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The new season of “Alaskan Bush People” aired on Wednesday. And they somehow found a way to make an entire episode out of moving logs from one place to another.

Emily Fehrenbacher
"Alaskan Bush People" never ceases to amaze me. Let's get into some of the highlights of next season preview episode. Emily Fehrenbacher
In the end, the anticipation far outpaced -- trumped, you might say -- the reality.Steve Johnson
The football is terrible. Rarely are the games even close. You don’t watch “Football Town: Barrow Alaska” for the football.Emily Fehrenbacher
Every year around this time, several forgotten cable channels decide to devote their programming to the scary, spooky and paranormal.Emily Fehrenbacher
Some pitches for the mysterious makers of reality TV.Emily Fehrenbacher
In the first show, viewers travel with Dr. Dee Thornell as she does welfare checks on a black bear and a team of sled dogs, castrates a group of piglets and untangles a reindeer's antler growth. Sue Manning | Associated Press
"Star Trek" is going boldly where it hasn't gone before with a brand-new edition of the sci-fi TV empire.Frazier Moore
The performers in this production are exceptionally polished and they have excellent -- if rarified -- material from one of the best American dramatic writers. Mike Dunham
The upcoming production of "My Fair Lady" is not a bus-and-truck, but an exclusive from-the-ground-up staging for Anchorage Concert Association. Mike Dunham