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This buttery maple concoction comes with salted pecans. It’s like fall glory in popcorn form and it’s super tasty and addictive.

Maya Evoy
Friendly formality sums Muse up nicely, and dining there feels special.Mara Severin
Lean Alaska grown yak is available at local farmers markets, a non-gamey meat that has a lot of possibilities.Mike Dunham
I actually like the idea of tuna noodle casserole, but with a few updates.Kim Sunée
I first met Edwards at a backyard apple pressing party he hosted a few weeks ago. I never thought of Alaska as a real apple producer, but Edwards is proving it’s possible. Shannon Kuhn
Creamy chicken and vegetable filling topped by golden, fluffy cheddar buttermilk biscuits -- it’s exactly the hot, homemade comfort food you want as temperatures drop and the seasons change.Maya Evoy
I’m always on the look out for a culinary oddity -- salmon-flavored vodka, kimchi-stuffed tacos, cappuccino-flavored potato chips (go home, Lays, you’re drunk). So when I heard about the ramen burger being served up at Portobello Pizza, I knew I’d be paying a visit.Mara Severin
Alaska Vegan & Gluten Free will celebrate their first year in business with a free sample for customers at Wednesday's Center Market. Mike Dunham
This recipe is pure fall comfort food. It’s easy to prepare and has all the cozy, warm elements you’re looking for in a comforting fall dessert.Maya Evoy
If you’re looking for fast lunch options that don’t require pre-ordering or sitting down, or you’re on a specialized diet, Natural Pantry is tough to beat. Victoria Barber