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This is one of the most dramatic Alaska shows out there. It combines the Alaskana, Wild West-type drama that many shows like to exploit, but it also has typical reality TV tropes. 

Emily Fehrenbacher
I wanted to believe that legendary mountain climber Vern Tejas, original chest hair champion Marty Raney and hipster sunglass-wearing wilderness racer Tyler Johnson could pull it out for all of us Alaskans, but this season has proved that “Ultimate Survival Alaska” is less about survival and more about having working, young knees.Emily Fehrenbacher
I saw so many Alaska reality TV stars this week, all I want to do is gossip.Emily Fehrenbacher
For the first time ever I was actually slightly afraid for the safety of the cast and crew of “Ultimate Survival Alaska,” and it was because of bears. Emily Fehrenbacher
A film company co-founded by Anchorage-born Inupiaq actress Irene Bedard has acquired the rights to Velma Wallis' novel "Two Old Women" and hopes to shoot it in Alaska next year.Mike Dunham
 Either Dallas Seavey is a true American hero or he knows that National Geographic Channel won’t let him die. It’s probably both.Emily Fehrenbacher
Thanks to Bristol's closet, Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey, the former Alaska governor made a splash at "Saturday Night Live's" 40th anniversary special in New York City Sunday. Megan Edge
Local film production company Piksik and television station KTUU have teamed up to create a new company they say will produce Alaska-based unscripted television content.Sean Doogan
As state lawmakers got more grim news about the future of Alaska's film tax credit program, a new annual report revealed that the number of production companies applying for the incentive hit new highs last year. Zaz Hollander
Two years after it was filmed, "The Great Alone" is finally getting an Alaska showing before making rounds on the film festival circuit. The Bear Tooth will screen it March 4. Suzanna Caldwell