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Harvest Restaurant, a temporary pop-up restaurant in downtown Anchorage, shut down abruptly Wednesday after it was revealed that the eatery lacked proper permitting.

Suzanna Caldwell
Whether you’re staying close to home, camping/glamping or just waiting to scoop up salmon along the Kenai, here are some appetizers to take on the road or to share at the kitchen table.Kim Sunée
Anchorage is a little behind the curve when it comes to embracing Korean cuisine. In the meantime, it’s easy to make your own kimchi at home and incorporate it into your cooking.Shannon Kuhn
Steel-cut oats with honeyed apricots and pistachios are perfect for leisurely mornings.Maya Evoy
Paris Bakery and Café is a sincere little restaurant with good service, a pleasant atmosphere and a flair for sauces.Mara Severin
While summer is upon us, it's not too early to think about preserving some of the season's bounty for the coming winter.Steve Edwards
 There is more to rhubarb than pie, as these rhubarb-spiked summer coolers show. Shannon Kuhn
The past two summers, we’ve had a friend from the Lower 48 living with us and working as a commercial fisherman. His favorite pizza has always been barbecue chicken. He requests it every time he comes to visit, and since he’s here for the summer, I’ll be making it several times. Maya Evoy
Italian dishes and seafood at Fletcher's in the Hotel Captain Cook add up to pub-style dining with a side of old-Anchorage glamour. But diners here better like bacon. Victoria Barber
Not sure what to do with arugula? How about some kohlrabi? Or maybe you’re looking for a new spin on sockeye salmon?Steve Edwards