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VIDEO: Wolf, bear and other animal furs were auctioned over the weekend at the Fur Rondy Festival.Alaska Dispatch
Alaska Dispatch
My son and his wife bought a house a couple of years ago. I mentioned to them then that I didn't think they could afford it. My advice fell on deaf ears. Now my son has been laid off from his job, and they can't make the payment with just one income.Wayne and Wanda
It's like he likes me one day and then he doesn't really like me the next. What do I do? I want to continue this relationship with him, but if he doesn't want to then, I'm out of luck. But I do want him to tell me if he doesn't want to continue.Wayne and Wanda
I answered an online ad for men looking for women. This guy claimed to be disabled and looking for a friend. I wrote him, and we set an appointment to play a game of Scrabble. I just got an e-mail from him wanting to see a picture of me before we can play a board game.Wayne and Wanda
Alaska's area code, 907, is due to run out of new phone numbers around 2012. For a state already struggling to find common ground between its urban and rural halves, between its native-born residents and transplants, another area code could mean further retrenchment. Eric Lidji
I've got a problem with my girlfriend: She is too kind to animals. She brings in every stray cat and dog she finds. And she finds a lot of them. I mean a lot.Wayne and Wanda
I met a great-looking, smart, kind, sensitive man who I am very compatible with and who is a great friend. Why in the heck am I not more attracted to him?Wayne and Wanda
This new building on Fireweed Lane reminds us that Anchorage isn't Portland or Seattle or any of those other bastions of progressiveness.Alaska Dispatch
Pete and I live off the grid in Palmer. We get most of our energy from the wind and the sun. We get our eggs from our chickens and our milk from our goat. This happened by accident, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Alys Culhane