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The virtues of the highly touted 2012 vintage are starting to bear fruit. The King Estate Acrobat Pinot Noir from Oregon is not just good, it’s strikingly good!

Mike McVittie
The Long Branch Saloon is friendly, lively and unpretentious, with a sneakily good little kitchen. Mara Severin
Southcentral Alaska farmers are still busy with the harvest, but they're also planning for next year.Steve Edwards
Roasted parsnips -- carrots' paler cousins -- can add some "oomph" to fall dinners.Maya Evoy
An enterprising Anchorage hiker is producing her own line of dehydrated backcountry food "so good, you’ll want to eat it in the front-country as well.”Shannon Kuhn
I’m always amazed at the way food makes an impression on us, even years later, miles away. I remember who sat across the table from me, and although the content of our conversations is now obscured in my memory, those same feelings of warmth and kindness rise up with each bite of apple mixed with feta and pecan.Maya Evoy
Minestrone is a wonderful lunch option or even substantial enough for dinner. Just add a green salad and some crusty bread and you’ve got a filling meal to carry you from these early fall days into the colder winter evenings. Kim Sunée
Lucky Wishbone serves the best chicken in town and other simple, well-executed dishes. And, best of all, everything comes with a side order of nostalgia.Mara Severin
The yellowing leaves tell the story -- autumn is here, even if the equinox isn’t until next week. But the markets have a bounty of items.Steve Edwards

On Tuesday night at Anchorage’s Marriott Downtown hotel, four of Alaska’s top chefs and their assistants gathered for a friendly but feverish competition. Each team had one hour to prepare a dish and wow a panel of celebrity judges, but they wouldn’t know the ingredients until the clock started ticking down.

Loren Holmes