholarships at part of the Summer of Heroes program during ceremonies at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer on Sunday.Mike Dunham
Dozens of classic Volvos -- most of them museum pieces -- pulled into Fairbanks Sunday after spending more than five weeks on the road starting in Panama.Dermot Cole
In a city with no curbside trash pickup, where plastic shopping bags must be biodegradable but stuff still accumulates in yards, dumpsters are not only essential but celebrated.Lisa Demer
Fairbanks resident and paranormal investigator Jessie Desmond seeks ghosts, elves, Bigfoot and stories.Marc Lester
The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum bills itself as a world-class car museum nestled in the Interior community of Fairbanks.Laurel Andrews
Rodeo promoter Frank Koloski is a "little embarrassed" about being gored in the stomach by a steer at his own rodeo in Eagle River this weekend.Michelle Theriault Boots
Alaska Dispatch News is looking for Alaskans from around the state who have lived a full century or more, whether they've spent their whole life in the Last Frontier, or if they have only called Alaska home for a few years.Alaska Dispatch News
Susan Bomalaski has been the executive director of Catholic Social Services, a major Anchorage provider of services that address homelessness, hunger and refugee resettlement, since 2006. She is planning to leave the position at the end of the year. Devin Kelly
In the middle of endless rainfall, it was easy to recall 2013, our sunniest in 22 years living in Southeast Alaska. Somehow, we endured it. Katie Bausler