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For the first time ever I was actually slightly afraid for the safety of the cast and crew of “Ultimate Survival Alaska,” and it was because of bears. 

Emily Fehrenbacher
A film company co-founded by Anchorage-born Inupiaq actress Irene Bedard has acquired the rights to Velma Wallis' novel "Two Old Women" and hopes to shoot it in Alaska next year.Mike Dunham
 Either Dallas Seavey is a true American hero or he knows that National Geographic Channel won’t let him die. It’s probably both.Emily Fehrenbacher
Thanks to Bristol's closet, Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey, the former Alaska governor made a splash at "Saturday Night Live's" 40th anniversary special in New York City Sunday. Megan Edge
The Brown boys work their magic on some locals, and an ATV ride is the last straw for Jim Sweeney.Emily Fehrenbacher
With the current slate of Alaska reality TV airing, you would thinking that networks will pick up just about any program that features shots of a menacing bear, a moose chomping trees and a crusty, bearded Alaska man. However, that is not the case.  Emily Fehrenbacher

Here in Alaska, with friends offering up their hunts, I’ve started making this one-pot wonder with a combination of beef and ground moose or caribou.

Kim Sunée
The Lower 48 team finally won, but Cluck lost his scarecrow-esque hat, which makes the whole thing a loss in my mind. Cluck without a scarecrow hat is like Marty Raney with his shirt buttoned. Nobody wants that. Emily Fehrenbacher
This week, I caught up on “Alaskan Bush People,” the most controversial of all Alaska reality TV shows.Emily Fehrenbacher
Local film production company Piksik and television station KTUU have teamed up to create a new company they say will produce Alaska-based unscripted television content.Sean Doogan