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This week on TLC’s “Escaping Alaska,” a 32-year-old man breaks down because a 19-year-old girl is “mean” to him, a girl has her acting dreams crushed by a casting director and five young Alaskans live in a cockroach-infested hostel in San Diego. What is this television program?

Emily Fehrenbacher
The first thing to recognize about the show "Escaping Alaska" is that it’s on TLC.
Sarah Palin's back, and people love watching shows about Alaska real estate.Emily Fehrenbacher
 In a Throwback Thursday trip down Memory Lane, here's a look back at some of those forgotten Alaska reality TV shows.Emily Fehrenbacher
“Whatcha wanna eat? Also, do you want to be on Buying Alaska?” read a text message I received on Sunday night from my significant other, Zac. And let me tell you, I have now thought long and hard about that question.Emily Fehrenbacher
Efforts to get to the bottom of a potential reality TV shootout uncovered another, stranger reality about circumstances surrounding the filming of “Alaskan Bush People.” Zaz Hollander
The suicide of Robin Williams earlier this month sent staffers scrambling to find out whether or not the actor/comic had ever performed in Anchorage, like maybe back in the pipeline days. There weren't newspaper records of him stopping over in town, but a 2010 interview with Decca Aitkenhead in The Guardian suggested that movie-making in Alaska had something to do with his resumption of drinking after 20 years on the wagon.Mike Dunham
Jean Aspen and her husband, Tom Irons, who divide their time between Homer and the Brooks Range, created a documentary about a solitary life in the wilds of Alaska that differs from a lot of Alaska reality TV in one key way: It's actually real. Dermot Cole
I was finally able to catch an episode of "The Hunt." It's a show about hunting on Kodiak Island, similar to the show "Kodiak," and follows guides and their clients as they seek to kill giant brown bears.Emily Fehrenbacher
Launched in December, the “I am Alaska Native” Facebook page has already collected 5,000 fans with a mix of statewide photos, musings and grassroots activism. The three administrators for the page recently asked followers to voice their opinions on the upcoming TLC reality show “Escaping Alaska.”We asked the admins for their personal views on the series, which premieres July 27. Here’s what they had to say.Kyle Hopkins