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Politics were put aside for the afternoon in Juneau as new Gov. Bill Walker hosted the public for the 100th open house at the Governor's Mansion, with 25,000 cookies and 280 pounds of fudge on hand for the occasion.

Pat Forgey
Food banks and shelters around the state are hoping for additional donations in the lead-up to the Thanksgiving holiday. Here's how you can help, or if you're in need, how to get a Thanksgiving meal.Megan Edge
Hundreds of people dressed up as characters from anime and video games descended on the Egan Center this weekend for Senshi-Con, Alaska's largest anime convention. Devin Kelly
Sergei Khrushchev, son of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev, will deliver the keynote address to the Cold War Conference and Nike Veterans Reunion on Thursday in Anchorage, discussing how his father and other leaders handled the high tensions of the Cold War.Mike Dunham
Keith Miller admitted the family was pretty upset at the time the dog was taken, and he and his brother went looking for the perpetrators, even though they'd never been all that enamored with their father's zeal for making foam food art. Craig Medred
No one could quite believe their eyes. A 9-foot-long hot dog on a 7-foot-long bun was beached like a dead whale on the shore of Cook Inlet.  Craig Medred
April DeLira was homeless, off and on, from the age of 11. At 15, she gave birth to a son and dropped out of high school. But two decades later, she's a resident physician at a Memphis hospital and hopes to one day give back in the way others gave to her.Megan Edge

More than 1,000 people jumped into the frigid waters of Goose Lake in Anchorage for a good cause on Saturday, part of this year's Polar Plunge event that organizers expected would raise more than $400,000 for Special Olympics Alaska.

Devin Kelly
In the early days of aviation, the Alaska fishing industry only slowly accepted the new mode of transport as a reliable method of getting seafood from point A to point B. But over time, the two industries became inextricably linked.Colleen Mondor
A person's browser history can say a lot about them -- for better or for worse. And if there was ever any doubt Alaskans are an eclectic bunch, Anchorage's 2014 Google search history certainly supports the stereotype. Alaska Dispatch News