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"Edge of Alaska" aired its second-to-last episode, and once again the producers/editors are being drama queens.


Emily Fehrenbacher
The Alaska presented to Outsiders on screen is almost always a heavily edited backdrop painted to suit whatever version of the Last Frontier the director thinks people want to see. Which is what makes the brutal honesty of “Wildlike” so refreshing.Egan Millard
The eight-episode series will chronicle the 2015 season of the Barrow High School Whalers football team. It weaves in practices and games with interviews with the coach and players. Emily Fehrenbacher
Emily Ridel partners up with ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend Zeke Tenhoff and recruits some new crew members. Emily Fehrenbacher
The closure of NANA's film production firm will also sink Alaska House Media, a joint venture between NANA and KTUU.Sean Doogan
Let’s just all hope that the Secret Service is on their game and our commander in chief isn’t roped into one of Bear Grylls' “dehydration remedies.” You know what I mean.Emily Fehrenbacher
“Edge of Alaska” season two continues to introduce us to the characters of McCarthy.Emily Fehrenbacher
Colony High in Palmer has the only high school marching band in Alaska. They're preparing for the Grand National competition in Indiana, the first time the 49th state has made an appearance at the event considered the highest-level high school marching band competition in the world.Mike Dunham
The picturesque town of Homer is the site of a long-running film festival that concentrates on showing the best of documentaries each year.Mike Dunham
Anchorage NBC affiliate KTUU is changing hands for the second time in just over seven years as its parent corporation, Indiana-based Schurz Communications Inc., is proposing to sell all of its U.S. radio and TV holdings to Georgia-based Gray Television Inc.Sean Doogan