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When two of their own were seriously injured in a car crash earlier this month, Alaska’s rodeo community banded together to raise funds for the two up-and-coming riders who still face a long road to recovery.Michelle Theriault Boots
I recently was introduced to a guy who works in the same industry as I do (hotels, hospitality, etc.) at an employee mixer. After a few back-and-forths, we set up a lunch appointment for that Friday. I told a friend about it and she asked, "Is this a date or a business meeting?" I didn't know the answer -- and I still don't!Wayne and Wanda
Breast cancer survivors Joan Narsavich and Carey Carpenter, who will participate in Saturday's Run for Women as members of teams, understand the power of sisterhood.Beth Bragg
Lauren Reeves, a Fairbanks-raised, New York-based comedian and actress, is one of just 700 applicants remaining from a pool of more than 200,000 in the running to join a planned one-way trip to Mars. And though Reeves believes her humor would be helpful on a long, arduous space mission, some aren't getting the joke.Sean Doogan
Tommy Joseph is well-known as an innovative master carver of totem poles and other artwork, but his latest area of interest has led him to research the formidable armor and weaponry of the ancient Tlingit Indians.Mike Dunham
Since my boyfriend proposed, I have found myself being beyond nostalgic about past boyfriends. I've gone through old journals and yearbooks and spent a ton of time on Facebook looking up former boyfriends' profiles. I even friended a couple and have chatted with some of them.
The headstones at Fort Richardson National Cemetery include the ranks of the deceased or, in the case of family members, the rank of the service member to whom they were related. But one headstone is different -- it belongs to Charles Foster Jones, the only civilian killed by the Japanese army in North America during WWII.Mike Dunham
After a decades-long journey from Prince of Wales Island to Beverly Hills to Honolulu, researchers hope a historic totem pole could someday come home to Alaska.Alex DeMarban
Fueled by curiosity, an amateur historian started out researching an airplane propeller and ended up uncovering a glimpse into the lives and deaths of a group of soldiers thrust into arguably one of the most challenging assignments of World War II.Carey Restino