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Let’s imagine for a moment -- weird as it is -- the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll embodied in a restaurant: raucous, creative, rebellious. Whatever that restaurant might look like, Hard Rock Café has got to be its opposite.

Victoria Barber
It’s easy to make people smile when sending Alaska seafood, birch syrup or other tasty treats to friends and family Outside. Here are some gift-giving options for the last week of shopping.Steve Edwards

To get from farm to fork, pigs at the Van Wyhe Family Farm travel more than 200 miles from the grassy reaches of Copper Center in eastern Alaska along the Richardson Highway to the urbane confines of Torchon Bistro in South Anchorage.

Loren Holmes,Zaz Hollander
One Hanukkah mainstay chef Reuben Gerber of the Crow's Nest insists upon is potato latkes, cousin to the hash brown and potato pancake.Kim Sunée
When I’m feeling under the weather, a hearty, nourishing bowl of steaming split pea soup studded with ham is just exactly what the doctor ordered. Maya Evoy
Winter is finally setting in and there is no better weapon against a chill than Cajun flavors and a hot bowl of gumbo.Mara Severin
It is the season of sweets. And savory things too.Steve Edwards
Why do we wait until Thanksgiving rolls around to remember how much we love cranberries?Shannon Kuhn
At Torchon Bistro in South Anchorage, chef Shana Whitlock combines her knowledge of French cuisine with her passion for local food.Kim Sunée

At Torchon Bistro in South Anchorage, chef Shana Whitlock combines her knowledge of French cuisine with her passion for local food.

Kim Sunée