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I am no longer excluded from the roasted tomato party, and neither are the rest of you.

Maya Evoy
Yana Gilbuena is on a mission to cook 50 Filipino feasts in all 50 states in 50 weeks. The five-course meal in Anchorage was a delicious adventure. Food was heaped in a pile on the banana leaves (“don’t eat them,” Gilbuena joked), in the middle of the table and everyone dug in, family style.Shannon Kuhn
The giant vegetables at the Alaska State Fair may be the closest some visitors get to locally grown produce, given the scarcity of farm-fresh offerings at food booths. Zaz Hollander
Almost 70 food vendors are waiting for you at the Alaska State Fair, and you only have one stomach. The odds are stacked -- like a Reuben sandwich -- against you. Which is why eating at the fair is all about strategy.Mara Severin
Labor Day Weekend is nearly upon us, and that means plenty of changes at the markets. Some of this is good news, some not.Steve Edwards
These past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed watching crowds take full pleasure in the local farmers markets, buying everything from gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and Alaska oysters to breakfast radishes, snow apples and more. Kim Sunée
I love salads but I hate making them. The mason jar method and a hand-me-down salad spinner are total lifesavers in that department. Don’t have time (or the patience) to chop and prep every single night? Make your five work salads on Sunday night all at once.Shannon Kuhn
Blueberries are great to use in baked goods, salads, or transformed into syrup or jam. One of the ways I use them most is as a base for a healthy homemade smoothie. Maya Evoy
The excitement I felt when I noticed Pasta Avanti’s cheerful-looking storefront in downtown Anchorage a few months ago could be summarized in one word: panini.Victoria Barber
The State Fair's starting and that means giant cabbage harvest season. It's also time to get some regular-size cabbages, kohlrabi, broccoli and other tasty vegetables at the many area farmers’ markets.Steve Edwards