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What I’m craving in anticipation of the heavier winter holiday meals to come is something healthful, delicious and nourishing, like grain- and leafy-green-rich salads topped with golden squash.

Kim Sunée
Did you know that roasted Brussels sprouts are simply dreamy? They glisten and shine and have captivating layers of crispy caramelization. I enjoy making Brussels sprouts several ways, but this roasted version may just be my favorite.Maya Evoy
Is Burger King your morning poll station? Or are you a registered member of the Locavore Party? Shannon Kuhn
Commercial candy aisles not cutting it? Here are some alternative Halloween festivities and treats to indulge in.Riza Brown
Alex Davis is a pig farmer. So when he starts thinking of a traditional Thanksgiving meal -- and the holiday is less than a month away -- he thinks a little untraditional. Davis is thankful for pork. And he thinks you should be too.Steve Edwards
This buttery maple concoction comes with salted pecans. It’s like fall glory in popcorn form and it’s super tasty and addictive.Maya Evoy
Friendly formality sums Muse up nicely, and dining there feels special.Mara Severin
Lean Alaska grown yak is available at local farmers markets, a non-gamey meat that has a lot of possibilities.Mike Dunham
I actually like the idea of tuna noodle casserole, but with a few updates.Kim Sunée
I first met Edwards at a backyard apple pressing party he hosted a few weeks ago. I never thought of Alaska as a real apple producer, but Edwards is proving it’s possible. Shannon Kuhn