Fishing Report

Some dipnetters say the Kasilof River’s natural beauty and smaller crowd draws them, while other Alaskans cite the shorter drive, lack of fees, and extended season. 

Joseph Robertia
Some tips to keep in mind before heading to the Kenai River personal-use fishery. Matt Tunseth
The Kenai Peninsula city of 7,000 readies itself for its annual frenzy of dipnetters, which begins at 6 a.m. Friday. Typically, the popular fishery peaks the second and third weekends of July. Matt Tunseth
Fishing opens at popular Bird Creek roadside fishery south of Anchorage with silver, pink and chum salmon all available.  Silvers are moving into Ship Creek too. Matt Tunseth

Anglers try their luck on opening day of salmon fishing at Bird Creek along the Seward Highway south of Anchorage on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.  Some anglers had success catching pink, chum and silver salmon.

Despite low angler success, early returns of late-run Kenai River king salmon offer reasons for hope. Matt Tunseth
As summer heats up, anglers have a plethora of promising angling options, including king salmon, rainbow trout, halibut and ling cod. Matt Tunseth
World-class trout fishing can be found in the same Alaska rivers where anglers seek salmon, and rainbows can succumb to dry flies. Decisions, decisions. Matt Tunseth
Anglers looking to get their fish fix this weekend will need to keep a close eye on both salmon returns and the wildfire situation in Southcentral Alaska.Matt Tunseth

Anglers try their luck fishing for king salmon at the popular urban fishery as the tide floods Ship Creek near downtown Anchorage on Thursday evening, June 17, 2015.