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“Edge of Alaska” season two continues to introduce us to the characters of McCarthy.

Emily Fehrenbacher
Alas, there is no edge in Discovery's “Edge of Alaska,” which takes place in McCarthy, Anchorage residents' third-favorite quirky weekend getaway town.Emily Fehrenbacher
Set in Alaska and starring Alaska's first movie star, the film won the first Oscar for best film editing. But it had virtually disappeared -- until now. Alex DeMarban
The latest trailer out is for season two of “Edge of Alaska.” It’s set in McCarthy and looks auh-mazing.Emily Fehrenbacher
In the season three finale, “Never Give Up," the Browns' first hauling job comes with repercussions for their family homestead. Emily Fehrenbacher
Saturday will mark the 80th anniversary of the death of humorist Will Rogers in a plane crash near Barrow. The former director of the Will Rogers museum in Oklahoma is making a pilgrimage to the site and hopes to meet relatives of the people who brought word of the tragedy to the town.Mike Dunham
Six members of the Brown family, stars of the popular "Alaskan Bush People," were issued citations for allegedly lying on hunting licenses about their state residencies. Jerzy Shedlock
Atz Lee Kilcher, 38, was airlifted to the hospital after a fall near Otter Cove in Kachemak Bay on August 10.Sean Doogan
Tony Lara, a former captain of the Cornelia Marie -- a crabbing vessel featured on the popular Discovery Channel program "Deadliest Catch" --  has died in South Dakota.  Sean Doogan
Atz Lee Kilcher and his wife, Cristina Jane Kilcher, and the reality show's production company were each charged in July with taking or attempting to take big game by helicopter.Tegan Hanlon